Murder in Tropical Breeze (Tropical Breeze Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Mystery > Cozy > Animals
Author: Mary Bowers

Murder in Tropical Breeze (Tropical Breeze Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Strange winds are blowing in Tropical Breeze, Florida. When Vesta Cadbury Huntington, one of its oldest, wealthiest and most eccentric citizens, dies in her sleep, nobody is surprised except for Vesta herself. It wasn’t her time, and she didn’t appreciate being bumped off into the Land of the Dead prematurely. The granddaughter of an archaeologist, she calls upon an Egyptian goddess for help. Bastet, the protective cat goddess, responds, and Taylor Verone, Tropical Breeze’s modern-day cat rescuer, is going to help – whether she wants to or not.

Morning Glory Murder: A Pleasant View Estates Mystery

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Women Sleuths
Author: Jessica L. Randall

Morning Glory Murder: A Pleasant View Estates Mystery

There’s something about Pleasant View Estates that Eden can’t resist.

It seems like the perfect place. Somewhere Eden could make a fresh start and keep to herself. But her new neighbors don’t make it easy. Under the façade of neatly trimmed grass and regulation mailboxes is an ancient community that is hiding from the world—a community where curses and unusual abilities are as commonplace as dropping off a pie at a neighbor’s house.

When one of Eden’s neighbors is strangled by an enchanted morning glory vine, her suspicion that it was no accident pushes her to get involved. The more Eden learns, the more she begins to suspect that those who don’t fall in line in Pleasant View may be in grave danger.

FREEDOM Legends: (Book 1)

Science Fiction > Time Travel
Author: Stephen Arseneault, Elizabeth Mackey

FREEDOM Legends: (Book 1)

Enslaved for 10,000 years. Bought, sold, traded, and hunted for sport. Human value is only measured in credits. Addicted to a drug called Shackle, we have no desire, no ambition to be free. Until now…

A mysterious virus is sweeping through our population, making us immune to the drug and aware of our condition. For the first time in 500 generations we feel the call of freedom.

Jamus Turnbull has a mission. He desires to free all Humans from their plight. He believes he has kept his awareness hidden for seven seasons, but his alien master, Hallik, secretly knows of his condition. When Jamus and several other “aware” slaves are rounded up by Hallik, they are convinced they will be turned over to the authorities and dissected for study. Master Hallik has other plans…

HOLIDAY: Laugh-out-loud romantic travel comedy

Romantic Comedy
Author: Joanna Warrington

HOLIDAY: Laugh-out-loud romantic travel comedy

Lyn wakes on her 50th birthday with no man and middle age staring her in the face. Determined to change her sad trajectory Lyn books a surprise road trip for herself and her three children through the American Southwest and Yellowstone.

Before they even get on the plane, the trip hits a major snag. The children have invited Lyn’s estranged partner to join them. Now, the two adults and three children have to keep up appearances and pretend to be a happy—if somewhat demented—family on their trip. Along the way, amid the mountain vistas, secrets will be revealed and a hurtful betrayal confronted in this sweet, funny family saga. In addition to laugh-out-loud adventures with the rambunctious family, author of ‘Every Family Has One’ Joanna Warrington writes of the extreme culture shock that comes from visiting America from England.

Small Town Beginnings: A 3-Book Sweet Romance Collection

Religious & Inspirational Fiction > Western & Frontier
Author: Melissa Storm

Small Town Beginnings: A 3-Book Sweet Romance Collection

From light-hearted comedies to stories about finding hope in the darkest of times, with a dash of adventure and a generous helping of inspiration, Small Town Beginnings introduces you to USA Today bestselling author Melissa Storm’s three most beloved series.

This special boxed collection includes two full novels and one novella—Love’s Prayer, Let There Be Love, and Must Love Music—each with a sweet and heartwarming story inside.

Surround yourself with neighbors that support one another, friends who find love in each other’s arms, and the familiar faces that always wear smiles when saying hello.

Until the Day Breaks (California Rising Book 1)

Historical Romance
Author: Paula Scott

Until the Day Breaks (California Rising Book 1)

A young woman finds her loyalties tested beyond limit and her desires torn beyond measure in 1846 California.

After sailing around Cape Horn, and barely surviving the perilous journey, devout Protestant Rachel Tyler, arrives in California just in time for her father’s wedding and the unfolding of the Bear Flag Revolt. Though already engaged to marry a minister in Massachusetts, Rachel’s ambitious father arranges her betrothal to Roman Vasquez, a blue-blooded Catholic son of the gente de razón, the ruling class of California.

Roman, a proud, Spanish soldier is ready to fight and die for his homeland. As the Yankee rebels raise their bear flag in Sonoma square, the last thing Roman wants is an arranged marriage to the American daughter of his enemy Joshua Tyler. But his Uncle Pedro, the Patrón of the family, has other plans.

The Devil’s Dream Box Set: Books 1 – 3

Author: David Beers
Regularly $6.99, Today $0.99

The Devil's Dream Box Set: Books 1 - 3: A Gripping Psychological Thriller

FBI Agent Allison Moore is a rising star. Smart, strong, and good with a gun—her future is bright… So they called her with a name no one wanted to hear again: Matthew Brand.

His past was legend.

Ten years ago, Brand’s genius was unrivaled. He was remaking the world in both science and health… Before his mind turned dark: freakish experiments with living bodies. Trying to play God.

The newspapers nicknamed him the Devil and his reign of terror swept the nation. Given no choice, the FBI swarmed over Brand before more died. They caged his insanity, and the country breathed a sigh of relief.

His mind couldn’t be held captive forever, though.

The Artisan Heart

Romance > Contemporary
Author: Dean Mayes
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The Artisan Heart

Hayden Luschcombe is a brilliant paediatrician living in Adelaide with his wife Bernadette, an ambitious event planner. His life consists of soul-wrenching days at the hospital and tedious evenings attending the lavish parties organized by Bernadette.

When an act of betrayal coincides with a traumatic confrontation, Hayden flees Adelaide, his life in ruins. His destination is Walhalla, nestled in Australia’s southern mountains, where he finds his childhood home falling apart. With nothing to return to, he stays, and begins to pick up the pieces of his life by fixing up the house his parents left behind.

The Photographer’s Boy: A Novel

Fiction > Historical > Military
Author: Stephen Bates
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The Photographer's Boy: A Novel

This novel spans from the Civil War to the present day and explores the ways we frame our own histories.

A teenage boy and his grandfather travel across America to attend that last great reunion of Civil War veterans at Gettysburg in 1938, where secrets and lies are revealed about the old man’s past. Perhaps he was not the hero his grandson thought, but he still has a valuable treasure to reveal, which will shed intriguing light on the war and his part in it.

Interweaving three periods of crisis in American history—the Civil War, the Depression, and 9/11—The Photographer’s Boy explores the power of photography and journalism to inform or mislead.

Betty Crocker Fresh from the Freezer

Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Author: Betty Crocker
Regularly $9.99, Today $2.99

Betty Crocker Fresh from the Freezer

Convenience is right in your freezer with Betty Crocker—prepare do-ahead dishes to freeze, cook foods to be the base of multiple meals, or make slow cooker dinners—and more.

Freezing is the easy way to guarantee that fresh, must-have recipes are always ready when you are. From freeze-ahead smoothie cubes to Monkey Bread, Chicken Pot Pie and mug cakes, this handy book lets you cook when you can, and eat when you want. 150 fully tested recipes give you the best ideas for cooking and freezing—from fully cooked dishes to pop in the freezer, to freezer bags ready for the slow cooker.

Included is everything for Freezing 101—complete freezing, thawing and heating information, tips on storage options and advice on how long to freeze foods. The book covers the rules of the thaw, how to host a Freezer Meal Party, and how to use ice cube trays to freeze herbs, chocolate-dipped fruit—and even wine. This is the complete guide to turning the freezer into a make-ahead star.

French Country Cooking: Authentic Recipes from Every Region

Cookbooks, Food & Wine > European > French
Author: Françoise Branget, Jeannette Seaver
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

French Country Cooking: Authentic Recipes from Every Region

Here are 180 recipes of traditional French appetizers, entrees, and desserts that members of the French National Assembly, representing the myriad regions of their native country, have decided to share with the world. From a challenging slow-cooked hare recipe that predates the French Revolution to the simplest bread, The Cuisine of the French Republic is both wittily political and warmly personal. It comes with fascinating legends of La France profonde, historical information, and a great deal of Gallic charm.

None of the recipes are chic, trendy, minimalist, or Nouvelle Cuisine. Here is the real thing.

Abrupt Physics of Dying (Claymore Straker Series Book 1)

Thrillers > Crime
Author: Paul E. Hardisty
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Abrupt Physics of Dying (Claymore Straker Series Book 1)

One man, an oil company, and a decision that could cost his life—a gritty, gripping, and shocking thriller that will open your eyes and keep them glued to the final stunning pageClaymore Straker is trying to forget a violent past. Working as an oil company engineer in the wilds of Yemen, he is hijacked at gunpoint by Islamic terrorists. Clay has a choice: help uncover the cause of a mysterious sickness afflicting the village of Al Urush, close to the company’s oil-processing facility, or watch Abdulkader, his driver and close friend, die. As the country descends into civil war and village children start dying, Clay finds himself caught up in a ruthless struggle between opposing armies, controllers of the country’s oil wealth, Yemen’s shadowy secret service, and rival terrorist factions. As Clay scrambles to keep his friend alive, he meets Rania, a troubled journalist.

Life on the Porcelain Edge

Women’s Fiction > Christian
Author: C.E. Hilbert
Regularly $4.99, Today $1.99

Life on the Porcelain Edge

Tessa Tarrington’s life is swirling out of control. No job. No apartment. Sick Dad…And she’s back in high school! Teaching at her Gibson’s Run alma mater would be tolerable, except she’s sharing purgatory with her mortal enemy, Ryland Jessup. But eight years post-high-school, and after tragedies she can barely understand, Ryland no longer fits her mental image of the over-sized bully he once was. In fact, much to her disgust, he’s finding his way into her heart. After the sudden death of his wife, Ryland hung up his professional shoulder pads and picked up a whistle. Now he’s focused on coaching the high school football team and raising his daughter. The sudden return of his childhood crush, Tessa Tarrington, has reawakened long-ago feelings.


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