Always the Bride (Going to the Altar Book 1)

Contemporary Romance
Author: Janell Michaels

Always the Bride (Going to the Altar Book 1)

Sometimes, ulterior motives can lead to true love…

Helping with her celebrity boss’s wedding plans is the last thing that recently jilted bride Lizzie Williams needs. Handsome photographer Grant Denver might lure her heart out of seclusion-but can he be trusted? His motives for wooing her involve an ex-fiance’s revenge…and if he succeeds, the reward money will pay for his daughter’s medical treatment. If he fails, the price could cost him his career and his child. There’s no room to let his heart get involved. But will that stop him from falling for her?

Dueling in Death’s Backyard

Medical Thrillers
Author: Thomas Jay Berger

Dueling in Death's Backyard

What is it like to stop a heart and duel with death in his own backyard with a human life at stake? Until now, only a cardiac surgeon could know.

And only a cardiac surgeon with the skills of a Faulkner award winning writer could bring readers not just into the O.R. but into the heart itself to share that cosmic experience. In Dueling in Death’s Backyard, Thomas J Berger, MD – trained by Dr. John Kirklin, the true Father of Cardiac Surgery — does exactly that and does it in the context of a medical murder mystery exposing a VA hospital scandal from decades before they became front page news.

After 13 hours and 30 units of blood, Cooper Logan and his mentor, Holt McDuff had nearly succeeded in replacing the old farmer’s entire dissected aorta. When the final suture line exploded, they were soaked in sticky scarlet blood in seconds and what had been a human being became a pile of organic junk. If the difference was a soul, it had slipped unseen through their fingers. Although he hadn’t slept in days, Cooper insisted on closing and breaking the news to the family.

The Girl Inside: A Chilling Psychological Thriller

Psychological Thrillers
Author: Karyn Masters

The Girl Inside: A Chilling Psychological Thriller

Greta Kavanagh has an exciting career as an interior designer for some of the most spectacular plantations in Louisiana. Her husband, Jax, owns an established psychiatry practice. Happily married and successful, you could say they have a bright future ahead of them. Of course, some things aren’t always as they appear. Jax has a patient, Evangeline, who is obsessed with him. She can’t decide whether she wants to love him, kill him, or destroy his life.

Evangeline has a tumultuous personality. She is unpredictable and only has one thing on her mind, abolishing anything that threatens her happiness. As Jax’s patient, she does more than confide in him, she falls under his spell, and they have secrets they’ll do anything to protect.

Is there more than meets the eye between doctor and patient? Is Jax living a lie?

This psychological thriller, with its numerous twists and turns, raises constant questions throughout the story, such as: Who is this mysterious woman? Where did she come from? Is she dangerous?

The Kiss of Death (The Demons’ Muse Book 1)

Paranormal Angel Romance
Author: Auryn Hadley

The Kiss of Death (The Demons' Muse Book 1)

I always imagined Death’s final kiss would be cold. It wasn’t.

Four years later, I can still remember the exact shade of his skin: a blue so pale it looked like moonlight. I dream of his touch. Mostly, I paint the man under the heavy cowl, including those perfect lips which ruined mine for anyone else.

I’m obsessed with him.

The doctors say he’s nothing more than a hallucination caused by a mixture of head trauma and emergency pain medications. I think he’s a really sexy figment of my imagination. I mean, who besides an artist would dream up the Grim Reaper for their hero?

Now, something’s changed and my drawings are taking on a life of their own. As if college wasn’t hard enough, trying to keep this a secret is going to be impossible. Keeping my sanity might be worse. And that’s not the worst of my problems.

The Purge of Babylon Series Box Set: Books 1-3

Dystopian Science Fiction
Author: Sam Sisavath

The Purge of Babylon Series Box Set: Books 1-3


Creatures that once lived in the shadows, hidden from humankind, have risen, spreading like a plague across the globe over the course of a single night. Their numbers growing exponentially through infection, these seemingly unkillable creatures have swallowed up whole cities and collapsed unprepared governments.

Survivors call it The Purge.

Against all odds, a disparate group of survivors has emerged from that blood-soaked night that devastated the planet and reduced humanity to an endangered species.

But surviving The Purge was one thing – staying alive is another matter entirely…

No Pit So Deep (The Cody Musket Story Book 1)

Military Thrillers
Author: James Nathaniel Miller II

No Pit So Deep (The Cody Musket Story Book 1)

He Never Wanted to Be a Hero . . . She Never Meant to Fall in Love . . .
Cody is a professional athlete and a decorated US Marine haunted by a dark military past. Brandi is a gutsy investigative journalist and single mom who has exposed a child-trafficking ring. When terrorists attempt to abduct her at a public theater, Cody, a stranger, saves her, but the violent incident unlocks the malignant demons of Cody’s past.

Ninja Foodi Cookbook: 500 Recipes for Everyday Cooking

Special Cooking Appliances
Author: Jeff Jones

Ninja Foodi Cookbook: 500 Recipes for Everyday Cooking

The Ninja Foodi collection you are about to discover will help you get started with this new tool. It shows exactly what you need to do to cook some tasty breakfasts, lunch dishes, side dishes, snacks, appetizers, fish and seafood, meat and poultry meals but also vegetable ones and desserts.

  • Cheddar Omelet
  • Sausage Bake
  • Chicken and Kale Salad
  • Rosemary Mushroom and Carrot Stew
  • Cinnamon Oatmeal
  • Salmon and Fennel
  • Butternut Squash and Onions
  • Coconut Carrot Chips
  • Peppers and Tomatoes Dip
  • Turkey and Chickpeas
  • Raspberry Pork Stew
  • Sweet Coconut Bread

Post-Human Omnibus Edition (1-4): Science Fiction (Post-Human Series)

Science Fiction Anthologies
Author: David Simpson
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.99

Post-Human Omnibus Edition (1-4): Science Fiction (Post-Human Series)

David Simpson’s bestselling and award-winning Post-Human science fiction adventure series has been downloaded on the Kindle over one million times in the last three years, delighting readers with a blend of thought-provoking philosophy, cutting edge and speculative science fiction, and high-octane, action-packed suspense, mystery, and adventure. Readers have compared it most often with the works of science fiction master Isaac Asimov and have delighted in turning pages filled to the brim with all the best that science fiction and cyberpunk have to offer, like nanobots, A.I., androids, post-humans, cyborgs, and a cast of likeable characters, suspense, and star-crossed love that you won’t be able to resist. Ready to get hooked by this science fiction suspense thriller? Then download the Post-Human adventure and experience it for yourself!

Clammed Up (A Maine Clambake Mystery Book 1)

Lawyers & Criminals Humor
Author: Barbara Ross
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Clammed Up (A Maine Clambake Mystery Book 1)

Summer has come to Busman’s Harbor, Maine, and tourists are lining up for a taste of authentic New England seafood, courtesy of the Snowden Family Clambake Company. But there’s something sinister on the boil this season. A killer has crashed a wedding party, adding mystery to the menu at the worst possible moment. . .

Julia Snowden returned to her hometown to rescue her family’s struggling clambake business–not to solve crimes. But that was before a catered wedding on picturesque Morrow Island turned into a reception for murder. When the best man’s corpse is found hanging from the grand staircase in the Snowden family mansion, Julia must put the chowder pot on the back burner and join the search for the killer. And with suspicion falling on her old crush, Chris Durand, the recipe for saving her business and salvaging her love life might be one and the same. . .

Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation

Author: Michael Pollan
Regularly $14.99, Today $4.99

Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation

Cooked is now a Netflix docuseries based on the book that focuses on the four kinds of “transformations” that occur in cooking. Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney and starring Michael Pollan, Cooked teases out the links between science, culture and the flavors we love.

In Cooked, Pollan discovers the enduring power of the four classical elements—fire, water, air, and earth—to transform the stuff of nature into delicious things to eat and drink. Apprenticing himself to a succession of culinary masters, Pollan learns how to grill with fire, cook with liquid, bake bread, and ferment everything from cheese to beer.

Each section of Cooked tracks Pollan’s effort to master a single classic recipe using one of the four elements. A North Carolina barbecue pit master tutors him in the primal magic of fire; a Chez Panisse–trained cook schools him in the art of braising; a celebrated baker teaches him how air transforms grain and water into a fragrant loaf of bread; and finally, several mad-genius “fermentos” (a tribe that includes brewers, cheese makers, and all kinds of picklers) reveal how fungi and bacteria can perform the most amazing alchemies of all.

What Are You Hungry For?: The Chopra Solution to Permanent Weight Loss, Well-Being, and Lightness of Soul

Alternative Medicine Healing
Author: Deepak Chopra
Regularly $12.99, Today $4.99

What Are You Hungry For?: The Chopra Solution to Permanent Weight Loss, Well-Being, and Lightness of Soul

The basis for the PBS Special, What Are You Hungry For? is the breakthrough book that can bring weight under effortless control by linking it to personal fulfillment in every area of a reader’s life.

After promoting this message worldwide for thirty years, bestselling author Deepak Chopra focuses on the huge problem of weight control in America with exciting new concepts. What are you hungry for? Food? Love? Self-esteem?  Peace? In this manual for “higher health,” based on the latest findings in both mainstream and alternative medicine, Deepak Chopra creates a vision of weight loss based on a deeper awareness of why people overeat – because they are trying to find satisfaction and wind up using food as a substitute for real fulfillment.  

The House of God

Doctors & Medicine Humor
Author: Samuel Shem, John Updike
Regularly $12.99, Today $1.99

The House of God

Struggling with grueling hours and sudden life-and-death responsibilities, Basch and his colleagues, under the leadership of their rule-breaking senior resident known only as the Fat Man, must learn not only how to be fine doctors but, eventually, good human beings.

A phenomenon ever since it was published, The House of God was the first unvarnished, unglorified, and uncensored portrait of what training to become a doctor is truly like, in all its terror, exhaustion and black comedy. With more than two million copies sold worldwide, it has been hailed as one of the most important medical novels ever written.

The Grand Design

Astrophysics & Space Science
Author: Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow
Regularly $14.99, Today $4.99

The Grand Design

When and how did the universe begin? Why are we here? What is the nature of reality? Is the apparent “grand design” of our universe evidence of a benevolent creator who set things in motion—or does science offer another explanation? In this startling and lavishly illustrated book, Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow present the most recent scientific thinking about these and other abiding mysteries of the universe, in nontechnical language marked by brilliance and simplicity.

According to quantum theory, the cosmos does not have just a single existence or history. The authors explain that we ourselves are the product of quantum fluctuations in the early universe, and show how quantum theory predicts the “multiverse”—the idea that ours is just one of many universes that appeared spontaneously out of nothing, each with different laws of nature.

Rescuing Your Teenager from Depression

Parenting Teenagers
Author: Norman T. Berlinger M.D.
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

Rescuing Your Teenager from Depression

One in eight high school students is depressed. But depression in teenagers can be deceptive, and authorities estimate that a huge number of depressed teens are undiagnosed. Adults may mistake symptoms as “typical” teen angst, anger, or anxiety. Or the teen may mask the symptoms with high-energy activity.

For parents who suspect their teen is depressed, the system often fails the family. Insurance coverage for treatment ends too soon, there’s a months-long wait to see an adolescent therapist, or long-term follow-up is insufficient.

This means parents must take charge of their child’s health to reinforce, extend, and monitor treatment and its aftermath. The good news is they can do it—because parents know their child best.

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