London Road Linked Stories: Volume 1

 Fiction > British > Contemporary
Author: Tessa Smith McGovern

London Road Linked Stories: Volume 1

On the morning of her release from prison, the hottest day on record in England, Janice Bailey makes her way to a boarding house in London, and discovers a bizarre new world.

This moving collection of linked short stories begins with ‘When Janice Bailey Walked’, an award-winning story first published in the Connecticut Review, and continues with six more stories as told by the eccentric residents of Number 17, London Road, thus illuminating a little-known side of the most beautiful city in Europe.

During the course of one day, we meet Bitty, a college drop-out now working in an antique shop, waiting nervously in an Italian restaurant to find out if her American boyfriend is about to dump her.

Rock’n’Roll Suicide (Jack Lockwood Mystery Series Book 1)

 Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Geoffrey West

Rock'n'Roll Suicide (Jack Lockwood Mystery Series Book 1)

Action packed thriller/mystery filled with murders and twists. Whilst researching the suicide of rock queen Maggi O’Kane in 1980, ex-criminal profiler Dr Jack Lockwood discovers evidence suggesting that she and her band were murdered to suppress facts she found out about John Lennon’s assassination. First of a series of Jack Lockwood mysteries.

Lovely Death

Author: Brandon Meyers

Lovely Death

He never intended for it, but the rising star director of a new Hollywood slasher film has found himself at the center of his own personal horror story: having gunned down his stalker, Laura Scranton. Her death may have been justified, but for Nick, Laura’s death was only the opening act. Ever since her killing, he’s been losing sleep to increasingly terrifying dreams, has even begun seeing things in the waking world that aren’t really there. It appears that even in death Laura refuses to release her icy grip on his sanity. And if Nick can’t figure out a way to rid himself of her haunting visage soon it will cost him more than just his life.

Taming Beauty (Dunaway’s Daughters Book 1)

  Historical Romance > Regency
Author: Lynne Barron

Taming Beauty (Dunaway's Daughters Book 1)

Once upon a time, a fairy tale went terribly awry…

The daughter of an infamous courtesan and a notorious rake, Miss Lilith Aberdeen has fashioned a perfectly lovely life for herself on the fringes of London Society. She’ll not risk her independence or her heart on anything as fickle and frivolous as love. Or even familial affection, for that matter. So how is it she winds up journeying to the wilds of Cornwall to deliver the Earl of Dunaway’s pampered, petulant daughter into the hands of a reclusive baron rumored to be a bit mad?

Exit Strategy (Katerina Carter Fraud Thriller Series Book 1)

  Thrillers > Conspiracies
Author: Colleen Cross

Exit Strategy (Katerina Carter Fraud Thriller Series Book 1)

Private investigator and forensic accountant Katerina Carter uncovers a sinister connection between blood diamonds and organized crime. Then two company employees are brutally murdered and her investigation becomes much more dangerous than she had ever imagined. Can she can stay alive long enough to expose the real criminals…or will her first case be her last?

The Nanny (The D’Amato Brothers Book 1)

 Romance > Multicultural & Interracial
Author: Vera Roberts

The Nanny (The D'Amato Brothers Book 1)

Tiana Morris is the queen of the financial world with her investment firm, monthly articles, and television appearances. When she comes home to find her husband in bed with a woman half his age, the events turn her world upside down and she swears off men and dating forever. But when the owner of a high-profile child care service makes a visit to her home, Tiana gets more than what she bargained for.

Kieran D’Amato has seen it all and been through it all: the socialites who would rather be on TV than play with their children; the athletes who are busy traveling everywhere to care for their children; and the enormously powerful and wealthy who were just too busy for their children.