MULTIPLE MOTIVES (The Kate Huntington mystery series Book 1)

Psychological Thrillers
Author: Kassandra Lamb

MULTIPLE MOTIVES (The Kate Huntington mystery series Book 1)

Psychotherapist Kate Huntington helps other people cope with the horrible things that have happened to them, but she herself has led a charmed life… until now. When a series of what seem like random events–a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time–takes a sinister twist, it becomes apparent that she and her lawyer friend, Rob Franklin, have a common enemy. But the lead police detective has a different theory. He’s convinced Kate and Rob are lovers attempting to eliminate their spouses. And he seems determined to build a case against them.

As the attacks escalate, Kate and Rob are forced to investigate on their own. Who hates them enough to want them both dead? And doesn’t seem to mind if others get caught in the crossfire!

High Plains Holiday (Love on the High Plains Book 1)

Romance > Historical > Victorian
Author: Simone Beaudelaire

High Plains Holiday (Love on the High Plains Book 1)

Garden City, Kansas, 1888. A small Western town receives an early Christmas present: a new pastor for the church.

He is young, handsome, and single. But to church organist Kristina Heitschmidt, Reverend Cody Williams is nothing but trouble. Especially as his first move is trying to take control of the music away from her. But Kristina is not about to give up her life’s work.

With Christmas fast approaching, it appears the two are at a stalemate. That is, until a sudden blizzard traps them together in the church overnight.

You’re the Rogue That I Want (Rogues of Redmere Book 1)

Historical Romance > Regency
Author: Samantha Holt

You're the Rogue That I Want (Rogues of Redmere Book 1)

Meet the Earl of Redmere in the 1st book in the Rogues of Redmere series, a brand new Regency romance series by #1 bestselling author Samantha Holt.

Red never shies away from a challenge.


But when Miss Hannah St. John strides into his life demanding—yes, demanding—he help her, he’s certain she’s more challenge than even he can handle.

Lost Oasis

Action & Adventure > Romance
Author: T.M. Bown

Lost Oasis

An Ancient Persian army lost in the desert for 2,500 years…the fabulous, legendary lost oasis of Zerzura!

After he discovers a Persian gold coin deep in the Egyptian desert, geologist John Cavanaugh leads a team of archaeologists back to the site, unknowingly triggering the rebirth of a multitude of long forgotten horrors. But as the expedition approaches its goal, Cavanaugh realizes the worst: each of his crew members is along for a different reason. Fame, riches, love, and remnants of a dark past fuel their actions and lead them to individual fates that none of them bargained for.

Flying with cuckoos

Biographies & Memoirs > Humor & Entertainment
Author: Michael Patrick Clark

Flying with cuckoos

A heart-warming coming-of-age tale, Flying with Cuckoos is Michael Patrick Clark’s hilarious autobiography; plotting his early life from orphan child in unhappy adopted home to membership of one of the most ill-disciplined and disreputable units in the British armed forces.

As the story unfolds we follow his unsteady progress; from one-sided battles with school bullies in suburban England, to even-more one-sided battles with the S.A.S. in some of the world’s most dangerous and exotic places, and from embarrassing skirmishes with teenage Lolitas to carnal catastrophe and more sophisticated sexual predators.

Countdown To A Kiss (A New Year’s Eve Anthology)

Romance > Contemporary
Author: Colleen Gleason, Holli Bertram, Mara Jacobs, Liz Kelly

Countdown To A Kiss (A New Year's Eve Anthology)

Four stories by four authors…one fateful New Year’s Eve

Four kisses at midnight…
Three different sisters…
Two old flames…
One bet that drives it all!
The Devine sisters return to their hometown for New Year’s Eve each year to attend the annual ball. Part of the tradition is their decade-old bet: whoever has no date at midnight has to kiss their nerdy neighbor Lewis Kampmueller.


The Rose Garden

Fantasy > Historical
Author: Susanna Kearsley
Regularly $16.99, Today $1.99

The Rose Garden

Eva returns to the only place that has ever felt like home, but she quickly discovers she is not alone in the old house on the Cornwall coast. The past reaches out to touch the present in this beautiful love story and haunting mystery.

“Whatever time we have,” he said, “it will be time enough.”

Eva Ward returns to the only place she truly belongs, the old house on the coast of Cornwall, England, seeking happiness in memories of childhood summers.

There she finds mysterious voices and hidden pathways that sweep her not only into the past, but also into the arms of a man who is not of her time.

Under Witch Moon (Moon Shadow Series Book 1)

Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban
Author: Maria E. Schneider
Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99

Under Witch Moon (Moon Shadow Series Book 1)

Adriel should have known that with a werewolf, it never stopped with just one body. She would have gone to the police after witnessing Dolores’ death, but she wasn’t certain the killer she saw was responsible for the other murders. Besides, the police didn’t believe in werewolves, and they weren’t going to believe she was a witch either so what could she tell them?

She kept her eyes and ears open while she tried to help her latest client escape the clutches of a voodoo witch, but things went from bad to worse when more bodies turned up. She was greatly relieved when she met White Feather, an undercover cop. Unfortunately, he wasn’t convinced she was innocent of all wrong-doing.

The Miracle of Dunkirk: The True Story of Operation Dynamo

History > Military > World War II
Author: Walter Lord
Regularly $16.99, Today $1.99

The Miracle of Dunkirk: The True Story of Operation Dynamo

The true story of the World War II evacuation portrayed in the Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk, by the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Day of Infamy.

In May 1940, the remnants of the French and British armies, broken by Hitler’s blitzkrieg, retreated to Dunkirk. Hemmed in by overwhelming Nazi strength, the 338,000 men gathered on the beach were all that stood between Hitler and Western Europe. Crush them, and the path to Paris and London was clear.

Unable to retreat any farther, the Allied soldiers set up defense positions and prayed for deliverance. Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered an evacuation on May 26, expecting to save no more than a handful of his men.

Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

Literature > British > Humor & Satire
Author: Jill Mansell
Regularly $14.00, Today $1.88

Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Dexter Yates has the looks, the money, the swanky apartment, and girlfriends galore. But it’s not until his niece, Delphi, is born that Dex falls in love for the first time in his life.

Then tragedy strikes when Dex’s sister Laura dies in an accident. Suddenly, Dex finds himself a new parent and a single father to boot. With no idea how to raise an eight-month-old baby girl on his own, Dex decides to move into his weekend home in the small village of Briarwood in the Cotswolds.

The quirky neighborhood welcomes him with open arms, especially next—door neighbor and gifted cartoonist Molly who offers to help with Delphi. Molly won’t put up with any nonsense and her messy romantic past makes her cautious.

It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken: The Smart Girl’s Break-Up Buddy

Relationships > Love & Romance
Author: Greg Behrendt, Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt
Regularly $13.99, Today $3.99

It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken: The Smart Girl's Break-Up Buddy

There’s no doubt about it—breakups suck. But in the first few hours or weeks that follow, there’s one important truth you need to recognize: Some things can’t and shouldn’t be fixed, especially that loser who dumped you or forced you to dump him. It’s called a breakup because it’s broken, and starting right here, right now, it’s time to dry your tears, put down that pint of ice cream, log out of his email, and open this book to chapter one—and start turning your breakup into a breakover.

From Greg Behrendt, coauthor of the smash, two-million-copy bestseller He’s Just Not That Into You, comes It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken—the ultimate survival guide to getting over Mr. Wrong and reclaiming your inner Superfox.

Belonging: A Novel (Where The Heart Lives Book 1)

Christian Fiction > Romance > Historical
Author: Robin Lee Hatcher
Regularly $9.99, Today $2.99

Belonging: A Novel (Where The Heart Lives Book 1)

In the high desert town of Frenchman’s Bluff, Idaho, Felicia Kristoffersen has set out to create a future for herself that is better than her painful past. Alone in the world with only her faith to sustain her, she must prove herself as this tiny community’s new school teacher. She cannot, must not, fail. But, there are those who never wanted her there to begin with. Five years after the death of his wife, local merchant Colin Murphy cares about just one thing: raising his daughter, Charity. Colin wants to give her the educational advantages he never had. The new schoolmarm’s inexperience doesn’t sit well with him, and if this teacher up and marries like the last one did, Charity’s heart will be broken once again. A woman who hasn’t known love.

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