Blackmoore Sisters Cozy Mysteries Books 1-3

 Mystery > Amateur Sleuths
Author: Leighann Dobbs

Blackmoore Sisters Cozy Mysteries Books 1-3 (Blackmoore Sisters Cozy Mystery Box-Set)

There’s more than one secret in the old Blackmoore house. Some have been buried for a long time and some are sitting closer to the surface.

Morgan and Fiona Blackmoore enjoy their simple life in the sleepy ocean-side town of Noquitt Maine where they offer herbal remedies and crystal healing for locals and tourists alike.

…Until Morgan is accused of killing the town shrew, Prudence Littlefield.

Suddenly the girls find themselves scrambling to find the real killer while they battle a crooked Sheriff, planted evidence, and a long list of suspects that all had a reason to want Prudence dead.

Handsome Jake Cooper is new to the Noquitt Maine police force, which is exactly why Fiona Blackmoore doesn’t trust him. But with time running out and the evidence against her sister piling up, Fiona has to make a choice – will she trust Jake with her sisters case … and her own heart?

Gertie’s Paranormal Plantation (Tales From the Paranormal Plantation Book 1)

 Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Melanie James

Gertie's Paranormal Plantation (Tales From the Paranormal Plantation Book 1)

Everyone’s favorite witch, Gertie O’Leary, is back! And she has a story of her own to tell.

One thing I’ve learned about running a shelter for paranormal creatures, you can’t afford to let your guard down. It all started when I welcomed an enchanting new guest to my plantation. Strange things started to happen. Well, more strange than usual. I was caught off guard by some conflicting feelings and it spurred me on to get Brad, the love of my life, committed. To moving in with me, that is. In any case, I was willing to do whatever it took: love spells, black magic, and something so naughty I’d rather not mention it here. Nothing worked out quite the way I planned and I ended up having to go to hell and back just to save my own self! If it wasn’t for Marie Laveau and the rest of my friends, I wouldn’t be able to share this tale with you in my memoir. Gertie’s Paranormal Plantation

A Man in Africa

 Fiction > Medical
Author: Lara Blunte

A Man in Africa

Reporter Roberta Bovi’s marriage ends the day it begins.The man she has loved for years turns out so faithless that she has lived a fictional life, happy only because she was blind.

Roberta walks away from the debris of the relationship in nothing but the white sheath dress she wore to the ceremony, retro sunglasses that look ridiculous at a tragedy, and her passport.

A journalistic assignment in Uganda saves her from facing the man she now needs to divorce: she is to cover a story about AIDS increasing in a country that had previously served as the model for Africa. Roberta has no more illusions about love and fidelity, and the writings of Christopher Burton, a doctor and evolutionary biologist she is going to interview, only convinces her further that humans are just apes that shed some hair.

Dawn Girl

 Mystery > Police Procedurals
Author: Leslie Wolfe

Dawn Girl: A Gripping Serial Killer Thriller

FBI Special Agent Tess Winnett searches for answers relentlessly. With each step, each new finding, she uncovers unsettling facts leading to a single possible conclusion: Dawn Girl is not the only victim. Her killer has killed before.

Hiding a terrible secret of her own, Special Agent Tess Winnettfaces her inmost fears, in a heart-stopping race to catch a killer who’s getting ready to end yet another life. Will she find the killer in time? Will she be able to stop him? At what cost?

The rules of the game have changed.
So has the textbook definition of a serial killer.

Ruby’s Choice (Ditch Lane Diaries Book 1)

 Romance > Paranormal > Angels
Author: D.F. Jones

Ruby's Choice (Ditch Lane Diaries Book 1)

Ruby is a dreamer. Her prophetic dreams reveals a man that’s her destiny.

While in college, Ruby falls for two incredibly fun and downright sexy men, Reed and Brent. But she senses something amiss and quickly learns of a game the two intends to play. Ruby isn’t a pawn and turns the table on them.

What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love. All is not what it seems. Ruby’s Choice ends with a twisting tempt of fate.

The Ditch Lane Diaries follows three childhood friends from college to adulthood. An afternoon adventure uncovers a hidden room and mysterious stones in Campbell Ridge cave unlocking their supernatural powers.

Nuclear War Club

 Science Fiction > Post-Apocalyptic
Author: Colt Triarii

Nuclear War Club: Seven high school students are in detention when Nuclear War explodes.Game on, they are on their own

Seven California High School Seniors were in detention when the lights went out, the ceiling collapsed, and they were trapped in overturned desks and the debris. They struggled in the cave like darkness of the basement classroom, choking on the dust. This was not an earthquake, but a Nuclear Attack.

David Phelps swallowed his panic. He knew they would have to work together to escape from the rubble. Then they would have to shelter for fourteen days to survive the fallout. He struggled to remember what his Dad, an Air Force Officer, had taught him about Nuclear War. If, as he feared, their parents were dead, then they should trek east. Hopefully they would stay together.

David was disappointed with this dysfunctional group. But you go to Nuclear War with the survivors you have, he realized. They would have to adapt, improvise, and overcome.Or die.

CRASH (A Stone Kings Motorcycle Club Romance)

 Romance > Military
Author: Daphne Loveling

CRASH (A Stone Kings Motorcycle Club Romance)


She’s a good girl … from a world I left behind years ago. One where virtue and purity are all that matter. She’s never learned about desire, about lust. And how a fire can burn so hot that you’ll risk anything to quench the flames.

I’m going to change all that. She’s got a body that was made for pleasure — she just doesn’t know it yet. And I’m just the bastard to teach her.

She’s come to me for protection from the cold, cruel world. Trouble is, the thing she needs protecting from most of all … is me.

Aunt Dimity’s Death (Aunt Dimity Book 1)

 Mystery > Cozy
Author: Nancy Atherton

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Aunt Dimity's Death (Aunt Dimity Mystery Book 1)

Lori Shepherd thought Aunt Dimity was just a character in a bedtime story…

…Until the Dickensian law firm of Willis & Willis summons her to a reading of the woman’s will. Down-on-her-luck Lori learns she’s about to inherit a siazable estate–if she can discover the secret hidden in a treasure trove of letters in Dimity’s English country cottage. What begins as a fairy tale becomes a mystery–and a ghost story–in an improbably cozy setting, as Aunt Dimity’s indominable spirit leads Lori on an otherworldly quest to discover how, in this life, true love can conquer all.


Sherman’s March

 Biographies & Memoirs > Military > American Civil War
Author: Burke Davis

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Sherman's March

A riveting and richly detailed account of the devastating military campaign that broke the back of the Confederacy in the final months of the Civil War.

In November 1864, just days after the reelection of President Abraham Lincoln, Gen. William T. Sherman vowed to “make Georgia howl.” The hero of Shiloh and his 65,000 Federal troops destroyed the great city of Atlanta, captured Savannah, and cut a wide swath of destruction through Georgia and the Carolinas on their way to Virginia. A scorched-earth campaign that continues to haunt the Southern imagination, Sherman’s “March to the Sea” and ensuing drive north was a crucial turning point in the War between the States.

To Have or To Be? (Continuum Impacts)

 Philosophy > Movements > Humanism
Author: Erich Fromm

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To Have or To Be? (Continuum Impacts)

Life in the modern age began when people no longer lived at the mercy of nature and instead took control of it. We planted crops so we didn’t have to forage, and produced planes, trains, and cars for transport. With televisions and computers, we don’t have to leave home to see the world. Somewhere in that process, the natural tendency of humankind went from one of being and of practicing our own human abilities and powers, to one of having by possessing objects and using tools that replace our own powers to think, feel, and act independently. Fromm argues that positive change—both social and economic—will come from being, loving, and sharing.

Mug Shot: A Java Jive Mystery

 Mystery > Cozy
Author: Caroline Fardig

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Mug Shot: A Java Jive Mystery

Former musician Juliet Langley has barely had a day off since taking over management of the coffeehouse owned by her best friend, Pete Bennett. But there’s always more to be done—such as prepping for the annual Holiday 5K Race organized by Pete’s snobby socialite girlfriend, Cecilia Hollingsworth. This year, Java Jive has a booth right at the finish line, and since Juliet and Cecilia don’t always see eye to eye, everything has to be perfect. Nothing can go wrong. Nothing . . . like Juliet stumbling over Cecilia’s dead body on the morning of the race.

When Pete is arrested for Cecilia’s murder, Juliet sets out to clear his name. She’ll do whatever it takes—even if it means standing up to the police, her ex-boyfriend, and the grande dames of Nashville. But there isn’t enough espresso in the world for the greatest challenge in her path: infiltrating Nashville’s high society to uncover the hidden hotbed of scandal without running afoul of the law herself.

Freddy and Fredericka

 Literature & Fiction > Humor & Satire
Author: Mark Helprin

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Freddy and Fredericka

Mark Helprin’s legions of devoted readers cherish his timeless novels and short stories, which are uplifting in their conviction of the goodness and resilience of the human spirit. Freddy and Fredericka—a brilliantly refashioned fairy tale and a magnificently funny farce—only seems like a radical departure of form, for behind the laughter, Helprin speaks of leaps of faith and second chances, courage and the primacy of love. Helprin’s latest work, an extraordinarily funny allegory about a most peculiar British royal family, is immensely mocking of contemporary monarchy and yet deeply sympathetic to the individuals caught in its lonely absurdities.

I Know This Much Is True: A Novel (P.S.)

 Psychological Thrillers
Author: Wally Lamb

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I Know This Much Is True: A Novel (P.S.)

With his stunning debut novel, She’s Come Undone, Wally Lamb won the adulation of critics and readers with his mesmerizing tale of one woman’s painful yet triumphant journey of self-discovery. Now, this brilliantly talented writer returns with I Know This Much Is True, a heartbreaking and poignant multigenerational saga of the reproductive bonds of destruction and the powerful force of forgiveness. A masterpiece that breathtakingly tells a story of alienation and connection, power and abuse, devastation and renewal—this novel is a contemporary retelling of an ancient Hindu myth. A proud king must confront his demons to achieve salvation. Change yourself,the myth instructs, and you will inhabit a renovated world.

The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children

 Parenting & Relationships > Special Needs
Author: Ross W. Greene PhD

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The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children

The groundbreaking “New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children,” The Explosive Child by Ross W. Greene, Ph.D., has been updated and revised to include the latest research. Dr. Greene is Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry,Harvard Medical School and the originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach to the treatment and study of children with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. With The Explosive Child he offers an indispensable helping hand to parents who may feel overwhelmed by having to deal with children whose reactions to everyday stimuli may be far more extreme than normal.

Just Kids

 Biographies & Memoirs > Composers & Musicians > Artists, Architects & Photographers
Author: Patti Smith

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Just Kids

Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe weren’t always famous, but they always thought they would be. They found each other, adrift but determined, on the streets of New York City in the late ’60s and made a pact to keep each other afloat until they found their voices–or the world was ready to hear them. Lovers first and then friends as Mapplethorpe discovered he was gay, they divided their dimes between art supplies and Coney Island hot dogs. Mapplethorpe was quicker to find his metier, with a Polaroid and then a Hasselblad, but Smith was the first to fame, transformed, to her friend’s delight, from a poet into a rock star. (Mapplethorpe soon became famous too–and notorious–before his death from AIDS in 1989.) Smith’s memoir of their friendship,Just Kids, is tender and artful, open-eyed but surprisingly decorous, with the oracular style familiar from her anthems like “Because the Night,” “Gloria,” and “Dancing Barefoot” balanced by her powers of observation and memory for everyday details.

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