No Tomorrow

Author: Carian Cole

No Tomorrow

They say you never forget your first love.
Mine was a homeless musician who wandered straight into my soul.

He was my first everything. And fourteen years later, I still can’t get him out of my head.

He broke all my rules.
He also broke my heart.

I watched him climb to stardom, cheering him on from afar.

But I was never a fan; just a girl in love.

Like a tornado, he spiraled, leaving a path of destruction in his wake.

Winter Valley Wolves – Complete Edition – Box Set

Paranormal & Urban Fantasy
Author: V. Vaughn

Winter Valley Wolves - Complete Edition - Box Set

This is a box set of 9 stand-alone novellas of werewolf romance in Winter Valley. Read about the human woman who find true mate love with the wolves of Silver Lake and find happiness forever.
This set includes:
Never Say Werewolf Again (formerly Brindle)
License to Werewolf (formerly Bosun)
From Werewolf With Love (formerly Berch)
The Werewolf Who Loved Me (formerly Ergan)
Werewolves are Forever (formerly Ekton)
Werewolf Another Day (formerly Esher)
For Your Werewolf Only (formerly Chosen)
Werewolves Only Live Twice (formerly Fated)
Live and Let Werewolf (formerly Destined)

Mandrake and a Murder: Mystery (The Witches of Wormwood Mysteries Book 1)

Cozy Animal Mystery
Author: Ruby Loren

Mandrake and a Murder: Mystery (The Witches of Wormwood Mysteries Book 1)

Not many people move to Wormwood.

The witches aren’t welcoming.

The fortunetellers are frauds.

And the recent murder is only going to make things worse.

Hazel Salem just wanted a story for her magazine. Instead, she finds herself at the centre of an investigation that’s about to turn into a witch hunt.

If someone doesn’t solve this murder – and fast – it will be out of the cauldron and into the fire for Wormwood’s witches.

The Witch-Fiddler

Author: Deborah Bradford

The Witch-Fiddler

The Witch-Fiddler takes you on a marvelous journey into a richly textured, Celtic-inspired fantasy world created by author Deborah Bradford. It’s the story of Nemain, a girl of keen intellect, deep spirituality, and a rare gift for playing the fiddle.

Two things have set Nemain apart from the very beginning: her hands and her heritage. Born of an unknown Outlander who died during childbirth, Nemain has horribly deformed hands that she must keep covered by gloves. She’s an outcast among the Lowlanders at Briarvale Castle, with few friends besides Monessa, the pretty daughter of the lord of the castle. But as the two young friends grow up together, Nemain’s differences cause her to feel increasingly alone.

Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire (Book 1) Action Adventure Comedy

Mystery Action Fiction
Author: Jillianne Hamilton

Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire (Book 1) Action Adventure Comedy

Join Molly on her hilarious adventures as she dodges bullets, trespasses, wears disguises, and steals her way into trouble.

Professional, experienced contract burglar.
It’s not exactly something you can put on a business card.

Molly Miranda has made a successful living from “acquiring” valuables and delivering them to clients who pay buckets of cash for her unique services.

So what if she has to lie about her lavish lifestyle in Manhattan and her frequent trips out of the country? Molly has everything under control.

Things go astray when she knocks boots with her charming roommate right before taking off to Scotland with an untrustworthy wildcard on a job assignment that doesn’t go quite as planned.


Police Procedurals
Author: Anne McAneny
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99


No birth announcement could top the headlines from the day Janie and Jack Perkins entered the world. As twins born to a mother in a coma—courtesy of a bullet from their father—the sensational story of their birth never quite died down. While Jack still craves the flash of a camera, Janie seeks sanctuary behind the lens—as a crime scene photographer.

Thanks to Janie’s line of work, she’s comfortable around gruesome murders. But when old photos of her mother’s body arrive in the mail, they open deep-seated wounds and raise chilling new questions about who was really responsible for that deadly night.

Did Janie’s father spend decades in jail as an innocent man? Did an infamous serial killer actually take her mother’s life? With photos in hand, Janie brings the truth into focus. But when her investigation ends up invoking the wrath of the long-dormant killer, she must race to piece together the final evidence—before she becomes the target.

The Girl with No Name: The Incredible Story of a Child Raised by Monkeys

Biographies & Memoirs of Women
Author: Marina Chapman, Vanessa James
Regularly $17.99, Today $1.99

The Girl with No Name: The Incredible Story of a Child Raised by Monkeys

In 1954, in a remote mountain village in South America, a little girl was abducted. She was four years old. Marina Chapman was stolen from her housing estate and then abandoned deep in the Colombian jungle. That she survived is a miracle. Two days later, half-drugged, terrified, and starving, she came upon a troop of capuchin monkeys. Acting entirely on instinct, she tried to do what they did: she ate what they ate and copied their actions, and little by little, learned to fend for herself.

So begins the story of her five years among the monkeys, during which time she gradually became feral; she lost the ability to speak, lost all inhibition, lost any real sense of being human, replacing the structure of human society with the social mores of her new simian family. But society was eventually to reclaim her. At age ten, she was discovered by a pair of hunters who took her to the lawless Colombian city of Cucuta where, in exchange for a parrot, they sold her to a brothel.

True to the Highlander (The Novels of Loch Moigh Book 1)

Time Travel Romances
Author: Barbara Longley
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99

True to the Highlander (The Novels of Loch Moigh Book 1)

Treachery rules the Highlands of 1423. With their king captured by the English, Scottish nobles plot to ransom James behind the back of the brutal regent holding their land in his iron grip. But not every clan wishes to see King James back on his throne…

Sitting atop this powder keg of bloodthirsty rivalries, Malcolm of clan MacKintosh takes the mysterious, lone maiden he finds along his road as a bad omen…though an undeniably beautiful one. When he attempts to save her from a rogue within his own garrison, she deftly brings Malcolm to his knees. Who is this willful lass who has so quickly laid siege to his heart?

The Reluctant Midwife: A Hope River Novel

Medical Fiction
Author: Patricia Harman
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The Reluctant Midwife: A Hope River Novel

The Great Depression has hit West Virginia hard. Men are out of work; women struggle to feed hungry children. Luckily, Nurse Becky Myers has returned to care for them. While she can handle most situations, Becky is still uneasy helping women deliver their babies. For these mothers-to-be, she relies on an experienced midwife, her dear friend Patience Murphy.

Though she is happy to be back in Hope River, time and experience have tempered Becky’s cheerfulness-as tragedy has destroyed the vibrant spirit of her former employer Dr Isaac Blum, who has accompanied her. Patience too has changed. Married and expecting a baby herself, she is relying on Becky to keep the mothers of Hope River safe.

Area 51 (Area 51 Series Book 1)

First Contact Science Fiction
Author: Bob Mayer
Regularly $4.99, Today $0.99

Area 51 (Area 51 Series Book 1)

Since before the dawning of modern man, an alien mothership and nine abandoned flying saucers have been hidden away in Area 51, a top-secret military base in the Nevada desert. There, scientists have studied the crafts, hoping to unlock the secrets of the alien technology and, perhaps, the origins of life on Earth. But now a deranged general wants to activate the mothership’s interstellar drive—and the consequences could prove catastrophic for humankind.

Dr. Hans Von Seeckt—an elderly scientist, ex-Nazi, and original member of the Area 51 research team—joins up with the president’s science adviser, Dr. Lisa Duncan, and Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte to put a stop to the planned test flight and tell the public the truth about Area 51.

Million Dollar Devil

Billionaire Romance
Author: Katy Evans
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

Million Dollar Devil

Big-city sophistication meets carnal hunger in this devilish contemporary romance from New York Timesand USA Today bestselling author Katy Evans.

Heir apparent to her father’s company, Lizzy Banks needs a man. The perfectman. But when the rich “fundbabies” she usually rubs shoulders with prove impossible to hire, she takes a chance on a raw beast of a man salvaged from the wreckage of a bar brawl.

James Rowan earns a modest income as a YouTube daredevil, but he can’t refuse Lizzy’s million dollar deal. As she polishes his rough edges, creating a sophisticated gentleman fit for the highest circles of society, not only does she bring out the perfect man—it’s like she’s making the man of her dreams. How can she resist?

That Second Chance (Getting Lucky Book 1)

Women’s Humorous Fiction
Author: Meghan Quinn
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

That Second Chance (Getting Lucky Book 1)


It was supposed to be an innocent night, celebrating my brother’s birthday. Nothing was supposed to go wrong. We’d vowed to be on our best behavior after all . . .

But it only took one rowdy night with my brothers to flip my world upside down. One unlucky encounter saddled us with a family curse and the promise of doomed relationships. I laughed it off immediately. “Yeah, right,” I thought. “A love curse. Ha!”

Boy, was I wrong.

Word spreads quickly in a town like mine; rumors about that night soon made us the most eligible yet untouchable bachelors in Port Snow, Maine. As a subject of endless gossip and speculation, I could kiss my dating life goodbye.

Only Ever Her

Psychological Fiction
Author: Marybeth Mayhew Whalen
Regularly $4.99, Today $1.99

Only Ever Her

Annie Taft’s wedding is four days away, and it will be one of the grandest anyone can remember in her small South Carolina town. Preparations are in order. Friends and family are gathering in anticipation. Everything is going according to plan. Except that Annie herself has vanished. Did she have second thoughts? Or has something much worse happened to the bride-to-be?

While her loved ones frantically try to track her down, they’re forced to grapple with their own secrets—secrets with the power to reframe entire relationships, leaving each to wonder how well they really knew Annie and how well they know themselves.

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