The Frank Bennett Adirondack Mountain Mystery Series: Books 1-3

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: S. W. Hubbard

The Frank Bennett Adirondack Mountain Mystery Series: Books 1-3: Frank Bennett Adirondack Mountain Mystery Series Boxed Set

Welcome to the High Peaks of the Adirondacks.
Beauty surrounds you. So does evil.

Police Chief Frank Bennett patrols the not-so-mean streets of Trout Run, New York, an idyllic town nestled in the rugged Adirondack Mountains. But natural beauty is no protection against the evil in people’s hearts. Secrets…deception…con games…murder–there’s never a dull moment fighting small town crime.

This boxed set contains three Frank Bennett mysteries:

I’m Not Talking About You, Of Course… (Quirky Essays for Quirky People Book 1)

Humor > Essays
Author: Barbara Venkataraman

I'm Not Talking About You, Of Course... (Quirky Essays for Quirky People Book 1)

At 7,600 words, this work is a collection of humorous insights into important topics ranging from annoying pet people (“I’m Not Talking About You, Of Course”), to analyzing your inner child (“Irrational Fears”), to living like the Amish in the aftermath of a hurricane (“A Jolt of Electricity”). Other essays examine just how much damage can be caused by a sneeze (“It All Started with a Loud Sneeze”), why it is so complicated to buy a tube of toothpaste (“Ask Me No Questions”), how not to prepare dinner (“Martha, I Let You Down”), making new friends (“Friends in Low Places”), how a parent’s obsessive hobbies can become an inescapable vortex (“Crazy Hobbies”), and why spending the night in a sleep clinic is like being abducted by probing aliens (“Nightmare at the Sleep Clinic”).

Till the Dust Settles

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Pat Young

Till the Dust Settles

Two women will never meet, but their lives are about to collide.

Lucie married young. Her husband has become abusive, controlling and violent. Having lost everything as a result of the marriage, Lucie decides it is time to walk away.

As she leaves the house on the morning of September 11th, heading to a job interview at the World Trade Centre and the promise of a new life, the unthinkable happens.

On a street in New York, choking on the dust, Lucie stumbles upon an opportunity to start again.

She thought the grass would be greener but starting again is never that simple. And sometimes, what lies ahead is even more deadly.

A Wonderful Christmas – Christmas Romance Collection

Fiction > Holidays
Author: Melissa Hill

A Wonderful Christmas - Christmas Romance Collection: Escapist Christmas Reading

Abby’s memories are precious. Until an accident means that she could lose it all: every memory and experience she has ever had. Abby can’t believe it. How could she possibly forget all those life moments that make her who she is?
She’s determined to fight it.
So with the help of friends and family, Abby makes a list of things she’s always wanted to do. She’s going to save her memory by having a wonderful life.
First on the wish list is the trip of a lifetime to New York City. And it’s amidst the magic and romance of Manhattan that true love knocks on the door.
Could handsome stranger Finn turn out to be the greatest memory of all?

Dirty Beginning

Romance > Contemporary
Author: Ella Miles

Dirty Beginning

Arlo Carini saved my life, only to destroy it.

When I first met him, he was the wealthy, powerful, sexy stranger giving me and a dozen other art history students a tour of his mansion. But he soon became my everything.

My savior.
My lover.
My obsession.

He tried to warn me. Every chance he could, he tried to get me to run far, far away. But it only made my obsession grow stronger. Until I made the worst mistake I could. And ended up trapped forever.

After the Storm: A Kate Burkholder Novel

Mystery > Police Procedurals
Author: Linda Castillo
Regularly $7.99, Today $2.99

After the Storm: A Kate Burkholder Novel

When a tornado tears through Painters Mill and unearths human remains, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder finds herself tasked with the responsibility of identifying the bones—and notifying the family. Evidence quickly emerges that the death was no accident and Kate finds herself plunged into a thirty year old case that takes her deep into the Amish community to which she once belonged.

Meanwhile, turmoil of an emotional and personal nature strikes at the very heart of Kate’s budding relationship with state agent John Tomasetti. A reality that strains their fragile new love to the breaking point and threatens the refuge they’ve built for themselves—and their future.

Under siege from an unknown assailant—and her own personal demons—Kate digs deep into the case only to discover proof of an unimaginable atrocity, a plethora of family secrets and the lengths to which people will go to protect their own.

Queenie Baby: On Assignment (Romantic Comedy Mystery)

Mystery > Amateur Sleuths
Author: Christina A. Burke
Regularly $4.99, Today $0.99

Queenie Baby: On Assignment (Romantic Comedy Mystery)

Meeting your hot new boss in a bar while singing karaoke—bad. Being fixed up with your old high school boyfriend by your meddling sister—annoying. Making out in your sister’s minivan with said boyfriend—embarrassing. This week is shaping up to be a doozy for aspiring singer/songwriter Diana Hudson.

“On the wrong side of thirty” according to her mother and still living the bohemian lifestyle of a musician, Diana is having a double martini day. Although a sought after performer on the not-so-happening Annapolis, Maryland bar scene, Diana works as a temp at Greene’s Staffing to pay the bills. Her assignment this week: help the cape-wearing Mr. Vann Pyre find love online.


Mystery > Collections & Anthologies
Author: Sylvia Selfman, Leigh Selfman
Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99


Izzy Greene, a widow of a certain age, joins a writing group in an attempt to actually finish one of her stories. She gets more than she bargained for, however, when her nemesis, sexy blonde bombshell, Sondra Sockerman disappears under suspicious circumstances. Izzy soon realizes she has a natural detecting ability when she and her friend, Flo, try to find the killer…who is now after them.

The Samurai’s Garden: A Novel

Historical Fiction > Chinese
Author: Gail Tsukiyama
Regularly $7.99, Today $1.99

The Samurai's Garden: A Novel

The daughter of a Chinese mother and a Japanese father, Tsukiyama uses the Japanese invasion of China during the late 1930s as a somber backdrop for her unusual story about a 20-year-old Chinese painter named Stephen who is sent to his family’s summer home in a Japanese coastal village to recover from a bout with tuberculosis. Here he is cared for by Matsu, a reticent housekeeper and a master gardener. Over the course of a remarkable year, Stephen learns Matsu’s secret and gains not only physical strength, but also profound spiritual insight. Matsu is a samurai of the soul, a man devoted to doing good and finding beauty in a cruel and arbitrary world, and Stephen is a noble student, learning to appreciate Matsu’s generous and nurturing way of life and to love Matsu’s soulmate, gentle Sachi, a woman afflicted with leprosy.

Dark Prince: Author’s Cut (The ‘Dark’ Carpathian Book 1)

Romance > Action & Adventure
Author: Christine Feehan
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

Dark Prince: Author's Cut (The 'Dark' Carpathian Book 1)

An incomparable gift for Christine Feehan fans, Dark Prince returns in a new, author’s cut special edition. #1 New York Times bestseller Feehan revisits her classic tale of paranormal romance—the breathtaking story of a beautiful hunter with extraordinary telepathic abilities captivated by the powerful allure of a tormented prince of the mysterious Carpathians—expanding the beloved story by 100 never before seen pages! Here is your golden opportunity to experience the first book in Christine Feehan’s remarkable Dark saga as you never have before, whether it’s a glorious re-entrance into this writer’s mystical, unforgettable world…or your very first visit!

The Church in Babylon: Heeding the Call to Be a Light in the Darkness

Christian Living > Social Issues
Author: Erwin W. Lutzer, Ed Stetzer
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

The Church in Babylon: Heeding the Call to Be a Light in the Darkness

How do we live faithfully in a country becoming more and more hostile to our faith in Christ?

Like the Israelites in Babylon, we must find a way to maintain our faith in the midst of a pagan culture. But that requires we answer two crucial questions:

  • How did we get here?
  • How do we prepare for the dark and difficult days ahead?

In The Church in Babylon, Dr. Lutzer answers both of these questions. He will walk you through the many parallels between the church in America and God’s people in Babylon, and embolden you to be a gospel witness.


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