The Dead and the Missing: An Adam Park Thriller

  Mystery > Private Investigators
Author: A. D. Davies

The Dead and the Missing: An Adam Park Thriller

A missing girl. An international underworld. A PI who will not quit.

Adam Park is an ex-private investigator, now too wealthy to need a job. But when his old mentor’s niece rips off a local criminal on the rise and flees the UK, his life of surfing and travel comes to an abrupt end.

Using cutting-edge technology, Adam tracks the young woman and her violent boyfriend through the Parisian underground where he learns of a brutal criminal enterprise – an enterprise that propels Adam to more dangerously-exotic locales, and the men in charge start to notice him.

To return the girl safely and protect the ones he loves, Adam will need to burn down his concepts of right and wrong; the only path to survival is through the darkest recesses of his soul.

99 Minute Millionaire: The Simplest and Easiest Book Ever On Investing

 Business & Money > Investing
Author: Scott Alan Turner

99 Minute Millionaire: The Simplest and Easiest Book Ever On Getting Started Investing And Becoming Rock Star Rich

Are you worried and stressed out about not having enough money to retire? Do you have fear of losing your money?

Are you unsure of how to build wealth for the long term?

Or maybe you’ve been thinking of investing for quite some time now, and you just don’t know how to get started. The whole thing seems too complex and overwhelming.

  • Why many investors fail, and how you can ensure you don’t
  • How you can make the most money with very little work
  • Important decisions every investor should be aware of
  • 14 common and costly mistakes investors make
  • How to manage your money like a pro
  • The truth about financial advisors and investing professionals

Great BEER BREWING: How To Make Amazing Home Brewed European Style Beer

 Beverages & Wine > Homebrewing, Distilling & Wine Making
Author: Steven E Dunlop, Barry W Gleason

BEER: A Beginner's Guide to Great BEER BREWING: How To Make Amazing Home Brewed European Style Beer: Step-By-Step Instructions (Beer, Beer Making, Beer Tasting, Beer Brewing, How To Make Beer Book 1)

Have fun and enjoy great beer by learning how to home brew!

Don’t settle for over priced commercial beer. The best way to enjoy beer in its original and most delicious form is to brew it at home and you can save yourself money at the same time. After trying this European pale ale brew recipe you will never want a branded beer again. You can even tailor your beer so it’s exactly how you like it!

This guide contains everything that you need as a new brewer including: a full proof recipe, equipment list and an easy to follow step-by-step brewing guide. This book is packed with top tips to ensure that you get the most from your brew and allow you to adjust the flavour in accordance with your taste.

Love Company: L Company, 399th Infantry Regiment during World War II and Beyond

 History > Military > World War II
Author: John Khoury, Aaron Elson

Love Company: L Company, 399th Infantry Regiment, of the 100th Infantry Division during World War II and Beyond

A dogface’s view of World War II. John M. Khoury was a 19-year-old college sophomore when he was called to active duty in the U.S. Army. He served as a rifleman in L Company, 399th Infantry Regiment. From 1 November 1944 until 8 May 1945 he served in combat with his unit except for about seven weeks spent in an army hospital for trench foot. He was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, the Bronze Star Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster for valor, the Presidential Distinguished Unit Badge, Good Conduct Medal, European Theater Medal with three Battle Stars, American Theater Medal, Army of Occupation Medal-Germany, and Victory Medal. His view of war comes from the subterranean level of a foxhole where all human senses are on full alert but the mind has atrophied.

Isle of Bones (We Witches Three Book 1)

 Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban
Author: Starla Silver, Humphrey Quinn

Isle of Bones (Demon Isle Witches Clean Read Cut): Sweet and Romantic Supernatural Fun (We Witches Three Book 1)

It’s tough being a Howard Witch. Especially when a host of devious supernatural creatures are determined to wreak havoc on your daily life making it impossible to have one. And all over a magical power source lost long ago, which every villainous supernatural being wants to find, and control.

Something the Howard Witches will not permit as long as they’re around to stop them. But there are only three witches left from a once thriving family. Charlie, the eldest, a werewolf, and self-elected leader of the siblings. Michael, the middle child, an empath and death reader who’d rather leave the job to someone else. And Melinda, the youngest, who’s currently living under self-inflicted house arrest after her magical inheritance kicked in- the gift of prophetic dreams of people about to die- which she blames herself for not understanding and therefore, she’s the reason her parents are dead.

Gateway (Gateway Series Book 1)

 Science Fiction > Space Opera
Author: Brian Dorsey

Gateway (Gateway Series Book 1)

Major Tyler Stone stands at the precipice of greatness. After years of faithful service to the Republic, everything seems to be coming together—a promotion, an engagement to a beautiful (and powerful) woman, and the restoration of his traditional family name promise to restore his family to its long lost place among Alpha Humana’s elite.
But his world suddenly begins to crumble when deceit and defeat bring him face to face with the enemy—an enemy that turns his perception of the galaxy on its ear, challenging his understanding of his civilization and his own identity.

Now Stone must choose between duty and honor as he struggles to understand the nature of the war the Humani have been waging for so many generations.

An Event to Remember. . .or Forget (Event to Remember Book 1)

 Romantic Comedy
Author: Melissa Baldwin

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An Event to Remember. . .or Forget (Event to Remember Series Book 1)

Sienna Harris is a girl with a plan. Her days of slaving away at Carrie’s Classic Events and More are numbered as she is on the brink of launching her own event planning company. Her relationship with Luke Price is headed in the right direction and they are approaching their one-year mark. The future is looking bright and she knows that life could not get any better . . . That is until her perfectly planned world is thrown upside down by the unexpected arrival of someone from Luke’s past.

She receives the shock of her life on the night of the biggest event of her career. Sienna will now have to pull it all together without a list or a plan. The question is, can she do it?

My Healthy Dish: More Than 85 Fresh & Easy Recipes for the Whole Family

 Special Diet > Healthy
Author: My Nguyen

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My Healthy Dish: More Than 85 Fresh & Easy Recipes for the Whole Family

In 2012, My Nguyen?a mother of two with a background in finance and dreams of becoming a dietitian?logged onto Instagram and started posting photos of meals she was making for her family on a regular basis. Her posts attracted more than 30,000 followers in four months, so she decided to give them more of what they were requesting via a blog titled My Healthy Dish. Two years later, she’d hit the one-million mark in followers and has never looked back!

In her first cookbook, My Healthy Dish, My presents more than eighty-five new recipes perfect for any family. These recipes are not only healthy, but also easy?great for the busy parent who may not have hours to devote to menu planning each week. Dishes such as stuffed blueberry pancakes, cauliflower tater tots, chicken tortilla soup, orange coconut cream smoothies, and peanut butter and jelly cookies are sure to please every type of eater.


If I Am Missing or Dead: A Sister’s Story of Love, Murder, and Liberation

 Biographies & Memoirs > True Crime
Author: Janine Latus

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If I Am Missing or Dead: A Sister's Story of Love, Murder, and Liberation

In April 2002, Janine Latus’s youngest sister, Amy, wrote a note and taped it to the inside of her desk drawer. Today Ron Ball and I are romantically involved, it read, but I fear I have placed myself at risk in a variety of ways. Based on his criminal past, writing this out just seems like the smart thing to do. If I am missing or dead this obviously has not protected me…

That same spring Janine Latus was struggling to leave her marriage — a marriage to a handsome and successful man. A marriage others emulated. A marriage in which she felt she could do nothing right and everything wrong. A marriage in which she felt afraid, controlled, inadequate, and trapped.

Ten weeks later, Janine Latus had left her marriage.

The Day the World Ended: Mont Pelee Earthquake, 1902

 Science & Math > Earth Sciences
Author: Gordon Thomas, Max Morgan-Witts

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The Day the World Ended: Mont Pelee Earthquake, 1902

The compelling true story of the most lethal natural disaster in the western hemisphere from Edgar Award–nominated authors Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan-Witts.

In late April 1902, Mount Pelée, a volcano on the Caribbean island Martinique, began to wake up. It emitted clouds of ash and smoke for two weeks until violently erupting on May 8. Over 30,000 residents of St. Pierre were killed; they burned to death under rivers of hot lava and suffocated under pounds of hot ash. Only three people managed to survive: a prisoner trapped in a dungeon-like jail cell, a man on the outskirts of town, and a young girl found floating unconscious in a boat days later.

So how did a town of thousands not heed the warnings of nature and local scientists, instead staying behind to perish in the onslaught of volcanic ash?

The Case of the Missing Servant (Vish Puri Book 1)

 Mystery > Cozy
Author: Tarquin Hall

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The Case of the Missing Servant: From the Files of Vish Puri, Most Private Investigator (Vish Puri series Book 1)

Meet Vish Puri, India’s most private investigator. Portly, persistent, and unmistakably Punjabi, he cuts a determined swath through modern India’s swindlers, cheats, and murderers.

In hot and dusty Delhi, where call centers and malls are changing the ancient fabric of Indian life, Puri’s main work comes from screening prospective marriage partners, a job once the preserve of aunties and family priests. But when an honest public litigator is accused of murdering his maidservant, it takes all of Puri’s resources to investigate. With his team of undercover operatives—Tubelight, Flush, and Facecream—Puri combines modern techniques with principles of detection established in India more than two thousand years ago, and reveals modern India in all its seething complexity.

The Funny Thing Is…

 Humor > Essays
Author: Ellen DeGeneres

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The Funny Thing Is...

Ellen DeGeneres published her first book of comic essays, the #1 bestselling My Point…and I Do Have One, way back in 1996. Not one to rest on her laurels, the witty star of stage and screen has since dedicated her life to writing a hilarious new book. That book is this book.

After years of painstaking, round-the-clock research, surviving on a mere twenty minutes of sleep a night, and collaborating with lexicographers, plumbers, and mathematicians, DeGeneres has crafted a book that is both easy to use and very funny. Along with her trademark ramblings, The Funny Thing Is…contains hundreds of succinct insights into her psyche, supplemented by easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and diagrams so that you’ll never miss a joke.


 Biographies & Memoirs > Actors & Entertainers
Author: Tori Spelling

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Tori Spelling might have grown up with everything a girl could wish for, but these days she’s just another suburban working mom…whose toddler regularly recognizes her in the pages of Us Weekly. Welcome to Mommywood, where the stars are two feet tall and your neighbors know who you are before you move in.

Like most parents, Tori wants her children to have the one thing she didn’t have as a kid — a normal family. On their hit Oxygen reality show, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, the starlet and her husband Dean McDermott regularly wrestle dirty diapers, host the neighborhood block party, and tackle temper tantrums on the red carpet. But when the cameras aren’t rolling, Tori’s still having awkward run-ins with a former 90210 costar at a laser tag birthday party, scooping rogue poo out of the kiddie pool on a resort vacation, and racing to win back her pre-baby body before the media starts calling her fat. For all her suburban fantasies, Tori Spelling is no June Cleaver.

Buddha Standard Time: Awakening to the Infinite Possibilities of Now

 Self-Help > Spiritual
Author: Surya Das

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Buddha Standard Time: Awakening to the Infinite Possibilities of Now

Internationally renowned meditation scholar Lama Surya Das delivers a penetrating and practical guide to discovering the power of living fully in the now. In the tradition of the Dalai Lama’s The Art of Happiness and Noah Levine’s Heart of the Revolution, Buddha Standard Time is a road map to discovering your own inner kingdom of awareness, patience, and love.

“A wealth of inspiration and practical tips for enjoying the Kingdom of God, the Pure Land of the Buddha, now.” —Thich Nhat Hanh, bestselling author of Peace Is EveryStep

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