Goliath (A Ryan Mitchell Thriller Book 1)

 Thrillers & Suspense > Military
Author: Richard Turner

Goliath (A Ryan Mitchell Thriller Book 1)

In 1931, during its maiden voyage, the British Airship Goliath mysteriously disappears without a trace. Hidden deep inside is a secret that could change the world.

Present day, in The Philippines, an attempted kidnapping draws historian Jennifer March and former soldier Ryan Mitchell into a deadly race to find the Goliath before a mysterious figure who threatens to topple governments and the lives of millions. From Alaska, to West Africa to Iceland the hunt for the truth is on.

Easy Like Sunday Mourning: (A Cozy Mystery Romance) (A Page Turners Novel Book 2)

 Mystery > Women Sleuths
Author: Jennie Marts

Easy Like Sunday Mourning: (A Cozy Mystery Romance) (A Page Turners Novel Book 2)

Single mom Maggie Hayes puts up a tough front to hide her loneliness, spending her days in the courtroom as a lawyer and her evenings as a closet video gamer. Another heartache isn’t worth the risk, not after her husband left her last year for a Hooters waitress. When she decides to try dating again, a cute video game-designing nerd seems like a safe bet….Until he becomes the prime suspect in a murder.
Jeremy Rogers makes a good living designing video games, but nothing prepares him for the real world adventure of being accused of poisoning his own employee. Add in falling for a sassy attorney with a competitive ex-husband, a clingy blonde coworker, and a mammoth-size dog that eats his furniture.


 Romance > Contemporary
Author: Susan Renee


Moving back home wasn’t anything I ever wanted.
But after enduring the worst,
Going home was the only answer.
Being back is everything I thought it would be…
Awful, isolating, a constant reminder of what I lost.
And the last thing I need–or want–is another reminder of my past,
Especially Bryant Wood.

Dog Training: The full guide to beating the 20 most common obedience issues of your dog and puppy

 Animal Care & Pets > Dogs > Training
Author: Jade Backer

Dog Training: The full guide to beating the 20 most common obedience issues of your dog and puppy (puppy training, housebreaking dog, housetraining puppy, obedient dog, obedient puppy)

Dogs obedience problems often seem desperately impossible to handle and no matter what you are doing, your dog simply won’t obey. Well, let us tell you that these days have come to an end. Like in any different field you have a teacher and a student. In the next 89 pages, you will be the student and also the teacher of your dog. Whatever the issue is with your little one, you will overcome it and quicker than you think. The most important are to remain consistent in your education and not to break the rules yourself.

It is important to note that almost all dogs are good-hearted and can be taught how to conduct themselves correctly. Therefore, you shouldn’t let your dog’s behavioral issues dissuade you. The most important aspect is to figure out which training techniques works best for them and then consistently applying the same behavior in dealing with their disobedience.

RECYCLE, REUSE, RENEW: Upcycle With DIY Crafts

  Crafts, Hobbies & Home
Author: Mary Solomon

RECYCLE, REUSE, RENEW: Upcycle With DIY Crafts (Decorating Your Home, DIY Projects, DIY Crafts, Garage Sale, DIY Hacks)

Do you ever wonder what to do with all that stuff just sitting around the house or piled in the garage? You hate to throw it away, but don’t really have a use for it, either. Upcycle!

Upcycling is a wonderful way to express your creativity, have fun, decorate, and make money! Upcycling takes something that may have otherwise been thrown into the trash and improves or maintains its use.

Decorate your house with unique items, give one-of-a kind gifts, learn to plan parties and events with interesting ideas, and have great projects for the kids. The possibilities are endless!

Altar of Influence: The Orsarian War (The Dying Lands Chronicle Book 0)

 Fantasy > Epic
Author: Jacob Cooper

Altar of Influence: The Orsarian War (The Dying Lands Chronicle Book 0)

Thannuel Kerr is handsome, young and brash, fumbling through childhood toward his inevitable inheritance: the next Lord of the Western Province. He struggles to accept his arranged marriage and to grow into the man he must become. The journey toward that end, however, is fraught with more peril than he could possibly imagine. In the remote reaches of the Realm, an unknown, silent threat is growing. The Thoulden-sha of Mari-shaden is gathering his disciples, those who have relinquished their bloodlines to the Ancients and embraced Those Not Remembered, a forgotten race that inhabited Våleira long before the Age of the Ancients.

As Thannuel learns more about his heritage, he begins to understand why powers that seem greater than anything the world of Våleira has ever seen are targeting him.

Odium 0.5: Origin Stories (The Dead Saga Book 1)

Author: Claire C. Riley, Amy Jackson

Odium 0.5: Origin Stories (The Dead Saga Book 1)

Nina wasn’t always a bitch. But surviving an apocalypse has made her that way.

It’s the end of the world, and the dead have risen. Devastation reins and destruction lives.
Mankind is holding on by bloody and desperate fingers. Death comes when you least expect it; in the quiet of the night or in the harsh light of day. It sneaks in and takes everyone and everything you ever loved, until you’re left with nothing at all. And the person standing in the aftermath is forever changed.

Even after finding a protective haven amongst the chaos, Nina learns that the worst monster is mankind itself. Hope is gone. A heart is broken and humanity is slipping away.

The Mists of Avalon

 Fantasy > Epic
Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
Regularly $10.99, Today $1.99

The Mists of Avalon

In Marion Zimmer Bradley’s masterpiece, we see the tumult and adventures of Camelot’s court through the eyes of the women who bolstered the king’s rise and schemed for his fall. From their childhoods through the ultimate fulfillment of their destinies, we follow these women and the diverse cast of characters that surrounds them as the great Arthurian epic unfolds stunningly before us. As Morgaine and Gwenhwyfar struggle for control over the fate of Arthur’s kingdom, as the Knights of the Round Table take on their infamous quest, as Merlin and Viviane wield their magics for the future of Old Britain, the Isle of Avalon slips further into the impenetrable mists of memory, until the fissure between old and new worlds’ and old and new religions’ claims its most famous victim.

How Can I Talk If My Lips Don’t Move?: Inside My Autistic Mind

 Pathologies > Autism
Author: Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay
Regularly $14.99, Today $1.99

How Can I Talk If My Lips Don't Move?: Inside My Autistic Mind

An astounding new work by the author of The Mind Tree that offers a rare insight into the autistic mind and how it thinks, sees, and reacts to the world. When he was three years old, Tito was diagnosed as severely autistic, but his remarkable mother, Soma, determined that he would overcome the “problem” by teaching him to read and write. The result was that between the ages of eight and eleven he wrote stories and poems of exquisite beauty, which Dr. Oliver Sacks called “amazing and shocking.” Their eloquence gave lie to all our assumptions about autism. Here Tito goes even further and writes of how the autistic mind works, how it views the outside world and the “normal” people he deals with daily, how he tells his stories to the mirror and hears stories back, how sounds become colors, how beauty fills his mind and heart.

Baby Doll

 Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Hollie Overton
Regularly $6.99, Today $2.99

Baby Doll

Escape was just the beginning.

Held captive for eight years, Lily has grown from a teenager to an adult in a small basement prison. Her daughter Sky has been a captive her whole life. But one day their captor leaves the deadbolt unlocked.
This is what happens next… to Lily, to her twin sister, to her mother, to her daughter — and to her captor.

All the Tea in China

 Christian Fiction > Romance
Author: Jane Orcutt
Regularly $8.99, Today $0.99

All the Tea in China

The good young Englishwoman knows that her destiny depends upon a good marriage match. But Isabella Goodrich is not your typical good young Englishwoman. After an encounter with those less fortunate than she, witty and fun-loving Isabella makes a shocking decision. Against everyone’s advice and wishes, she is going to become a missionary in the Far East.

Fighting against cultural expectations, common sense, and a mentor who is not as he seems, Isabella leaves her predictable Oxford life behind and sets sail to a new world fraught with danger. Can she trust the mysterious missionary Phineas Snowe? Or will her adventure end before it even begins?

You’ll Grow Out of It

 Biographies & Memoirs > Women
Author: Jessi Klein
Regularly $13.99, Today $3.99

You'll Grow Out of It

As both a tomboy and a late bloomer, comedian Jessi Klein grew up feeling more like an outsider than a participant in the rites of modern femininity.
In YOU’LL GROW OUT OF IT, Klein offers-through an incisive collection of real-life stories-a relentlessly funny yet poignant take on a variety of topics she has experienced along her strange journey to womanhood and beyond. These include her “transformation from Pippi Longstocking-esque tomboy to are-you-a-lesbian-or-what tom man,” attempting to find watchable porn, and identifying the difference between being called “ma’am” and “miss” (“Miss sounds like you weigh ninety-nine pounds”).

Dreams of the Highlander

 Historical Romance > Scottish
Author: Sarah Hoss
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99

Dreams of the Highlander

After suffering with the loss of his wife and child, fierce Highland warrior Alexander Macpherson vows to never love again—but now his recurring dream of a beautiful woman is haunting him every night.

Marlana Crawford has sworn off men after the love of her life cheated on her but when she reveals her dreams of a sexy Scot to her friends, they encourage her to take a trip abroad in the hopes of finding out the meaning of her dreams.

Now, one careless wish lands Marlana in 18th century Scotland and into the arms of Alexander but to conquer his pain he must learn to love again, or will he allow his bitter enemy to lay claim to her for himself?

Little Deaths: A Novel

 Thrillers & Suspense > Crime
Author: Emma Flint
Regularly $13.99, Today $2.99

Little Deaths: A Novel

It’s 1965 in a tight-knit working-class neighborhood in Queens, New York, and Ruth Malone–a single mother who works long hours as a cocktail waitress–wakes to discover her two small children, Frankie Jr. and Cindy, have gone missing. Later that day, Cindy’s body is found in a derelict lot a half mile from her home, strangled. Ten days later, Frankie Jr.’s decomposing body is found. Immediately, all fingers point to Ruth.

As police investigate the murders, the detritus of Ruth’s life is exposed. Seen through the eyes of the cops, the empty bourbon bottles and provocative clothing which litter her apartment, the piles of letters from countless men and Ruth’s little black book of phone numbers, make her a drunk, a loose woman–and therefore a bad mother.

Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction

 Biographies & Memoirs
Author: Elizabeth Vargas
Regularly $13.99, Today $4.99

Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction

From the moment she uttered the brave and honest words, “I am an alcoholic,” to interviewer George Stephanopoulos, Elizabeth Vargas began writing her story, as her experiences were still raw. Now, in BETWEEN BREATHS, Vargas discusses her accounts of growing up with anxiety-which began suddenly at the age of six when her father served in Vietnam-and how she dealt with this anxiety as she came of age, to her eventually turning to alcohol for relief. She tells of how she found herself living in denial, about the extent of her addiction and keeping her dependency a secret for so long. She addresses her time in rehab, her first year of sobriety, and the guilt she felt as a working mother who had never found the right balance.

Jump Cut (The Ellie Foreman Mysteries Book 5)

 International Mystery & Crime
Author: Libby Fischer Hellmann
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.99

Jump Cut (The Ellie Foreman Mysteries Book 5)

Chicago video producer Ellie Foreman has been absent from thriller author Libby Fischer Hellmann’s repertoire for almost a decade. Now, in Jump Cut, she’s back…and is soon entangled in a web of espionage, murder, and suspicion that threatens to destroy what she holds most dear.

Hired to produce a candy-floss profile of Chicago-based aviation giant Delcroft, Ellie is dismayed when company VP Charlotte Hollander trashes the production and cancels the project. Ellie believes Hollander was spooked by shots of a specific man in the video footage. But when Ellie arranges to meet the man to find out why, he is killed by a subway train before they can talk. In the confusion, she finds a seemingly abandoned pack of cigarettes with a flash drive inside that belonged to the now-dead man.

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