Blacklisted from the PTA

 Humor > Parenting & Families
Author: Lela Davidson

Blacklisted from the PTA

Blacklisted by the PTA is an irreverent look at motherhood and the modern family. From the high chair to a vinyl restaurant booth on date night, Lela Davidson has captured life on the cul-de-sac with a husband, two kids, and the occasional pet. Whether failing at cloth diaper origami or smug in knowledge that her children have never consumed a PopTart, Lela assures parents they are not alone, and that it’s okay to laugh-at yourself, and at your kids. These are the stories of Everyparent-even if we don’t always tell them out loud. Each of these 62 essays can be read in under five minutes for a quick laugh-either with or at the author.

As a CPA on the mommy track, all Lela wanted to do was sit on the driveway and drink wine out of a box with the neighbors. Luckily, she started writing down her stories instead.

Making Money in Real Estate: Without Buying, Fixing or Managing a Single Property

 Real Estate > Buying & Selling Homes
Author: Jerry Norton

Making Money in Real Estate: Without Buying, Fixing or Managing a Single Property

Author Jerry Norton, is one of America’s top real estate trainers. He has helped his students flip over $100 million worth of properties, and in this book, he reveals his proven system for making money in real estate, even if you have no money to invest, and no experience. This step-by-step system is designed to work for anyone (even newbies) and is laid out in plain English. You’re about to learn how to escape the rat race, be your own boss, and gain financial freedom!

Witches of Crystal Cove: Murder Most Horrid

 Mystery > Cozy > Animals
Author: Emma Watts

Witches of Crystal Cove: Murder Most Horrid (Witch Cozy Mystery and Paranormal Romance)

Dip into the world of The Witches of Crystal Cove. A charming cozy mystery set in an idyllic small town off the coast of Maine. Mount Crystal Island is already shrouded in mystery and rumors of witches but now things are about to get really crazy. When this idyllic town is shaken to the core by a murder, Jane Summers and her two sisters must race against time to discover who the killer is before they strike again.That might be easy, if her childhood crush, Max Wayland hadn’t returned toCrystal Cove and taken a position with the local Police Department and her father wasn’t on her case about using spells in public. Now she must navigate her way around obstacles, mixed feelings, secrets, lies and twists before her friend is charged with the murder.

The Burden of Truth

  Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Peter Best

The Burden of Truth

Egocentric Brent Sandler knows he needs to change his life for the better. He’s hit rock bottom, penniless and in deep trouble as he discovers an awful tragedy lying in wait. The problem is, he knows this tragedy is all down to him and his past actions. Now he’s determined to put things right as the consequences of these actions are rapidly making their mark.

Meanwhile in Bodhgaya India, Peter Cannon has just made a shocking discovery that will change his life forever. Like Brent, he must come to terms with his guilt. But his past, his secret and the woman he loves are slowly hunting him down.

And if they find him, questions will be asked.

Triumph and Treasure (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series Book 1)

 Historical Romance > Regency
Author: Collette Cameron

Triumph and Treasure (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series Book 1)
A disillusioned Scottish gentlewoman. 
Angelina Ellsworth once believed in love–before she discovered he rhusband of mere hours was a slave-trader and already married. To avoid the scandal and disgrace, she escapes to the estate of her aunt and uncle, the Duke and Duchess of Waterford. When Angelina learns she is with child, she vows she’ll never trust a man again.

A privileged English lord. 
Flynn, Earl of Luxmoore, led an enchanted life until his father committed suicide after losing everything to Waterford in a wager. Stripped of all but his title, Flynn is thrust into the role of marquis as well as provider for his disabled sister and invalid mother. Unable to pay his father’s astronomical gambling loss, Flynn must choose between social or financial ruin.

When the duke suggests he’ll forgive the debt if Flynn marries his niece, Flynn accepts the duke’s proposal.

Ebay Thrifters Yard sale guide: Make money This weekend

 Entrepreneurship & Small Business > Home-Based
Author: Glen Buckingham

Ebay Thrifters Yard sale guide: Make money This weekend

25 items that sell out online eBay and Amazon FBA Thrift store profits yard sale Gold
I will teach you when and how to go Garage Sailing also known as Yard sailing is going to be a powerful tool for you to make money online.
I will give you tricks that will get you items much cheaper than your competition.

I will show you in this book phone apps to make sure what and how well your items sell for before you leave or purchase them!The goal is to move items quickly due to my knowledge you can make money in days not weeks.
I will show you ideas and apps of-where to find yard sales saving you TONS of time (time is money)reading this book you will be much better equipped to save time and money versus trial and error.


The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley: A Novel

 Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Hannah Tinti
Regularly $13.99, Today $2.99

The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley: A Novel

Samuel Hawley isn’t like the other fathers in Olympus, Massachusetts. A loner who spent years living on the run, he raised his beloved daughter, Loo, on the road, moving from motel to motel, always watching his back. Now that Loo’s a teenager, Hawley wants only to give her a normal life. In his late wife’s hometown, he finds work as a fisherman, while Loo struggles to fit in at the local high school.

Growing more and more curious about the mother she never knew, Loo begins to investigate. Soon, everywhere she turns, she encounters the mysteries of her parents’ lives before she was born. This hidden past is made all the more real by the twelve scars her father carries on his body. Each scar is from a bullet Hawley took over the course of his criminal career. Each is a memory: of another place on the map, another thrilling close call, another moment of love lost and found.

The Greek Diet: Look and Feel like a Greek God or Goddess and Lose up to Ten Pounds in Two Weeks

 Cookbooks, Food & Wine > European > Greek
Author: Maria Loi, Sarah Toland
Regularly $12.99, Today $1.99

The Greek Diet: Look and Feel like a Greek God or Goddess and Lose up to Ten Pounds in Two Weeks

Science and sensuality meet in The Greek Diet, your guide to losing weight while looking and eating like a deity, from the “Martha Stewart of Greece,” world-famous chef Maria Loi, and health journalist and former Olympic athlete Sarah Toland.

Grounded in the Mediterranean lifestyle and developed by world-renowned Greek chef Maria Loi, The Greek Diet combines classic Mediterranean ingredients like olive oil, yogurt, and honey in delicious, healthy recipes that satisfy the soul and the palete. New research shows that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest food plan in the world, and is especially noted for its positive effects on heart health. With The Greek Diet, you eat to enjoy yourself, just like the ancient Greek gods. There is no starving, no long, grueling hours at the gym, and no restrictive plans eliminating carbs, dairy, caffeine, or alcohol.

Gracelin O’Malley (The Gracelin O’Malley Trilogy Book 1)

 Historical Romance
Author: Ann Moore
Regularly $8.99, Today $1.99

Gracelin O'Malley (The Gracelin O'Malley Trilogy Book 1)

Set during Ireland’s devastating potato famine, a spellbinding novel of a young woman torn between love for her family and duty to her English husband.

Patrick O’Malley names his newborn daughter Gracelin for the light of the sea that shines in her eyes. But when young Gracelin is only six years old, her mother’s untimely death drains joy and laughter from the O’Malley clan.

At fifteen, Gracelin saves her family from financial ruin by marrying Bram Donnelly, the son of a wealthy English landowner. But, even though Gracelin is Protestant, she is snubbed by English high society for marrying above her station. To temporarily appease her husband’s cruel nature, she intends to provide him with an heir—but that, too, will end in sorrow.

As famine sweeps Ireland, Gracelin openly defies her husband by feeding the desperate souls who come to their door. In secret, she also sides with the rebels who call themselves the Young Irelanders.

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – The Little Sisters of Eluria

 Graphic Novels > Literary
Author: Robin Furth, Peter David, Luke Ross, Richard Isanove
Regularly $8.99, Today $1.80

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Little Sisters of Eluria

Collects Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – The Little Sisters of Eluria #1-5.

Near death from an attack by Slow Mutants, Roland Deschain is taken in by a group of Sisters who specialize in anything but the healing arts. These hideous, corpse-like creatures known as the Little Sisters of Eluria have murder on their twisted minds. And in his current, wounded condition, there’s almost nothing the last gunslinger can do to prevent their tender mercies from taking hold.

Christmas on Candy Cane Lane (Life in Icicle Falls)

 Women’s Fiction > Friendship
Author: Sheila Roberts
Regularly $4.99, Today $1.99

Christmas on Candy Cane Lane (Life in Icicle Falls)

Everyone’s getting ready for Christmas in Icicle Falls, especially on Candy Cane Lane, where holiday decorating is taken very seriously. Tilda Morrison, town cop, is looking forward to celebrating Christmas in her first house…until she discovers that she’s expected to “keep up” with the neighbors, including Maddy Donaldson, the inspiration behind the whole extravaganza. But this year, someone’s destroying Maddie’s precious candy canes! Thank goodness for the cop in their neighborhood.

Tilda already has her hands full trying to sort out her love life and fix up her fixer-upper. Oh, and won’t it be fun to have the family over for Christmas dinner? Not really… Then there’s her neighbor, Ivy Bohn. As a newly single mom, Ivy can sum up the holiday in two words: Bah, humbug. But she’s determined to give her kids a perfect Christmas.

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