Actions of Violence (Jack Connor Series Book 1)

Thriller & Suspense Action
Author: Gary Baldocchi

Actions of Violence (Jack Connor Series Book 1)

CIA agent Jack Connor battles the ruthless head of the Bogotá Cartel, Joaquin Gusto who kills anyone who jeopardizes his empire. Gusto has established a secret alliance with Jihad-7, an extremist terrorist group who has activated a terrorist sleeper cell in the San Francisco Bay area. Barrett, Connor’s wife, a local prosecutor is involved in a homicide case that has devastating consequences.

Brutal murders and assassinations are carried out by the cartel’s top assassin, a former Russian Spetsnaz KGB operative, code-name Viper. The cartel’s informant, a high-level U.S. government official, provides devastating information to the cartel while he also conspires with the band of ex-Army Ranger mercenaries and plots against the cartel to satisfy his own greed, spinning a web of deceit and death.

The Harlow Hoyden (Love Takes Root Book 1)

Romantic Comedy
Author: Lynn Messina

The Harlow Hoyden: A Regency Romance (Love Takes Root Book 1)

Miss Emma Harlow hasn’t earned the reputation as a hoyden for nothing, so when the Duke of Trent discovers her in his conservatory stealing one of his orchids, he’s isn’t surprised—charmed, delighted and puzzled, yes, but not surprised. It is Emma who is amazed. She has naturally concluded that the man reading in the conservatory must be the country cousin (who else in London would actually read?) and is quite vexed to discover that he is the Duke of Trent himself—imagine, stealing the duke’s prize Rhyncholaelia digbyana under his very nose!

But her vexation doesn’t last long. For Emma is a practical young lady with a mission: to end her dear sister Lavinia’s engagement to the villainous (and dreadfully dull!) Sir Waldo Windbourne, and she thinks that the famous libertine is just the man for the job. If he would only seduce her sister away from Sir Waldo…. Well, not seduce exactly, but flirt mercilessly and engage her interest.

Inevitable (Goddess of Fate Book 1)

Mythology & Folk Tales
Author: Tamara Hart Heiner

Inevitable (Goddess of Fate Book 1)

It was just another random death of a random stranger…
… but what I saw very nearly ended my life.

I can see the future.

More specifically, how people will die.

The biggest problem? If I try to change it, something worse happens.

But now the people I love are showing up in my visions, including my sister and my hot new boyfriend from England. Yes, I fell for that accent just like every other girl in school.

That’s not even the worst of it. A serial killer popped into town, and my visions are showing me his next victims.

Happy Birthday to Me (Birthday Trilogy Book 1)

Young Adult Paranormal & Urban Fantasy
Author: Brian Rowe

Happy Birthday to Me (Birthday Trilogy Book 1)

Seventeen-year-old Cameron Martin has a huge problem: he’s aging a whole year of his life with each passing day!

High school is hard enough; imagine rapidly aging from seventeen to seventy in a matter of weeks, with no logical explanation, and with prom, graduation, and the state championship basketball game on the horizon. That’s what happens to Cameron, a popular pretty boy who’s never had to face a day looking anything but perfect.

All Cameron wants to do is go back to normal, but no one, not even the best doctors, can diagnose his condition. When he finds love with a mysterious young woman, however, he realizes his only hope for survival might be with the one person who started his condition in the first place.

The Complete Keto Baking: Making Simple, Stunning Keto Baking at Home

Bread Baking
Author: Dorothy Grin

The Complete Keto Baking: Making Simple, Stunning Keto Baking at Home

This is a super complete and simple keto baking recipe book. It includes all kinds of popular baking:

  • Bread Baking for beginners
  • Simple Cakes
  • Perfect Cookies
  • Biscuits, Muffins & Scones
  • Easy Tarts and Bars
  • Tasty Pies
  • Delicious Pizza

This an ideal resource for both kitchen novices as well as more experienced cooks.

Out of the Frying Pan

Christian Mystery & Suspense
Author: Michelle Griep, Kelly Klepfer

Out of the Frying Pan: A cozy little romance ... with murder on the side.

When the chef of Sunset Paradise Retirement Village ends up dead, life for sisters Fern and Zula Hopkins is whipped into a froth. Their zany attempts to track down the killer land them in hot water with Detective Jared Flynn. Should he be concerned about their safety or the criminal’s?

But there are deadly ingredients none of them expect. Drugs. Extortion. International cartels. And worst of all…broken hearts—especially when the Hopkins sisters’ niece KC arrives on the scene.

Before the snooping pair gain any headway with the case, it becomes crystal clear that the sisters share a mysterious secret that takes life from the frying pan and into the line of fire.

Cephrael’s Hand: A Pattern of Shadow & Light Book One

Fantasy Adventure Fiction
Author: Melissa McPhail
Regularly $4.99, Today $1.99

Cephrael's Hand: A Pattern of Shadow & Light Book One

In Alorin…three hundred years after the genocidal Adept Wars, the realm is dying, and the blessed Adept race dies with it. One man holds the secret to reverting this decline: Bjorn van Gelderan, a dangerous and enigmatic man whose shocking betrayal three centuries past earned him a traitor’s brand. It is the Adept Vestal Raine D’Lacourte’s mission to learn what Bjorn knows in the hope of salvaging his race. But first he’ll have to find him…

In the kingdom of Dannym…the young Prince Ean val Lorian faces a tenuous future as the last living heir to the coveted Eagle Throne. When his blood-brother is slain during a failed assassination, Ean embarks on a desperate hunt for the man responsible.

I’ll Take Care of You

Violence in Society
Author: Caitlin Rother
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

I'll Take Care of You

Nanette Johnston Packard, a sexy divorcee, liked to meet men at the gym and through personal ads. Soon after she began dating millionaire Bill McLaughlin, he moved her and her kids into his bay-front home in Newport Beach. But one man was never enough for Nanette. . .

Eric Naposki, her NFL linebacker lover, fulfilled Nanette’s wilder cravings. Together they schemed to make her fiance’s fortune their own. When McLaughlin was gunned down, authorities had suspicions–but no proof. Pulitzer-nominated writer Caitlin Rother explores this chilling story of a woman who seemed to have it all–until justice finally had its day.

When Tito Loved Clara: A Novel

Literary Fiction
Author: Jon Michaud
Regularly $9.99, Today $1.99

When Tito Loved Clara: A Novel

Clara Lugo has escaped her difficult and tumultuous childhood in a Dominican neighborhood in the northern reaches of Manhattan. Now she tries to live a settled professional life with her American husband and son in the suburbs of New Jersey—often thwarted by Clara’s constellation of relatives who don’t understand her gringa ways.

Her mostly happy life is disrupted, however, when Tito, a former boyfriend from fifteen years earlier, reappears. He still carries a torch for Clara, and she harbors a secret from their past. Their reunion sets in motion an unraveling of both of their lives—and reveals what assimilation, or the absence of it, has cost them both . . .

The Unforgiving Minute: A Soldier’s Education

Biographies of the Afghan War
Author: Craig M. Mullaney
Regularly $14.99, Today $5.49

The Unforgiving Minute: A Soldier's Education

In this surprise bestseller, West Point grad, Rhodes scholar, Airborne Ranger, and U. S. Army Captain Craig Mullaney recounts his unparalleled education and the hard lessons that only war can teach. While stationed in Afghanistan, a deadly firefight with al-Qaeda leads to the loss of one of his soldiers. Years later, after that excruciating experience, he returns to the United States to teach future officers at the Naval Academy. Written with unflinching honesty, this is an unforgettable portrait of a young soldier grappling with the weight of war while coming to terms with what it means to be a man.

Libby the Psychic Dog

Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads
Author: A.L. Jambor
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99

Libby the Psychic Dog

What happens when an English lord is reincarnated as a pudgy terrier? Lord Percival Plep was a hero in the war to end all wars, but when a bullet ends his life, he wakes to find that he has been reborn one hundred years later as a dog!

When Lord Plep is adopted by an elderly woman he calls “Mama,” he settles into a comfortable life of watching movies and sharing Mama’s snacks. He also gains a reputation as a psychic dog when he finds eyeglasses and keys for the aged residents of the mobile home park where Mama lives. When a child is lost, a neighbor asks Mama if Libby (yes, Lord Plep was reborn as a female), could use her psychic abilities to find the little girl.

The Trouble with Time (Time Rats Book 1)

Time Travel Science Fiction
Author: Lexi Revellian
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99

The Trouble with Time (Time Rats Book 1)

It’s 2045. Jace Carnady works for the Time Police, dedicated to the prevention of timecrime. Life is good; he loves his girlfriend and enjoys his work. But when the team gets wind of a rogue time machine and fails to find it, Jace suspects one of his colleagues may be involved, and his life begins to unravel . . .

In 2015, Floss Dryden is snatched from her own time and taken to the future – but will this really prevent the extinction of humanity?

Seduced by the Night

Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
Author: Robin T. Popp
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.99

Seduced by the Night

Dr Bethany Stavinoski is a top biochemist. Working late one night she returns to her lab to find the security guard dead, her laboratory is ransacked and her lab assistant kidnapped. The police are called and quickly determine that the security has been drained of blood from two small holes in his neck. The police detective has seen these types of wounds before, they are the work of a “terrorist” group called “the Exsanguinators”, and he calls in a group of experts who are investigating these attacks.

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