Skip Langdon Complete Set: (The Skip Langdon Series)

 Mystery > Police Procedurals
Author: Julie Smith

Skip Langdon Complete Set: (The Skip Langdon Series)

Grab all 9 thrilling page-turners!
Follow the remarkably bold, smart, and refreshingly human New Orleans detective Skip Langdon through the twists and turns of New Orleans–from raucous Mardi Gras to the swampy summertime–at she navigates deadly family secrets, tracks down a serial killer, and delves deep into the mastermind of a psychopath unlike any you’ve ever encountered…


It’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and civic leader and socialite Chauncy St. Amant has been crowned Rex, King of Carnival. But his day of glory comes to an abrupt and bloody end when a parade-goer dressed as Dolly Parton guns him down.

Catching Caroline (Silver Falls Book 1)

 Romance > Sports
Author: Megan Nugen Isbell

Catching Caroline (Silver Falls Book 1)

Caroline Hale has lived in Silver Falls, Vermont her entire life. The small town is quiet and safe and the only home Caroline has ever known. Nothing ever changes in Silver Falls. At least that’s what Caroline thinks until it does. What she expected to be a typical summer, turns out to be one she will never forget when Adam DeLain suddenly returns to Silver Falls.

Since they were kids, Adam and Caroline’s brother have been best friends, but it’s been years since Caroline has seen him, not since he was drafted by the Boston Red Sox and embarked on a career in baseball, leaving his hometown behind.


  Fantasy > Epic
Author: Honor Raconteur


He had known this day would come. No man could escape the entire might of the Sovran forever. He just found it humorous that it was an enemy of the Sovran that had caught him instead.

Bound, kneeling before a queen whom he had hounded for a straight year, he should have been anxious. Or at least a little worried. Instead, a strange sense of relief filled him. It was over. His mad escape from Brindisi’s justice was over.

“That is a very calm expression on your face, General Darius Bresalier,” she observed. Her tone was idle, but her eyes were as sharp as a hawk’s. “Are you not worried?”

The Dreamer (Highland Treasure Trilogy Book 1)

  Historical Romance > Scottish
Author: May McGoldrick

The Dreamer (Highland Treasure Trilogy Book 1)

When her late father was branded a traitor to the king, Catherine Percy found sanctuary in Scotland. But a case of mistaken identity put her in a compromising position with the Highland earl sworn to protect her. Marriage to him saved her reputation, but nothing could save her from the stormy passion that bent her innocent body to his will–and shattered his last defense…

The acclaimed author of The Thistle and the Rose presents an exciting new trilogy. Three sisters each hold a clue to their family’s treasure–and the key to the hearts of three Highland warriors…

Least Likely To Survive (This is the End Book 1)

Author: Lisa Biesiada

Least Likely To Survive (This is the End Book 1)

Angie Thompson is 29 and never amounted to much. So of course when the zombie apocalypse started, all she cared about was making sure she had enough weed and a safe place to ride it out; after all, when no cares about you, there’s no one for you to care about.
At least that was the plan until she meets the ultra-famous Jack Jones and accidentally kills his security guard. Angie can’t say no to a man that smells that good when he decides they need to stop and rescue teens Ty and Chloe from a Taco Bell and drop them off in San Antonio. And that’s where things get really weird.

4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace

Young Adult > Fantasy > Magical Realism > Historical Fiction
Author: Johan Twiss

4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace

“It’s been two years since I received my life sentence of imprisonment.”
Diagnosed with a rare form of meningitis, a teenage boy is paralyzed from head to toe–trapped in his own mind. To cope with his imprisonment, he retreats to an imaginary world called his Mind Palace, but the lines between reality and time start to blur into wild adventures after he gets a new roommate–an old, outspoken, Jewish jazz musician with dementia.

The Games

 Fiction > Sports
Author: Patricia McLinn
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The Games

Medals can be won, careers can be made, hearts can be saved.
A roller coaster of emotions that touched me and kept me glued to my Kindle” — Diane 5*
From the pomp of Opening Ceremonies to the good-byes of Closing Ceremonies, three women’s hearts are tested during the Winter Olympics. Tessa Rutledge, an Olympic champion figure skater, returns as a coach, encountering her first love – and heartbreak – and testing her ability to forgive. Alpine skier Kyle Armstrong has made a mistake that could cost her Olympic gold and any hope of reconciling with the man she loves. Biathlete Rikki Lodge is just happy to be at the Games, until she meets an Olympic hockey player who demands that she puts everything on the line — in competition, in love, and in life.


The Earl’s Betrothal

 Historical Romance > Regency
Author: Karen Tuft
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The Earl’s Betrothal (Regency Romance)

Out of the war and into another, Captain Lord Anthony Hargreaves finds the politics of romance to be as uninviting a battle as the one that nearly cost him his life in Badajoz, Spain.
Wounded both mentally and physically from the Peninsular War in 1812, Anthony returns home to find that his older brother has died, placing Anthony next in line to inherit the estate. But he’s not ready for such responsibilities. And when Anthony’s dying father pleads with him to marry and produce an heir to preserve the family title, it nearly sends Anthony over the edge; nevertheless he dutifully faces a long line of hopeful young ladies who await him. No one grabs his attention, though, like Amelia Clarke, his mother’s stunning companion, who is off-limits for the earl.

Deadly Fun: (Woman Sleuth vs: Mafia)

 Romance > Mystery & Suspense
Author: Pamela M. Richter
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99

Deadly Fun: (Woman Sleuth vs: Mafia)

Exotic luxury cruises to the Bahamas are supposed to be fun and exciting. This trip is just a routine investigative job for a woman who works in disguise and undercover, using her beauty to entice men to reveal their secrets. The exciting and sometime harrowing is expected, but this job will be like no other.

Her boss is aboard, as is a mafia enforcer with murderous ties to her own family. She chases suspects through the tropical islands, gets in physical confrontations with knife, fist and firearms.

Lexie Starr Cozy Mysteries Boxed Set (Lexie Starr Mysteries)

 Mystery > Cozy
Author: Jeanne Glidewell
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Lexie Starr Cozy Mysteries Boxed Set (Three Complete Cozy Mysteries in One) (A Lexie Starr Mystery)

Join widowed library assistant and amateur sleuth Lexie Starr on her first three encounters with mayhem, murder, and a potential suitor.

Book 1: Lexie Starr accidentally discovers that her new son-in-law may be guilty of murdering his first wife. Then Lexie’s daughter, Wendy, disappears.

Book 2: At the Grand Opening of a local B&B, the Historical Society’s president is found murdered in the inn’s grandest suite, and Lexie, much to the owner’s chagrin, horns her way in on the investigation.


Jerusalem Rising: Adah’s Journey (Tribes of Israel)

 Fiction > Religious & Inspirational > Historical
Author: Barbara M. Britton
Regularly $4.99, Today $0.99

Jerusalem Rising: Adah's Journey (Tribes of Israel)

When Adah bat Shallum finds the governor of Judah weeping over the crumbling wall of Jerusalem, she learns the reason for Nehemiah’s unexpected visit—God has called him to rebuild the wall around the City of David.Nehemiah challenges the people of God to labor on the wall and in return, the names of their fathers will be written in the annals for future generations to cherish. But Adah has one sister and no brothers. Will her father, who rules a half-district of Jerusalem, be forgotten forever?Adah bravely vows to rebuild her city’s wall, though she soon discovers that Jerusalem not only has enemies outside the city, but also within.

Robert Ludlum’s (TM) The Janson Option (Janson Series Book 3)

 International Mystery & Crime
Author: Paul Garrison
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.99

Robert Ludlum's (TM) The Janson Option (Janson Series Book 3)

To atone for the sins he committed serving his country, ex-covert government agent Paul Janson is determined to save the world: one person, one mission, one redemption at a time.

Paul Janson–a former Consular Ops legend known as “The Machine” for his deadly speed and accuracy–has a new mission. Sickened by the “sanctioned serial killings” ordered by the state department, Janson has left covert operations and is now a private security consultant. In partnership with deadly sharpshooter Jessica Kincaid, he only takes assignments that he believes will lead to the greater good.


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