Peony Red (Granite Harbor Book 1)

Contemporary Romance
Author: J. Lynn Bailey

Peony Red: A Contemporary Romance Novel (The Granite Harbor Series Book 1)

Three years ago, Alex Fisher lost her husband and since then, she hasn’t been able to find her stride.

She’s out of a job, out of time, and running on fumes

When she receives a personal invitation to visit the picturesque town of Granite Harbor, Maine, she jumps at the chance to start fresh.

˃˃˃ For game warden Eli Young, life is simpler when he’s exploring the back roads of Maine.

In the north woods, he doesn’t have to deal with town politics or his soon-to-be ex-wife. But a chance meeting with a brokenhearted newcomer leaves him tangled. He should walk away-except, now that he’s met her, he can’t turn back.

Jeff Edwards Military Thriller Box Set (USS Towers Series)

Military Thrillers
Author: Jeff Edwards

Jeff Edwards Military Thriller 3-Book Box Set (USS Towers Series): Sea of Shadows; The Seventh Angel; Sword of Shiva

The only way to survive is to change the rules.

A minor accident at a German nuclear power plant, a Biological Warfare attack on the British Embassy in Washington, DC, and a secret arms deal combine to drive a trusted NATO Ally into an illegal alliance with a rogue Middle Eastern state. With the world hovering on the brink of war, a handful of U.S. Navy warships must track down and destroy a wolfpack of state-of-the-art submarines.

The adversary is skilled in deception and incredibly lethal. Out-gunned, out-maneuvered, and out-thought, the U.S. Navy crews must throw the rulebook out the window, to become every bit as devious and deadly as their enemy.

Admit to Mayhem: Lillian Dove Mystery (Book One)

Romantic Suspense
Author: D. J. Adamson

Admit to Mayhem: Lillian Dove Mystery (Book One)

None of us want to admit our lives are unmanageable. We prefer the charade that we are in control.

Lillian Dove, however, is constantly reminded she has very little control over her life and only has the ability to move to the choices that come her way.

The Lillian Dove Series is a journey in recovery. While Lillian is a recovering alcoholic, like many who struggle with addictions come to understand, stopping drinking does not mean life returns to normal. However, as this series begins, Lillian does realize she has compulsions and addictions to many things, not just Absolut.
How we handle dependency and denial is what allows for choice.

In Admit to Mayhem, Lillian needs to admit her life has become unraveled again when she becomes an eyewitness to arson. Probing into a cold case of arson sixty years ago and the arson she witnessed at the beginning of this novel helps her admit to some of her own life’s challenges and successes.

Killer Odds

Private Investigator Mysteries
Author: Clark Vanderpool

Killer Odds

Memphis-based investigator Matt West is back in an escalating murder mystery that will keep the reader puzzled to the end…if it is the end. What begins as a meeting with a new client draws rare book dealer and investigator Matt West into an odd Memphis murder that unveils a deadly international puzzle leading from the Mississippi River to the West Coast and back in a search for the killers and to learn their true target before it is too late to stop them. Matt West follows the bloody “paper trail” that leads where no one suspected.

Poker Strategy: Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Learn the Most Simple and Effective Strategies

Card Games > Poker
Author: Kevin Bailey

Poker Strategy: Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Learn the Most Simple and Effective Poker Strategies in the World of Poker

If you are getting into a high-stakes table, go in with a clear head and no emotional baggage whatsoever. Remember to stay in your comfort zone and play at your leisure, not because people are staring at you to call or bet. Do not let people make you uncomfortable; instead, try to pull them out of their comfort zones so you can analyze them better.
Always remember, your opponent’s hand is just as important as yours is. Try figuring out the range of the opponent’s hands if you want to win the pot. It is also important to make rational decisions and fold when your hole cards are not in your favor.
When playing poker like a pro, you need to keep your ego aside and focus on the game, nothing else. Poker is a game of the mind, and once you learn how to control it, you will be in control of the game, and this will increase your chances of winning.
All you need to do is to analyze your hand, bluff or bet as per your game, and then conquer your opponents.

A Kiss for Miss Kingsley: A Historical Regency Romance (A Waltz with a Rogue Book 1)

Clean & Wholesome Romance
Author: Collette Cameron

A Kiss for Miss Kingsley: A Historical Regency Romance (A Waltz with a Rogue Book 1)

Olivia Kingsley didn’t expect to be swept off her feet and receive a marriage proposal two weeks into her first Season. However, one delicious dance with Allen Wimpleton, heir to a viscountcy, and her future is sealed. Or so she thinks until her eccentric father suddenly announces he’s moving the family to the Caribbean for a year.

Knowing her father will likely refuse his offer for Olivia’s hand, Allen begs her to elope. Having recently lost her mother, and worried her father is ailing too—which he insists remain a secret—she refuses. Distraught at her leaving, and unaware of her father’s ill-health, Allen doubts her love for him and foolishly demands she choose—him or her father.

Heartbroken at Allen’s callousness, but thankful he’s revealed his true nature before they married, Olivia turns her back on their love. The year becomes three, enough time for her broken heart to heal, and after her father dies, Olivia returns to England.

Apprentice in Death

Mystery Romance
Author: J. D. Robb
Regularly $7.99, Today $1.99

Apprentice in Death

Lieutenant Eve Dallas must hunt down the deadly snipers terrorizing Manhattan in this fast-paced In Death thriller from J. D. Robb.
The shots came quickly, silently, and with deadly accuracy. Within seconds, three people were dead at Central Park’s ice-skating rink. The victims: a talented young skater, a doctor, and a teacher. As random as random can be.

Eve Dallas has seen a lot of killers during her time with the NYPSD but never one like this. A review of the security videos reveals that the victims were killed with a tactical laser rifle fired by a sniper, who could have been miles away when the trigger was pulled. And though the list of locations where the shooter could have set up seems endless, the number of people with that particular skill set is finite: police, military, professional killer.

Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most

Communication Reference
Author: Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, Sheila Heen, Roger Fisher
Regularly $10.99, Today $1.99

Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most

We attempt or avoid difficult conversations every day-whether dealing with an underperforming employee, disagreeing with a spouse, or negotiating with a client. From the Harvard Negotiation Project, the organization that brought you Getting to Yes, Difficult Conversations provides a step-by-step approach to having those tough conversations with less stress and more success. you’ll learn how to:

* Decipher the underlying structure of every difficult conversation
* Start a conversation without defensiveness
* Listen for the meaning of what is not said
* Stay balanced in the face of attacks and accusations
* Move from emotion to productive problem solving

Classic Sourdoughs: A Home Baker’s Handbook

Bread Baking
Author: Ed Wood, Jean Wood
Regularly $9.99, Today $1.99

Classic Sourdoughs, Revised: A Home Baker's Handbook

Sourdough: The Gold Standard of Bread

More and more home bakers are replacing mass-produced breads and commercial yeasts in favor of artisan breads made with wild cultures and natural fermentation. Whether you want to capture your own local yeasts, take advantage of established cultures like San Francisco Sourdough, or simply bake healthier, more natural loaves, you’ll find no better guides than renowned sourdough authorities Ed and Jean Wood.

In this updated edition of Classic Sourdoughs, the Woods reveal their newly discovered secret to crafting the perfect loaf: by introducing a unique culture-proofing step and adjusting the temperature of the proofs, home bakers can control the sourness and leavening like never before. The reward? Fresh, hot sourdough emerging from the oven just the way you like it—every time. Starting with their signature Basic Sourdough loaf, the Woods present recipes featuring rustic grains and modern flavors, including Herb Spelt Bread, Prarie Flax Bread, and Malt Beer Bread, along with new no-knead versions of classics like White French Bread. They round out the collection with recipes for homemade baguettes, bagels, English muffins, and cinnamon rolls, plus a chapter on baking authentic sourdoughs in bread machines.

Becoming Bonnie: A Novel

Historical Biographical Fiction
Author: Jenni L. Walsh
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

Becoming Bonnie: A Novel

The summer of 1927 might be the height of the Roaring Twenties, but Bonnelyn Parker is more likely to belt out a church hymn than sling drinks at an illicit juice joint. She’s a sharp girl with plans to overcome her family’s poverty, provide for herself, and maybe someday marry her boyfriend, Roy Thornton. But when Roy springs a proposal on her, and financial woes jeopardize her ambitions, Bonnelyn finds salvation in an unlikely place: Dallas’s newest speakeasy, Doc’s.

Living the life of a moll at night, Bonnie remains a wholesome girl by day, engaged to Roy, attending school, and working toward a steady future. When Roy discovers her secret life, he embraces it—perhaps too much, especially when it comes to booze and gambling—she tries to make the pieces fit. Maybe she can have it all: the American Dream, the husband, and the intoxicating allure of jazz music. But her life—like her country—is headed for a crash.

Relentless: How a Massive Stroke Changed My Life for the Better

Biographies & Memoirs
Author: Ted W. Baxter
Regularly $9.99, Today $0.99

Relentless: How a Massive Stroke Changed My Life for the Better

In 2005, Ted W. Baxter was at the top of his game. He was a successful, globe-trotting businessman with a resume that would impress the best of the best. In peak physical condition, Ted worked out nearly every day of the week. And then, on April 21, 2005, all that came to an end. He had a massive ischemic stroke. Doctors feared he wouldn’t make it, or if he did make it, he would be in a vegetative state in a hospital bed for the rest of his life.

But miraculously, that’s not what happened . . .

In Relentless, Ted W. Baxter describes his remarkable recovery. Not only did he live, but he’s walking and talking again. He moves through life almost as easily as he did before the stroke; only now, his life is better. He’s learned that having a successful career is maybe not the most important thing. He’s learned to appreciate life more.

Homegrown Pantry: A Gardener’s Guide to Selecting the Best Varieties & Planting

Gardening & Horticulture
Author: Barbara Pleasant
Regularly $5.99, Today $2.99

Homegrown Pantry: A Gardener's Guide to Selecting the Best Varieties & Planting the Perfect Amounts for What You Want to Eat Year-Round

Now that you’ve mastered gardening basics, you want to enjoy your bounty year-round, right? Homegrown Pantry picks up where beginning gardening books leave off, with in-depth profiles of the 55 most popular crops — including beans, beets, squash, tomatoes, and much more — to keep your pantry stocked throughout the year. Each vegetable profile highlights how many plants to grow for a year’s worth of eating, and which storage methods work best for specific varieties. Author Barbara Pleasant culls tips from decades of her own gardening experience and from growers across North America to offer planting, care, and harvesting refreshers for every region and each vegetable.

The Garden in Every Sense and Season

Gardening & Horticulture
Author: Tovah Martin, Kindra Clineff
Regularly $2.99, Today $2.51

The Garden in Every Sense and Season

So much of gardening is focused on the long list of chores—the weeding, planting, and pruning. But what about the joy a garden can provide? In The Garden in Every Sense and Season, Tovah Martin explores the sensory delights in her own garden in 100 evocative essays. Martin shares sage garden advice, offers intimate reflections on her own garden, and urges us to inhale, savor, and become more attuned to our gardens. Packed with lush color photographs, The Garden in Every Sense and Season will help you grow a bounty of gratitude in your own home garden.

Four Boots-One Journey: A Story of Survival, Awareness & Rejuvenation on the John Muir Trail

Yosemite California Travel
Author: Jeff Alt
Regularly $4.99, Today $1.99

Four Boots-One Journey: A Story of Survival, Awareness & Rejuvenation on the John Muir Trail

Originally published as an award-winning paperback:  A Hike for Mike. Jeff Alt takes you vicariously along the John Muir Trail, on an entertaining adventure, with his new wife, Beth. Jeff convinces Beth, a woman who prefers hotels, hot showers and warm beds to chuck her domesticated ways and hike over 218-miles which leads to lots of humorous moments. Together, they traverse three national parks, including the highest mountain in the contiguous United States, Mt. Whitney.

Jeff is compelled to take Beth on a hike after her brother tragically dies by suicide. Jeff thinks the hike will do Beth some good. They walk in her brother’s memory as a depression awareness campaign.

The Alt’s journey is full of inspiration and adventure; from menacing bears, to lightning bolts, mountain lions, food shortages, and altitude sickness.

Beth discovers the trials and joy of backpacking and they emerge from the trail rejuvenated.

The Holy Thief (Captain Alexei Korolev Book 1)

International Mystery & Crime
Author: William Ryan
Regularly $5.99, Today $2.99

The Holy Thief: A Novel (Captain Alexei Korolev Novels Book 1)

Moscow, 1936, and Stalin’s Great Terror is beginning. In a deconsecrated church, a young woman is found dead, her mutilated body displayed on the altar for all to see. Captain Alexei Korolev, finally beginning to enjoy the benefits of his success with the Criminal Investigation Division of the Moscow Militia, is asked to investigate. But when he discovers that the victim is an American citizen, the NKVD—the most feared organization in Russia—becomes involved. Soon, Korolev’s every step is under close scrutiny and one false move will mean exile to The Zone, where enemies of the Soviet State, both real and imagined, meet their fate in the frozen camps of the far north.

Committed to uncovering the truth behind the gruesome murder, Korolev enters the realm of the Thieves, rulers of Moscow’s underworld. As more bodies are discovered and pressure from above builds, Korolev begins to question who he can trust and who, in a Russia where fear, uncertainty and hunger prevail, are the real criminals. Soon, Korolev will find not only his moral and political ideals threatened, but also his life.


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