The Protector (A Sydney Valentine Mystery Book 1)

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Detective
Author: Danielle L. Davis

The Protector (A Sydney Valentine Mystery Book 1)

Detective Sydney Valentine is more than willing to sacrifice a normal life to put ruthless killers behind bars. But even the seasoned detective can’t quite shake the image of Scrabble letters stuffed into a dead social worker’s mouth. With a puzzling crime scene and no immediate suspects, Valentine’s trail threatens to turn cold…

When another suspicious death hints at a shadowy past, Valentine suspects she has a clever serial killer on her hands. As the investigative noose tightens and the body count rises, will the determined detective piece together the clues in time, or will she become the next victim of the murderer’s deadly game?

Point of Impact: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (Nuclear Dawn Book 1)

Science Fiction > Dystopian
Author: Kyla Stone

Point of Impact: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (Nuclear Dawn Book 1)

Dakota Sloane, a tough-as-nails former foster kid, is no stranger to hardship. She’s spent her life running from her past.

When the news reports nuclear explosions in several major cities, Dakota’s first thought is to grab her little sister–still trapped in the foster system–and get the hell out of Miami.

Logan Garcia, a man haunted by his own secrets, has only one goal: to drink himself into oblivion–until the bomb shatters the world as he knows it.

In the moments before the lethal fallout descends, Dakota offers Logan a deal. She knows of a safe house deep in the Everglades. If Logan helps her rescue her sister, she’ll take him with her.

But Dakota’s past has caught up to her. In the midst of the radioactive ruins of Miami, someone is hunting her.

Random Acts

Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Franklin Horton

Random Acts

A grieving young woman, a disturbed young man, and identity theft meet in this terrifying tale of obsession, suspense, and social media.

Amanda Castle was like a lot of young people, posting pictures of her everyday life to a variety of social media sites. Not everyone who viewed her pictures was there to share in her life. One was there to steal her profile pictures. Soon, hundreds of fake accounts were circulating with Amanda’s pictures on them.

When a friendless and socially isolated young man named Victor receives a friend requests from one of the fake accounts, he falls in love with the young woman he knows as Camarochick19. He has no way of knowing that the face on the profile is unrelated to the shady, manipulative figure actually lurking on the other end of the account.

The Long Fall (The Long Fall – Book 1)

Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Logan Keys, Mike Kraus

The Long Fall: Book 1 of the Thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series: (The Long Fall - Book 1)

When the world starts to collapse, what will you do to survive?

A research station in the Arctic suffers catastrophic destruction. A soldier in Poland dies in a mysterious accident. A reporter in Manhattan stumbles across a conspiracy that has global consequences. As millions succumb to the strange attack across the globe, a handful of brave souls must step forward and fight not just for their own survival but that of the entire human race.

The Long Fall is a thrilling post-apocalyptic episodic series that follows the survivors of a global catastrophe that threatens the survival of the entire world. As each survivor learns more about the reasons and sources behind the apocalypse, they must work to save themselves and their families as they seek a way to reverse the disaster before it’s too late. Written as a collaboration between Logan Keys and #1 bestselling post-apocalyptic author Mike Kraus, The Long Fall is a gripping and unique take on the post-apocalyptic genre, and one that will leave you breathless with every turn of the page.

Baehrly Breathing (Goldie Locke and the Were Bears #1)

Romance > Paranormal > Werewolves & Shifters
Author: Elizabeth A Reeves

Baehrly Breathing (Goldie Locke and the Were Bears #1)

A spin-off of the popular Cindy Eller series.

The first book in the Goldie Locke and the Were Bears series.

It’s difficult to be taken seriously when you are a member of the Magical community and saddled with the unfortunate name ‘Goldie Locke’. It certainly doesn’t help if you are also about five feet tall, blond, and most commonly described as ‘cute.’. What was a girl to do?

Become one of the most dreaded Magical environmental lawyers of all time?

Goldie isn’t there yet, but she’s well on her way when a case drags her into uncharted territory– working with Ordinary officials to figure out why ‘unusual’ remains are being discovered all around New England.

THE PREQUEL – Grandma’s Wedding Quilts: A Hannah and Callum Cozy Mystery

Mystery > Cozy
Author: Kate Cambridge

THE PREQUEL - Grandma's Wedding Quilts: A Hannah and Callum Cozy Mystery

One year ago Hannah Quinn scored her dream job, and now the fate of the museum she loves will rise or fall on her next exhibit. But wait… there’s a problem. She doesn’t have a clue what her next exhibit will be!

When a trunk with two quilts is donated to the museum, Hannah’s boss thinks she’s wasting her time chasing down the history of the quilts, regardless of their beauty; but Hannah persists. She knows there’s something special about these quilts, and a story that demands to be told.

Little does Hannah know, her friend Callum, a researcher and consultant, plays an unexpected a role in her investigation that leads to questions and discoveries that threaten the foundation of all she holds most dear.

Will her desperation to discover the story of the quilts cause her to lose the very thing she loves the most – or will the secrets she uncover lead her to more than she ever dreamed?

Tubby Dubonnet Mysteries (Vol. 1-5)

Mystery > Hard-Boiled
Author: Tony Dunbar

Tubby Dubonnet Mysteries (Vol. 1-5) (The Tubby Dubonnet Series)

Meet lawyer Tubby Dubonnet. His clients are all renegades from the asylum (aka Orleans Parish), including a transvestite entertainer, a buxom deadbeat blonde, a doctor who refers his own patients to a malpractice lawyer, and a Mardi Gras reveler who drives a float shaped like a giant crawfish pot. His new client is Darryl Alvarez, the manager of a local nightclub who’s been caught unloading marijuana from a shrimp boat. At their first meeting, Darryl entrusts Tubby with an ordinary-looking blue gym bag. But after Darryl’s unfortunate demise, Tubby realizes he must tighten his grasp on the gym bag — and its million-dollar contents.

Tubby can’t just give up the cash. But if he gets caught, he’ll be in jail. And if the wrong people catch him, he’ll wish he was.

A Dose of Death (Helen Binney Mysteries Book 1)

Mystery > Amateur Sleuths
Author: Gin Jones
Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99

A Dose of Death: A Clean & Wholesome Cozy Mystery (Helen Binney Mysteries Book 1)

As the former governor’s wife, Helen Binney is used to being in charge. So when illness and two pushy nieces force her to take on a visiting nurse, Helen uses every trick in the book to slip away from the annoying woman. Only someone must have disliked the nurse even more than Helen, because the woman’s dead body shows up the next day in Helen’s yard! Now it’s up to Helen to prove that not only is she perfectly capable of taking care of herself, she’s also perfectly capable of solving one cold-blooded murder. Between the nurse’s shady past, an elusive “Remote Control Burglar,” and an unlikely partnership with a handsome lawyer, Helen finds herself being drawn into the killer’s carefully crafted web. The only question is, can Helen survive a little dose of death?

Mr. Darcy’s Kiss: A Contemporary Pride and Prejudice Romance

Author: Krista Lakes
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99

Mr. Darcy's Kiss: A Contemporary Pride and Prejudice Romance

Hot as hell.

Elizabeth Bennett has never appreciated any of these traits in a man. So when Mr. Darcy, billionaire British playboy and GQ’s Bachelor of the Year, meets her at a function, she’s surprised at how attracted she is to him.

That is until he puts his foot in his big, arrogant mouth.

The slap that she gave him got her thrown out of the biggest fundraiser of the year, but the mark she left on Mr. Darcy won’t leave his mind.

The second time that they meet “on accident”, he turns up the arrogance even more.

The third time, he tries flowers.

By the fourth time, he’s wearing a cup to protect himself.

The Ninth District: An FBI Thriller (Book 1)

Thrillers > Financial
Author: Douglas Dorow
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.99

The Ninth District: An FBI Thriller (Book 1)

The Federal Reserve has never been robbed.

Suspense, intrigue, and dazzling plot twists power this tale of an FBI special agent and rookie investigator racing through the darkest layers of Minneapolis to chase a sinister Federal Reserve robber.

FBI Special Agent Jack Miller, pulled into a high-profile case to mentor a new agent, finds himself in a clash with the toughest opponent of his career. The chase culminates in the bowels of the city, in the storm sewers and tunnels beneath The Ninth District Federal Reserve of Minneapolis.

The Wolf’s Hour

Science Fiction & Fantasy > Alternative History
Author: Robert R. McCammon, Vincent Chong
Regularly $5.99, Today $1.99

The Wolf's Hour

Allied Intelligence has been warned: A Nazi strategy designed to thwart the D-Day invasion is underway. A Russian émigré turned operative for the British Secret Service, Michael Gallatin has been brought out of retirement as a personal courier. His mission: Parachute into Nazi-occupied France, search out the informant under close watch by the Gestapo, and recover the vital information necessary to subvert the mysterious Nazi plan called Iron Fist.

Fearlessly devoted to the challenge, Gallatin is the one agent uniquely qualified to meet it—he’s a werewolf.

Now, as shifting as the shadows on the dangerous streets of Paris, a master spy is on the scent of unimaginable evil.

Game Changer: A Memoir of Disruptive Love

Fiction > Sexuality
Author: Franklin Veaux, AV Flox
Regularly $7.99, Today $3.99

Game Changer: A Memoir of Disruptive Love

To make an open marriage work, Franklin and Celeste knew they needed to make sure no one else ever came between them. That meant there had to be rules. No overnights, no falling in love, and either one of them could ask the other to end an outside relationship if it became too much to deal with. It worked for nearly two decades, and their relentless focus on their own relationship let them turn a blind eye to the emotional wreckage they were leaving behind them.

The rules did not prepare them for Amber.

The Bishop’s Wife (A Linda Wallheim Mystery Book 1)

Mystery > Amateur Sleuths
Author: Mette Ivie Harrison
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

The Bishop's Wife (A Linda Wallheim Mystery Book 1)

Linda Wallheim is a devout Mormon, mother of five boys and wife of a bishop. But Linda’s daily routine of church-going, Relief Society meetings, and visiting church ward members is turned upside down as a disturbing situation takes shape in her seemingly idyllic neighborhood. Young wife and mother Carrie Helm has disappeared. Carrie’s husband, Jared, claims that she has abandoned the family, but Linda doesn’t trust him. As she snoops, trying to learn more about the Helms’ circumstances, Linda becomes convinced Jared murdered his wife and painted himself as a wronged husband.

Nearly Normal: Surviving the Wilderness, My Family and Myself

Biographies & Memoirs
Author: Cea Sunrise Person
Regularly $5.99, Today $2.99

Nearly Normal: Surviving the Wilderness, My Family and Myself

In her bestselling memoir North of NormalCea wrote with grace about her unconventional childhood—her early years living in a tipi in Alberta with her pot-smoking, free-loving counterculture family. But her struggles do not end when she leaves her family at the age of thirteen to become a model. Honest and daring, Nearly Normal reveals the many ways that Cea’s unconventional childhood continues to reverberate through the years.

At the age of thirty-seven, Cea has built a life that looks like the normal one she craved as a child—husband, young son, beautiful house, enviable career. But her carefully art-directed world is about to crumble around her. As she confronts the death of her still-young mother, the disintegration of her second marriage and the demise of her business, all within a few months, she finally faces the need to look at her past to make sense of her present.


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