The Belial Stone (The Belial Series Book 1)

Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban
Author: R.D. Brady

The Belial Stone (The Belial Series Book 1)

Professor Delaney McPhearson’s life is turned upside down when her best friend, archaeologist Drew Masters, is found dead. Before she can deal with the heartbreaking loss, she is viciously attacked in her home by a man with inhuman fighting abilities.

Former Navy SEAL and head of security for a global think tank, Jake Rogan drops everything when he hears his foster brother, Tom Jeffries, has gone missing. There seem to be no clues, no information about his whereabouts. He has just vanished. But Jake won’t rest until he finds him.

Laney and Jake join forces when they learn that the fates of their loved ones are intertwined. And somehow all the danger that dogs their steps, revolves around an eccentric archaeologist’s controversial work on Gobekli Tepe, and the search for an ancient source of power.

Courage Begins: A Ray Courage Mystery Novella (Ray Courage Private Investigator Series Book 1)

Mystery > Private Investigators
Author: R. Scott Mackey

Courage Begins: A Ray Courage Mystery Novella (Ray Courage Private Investigator Series Book 1)

Garrett and Tiffanie Bate had it all—youth, money, and a perfect marriage. Until Tiffanie is killed in a suspicious accident. Neither the police nor the insurance investigators can prove she was murdered and the case turns cold.

Two years later the insurance company asks an intern—former college professor turned private eye Ray Courage—to reopen the investigation. He uncovers little new evidence to support suspicions that Garrett killed his wife for the insurance money. Garrett has the perfect alibi—hundreds of witnesses that place him more than two hours from the scene of Tiffanie’s death. Ray knows he’s missing something. But what? As his search for the truth unfolds, Ray’s life is put in jeopardy and he realizes his adversary is someone who’ll kill before he’ll be caught.

Killing Sanford (Gary Cannon Book 1)

Thrillers > Espionage
Author: Mike Kershner

Killing Sanford (Gary Cannon Book 1)

Gary Cannon has been a trained killer since before he was a man. He is one of, if not the best assassin in the world. His life for more than a decade has been one death following another. He has been the hunter and the hunted. He has operated in all conditions, in all parts of the world. Since his first assignment he has avoided working on American soil, but in the summer of the country’s bicentennial he finds himself in Nebraska. He has been given the names of four people all set to die by his hand.
Even before he can begin he is feeling uneasy, his history of operations in the United States is weighing heavy on him. Gary has no idea how well founded his uneasiness may truly be. Is this seasoned operative losing his edge, or are there larger forces working against him?

Butterfly Kisses: A Thrilling Serial Killer Novel (Detective Damien Drake Book 1)

Mystery > Hard-Boiled
Author: Patrick Logan

Butterfly Kisses: A Thrilling Serial Killer Novel (Detective Damien Drake Book 1)

When a drug addict finds the body of a man in the basement of an abandoned warehouse in New York City, Detective Damien Drake is called in to lead the murder investigation.

The victim was a philanthropist, father, doting husband, and wealthy junior partner in one of the cities most respected law firms.

He seemed to have the perfect life.

Yet when Damien probes deeper, he realizes that this man isn’t the first. His investigation soon connects this murder with another in Montreal, both of which were emblazoned with the same bloody butterfly.

Trouble Magnet (Eliza Carlisle Mystery Book 1)

Mystery > Cozy
Author: DelSheree Gladden

Trouble Magnet (Eliza Carlisle Mystery Book 1)

Eliza Carlisle has the unwanted talent of attracting trouble, in all its forms. That couldn’t be truer than when she moves into the most bizarre apartment building on the planet. Weekly required dinners with the landlord and assigned chores are bad enough, but the rules don’t end there. Top most on the list of requirements is NO physical violence against the others residents.

There have been issues.

In the past.

The young manager, Sonya, claims that hasn’t been a problem recently, but Eliza comes home from her first day of culinary school to find a dead resident, her next door neighbor looking good for the crime, and a cop that seems more interested in harassing her than solving the case.

How to Write a Book That Doesn’t Suck and Will Actually Sell: Your No B.S. Guide to Learning How to Write a Non Fiction Book

Writing, Research & Publishing Guides
Author: Michael Rogan

How to Write a Book That Doesn't Suck and Will Actually Sell: Your No B.S. Guide to Learning How to Write a Non Fiction Book

“If you want to write a non-fiction book, or any book at all, this is a must-have for your bookshelf.”

Have you always wanted to learn how to write a book that doesn’t suck (and might actually make you some moolah)?

Interested in directing your creative energies toward writing nonfiction books that kick serious ass and…you know… make a real difference?

Looking for a NO B.S. and super-simple guide to writing a book that total strangers pay you money for?

Look no further!

And unlike most book writing guides, this goes beyond the theory and the generic, bland advice and gets right to the actionable intel you need to make writing nonfiction books a lifelong pursuit.

The Conviction: A David Sloane Novel

Thrillers > Legal
Author: Robert Dugoni
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

The Conviction: A David Sloane Novel

As David Sloane continues to piece his life back together in the wake of his wife’s vicious murder, he also struggles to handle his difficult teenage son, Jake. Reeling from the loss of his mother, Jake’s bad behavior escalates and his relationship with Sloane is pushed to the brink. When Sloane’s old friend, Detective Tom Molia, recruits Sloane and Jake to join him and his son on a camping trip, Sloane sees the trip as an opportunity to repair their broken father/son bond.

But the trip takes a distressing turn when the boys are arrested for vandalism in the middle of the night and the local judge, Earl Boykin, hastily sentences them to the “Fresh Start” detention program in the middle of the wilderness. Jake soon realizes the facility has little interest in rehabilitating wayward youths, beginning what will prove to be a grueling ordeal.

The Cyanide Canary: A True Story of Injustice

True Crime
Author: Robert Dugoni, Joseph Hilldorfer
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.99

The Cyanide Canary: A True Story of Injustice

Early in the morning on August 27, 1996, twenty year old Scott Dominguez showed up for an ordinary day at the fertilizing plant where he worked. By 11:00am, he was clinging to life, unconscious and suffocating from toxic exposure to cyanide in a tank that was supposed to contain only mud and water.

EPA Special Agent Joseph Hilldorfer was tasked with finding out what really happened on that horrific day in Soda Springs, Idaho, but the answers would not be easily uncovered. For more than four years Hilldorfer, his partner Bob Wojnicz, and a force of top-ranking U.S. attorneys struggled to expose the disturbing truths behind the tragedy, but would their efforts be enough to put the man responsible, Allan Elias, behind bars?

The Royal Treatment: A Novel (Royal Series Book 1)

Romantic Comedy
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
Regularly $8.99, Today $1.99

The Royal Treatment: A Novel (Royal Series Book 1)

In a world nearly identical to ours, except for the fact that Russia never sold Alaska to the United States, the eccentric Baranov family has a problem. The crown prince refuses to find a bride. And without a queen at his side, the kingdom of Alaska could fall into chaos. With no other choice, the Baranovs do the only thing possible in a situation like this: give a commoner a royal reeducation.

Christina, Her Future Royal Highness or whatever, gets a crash course in how to be a princess-to-be, including, but not limited to: don’t tell jokes you picked up from guys on the fishing boat; stifle your burps; don’t ask for cocktail sauce with your oysters; always remember that the most important word in “royal family” is family; and never forget that falling in love is a whole lot easier than it looks . . .

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone: Turn Your Friendship into a Relationship

Relationships > Love & Romance
Author: The Wing Girls
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone: Turn Your Friendship into a Relationship

Are you tired of being a human pillow, a substitute therapist, or someone else’s back-up plan? Then this book is for you. Internet sensations The Wing Girls have helped millions of guys and girls around the world tackle what could be labeled as the worst dating epidemic of our time: The Friend Zone. This book will help you navigate your escape from a friendship laced with romantic tension with a personalized, step-by-step plan. Filled with dozens of real-world scenarios, not only will it prove you’re not alone, you’ll also be laughing long after you’re safely out of harm’s way. It’s time for you to join the ranks of Friend Zone survivors who got out, got real, and got who they deserve.

Fenway 1912: The Birth of a Ballpark, a Championship Season, and Fenway’s Remarkable First Year

Sports > Baseball > History
Author: Glenn Stout
Regularly $5.99, Today $2.99

Fenway 1912: The Birth of a Ballpark, a Championship Season, and Fenway's Remarkable First Year

Even people who aren’t fans of baseball know Fenway Park. More than just a ballpark, it is a part of American culture, and has been for nearly one hundred years. In Fenway 1912, Glenn Stout tells the remarkable story of Fenway’s first year, from the long winter when locals poured concrete and built the park to the ragtag Red Sox team that embarked on a journey to the World Series while the paint was still drying and the grass still coming in. Stout tells the stories behind the park’s notorious quirks like the Green Monster, and of the designers, builders, managers, and players who made Fenway’s first year unforgettable.

For all that has been written in tribute to the great Fenway Park, no one has ever really told the behind-the-scenes true story. Drawing on extensive new research, the esteemed baseball historian Glenn Stout delivers an extraordinary tale of innovation, desperation, and perspiration—capturing Fenway as never before.

Mr. Sunday’s Soups

Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Meals > Soups & Stews
Author: Lorraine Wallace
Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99

Mr. Sunday's Soups

Known to millions as the anchor of Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace is one of the most popular news show hosts in the country. After a long day on air, Chris would often arrive home hungry and delight at the sight of a big pot of his wife Lorraine’s soup on the burner. Lorraine may not be a professional cook, but you wouldn’t know it from her soups!

In fact, her soups were so good that Chris couldn’t help but rave about them on-air. Before long, the show’s fans were begging him to share his wife’s wonderful recipes. Now, in Mr. Sunday’s Soups, Lorraine Wallace shares a wide variety of soups that are sure to please the whole family.

The Red Hat Society Cookbook

Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Regional & International
Author: The Red Society
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

The Red Hat Society Cookbook

“Life is short; eat dessert first,” says Sue Ellen Cooper, Exalted Queen Mother of the Red Hat Society, which is the most fun phenomenon to happen to women over 50 in this century. And so this cookbook has more than 250 desserts at the beginning of a collection of more than 1,000 recipes. Red Hat editors selected the best recipes, stories, and photographs submitted by members from all over the world.


Fiction > Visionary & Metaphysical
Author: Syrie James, Ryan M. James
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99


When Claire Brennan begins to get psychic visions and mysterious warnings that she’s in danger at the start of her junior year, she isn’t sure what to think. But the truth is stranger than anything she could have imagined.

Alec MacKenzie has fled his duties as a Watcher angel and come to L.A. in search of normalcy. He never dreamed he would find a half-angel at his school, or that he would fall in love with her.

Romantic, with a touch of humor, readers will be swept away by this thrilling stand-alone novel from bestselling adult author Syrie James (The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen) and her son, Ryan James.

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