Everywhere That Tommy Goes

  Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Crime
Author: Howard K. Pollack

Everywhere That Tommy Goes

In a story inspired by actual events, a young man is accused of serial murder and to clear his name he must face the truth about his troubled childhood, a mysterious enemy and a secret so dark it will make him question his own innocence.

An attractive young bartender goes missing from a popular New York City hot spot and the only evidence found at the scene points to Tommy Sullivan. Fearing arrest, he runs, and is secretly followed by his new friend Troyer Savage. When an even more horrific murder occurs, and Troyer vanishes in its wake, Tommy is left in a stupor, bathed in the victim’s blood.


His Lordship’s Downfall: Part One

 Romantic Erotica
Author: Josie Litton

His Lordship's Downfall: Part One

With profound apologies to Jane Austen, who through no fault of her own inspired this tale of dark contemporary romance. Although M/F, monogamous and HEA, this story is far more explicit than any I’ve written before. Sexual exploitation, casual misogyny, brazen revenge, graphic language including frequent appearances of the c- word, and the use of unconventional devices for intimate purposes are only a few of its many sins. Read solely at your own discretion.
Lord Adrian Burleigh is a handsome, autocratic aristocrat with a taste for sadism. In his world–where a modern-day British Empire still rules most of the globe–there are no limits for a man of such wealth and power. His privileged life is comfortable, controlled and predictable. Until, that is, he decides to acquire a “pet”.

Personal Delivery (Billionaire Secrets Book 1)

 Romance > Holidays
Author: Ainsley Booth

Personal Delivery (Billionaire Secrets Book 1)

She has a crush on the delivery guy. He has a billion-dollar secret.
As the CEO of Aston Corp, Jake usually wears Hugo Boss. But when his company acquires SwiftEx, he goes undercover as a delivery driver so he can understand the business from the ground up. The last thing he expects is to fall head over heels for a sexy and sweet illustrator on his route…

Trident’s First Gleaming: [#1] A Special Operations Group Thriller

 Thrillers > Terrorism
Author: Stephen Templin

Trident's First Gleaming: [#1] A Special Operations Group Thriller

Just when he thought he was out, CIA pulled him back in…

Former SEAL Chris Paladin becomes a pastor, but CIA spy Hannah Andrade needs him—along with a cantankerous Delta Force operator to recover a downed stealth drone in Syria before their enemies do. Because the contractor who developed the drone used similar technology in other government projects, the drone’s technology could be used to hack into Washington’s critical IT infrastructure. Chris and his team must battle Syrian government forces, Chinese agents, and an American traitor to prevent a vicious cyberattack with deadly consequences…


Virtual Heaven: Only he can save them

 Science Fiction > Dystopian
Author: Taylor Kole

Virtual Heaven: Only he can save them

Why live, when dying brings you straight to heaven?

The esoteric tech firm Broumgard pioneers a virtual reality that mirrors the best of life. Before long, people are dying to escape their humdrum days for the virtual ecstasy of the Lobby. Literally.
When the world discovers that dying while connected transfers their consciousness into a virtual heaven, people are willing to do anything to get inside.
Alex Cutler is the only one who can stop the madness he helped create, unless things have gone too far?

The Final Tour (John Flynn Thrillers Book 1)

 Thrillers > Military
Author: A.J. Stewart

The Final Tour (John Flynn Thrillers Book 1)


Jacques Fontaine always wanted to serve but he never expected to lead this band of brothers. Different nationalities, different languages, a collection of misfits. And the world’s elite terrorist hunters. Sent to Iraq during the US drawdown on what appears to be a routine investigation, they find themselves under attack from insurgents, the military and unseen forces with widespread political connections.

With their careers—if not their lives—under threat, Fontaine must lead his unit through the fire if this isn’t to become their final tour of duty.


CAPSULE WARDROBE: The Ultimate Guide to Discovering Your Personal Style and Creating Your Dream Closet

 Style & Grooming
Author: Josie Hayward

CAPSULE WARDROBE: The Ultimate Guide to Discovering Your Personal Style and Creating Your Dream Closet (Style Secrets, Confident Closet, Simple Elegance, Personal Style, Fashion and Beauty)


  • Do you always find yourself having nothing to wear, even though your closet is overflowing?
  • What if the solution is to get rid most of it?
  • Remove everything and keep only a handful. This handful can be enough to keep you looking chic at any time with very little effort.
  • How? Is that even possible?

A capsule wardrobe is a streamlined, curated wardrobe. It contains things you can wear at any given day. It makes styling and dressing each day easier. You may have fewer pieces, but each piece is sure to fit well, complement your style and comfortable to wear.


Only Begotten Daughter (Harvest Book)

  Humor & Entertainment
Author: James Morrow
Regularly $17.99, Today $2.99

Only Begotten Daughter (Harvest Book)

Rejoice! A new messiah has come, and her name is Julie. Born to Murray Katz, the solitary (and celibate) keeper of an abandoned lighthouse on the Jersey shore, our protagonist arrives on Earth boasting supernatural abilities evocative of her divine half brother, Jesus. As a child, she revels in her talent for walking on water, resurrecting dead crabs, and treating fireflies as luminous alphabet blocks. But after she reaches adolescence, her life becomes as challenging and ambiguous as any mortal’s. Not only is Julie Katz obliged to deal with a silver-tongued devil and self-righteous neo-Christian zealots, she must also figure out what sort of mission her mother—the female Supreme Being—has in mind for her.

The Angry Wife: A Novel

 Fiction > Historical > Cultural Heritage
Author: Pearl S. Buck
Regularly $9.99, Today $2.99

The Angry Wife: A Novel

Lucinda Delaney is a southern belle ruled by a vision of life that no longer exists. The Civil War has come and gone and her side has lost, yet she is determined to proceed as if nothing has changed—a denial that stokes the flames of her irrational angers. Despite her returned husband’s devotion, Lucinda is sure he is having an affair with one of their slaves. After all, his Union-sympathizing brother, Tom, did just that, scandalously running away with the woman and settling into contented family life in Philadelphia. Over the years, her racist feelings and fears only intensify, and when it’s time for her own daughter to marry, her chief concern is the color of the children.

The Verdict: A Novel

 Thrillers > Legal
Author: Nick Stone
Regularly $15.95, Today $4.08

The Verdict: A Novel

When Terry Flynt gets the chance to defend a millionaire accused of murder he knows that the case could make his career, but the accused man is Flynt’s greatest enemy—can he defend a man who ruined his life?

Terry Flynt is a struggling legal clerk, desperately trying to get promoted. And then he is given the biggest opportunity of his career: to help defend a millionaire accused of murdering a woman in his hotel suite.

The only problem is that the accused man, Vernon James, turns out to be not only someone he knows, but someone he loathes. This case could potentially make Terry’s career, but how can he defend a former friend who betrayed him so badly?

Black Water Rising: A Novel (Jay Porter Series)

 Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Attica Locke
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

Black Water Rising: A Novel (Jay Porter Series)

Jay Porter is hardly the lawyer he set out to be. His most promising client is a low-rent call girl, and he runs his fledgling law practice out of a dingy strip mall. But he’s long since made peace with his path to the American Dream, carefully tucking away his darkest sins: the guns, the FBI file, the trial that nearly destroyed him.

Houston, Texas, 1981. It’s here that Jay believes he can make a fresh start. That is, until the night he impulsively saves a drowning woman’s life – and opens a Pandora’s Box. Her secrets put Jay in danger, ensnaring him in a murder investigation that could cost him his practice, his family, and even his life.

Party Girls Die in Pearls: An Oxford Girl Mystery

 Humor & Satire > Dark Comedy
Author: Plum Sykes
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

Party Girls Die in Pearls: An Oxford Girl Mystery


It’s 1985, and at Oxford University, Pimm’s, punting, and ball gowns are de rigeur. Ursula Flowerbutton, a studious country girl, arrives for her first term anticipating nothing more sinister than days spent poring over history books in gilded libraries—and, if she’s lucky, an invitation to a ball.

But when she discovers a glamorous classmate on a chaise longue with her throat cut, Ursula is catapulted into a murder investigation.

Determined to bag her first scoop for the famous student newspaper Cherwell, Ursula enlists the help of trend-setting American exchange student Nancy Feingold to unravel the case. While navigating a whirl of black-tie parties and secret dining societies, the girls discover a surfeit of suspects.


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