Paper Crafts: 51 Card & Invitation Crafts For Birthdays, Weddings, Showers, Parties, & Much More!

 Crafts & Hobbies > Papercrafts
Author: Kitty Moore

Paper Crafts: 51 Card & Invitation Crafts For Birthdays, Weddings, Showers, Parties, & Much More! (2nd Edition)

Choose from over 50 ideas & make the perfect paper crafts for your cards or invitations without breaking your budget!

Imagine having a massive list of different types of beautiful paper crafts to use for card or invitation ideas – you will NEVER run out!

What if you could make beautiful paper craft designs that were used for many occasions and invitations?

Family and friends would come to you for help in designing them the perfect card or invitation for their special event!

  • Images included with every craft, so you can see the finished product before beginning
  • A massive list of paper crafts with designs for many occasions and purposes (anniversaries, parties, weddings, showers, birthdays, and more)
  • Comprehensive step-by-step instructions for each craft, so that anyone can follow along (even absolute beginners)
  • Kitty’s personal email address for unlimited customer support if you have any questions
  • And much, much more…

The Christmas Sisters (The Christmas Sisters for All Seasons Book 1)

 Christian > Romance
Author: Annie Jones

The Christmas Sisters (The Christmas Sisters for All Seasons Book 1)

It’s beginning to look at lot like Romance in this charming story of an unlikely minister, the woman he loved but left behind, a special child and a town that might finally bring them all home.

Meet the Dorsey sisters. Petie is a hometown princess. Collier is the baby who’s just hasn’t found her place in the world yet. Nic? She’s the wild child now too afraid to take a chance. They’re coming home for Christmas one last time. Of course, where ever these sisters go, things don’t always go as planned.

Brood X: A Firsthand Account of the Great Cicada Invasion

 Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Michael Phillip Cash

Brood X: A Firsthand Account of the Great Cicada Invasion

Seth is laid off from work. His wife Lara just found out they are expecting a baby this summer. Seth plans on documenting the entire pregnancy with his brand new digital camcorder.

During an evening home watching television, the news reports that a swarm of cicada (Brood Ten) are expected to overwhelm the entire Northeast.

Brood Ten is vicious and ready to invade.

During a sweltering summer night, Brood Ten emerges and wreaks havoc with the electric grid, phone and cell service, wi-fi, food and water supply. Civilization as they know it is gone.

MERCS (Crimson Worlds Successors Book 1)

  Science Fiction > Alien Invasion
Author: Jay Allan

MERCS (Crimson Worlds Successors Book 1)

Earth has been a scarred ruin for three decades, its scattered people struggling to endure amid the poisoned and radioactive wreckage of the final war between its despotic Superpowers. While the people of Earth fight to survive, out on the frontier, on a thousand worlds, mankind thrives and grows, building new civilizations and looking boldly to the future. But man has never been able to live in peace, and even Earth’s sad fate has failed to slow the call to war.

Most of the colonies lack the industry and economic power to sustain their own armies and navies, and they look to the mercenaries of the Great Companies for aid in time of war. These futuristic condottiere contract themselves to the highest bidder, and the mightiest strike fear into the hearts of all who oppose them.

Electric Pressure Cooker INSTANT POT Cookbook: 365 Recipes

 Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Meals > Soups & Stews
Author: Samanta Klein

Electric Pressure Cooker INSTANT POT Cookbook: 365 Recipes

It’s high time you stopped making the same old, bland recipes every single day! It’s about time you surprised your mouth with the most unique and mouth-watering recipes you’ve ever tasted!

This recipe book is here to do just that; make you a chef without spending all your time in the kitchen!

In fact, our amazing recipes collection e-book features 365 delicious, easy to make recipes for every day of every month!

And the best part? You don’t have to be a MASTER CHEF to follow these recipes! Most of them require just a little bit of your time and they are super easy to follow and quick to cook!

How To Build Your Successful Online Teaching Business (Online Entrepreneurship Book 1)

 Entrepreneurship & Small Business
Author: Vladimir Raykov

How To Build Your Successful Online Teaching Business (Online Entrepreneurship Book 1)

Do you want to monetize your knowledge? Chances are, you have knowledge in your head that’s worth tens of thousands of dollars.
Do you want to turn your passion into passive income streams?
Do you want to build an online teaching business with little to no investment up front?
Do you want to become an entrepreneur?
Do you want to work from home?

If you’ve answered “yes” to even one of these questions then reading this eBook may turn out to be the best decision you’ve made this year!


Eleven on Top (Stephanie Plum Book 11)

 Literature & Fiction > Humor & Satire
Author: Janet Evanovich
Regularly $8.99, Today $2.99

Eleven on Top (Stephanie Plum Book 11)

Stephanie Plum is thinking her career as a fugitive apprehension agent has run its course. She’s been shot at, spat at, cussed at, fire-bombed, mooned, and attacked by dogs. Time for a change, Stephanie thinks. Time to find the kind of job her mother can tell her friends about without making the sign of the cross.

So Stephanie Plum quits. Resigns. No looking back. No changing her mind. She wants something safe and normal. As it turns out, jobs that are safe and normal for most people aren’t necessarily safe and normal for Stephanie Plum. Trouble follows her, and the kind of trouble she had at the bail bonds office can’t compare to the kind of trouble she finds herself facing now. Her past has come back to haunt her.

The Cats that Surfed the Web (The Cats that . . . Cozy Mystery Book 1)

 Mystery > Cozy > Animals
Author: Karen Anne Golden
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99

The Cats that Surfed the Web (The Cats that . . . Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Dead of winter. A Victorian mansion. A young career woman with Siamese cats. The prospect of inheriting millions of dollars sounded like a dream come true; what could possibly go wrong? This debut book, from Amazon’s bestselling author of “The Cats that . . . Cozy Mystery” series, is a roller-coaster ride of twists and turns. When Katherine “Katz” Kendall discovers she’s the sole heir of a huge inheritance, she can’t believe her good luck. She’s okay with the conditions in the will: Move from New York City to the small town of Erie, Indiana, live in her great aunt’s pink Victorian mansion, and take care of an Abyssinian cat. With her three cats and best friend Colleen riding shotgun, Katz leaves Manhattan to find a former housekeeper dead in the basement. There are people in the town who are furious that they didn’t get the money.

Voyage of the Heart

 Women’s Fiction > Sagas
Author: Soraya M. Lane
Regularly $4.49, Today $1.99

Voyage of the Heart

From bestselling author Soraya M. Lane comes a story of friendship, love, and heartbreak at the end of World War II.

1945: Along with hundreds of other war brides, Betty, Madeline, Alice, and June set sail for New York to be with the men they love.

In the days they spend at sea, the four young women become firm friends and vow to stay in touch no matter what their new lives bring.

Life in a new country comes with many challenges, but Betty, Madeline, Alice, and June didn’t move half way across the world to give up without a fight. As their love is tested, the one thing they can count on is the friendship they forged while crossing the Atlantic.

The God’s Eye View

 Suspense > Political
Author: Barry Eisler
Regularly $7.99, Today $1.99

The God's Eye View

Knowledge is power…and they know everything.

NSA director Theodore Anders has a simple goal: collect every phone call, email, and keystroke tapped on the Internet. He knows unlimited surveillance is the only way to keep America safe.

Evelyn Gallagher doesn’t care much about any of that. She just wants to keep her head down and manage the NSA’s camera network and facial recognition program so she can afford private school for her deaf son, Dash.

But when Evelyn discovers the existence of an NSA program code-named God’s Eye, and connects it with the mysterious deaths of a string of journalists and whistle-blowers, her doubts put her and Dash in the crosshairs of a pair of government assassins: Delgado, a sadistic bomb maker and hacker; and Manus, a damaged giant of a man who until now has cared for nothing beyond protecting the director.

The River Is Dark (A Liam Dempsey Thriller Book 1)

  Mystery > Hard-Boiled
Author: Joe Hart
Regularly $4.99, Today $1.99

The River Is Dark (A Liam Dempsey Thriller Book 1)

In a small town along the Mississippi River, separate but nearly identical attacks have left two married couples brutally murdered in their homes. A young boy—the lone survivor of the killings—now lies comatose in the hospital. And the police’s only lead is the boy’s terrified description of the assailant: a “monster.”

Enter former homicide detective Liam Dempsey, whose estranged brother fell victim to the killer. Dragged into the investigation as a suspect, Dempsey vows to solve the case and clear his name. But two things stand between him and the truth: a web of local politics, and the grim secrets the victims held close. All the while, a murderer with boundless hatred continues to raise the body count.

As the troubled ex-cop tries to pull justice from the town’s emotional wreckage, he realizes that his could be the next life lost to the killer’s ruthless, twisted plan for revenge.

Shine Not Burn

 Women’s Fiction > Humor
Author: Elle Casey
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

Shine Not Burn

Andie Marks, known as “Party Girl” in her college days, is now a whip-smart lawyer on the fast track to success. Determined to move on from a bad break-up, she joins her girlfriends for a wild bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas, promising to let her hair down just this once.

Vegas is a blur of cocktails and blackjack, and in the middle of it all she meets Mack, a real-life cowboy with a winning hand and an irresistible body. They get lucky in the casino and luckier back at the hotel, a hot night of passion that was definitely not part of Andie’s life plan.

By dawn Mack is gone and all she has to remember their one-night romance is a hangover and a pile of casino chips. Or so she thinks…

All the Stars in the Heavens: A Novel

 Fiction > Sagas
Author: Adriana Trigiani
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

All the Stars in the Heavens: A Novel

Adriana Trigiani, the New York Times bestselling author of the blockbuster epic The Shoemaker’s Wife, returns with her biggest and boldest novel yet, a hypnotic tale based on a true story and filled with her signature elements: family ties, artistry, romance, and adventure. Born in the golden age of Hollywood, All the Stars in the Heavens captures the luster, drama, power, and secrets that could only thrive in the studio system—viewed through the lives of an unforgettable cast of players creating magic on the screen and behind the scenes.

In this spectacular saga as radiant, thrilling, and beguiling as Hollywood itself, Adriana Trigiani takes us back to Tinsel Town’s golden age—an era as brutal as it was resplendent—and into the complex and glamorous world of a young actress hungry for fame and success. With meticulous, beautiful detail, Trigiani paints a rich, historical landscape of 1930s Los Angeles, where European and American artisans flocked to pursue the ultimate dream: to tell stories on the silver screen.

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