Lost and Found (Love in New York Book 1)

 Romance > Contemporary
Author: Elle Casey

Lost and Found (Love in New York Book 1)

Sometimes engagement rings can get lost and then found. Sometimes people can too. All it takes is a heavy-duty dose of karma and the magic of Manhattan to make it all come together.

Leah is a financially destitute new age hippy. James is a wealthy surgeon with a trust fund. She’s awkward, he’s poised. She’s completely crazy, he’s way too sane. People might say they have nothing in common, but they’d be wrong. They both live in Manhattan, they both have no idea how to change a baby diaper, and they’re both lost … until they find one another.

Fatal Flowers (The Serial Killer Chronicles Book 1)

 Mystery > Police Procedurals
Author: Enes Smith

Fatal Flowers (The Serial Killer Chronicles Book 1)

Thomas Brunson followed Ellie Hartley from the airport. . . he held her captive on a thousand-mile journey, showed her his “lovlies,” and then he set her free.
Ellie knew she was lucky to be alive. She alone witnessed a killer’s private world of madness and murder. She alone escaped a fate too terrible to imagine . . . but why would he let her go? He’s not finished with her yet – he’s sending her flowers to prove it.

Ellie Hartley, a single mom and owner of a successful upscale shop in Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport, left work on that fateful day, thinking about getting ice cream for her precocious four-year-old daughter. When she was involved in a seemingly minor accident she walked back to check on the other driver, and her world changed.

Assignment Denver: The Case of the Eccentric Heiress (Jae Lovejoy Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

 Mystery > Women Sleuths
Author: Lucey Phillips

Assignment Denver: The Case of the Eccentric Heiress (Jae Lovejoy Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

Travel writer Jae Lovejoy thought her days of crime reporting were over . . . She was wrong.

Jae thought she found her dream job. Being a travel writer let her enjoy all her favorite things: seeing new places … staying on the go … telling unusual stories … until she stumbled across a murder scene.

While she was looking for an interesting twist to spice up her Denver travel story, Jae found the body of the wealthiest woman in Colorado—a reclusive heiress who had her share of enemies. And the accused killer was Mitch Evans, the owner of a microbrewery and the subject of Jae’s travel story.

Chimera (Universe Eventual Book 1)

 Science Fiction > Dystopian
Author: N.J. Tanger, Nathan Beauchamp, Rachael Tanger, Joshua Russell, Crystal Watanabe

Chimera (Universe Eventual Book 1)

The fate of Earth’s first colony rests on the shoulders of a pair of misfits: Theo Puck, a rogue hacker with a gift for speaking to machines, and Selena Samuelson, a brash but talented pilot with a dark secret in her past.

Earth went silent over a decade ago. No contact, no resupply. If something doesn’t change, the colony will go extinct. The only way to restore communication with Earth is the ancient colony ship Chimera. Two centuries of disrepair have taken their toll on her–the shipboard AI that allows travel between distant stars is lost in unending sleep. She must be woken and the ship rebuilt for a desperate return journey to Earth.

The Ghost Illusion

 Mystery > British Detectives
Author: Kerry Watts, Jeff Bardwell

The Ghost Illusion

The savage murders of four mothers are an echo of a nightmare witnessed by a horrified city. Meanwhile, Julian Brody – dubbed by the press as The Mummy Ripper – dies in prison twenty years after his violent slaying of four mothers in the 1990’s.

D.I. Ruby Delpierro and Dr. Carl Flescher team up to catch the copycat killer before any more innocent women are slain. But is there something more to the case?

With their professional relationship put to the test, Carl will have to deal with his past to help Ruby stop the bloodshed, and confront the killer’s shocking true identity.

Reckless (Mia KazmaroffBook 1)

  Mystery > Supernatural
Author: Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Reckless: Book 1 of the Mia Kazmaroff Mysteries (Mia Kazmaroff Mystery Series)

Mia Kazmaroff has a gift nobody wants. She’s able to tell the story behind any object simply by touch. It’s a gift that comes in handy when her only brother, a detective with the Atlanta Major Crimes Division, is murdered. Determined to find his killer, Mia reaches out to the one person in Atlanta she believes can help her—Dave’s partner, Jack Burton. Unfortunately, Burton is also the prime suspect.
Together, Mia and Jack create a partnership that breaks all the rules, skirts every law, and lobs as many sparks and landmines at each other as if they were adversaries–which half the time they are—all while attempting to ignore their undeniable mutual attraction.

Devil’s Desire (Casablanca Classics)

 Historical Romance > Regency
Author: Laurie McBain
Regularly $6.99, Today $1.99

Devil's Desire (Casablanca Classics)

They called him the devil…

With his seductive golden eyes and sin-black hair, it’s no wonder Lord Alex Trevegne has earned himself the sinister title-not to mention his reputation as one of the most notorious rakes in England.

And she’s the only one who can conquer him…

When fate throws Alex and Elysia into a scandalous situation, Alex suddenly finds it surprisingly difficult to tear himself away from her.


Only the Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit the Crisis Points That Challenge Every Company

 Business & Money > Biography & History
Author: Andrew S. Grove
Regularly $14.99, Today $1.99

Only the Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit the Crisis Points That Challenge Every Company

Under Andy Grove’s leadership, Intel became the world’s largest chip maker and one of the most admired companies in the world. In Only the Paranoid Survive, Grove reveals his strategy for measuring the nightmare moment every leader dreads–when massive change occurs and a company must, virtually overnight, adapt or fall by the wayside–in a new way.

Grove calls such a moment a Strategic Inflection Point, which can be set off by almost anything: mega-competition, a change in regulations, or a seemingly modest change in technology. When a Strategic Inflection Point hits, the ordinary rules of business go out the window. Yet, managed right, a Strategic Inflection Point can be an opportunity to win in the marketplace and emerge stronger than ever.

The Tutor

 Romance > Mystery & Suspense
Author: K. Larsen, Marisa-Rose Shor
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

The Tutor

After a party gone wrong and in desperate need of money for the fall semester of college, twenty-year-old Nora Robertson needs to escape her hometown.

She accepts a summer long live-in tutoring job for a handsome man and his little sister at a secluded home deep in the mountains.

There is no running water.

No electricity.

No internet or cell service.

When her tutoring job ends she’s hit with a brutal turn of events … she’s not permitted to leave.

The Bad Luck Bride (The Cavensham Heiresses)

 Historical Romance > Regency
Author: Janna MacGregor
Regularly $7.99, Today $2.99

The Bad Luck Bride (The Cavensham Heiresses)

All were shocked at the announcement of the “cursed” Lady Claire Cavensham to Lord Alexander Hallworth, the Marquess of Pembrooke, especially since she is already engaged to another unfortunate Lord. Perhaps she will make it to the altar this time with one of these fine gentlemen! —Midnight Cryer

No one is left breathless at the imperious pronouncement of her engagement to Lord Pembrooke more than Claire. She hardly knows the dangerously outrageous man!

The Pearl Locket: The best historical fiction novel for your summer holidays

 Literary Fiction > Historical
Author: Kathleen McGurl
Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99

The Pearl Locket: The best historical fiction novel for your summer holidays

When Ali inherits her great-aunt’s house she immediately moves her whole family in, despite the warnings that there is something strange about the place.

Unfazed Ali begins redecorating, going through the rooms, making each one her own with the help of her daughter, Kelly. But when under the wallpaper in Kelly’s new room they discover a scrawled message from 1944 Ali begins to question the history of the house as she knows it.

Her family has always seemed so picture perfect, not a blemish or a secret to be found. Yet, this discovery throws her into confusion and Ali begins to question exactly what she knows about her family and the mysteries they have kept hidden…

Wolf’s Head (The Forest Lord Book 1)

 Fiction > Mythology & Folk Tales
Author: Steven A. McKay
Regularly $2.99, Today $1.99

Wolf's Head (The Forest Lord Book 1)


After viciously assaulting a corrupt but powerful clergyman Robin Hood flees the only home he has ever known in Wakefield, Yorkshire. Becoming a member of a notorious band of outlaws, Hood and his new companions – including John Little and Will Scaflock – hide out in the great forests of Barnsdale, fighting for their very existence as the law hunts them down like animals.

When they are betrayed, and their harsh lives become even more unbearable, the band of friends seeks bloody vengeance.

Meanwhile, the country is in turmoil, as many of the powerful lords strive to undermine King Edward II’s rule until, inevitably, rebellion becomes a reality and the increasingly deadly yeoman outlaw from Wakefield finds his fate bound up with that of a Hospitaller Knight…

The Zig Zag Girl (Magic Men Mysteries)

 Mystery > Police Procedurals
Author: Elly Griffiths
Regularly $5.99, Today $2.99

The Zig Zag Girl (Magic Men Mysteries)

In the first installment of a compelling new series by Elly Griffiths featuring Detective Inspector Edgar Stephens and the magnificent Max Mephisto, a band of magicians who served together in World War II track a killer who’s performing their deadly tricks.

Brighton, 1950. The body of a girl is found cut into three pieces. Detective Inspector Edgar Stephens is convinced the killer is mimicking a famous magic trick—the Zig Zag Girl. The inventor of the trick, Max Mephisto, is an old war friend of Edgar’s. They served together in a shadowy unit called the Magic Men, a special ops troop that used stage tricks to confound the enemy.

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