Sh*t Falls Up

 Fiction > Humor & Satire
Author: David Deutsch

Sh*t Falls Up

One morning, David Michaels awakens at his sister’s studio apartment and ponders how it all went wrong for him. Three weeks earlier, he had a beautiful girlfriend, a fabulous sub-let apartment in Manhattan and a seemingly secure job at a top, New York investment bank. After losing everything, including his hair, all he has now is a place to sleep, albeit on a twin-size mattress that he must inflate every night. However, this is better than his other, only true option – returning for a third time to his parent’s house.

Love War: A Standalone Romance (Battlefield of Love Book 1)

 Romance > Contemporary
Author: Cary Hart

Love War: A Standalone Romance (Battlefield of Love Book 1)

What happens when happily ever after isn’t happy? When everything you thought you knew changes?



Until him. Until her.

Second chances…

Until them.


The past may have won the battles, but can Love win the War?

The Home Distiller’s Workbook – Your guide to making Moonshine, Whisky, Vodka, Rum and so much more!

 Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Author: Jeff King, Max Johnson, Jeff King

The Home Distiller's Workbook - Your guide to making Moonshine, Whisky, Vodka, Rum and so much more!

I wrote this book to pass along the knowledge that was taught to me in the hills of Kentucky over 25 years ago. Along the way though I developed my own style. I boiled down what I learned and moved it indoors. I’ve developed designs that can be used right in the comfort of you own kitchen or out back in the woods! The truth is that Moonshining, aka “Home Distilling” is a folk art that helped build this country. Together we can make it live again, and have a little fun in the process!

“But isn’t this dangerous” you ask. Cooking up spirits isn’t any harder then properly roasting a Thanksgiving turkey. In fact it’s so easy that a redneck like me can do it. And folks if I can do it, then imagine what you might be able to create! Imagine the holidays when you pull out your own special label.


Clean Eating: 31-Day Clean Eating Meal Plan to Lose Weight & Get Healthy

Health, Fitness & Dieting
Author: Linda Westwood

Clean Eating (4th Edition): 31-Day Clean Eating Meal Plan to Lose Weight & Get Healthy!

If you feel like you need to spice up your cooking?
Are you tired of the same old diet food?
Or if you just enjoy cooking and want to try something new…

This Book Is For You!

This book provides you with a 31 day meal plan that will turn you into AN AMAZING cook in just days!

It comes with the recipes, ingredients, and all the steps you need to know! And the best part is that this is Linda’s 4th edition which means NEW & UPDATED recipes, tips, and sneak peeks at the back of the book!

Are you ready to spice up your cooking and become a master chef in your own kitchen? Then check out this 31 day meal plan, and start cooking like a master TODAY!


Kitsune: A Little Mermaid Retelling (Tales of Akatsuki Book 1)

 Fiction > Mythology & Folk Tales
Author: Nicolette Andrews

Kitsune: A Little Mermaid Retelling (Tales of Akatsuki Book 1)

To save her life, Rin must destroy Hikaru’s. Falling in love with him was never part of the plan.
Rin enters the palace as a spy. If she can gain the prince’s trust, she will break the spell that turned her human. But without a voice, it might be too much of a challenge, even for her. She only has until the next full moon to do it, or she’ll be turned into a fox. But as her feelings for him grow, Rin is left with an impossible choice. Will she betray him to his enemies or make the ultimate sacrifice for love?
Kitsune by Nicolette Andrews is a fairy tale retelling of ‘The Little Mermaid’. While you won’t see any mermaids in this twist on the classic tale, the story will feel familiar just the same.

Firebird (The Flint Hills Novels Book 1)

 Women’s Fiction > Sagas
Author: Janice Graham
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Firebird (The Flint Hills Novels Book 1)

A New York Times and international bestseller, translated into 18 languages. In the tradition of The Horse Whisperer comes a novel from the heart that tells a story of universal truths—of the love between men and women and mothers and daughters; of passion that transcends tragedy; of promises made and promises kept.
Set in the majestic Flint Hills of Kansas, Firebird tells of a man caught between two women—one who shares his life and his dream of land and cattle; the other a stranger whose love threatens to destroy the dream he has built. Ethan Brown is a gentleman rancher—an Ivy-educated lawyer who is as comfortable amongst his books as he is at ease in the company of cowboys. Engaged to the daughter of the wealthiest landowner in the county, he is within reach of the life he has worked so hard to achieve.
Annette Zeldin enters Ethan’s life when she returns from Europe to settle her mother’s estate.

What He Doesn’t Know (What He Doesn’t Know Duet Book 1)

 Romance > Contemporary
Author: Kandi Steiner
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What He Doesn't Know (What He Doesn't Know Duet Book 1)

On the northeast side of town, there is a house.

The house was once magical, filled with love and joy and plans for the future.

Inside its walls are many things that belong to me — my books, the china from my mother on my wedding day, the beautiful cage once home to two birds, now empty, just like me.

And a man.

A man who also belongs to me.


House of Stone

 Romance > Multicultural & Interracial
Author: Anastasia Blackthorne, Stasia Black
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House of Stone

An epic WWII saga, for fans of Outlander and The Bronze Horseman.

Caught between love and duty, a young Roma (gypsy) woman is forced to leave her lover and marry, Mihai, a man she despises in order to save her family. But as the second world war rages and danger closes in, Tsura must make a choice that will decide her fate…

Tsura swallowed hard as she stood with Mihai in front of the altar. The church behind them was full. This wasn’t how she envisioned her wedding. A sacred event, a happy occasion.

With the wrong man.



 Romance > Gothic
Author: Linda Gillard
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When ghostwriter Jenny Ryan is summoned to the Scottish Highlands by Sholto MacNab – retired adventurer and Laird of Cauldstane Castle – she’s prepared for travellers’ tales, but not the MacNabs’ violent and tragic history.

Lust, betrayal and murder have blighted family fortunes for generations, together with an ancient curse. As members of the family confide their sins and their secrets, Jenny learns why Cauldstane’s uncertain future divides father and sons.

But someone resents Jenny’s presence. Someone thinks she’s getting too close to Alec MacNab – swordsmith, widower and heir to Cauldstane. Someone will stop at nothing until Jenny has been driven away.

American Gun: A History of the U.S. in Ten Firearms (P.S.)

 History > Military > Weapons & Warfare
Author: Chris Kyle, William Doyle
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American Gun: A History of the U.S. in Ten Firearms (P.S.)

Chris Kyle—fallen hero and #1 bestselling author of American Sniper—reveals how ten legendary guns forever changed U.S. history.

At the time of his tragic death in February 2013, former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the top sniper in U.S. military history, was finishing one of the most exciting missions of his life: a remarkable book that retold American history through the lens of a hand-selected list of firearms. Kyle masterfully shows how guns have played a fascinating, indispensable, and often underappreciated role in our national story.


Blade & Rose (Blade and Rose Book 1)

 Fantasy > Romantic
Author: Miranda Honfleur
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Blade & Rose (Blade and Rose Book 1)

Elemental mage Rielle hasn’t heard from her best friend in far too long. Yet no one at the Tower of Magic seems to care about Olivia’s silence, or the curtain of secrecy surrounding the distant capital. Before Rielle can investigate, she’s assigned a strange new mission: escort a knight named Jon across the kingdom.

When whispers reveal mercenaries have killed the king, taken the capital, and that no one is coming to help, Rielle can’t leave Olivia in peril. But as infamous mages and deadly assassins hunt Jon, she can’t leave him unprotected either–especially as she finds herself falling for his strength, his passion, and his uncompromising goodness.

My Favorite Thing is Monsters

 Graphic Novels > Contemporary Women
Author: Emil Ferris, Emil Ferris
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My Favorite Thing is Monsters

Set against the tumultuous political backdrop of late ’60s Chicago, My Favorite Thing Is Monsters is the fictional graphic diary of 10-year-old Karen Reyes, filled with B-movie horror and pulp monster magazines iconography. Karen Reyes tries to solve the murder of her enigmatic upstairs neighbor, Anka Silverberg, a holocaust survivor, while the interconnected stories of those around her unfold. When Karen’s investigation takes us back to Anka’s life in Nazi Germany, the reader discovers how the personal, the political, the past, and the present converge.

Brew Chem 101: The Basics of Homebrewing Chemistry

 Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Beverages & Wine > Beer
Author: Lee W. Janson
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

Brew Chem 101: The Basics of Homebrewing Chemistry

Understand the science that goes into making your favorite beverage. This crash course in brewing chemistry makes it easy for every homebrewer to make better beer. Using simple language and helpful diagrams, Lee W. Janson guides you through every chemical reaction in the brewing process and explains how you can avoid potential problems. Steer away from common mistakes in taste, fermentation, and alcohol content, and use your newfound knowledge to successfully brew your most delicious beer yet.


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