Diapers, Date Nights and Deadlines: A French Working Mom’s Guide to Success and Survival

Parenting Reference
Author: Julie-Anne Lutfi

Diapers, Date Nights and Deadlines: A French Working Mom’s Guide to Success and Survival

It may seem that being a homemaker and climbing the corporate ladder are two mutually exclusive goals. But according to Julie-Anne Lutfi—wife, mother, and kick-ass corporate attorney—you don’t have to choose. With the right attitude and strategies, you can achieve a successful career and a happy personal life.

In Diapers, Date Nights and Deadlines, Julie draws on her experiences as a working mom while challenging conventional wisdom to offer techniques to women trying to serve both their families and careers. Advising on everything from meal prep to date nights, deadlines, and schedules, Julie addresses difficult subjects such as “convenient feminism,” traditional gender roles, and motherly guilt, and helps readers implement concrete strategies to bring their personal and professional lives into harmony.

Lost and Found

Author: Brandon Meyers, Bryan Pedas

Lost and Found

A ghostly novella of a haunted bed and breakfast in the Colorado mountains, where instead of pleasurable respite, guests find psychological terror. The story is told in two parts, in separate accounts, from two separate decades.

Pay the fee and receive your room key. We promise that Lost and Found is unlike any haunted tale you’ve ever read before.

Teardrops and Flip Flops: A Laugh Out Loud Romantic Comedy about a Traveling Widow, Her Rescue Dog, and the Men Who Want to Court Them

Humorous Fiction
Author: Lark Griffing

Teardrops and Flip Flops: A Laugh Out Loud Romantic Comedy about a Traveling Widow, Her Rescue Dog, and the Men Who Want to Court Them. (A Gone to the Dogs Camper Romance Book 1)

Ruby’s love life has gone to the dogs. Literally.

Ruby always longed for adventure – hiking for months on end or living like a gypsy in an RV – but instead, she settled for a comfortable relationship with a man who worshipped her.

That is until he died, leaving her a teardrop trailer and the permission to find her adventure and a true love who would curl her toes.

What did she wind up with?

A stray dog who just might be her dead husband reincarnated and a good-looking photographer sniffing after her who thinks Ruby is fantastic.

The dog is not amused.

Ruby is conflicted.

The Aliomenti Saga Box Set (Books 1-3)

Time Travel Science Fiction
Author: Alex Albrinck

The Aliomenti Saga Box Set (Books 1-3)

A sprawling blend of science fiction, high technology, and fantasy, The Aliomenti Saga traces the rise and proliferation of a secret group of supernaturally gifted men and women through the life of their most dynamic member, Will Stark.

Will Stark is a phenomenally successful businessman, happily married, with a young son he adores. When he arrives home on his 35th birthday, he finds the guards to his gated community murdered, his home ablaze with his family inside, and his life nearly ended by those responsible. Will is immersed in the culture of the Alliance, a splinter group of the Aliomenti. He’ll learn their secrets… and more about himself and his destiny than he ever imagined possible.

Plain Jane

African American Romance
Author: Tamika Newhouse

Plain Jane

“Why have love and pain when you can just have great sex?”- Natalie Jane Lorin

Some say, once a good girl goes bad, she’s gone forever. However, reality says once a good girl gets laid the right way, she’s a brand-new freak, right? Natalie’s passionless marriage is slowly dying; one day her husband up and leaves without an explanation. Joyclyn , from the bestselling series, The Ultimate No-No, takes a liking to Natalie and seductively brings Natalie into her world of sex, lust, and the game of who can get it. When Natalie meets William David, their sexual chemistry turns into something more than just a one night. Natalie discovers more than just her sexual beast; she soon finds herself face-to-face with true love. Joyclyn’s envy threatens to get the best of her; she wants Natalie all to herself; find out what happens when the game of who can get it turns into a game of winner takes Natalie.

Young Adult Dystopian eBooks
Author: Julian North

Rise of Order: An Age of Order Novelette

Five students. One secret. The birth of a dark revolution.

In a future America being torn apart by factions and militias, five high-school classmates are flying home aboard a private aircraft when something goes wrong. Instead of returning to the elite enclave of Buckhead, the aircraft lands in heart of divided, violent Atlanta—and that is exactly what one of them wants. The sins of the past have come due, and a new power is rising from chaos enveloping the country. Come witness the Rise of Order.

An ominous tale of misguided loyalty and twisted vengeance, Rise of Order introduces the dark revolution that would tear the nation apart to bring about a new age—the Age of Order.

Rise of Order is a standalone novelette that takes place in same universe as the award-winning Age of Order Saga. It’s a fantastic way to be introduced to this dark-tinged future, or just a thrilling and thought-provoking way to spend an hour or two without committing to an entire novel.

Stickman 1 (A serial killer action thriller)

Vigilante Justice
Author: Dennis Yates

Stickman 1 (A serial killer action thriller) 

While waiting for his girlfriend in a mall parking lot, Doug witnesses a suspicious individual scoping out cars. The prowler breaks into a van, and instead of stealing items left behind he waits for the family to return and carjacks them.

With no time to call for help, Doug decides that he must stop the carjacker from harming the family. He’s also horrified by the possibility that the carjacker could be the notorious serial killer dubbed “Stickman.”

Hot on the trail of a killer headed for privacy, Doug must decide quickly how far he is willing to go.

Stickman is the length of a novelette (approximately 13,500 words).

Cemetery of Angels (The Ghost Stories of Noel Hynd)

Occult Horror
Author: Noel Hynd, George Kaczender
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Cemetery of Angels 2014 Edition (THE GHOST STORIES OF NOEL HYND)

Bill and Rebecca Moore are an ordinary middle-aged couple raising two children in suburban Connecticut when an unsuccessful attempt on Rebecca’s life by a mysterious stranger leaves her with an extreme case of post-traumatic stress. To help her recover, Bill suggests a move to southern California where they buy and renovate an old house in a posh neighborhood. It seems, however, that the house hosts a particularly persistent ghost named Ronny, an ex-actor who apparently has emerged from the small private cemetery adjacent to the backyard. When both children disappear from the house with no sign of forced entry, LAPD gumshoe Ed Van Allen suspects the Moores of murder, although Rebecca gamely tries to convince him the ghost did it. Turning the implausible into the possible as the case unfolds, Alternately amusing and frightening, Hynd lets the evidence build to a genuinely terrifying climax that features earthbound criminals as well as a not-so-subtle example of divine retribution.

Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre

Organic Gardening & Horticulture
Author: Brett L. Markham
Regularly $11.99, Today $1.99

Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre

Mini Farming describes a holistic approach to small-area farming that will show you how to produce 85 percent of an average family’s food on just a quarter acre—and earn $10,000 in cash annually while spending less than half the time that an ordinary job would require. Even if you have never been a farmer or a gardener, this book covers everything you need to know to get started: buying and saving seeds, starting seedlings, establishing raised beds, soil fertility practices, composting, dealing with pest and disease problems, crop rotation, farm planning, and much more. Because self-suf?ciency is the objective, subjects such as raising backyard chickens and home canning are also covered along with numerous methods for keeping costs down and production high. Materials, tools, and techniques are detailed with photographs, tables, diagrams, and illustrations.

Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man’s Fundamentals for Delicious Living

Biographies of Comedians
Author: Nick Offerman
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man's Fundamentals for Delicious Living

Growing a perfect moustache, grilling red meat, wooing a woman—who better to deliver this tutelage than the always charming, always manly Nick Offerman, best known as Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson?  Combining his trademark comic voice and very real expertise in woodworking—he runs his own woodshop—Paddle Your Own Canoe features tales from Offerman’s childhood in small-town Minooka, Illinois—“I grew up literally in the middle of a cornfield”—to his theater days in Chicago, beginnings as a carpenter/actor and the hilarious and magnificent seduction of his now-wife Megan Mullally.   It also offers hard-bitten battle strategies in the arenas of manliness, love, style, religion, woodworking, and outdoor recreation, among many other savory entrees.

Because of Sex: One Law, Ten Cases, and Fifty Years That Changed American Women’s Lives at Work

Gender & the Law
Author: Gillian Thomas
Regularly $6.99, Today $3.99

Because of Sex: One Law, Ten Cases, and Fifty Years That Changed American Women's Lives at Work

Best known as a monumental achievement of the civil rights movement, the 1964 Civil Rights Act also revolutionized the lives of America’s working women. Title VII of the law made it illegal to discriminate “because of sex.” But that simple phrase didn’t mean much until ordinary women began using the law to get justice on the job—and some took their fights all the way to the Supreme Court. Among them were Ida Phillips, denied an assembly line job because she had a preschool-age child; Kim Rawlinson, who fought to become a prison guard—a “man’s job”; Mechelle Vinson, who brought a lawsuit for sexual abuse before “sexual harassment” even had a name; Ann Hopkins, denied partnership at a Big Eight accounting firm because the men in charge thought she needed “a course at charm school”; and most recently, Peggy Young, UPS truck driver, forced to take an unpaid leave while pregnant because she asked for a temporary reprieve from heavy lifting.

Just My Luck

Children’s Special Needs Books
Author: Cammie McGovern
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

Just My Luck

Fourth grade is not going at all how Benny Barrows hoped. He hasn’t found a new best friend. He’s still not a great bike rider—even though his brother George, who’s autistic, can do tricks. And worst of all, he worries his dad’s recent accident might be all his fault. Benny tries to take his mom’s advice and focus on helping others, and to take things one step at a time. But when his dad ends up in the hospital again, Benny doesn’t know how he and his family will overcome all the bad luck that life seems to have thrown their way.

Just My Luck is a deeply moving and rewarding novel about a down-on-his-luck boy whose caring heart ultimately helps him find the strength to cope with tragedy and realize how much he truly has to offer his friends and family.

The Accused (Mystere Parish: Family Inheritance Book 1)

Romantic Suspense
Author: Jana DeLeon
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

The Accused (Mystere Parish: Family Inheritance Book 1)

After working as a cop in New Orleans, Carter Trahan is back in Mystere Parish, where his latest assignment seems like a joke: making sure Alaina LeBeau lives in her childhood home for two weeks to comply with her mother’s will. But soon the sexy sheriff isn’t laughing. Someone—or something—is stalking the beautiful defense lawyer, turning her once-grand mansion into a house of horrors.

But as he searches for the truth, Carter must face ghosts of his own past lurking in the bayou. Most troubling of all is his unprofessional attraction to the woman he’s protecting, as Alaina’s allure haunts him as no specter ever could….

EatingWell Vegetables: The Essential Reference

Vegetable Cooking
Author: The Editors of EatingWell
Regularly $5.99, Today $2.99

EatingWell Vegetables: The Essential Reference

EatingWell magazine is well known as a beacon of knowledge and reliability, helping people create a healthy lifestyle in and out of the kitchen—as well as making that lifestyle enjoyable and attainable. EatingWell Vegetables guides both vegetable lovers and novices through the world of produce, including must-know basics, shopping notes, growing advice, and cooking tips on 100 common and less common vegetables, from arugula to yucca.

Organized alphabetically by vegetable, the book includes information on seasonality and the health benefits of each vegetable, as well as more than 250 recipes with complete nutrition analysis, all tested by the EatingWell Test Kitchen. Each chapter gives core information on preparation, such as how to roast, steam, or sauté each vegetable perfectly.

Becoming Madeleine: A Biography of the Author of A Wrinkle in Time by Her Granddaughters

Children’s Literary Biographies
Author: Charlotte Jones Voiklis, Léna Roy
Regularly $5.99, Today $2.99

Becoming Madeleine: A Biography of the Author of A Wrinkle in Time by Her Granddaughters

This middle-grade biography explores the life and works of Madeleine L’Engle —written by her granddaughters.

This elegant and insightful biography of Madeleine L’Engle (1918–2007) was written by her granddaughters, Charlotte Jones Voiklis and Léna Roy. Using never-before-seen archival materials that include photographs, poems, letters, and journal entries from when Madeleine was a child until just after the publication of her classic, A Wrinkle in Time, her granddaughters weave together an in-depth and unique view of the famous writer. It is a story of overcoming obstacles—a lonely childhood, financial insecurity, and countless rejections of her writing—and eventual triumph. Becoming Madeleine will speak not only to fans of the icon’s work, but also to anyone interested in writing.


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