Accidental Leigh (Literal Leigh Romance Diaries Book 1)

 Romantic Comedy
Author: Melanie James

Accidental Leigh (Literal Leigh Romance Diaries Book 1)

One accidental witch, a little romance writing, and a mysterious summons from the Witches Local 1313 will keep you turning the pages of Accidental Leigh, Book 1 of Literal Leigh Romance Diaries from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Melanie James. A paranormal romantic comedy full of adventure, magic spells, and a whole lot of fun.

A laugh till it hurts paranormal comedy!

How does a girl become a witch? By accident, of course!

Leigh Epstein is a grief stricken and lonely elementary school teacher that is devastated by the brutal and unexpected death of her true love at the hands of a careless writer. She overcomes her grief by taking matters in her own hands and takes up a little romance writing to resurrect her vampire-werewolf book-boyfriend. Leigh gets more than she bargained for when she discovers that every steamy erotic scene she creates is magically re-enacted by her family, friends and coworkers.

25 City Adventures for Families (Lonely Planet)

 Travel > Family Travel
Author: Lonely Planet

25 City Adventures for Families (Lonely Planet)

Lonely Planet’s team of family travel experts have explored 25 cities around the globe to find the spots that adults and children alike will love. From mind-blowing museums to picnic-ready parks, our guide is packed with tips and recommendations to help you plan your perfect city trip – plus fun facts and activities to inspire your little ones.

  • Tons of ideas and tips from Lonely Planet’s community of family travel writers to inspire you to explore 25 amazing cities around the world
  • ‘Did you know?’ facts about each city
  • A fun family activity for each city
  • Inspirational, full-colour images
  • Everything you need to whet your family’s appetite for your next family adventure!

Roadside Assistance: A Country Romance

 Literary Fiction > Romance
Author: Shayne McClendon

Roadside Assistance: A Country Romance

When Winston Jace breaks down on the highway, the woman who helps him out seems sweet, country, and not exactly worthy of his valuable time.

He soon learns that Leeann Bakersfield is more than she seems to be and gets a lesson in towing, stereotypes, and losing control. Assumptions can go wrong…and leave you stranded.

A contemporary erotic novella by Always the Good Girl, Shayne McClendon.


Leah’s Seduction (Books 1-4) (Gianni and Leah)

 Romance > Anthologies
Author: Emily Jane Trent

Leah's Seduction (Books 1-4) (Gianni and Leah)

Gianni Rinaldi has dominant sexual tastes!

He satisfies Leah’s fantasies.

The wealthy hero seduces Leah, and becomes obsessed with releasing the passion inside her. Their encounters plunge the relationship deeper, and both get more than they expect. It’s an emotional journey of desire and passion. But will their love survive the demons from the past that threaten to rip them apart?

The attraction was undeniable. Gianni believes Leah might be the author of a woman’s diary filled with sexual fantasies, which has accidentally fallen into his hands. Intrigued, he pursues her. But the relationship quickly spirals out of control.

The Focused Business: How Entrepreneurs Can Triumph Over Chaos

 Entrepreneurship & Small Business
Author: Dave Crenshaw

The Focused Business: How Entrepreneurs Can Triumph Over Chaos

The Evil Forces of Chaos Are Out to Destroy Your Small Business! Here’s how you can stop them . . . If you own or work in a small business, you’re at risk. Massive risk. Within five years of business operation, more than half of all businesses fail. By year ten, more than 65% are cut down. Why is this? And—more importantly—how can YOU break the cycle? In this highly original take on entrepreneurship, bestselling author, speaker, and business coach Dave Crenshaw confronts Chaos, the prime culprit of small business failure. He then arms you with the superhero utility belt you need to defeat Chaos and build a focused business. Through real-world examples, in-depth worksheets, and a healthy dose of wit, The Focused Business helps business owners and their key employees develop an action plan to overcome the seven Agents of Chaos, stay focused, and maximize profit.

Shadows Over Innocence (an Emperor’s Edge short story)

 Fantasy > Epic
Author: Lindsay Buroker

Shadows Over Innocence (an Emperor's Edge short story) (The Emperor's Edge)

Sicarius, the emperor’s personal assassin, returns from a successful mission only to discover that the enemy is retaliating by sending an assassin of their own. The target? Five-year-old Prince Sespian.

Shadows over Innocence is a 4,500-word short story set fourteen years before the first Emperor’s Edge novel.

The Rub Down (The Rub Down Series Book 1)

 Romance > Sports
Author: Gina Sheldon

The Rub Down (The Rub Down Series Book 1)

Dark room

Luke Stratton spends his days making clients moan in pleasure. His hands hold the ability to drive a woman to the brink of ecstasy. As a rule, his professional touch is the only thing he gives any female client. Until a Boston marathon trainee seeks his services.

Bare skin

One year after the tragic Boston Marathon bombing, Alexa Williams must overcome horrible memories of that day. She struggles to put her fear aside to meet the challenge of the run. A rigorous training schedule leaves her body aching, and with Luke’s help, Alexa finds soothing release at The Rub Down.

Healing Hands

Will Luke hold onto his rules and let Alexa go, or will they be able to cross the finish line together?

Toward Yesterday

 Science Fiction > Time Travel
Author: Paul Antony Jones

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Toward Yesterday

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself twenty-five years in the past? For the nine billion people living in the year 2042 it’s no longer a question…it’s a reality.

When a seemingly simple experiment goes disastrously wrong, James Baston finds himself stranded in the past alongside the rest of mankind. Here the old are young once more, the dead live again, and civilization is in chaos.

With the fate of humanity on the line, James must join a hastily assembled group of scientists, a reincarnated murder victim, and a genius trapped in her six-year-old body to reconcile the earlier mistakes of their future counterparts. The team struggles to prevent global extinction, and along the way they come face-to-face with their past losses, new loves, and a cold-blooded killer. As the team plummets toward a final confrontation, will they be able to undo time’s unraveling in order to save the human race?

Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health

 Diets & Weight Loss > Diets > Vegetarian
Author: Gene Stone, T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell B. Esselstyn

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Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health

A whole-foods, plant-based diet that has never been easier or tastier—learn to cook the Forks Over Knives way with more than 300 recipes for every day!

Forks Over Knives—the book, the film, the movement—is back again in a cookbook. The secret is out: If you want to lose weight, lower your cholesterol, avoid cancer, and prevent (or even reverse) type 2 diabetes and heart disease, the right food is your best medicine. Thousands of people have cut out meat, dairy, and oils and seen amazing results. If you’re among them—or you’d like to be—you need this cookbook.

Del Sroufe, the man behind some of the mouthwatering meals in the landmark documentary, proves that the Forks Over Knives philosophy is not about what you can’t eat, but what you can.

Don’t Dump the Dog: Outrageous Stories and Simple Solutions to Your Worst Dog Behavior Problems

 Animal Care & Pets > Dogs > Training
Author: Randy Grim, Melinda Roth

Regularly $14.99, Today $1.99
Don't Dump the Dog: Outrageous Stories and Simple Solutions to Your Worst Dog Behavior Problems

Do you want to dump your dog because he tries to escape your yard? Barks too much? You-know-whats in the house? Doesn’t play well with others? Chewed up your favorite pair of shoes?

You wouldn’t be the first person asking to “return” your pet. And dog rescuer Randy Grim has heard every reason under the sun. But before you load Fido into the back of your car, read this book.

In it, Randy addresses the concerns of dog guardians everywhere by responding to letters that he’s actually received. With humor, and from his vast experiences with abandoned dogs, he reveals exactly what you can do to remain calm and fix every bad behavior problem. (Even if it means dumping your husband instead of the dog.)


The Weight of Silence

 Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Heather Gudenkauf

Regularly $6.99, Today $3.99
The Weight of Silence

It happens quietly one August morning. As dawn’s shimmering light drenches the humid Iowa air, two families awaken to find their little girls have gone missing in the night.

Seven-year-old Calli Clark is sweet, gentle, a dreamer who suffers from selective mutism brought on by a tragedy that pulled her deep into silence as a toddler. Calli’s mother, Antonia, tried to be the best mother she could within the confines of marriage to a mostly absent, often angry husband. Now, though she denies that her husband could be involved in the possible abductions, she fears her decision to stay in her marriage has cost her more than her daughter’s voice.

Petra Gregory is Calli’s best friend, her soul mate and her voice. But neither Petra nor Calli has been heard from since their disappearance was discovered. Desperate to find his child, Martin Gregory is forced to confront a side of himself he did not know existed beneath his intellectual, professorial demeanor.

Now these families are tied by the question of what happened to their children. And the answer is trapped in the silence of unspoken family secrets.

Whiskey, You’re The Devil (Addison Holmes Book 4)

  Mystery > Women Sleuths
Author: Liliana Hart

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Whiskey, You're The Devil: An Addison Holmes Mystery (Addison Holmes Mysteries Book 4)

Things are looking up for Addison Holmes. She’s about to take her P.I. exams, she’s living in sin with the man of her dreams, and she hasn’t had a phone call from her mother in three whole days. But she should have known things were too good to last.

When Rosemarie Valentine’s fingerprints are found on the murder weapon used to kill a sex shop owner, it’s up to Addison and the gang to clear her name before Rosemarie is thrown in the pokey with no hope of getting out again.

With the help of Nick, Savage, Kate, and Addison’s mom and sister, what could possibly go wrong?

Whiskey Sour: An Addison Holmes Mystery (Addison Holmes Mysteries Book 2)

  Mystery > Women Sleuths
Author: Liliana Hart

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Whiskey Sour: An Addison Holmes Mystery (Addison Holmes Mysteries Book 2)

Addison Holmes is at it again. When priceless Russian gems are stolen on their way to Savannah and the courier is murdered, all the clues lead back to an escort service that seems above reproach. But looks can be deceiving.

Throw in a sexy detective and a dangerous FBI agent, and Addison finds out very quickly that she’s in way over her head. But nothing is going to stop her from getting her man.

What She Knew: A Novel

 Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Gilly Macmillan

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What She Knew: A Novel

In a heartbeat, everything changes…

Rachel Jenner is walking in a Bristol park with her eight-year-old son, Ben, when he asks if he can run ahead. It’s an ordinary request on an ordinary Sunday afternoon, and Rachel has no reason to worry—until Ben vanishes.

Police are called, search parties go out, and Rachel, already insecure after her recent divorce, feels herself coming undone. As hours and then days pass without a sign of Ben, everyone who knew him is called into question, from Rachel’s newly married ex-husband to her mother-of-the-year sister. Inevitably, media attention focuses on Rachel too, and the public’s attitude toward her begins to shift from sympathy to suspicion.

As she desperately pieces together the threadbare clues, Rachel realizes that nothing is quite as she imagined it to be, not even her own judgment. And the greatest dangers may lie not in the anonymous strangers of every parent’s nightmares, but behind the familiar smiles of those she trusts the most.

Swimming Lessons

 Women’s Fiction > Mothers & Children
Author: Mary Alice Monroe

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Swimming Lessons

Toy Sooner has dealt with enough rough waves in her troubled past. It’s only been through the enduring love of a close-knit group of women on this tiny island that she’s finally started to find her footing. But as new challenges in her career arise for this young single mother, the choices and demons of her past will catch up to her. Soon Toy will learn that, like the steadfast sea turtles she cares for, a mother must find the strength within herself to make it safely to shore.

Awaken the Highland Warrior

 Romance > Paranormal > Ghosts
Author: Anita Clenney

Regularly $7.99, Today $1.99
Awaken the Highland Warrior

Historian Bree Kirkland has always been in love with the past, but when she accidentally wakes an ancient Scottish warrior who’s spent the past 150 years sleeping in her backyard, her present is suddenly fraught with danger. Faelan has awakened from his timetravel and he’s ravenous–in more ways than one. He grieves for his lost family, wondering who sent the woman to wake him. If she’s a demon, he will have to kill her. If she’s innocent, she’s unleashed the gates of hell in her backyard. Either way they must rely on each other to save their future.

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