Here Lies a Wicked Man (The Booker Krane Series Book 1)

 Thrillers & Suspense > Crime
Author: Chris Rogers

Here Lies a Wicked Man: A Booker Krane Mystery (The Booker Krane Series Book 1)

When Booker Krane retired early from his career as a white collar corporate investigator, he was sure of only two things: he was done digging up buried secrets, and he loved being near water.

After recovering from the bullet wound dealt him in his final case, Booker settles into a leisurely lifestyle at his new home on Turtle Lake – including a new part-time job as a freelance photographer. But the morning his dog drags a dead body ashore, Booker and his camera are commandeered by Sheriff Ringhoffer, and in less time than it takes the elusive perfect lighting to disappear, he’s deeply embroiled in the investigation.

While the deceased, a prominent yet powerfully wicked man, had many people with motive and opportunity to kill him, Booker wants to believe Chuck Fowler’s death was an accident. An arrow would be an unusual murder weapon, and he can’t picture any of the suspects – the victim’s wife, sons, business partner, sexy mistress, or attractive lessee – as cold-hearted killers.

Gluten Free: The Complete Guide With 50+ Recipes

 Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Special Diet > Gluten-Free
Author: Steve Rowland

Gluten Free: The Complete Guide With 50+ Recipes: Gluten Free For Beginners (Gluten, Gluten Free, Gluten Free Cookbook, Gluten Free Recipe, Gluten Free Diet, Clean Eating, Gluten Free Paleo)

Are you worried about gut inflammation and Celiac disease? Are you curious about the benefits of a gluten-free diet?
If so, then Gluten Free: The Complete Guide with 50+ Recipes: Gluten Free For Beginners is the book for you – whether or not you have Celiac Disease! You’ll learn how wheat and gluten are bad for your immune system, and what you can do to stay healthy and feel better!

When you download Gluten Free: The Complete Guide with 50+ Recipes: Gluten Free For Beginners, you’ll learn what gluten is, what foods contain it, and how widespread it is in the average person’s diet. This inspirational book teaches you how to avoid high-gluten foods and what food groups to delete from your diet.

The Kiss of the Concubine: A story of Anne Boleyn

 Literary Fiction > Historical
Author: Judith Arnopp, Cas Peace

The Kiss of the Concubine: A story of Anne Boleyn

28th January 1547.
It is almost midnight and the cream of the English nobility hold their breath as King Henry VIII prepares to face his God. As the royal physicians wring their hands and Archbishop Cranmer gallops through the frigid night, two dispossessed princesses pray for their father’s soul and a boy, soon to be king, snivels into his velvet sleeve.
Time slows, and dread settles around the royal bed, the candles dip and something stirs in the darkness … something, or someone, who has come to tell the king it is time to pay his dues.
The Kiss of the Concubine is the story of Anne Boleyn, second of Henry VIII’s queens.

Keep Calm and Stretch: 44 Stretching Exercises To Increase Flexibility, Relieve Pain, Prevent Injury, And Stay Young!

 Exercise & Fitness > Injuries & Rehabilitation
Author: Julie Schoen, Little Pearl

Keep Calm and Stretch: 44 Stretching Exercises To Increase Flexibility, Relieve Pain, Prevent Injury, And Stay Young!

You Could Be Feeling A Million Times Better Right Now If You Only Knew How To Stretch Properly! It is a simple answer that is often overlooked, but stretching has the ability to

  •  Rid your body of pain
  •  Heal past injuries
  •  Prevent future injuries
  •  Keep you flexible and active
  •  And make you look and feel young!


Inferno (Phoenix Rising Rock Band Book 1)

 Fiction > Psychological
Author: Kathryn Kelly

Inferno (Phoenix Rising Rock Band Book 1)

I’m a rocker with the eyes of the world on me. Waiting for my triumph or my downfall…just waiting.
Most of my life is in my hands. My destiny? That’s another story. My destiny isn’t as debt free.
My band, Phoenix Rising, arrives in Houston to cut a new album. Before we perform our first concert in the city and I choose my groupies of the night, I’m thrust into debauchery. Sleeping with a gorgeous woman twenty years older than me has its perks, especially when her husband orchestrated the encounter and eagerly watches. To me, performing is performing. If a man wants to share his wife, who am I to stop him?

The Rescue (The Inn at Eagle Hill)

 Fiction > Amish & Mennonite
Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher

The Rescue (Ebook Shorts) (The Inn at Eagle Hill): An Inn at Eagle Hill Novella

He’s taking a chance on love . . . and there’s no plan B.

Will Stoltz has returned to Stoney Ridge with a clear plan. He’s opening a wild bird rescue center and is determined to rekindle his fizzled romance with Jackie Colombo, the veterinarian who stole his heart. But nothing is working out as Will planned. The leased building for the rescue center is a disaster, his funding is rapidly dwindling, and Jackie Colombo has disappeared without a trace.

When an injured eagle is found in a pasture near the Inn at Eagle Hill, Will is desperate to prove to himself, to his skeptical father, and to everyone else that his mission has not been in vain. But as his best-laid plans begin to fail, Will discovers something more valuable.

Travel back to the Inn at Eagle Hill for the untold story of one of your favorite characters and experience the miracle of love.


 Thrillers & Suspense > Crime
Author: Sharon Sala


A true romantic thriller that will have you believing in the unseen…

Gabriel Donner has just lost both parents, and nearly his own life, in a tragic accident. And now he is experiencing something he just can’t handle on his own: psychic dreams, dreams that often end up in the morning paper.

In vivid detail Gabriel’s dreams show him a series of murders—almost as if he were committing them. Telling the police is out of the question. They would never understand how he could know so much and not be guilty. Gabriel reluctantly turns to Laura Dane, a psychic, for answers.

The Lucky One

  Romance > Contemporary
Author: Nicholas Sparks

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The Lucky One

In his 14th book, bestselling author Nicholas Sparks tells the unforgettable story of a man whose brushes with death lead him to the love of his life.

Is there really such thing as a lucky charm? The hero of Nicholas Sparks’s new novel believes he’s found one in the form of a photograph of a smiling woman he’s never met, but who he comes to believe holds the key to his destiny. The chain of events that leads to him possessing the photograph and finding the woman pictured in it is the stuff of love stories only a master such as Sparks can write.

Overcoming Anxiety, Worry, and Fear: Practical Ways to Find Peace

 Self-Help > Anxieties & Phobias
Author: Gregory L. Jantz Ph.D., Ann McMurray

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Overcoming Anxiety, Worry, and Fear: Practical Ways to Find Peace

Are you always expecting bad things to happen? Are you constantly worrying about family members’ health or safety? Ever feel weighed down by negativity from the 24-hour news cycle? In our world, it’s a wonder anyone can escape anxiety. In fact, 40 million Americans suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder. Unchecked, anxiety can swiftly steal your sense of safety, well-being, and peace.

But you don’t have to let anxiety rule your life.

Overcoming Anxiety, Worry, and Fear helps you cope with and eliminate anxiety. Its compassionate combination of common sense, biblical wisdom, and therapeutic advice will free you from constant worry. Trusted author Dr. Gregory L. Jantz will help you identify the causes of your anxiety, assess the severity of your symptoms, and start down avenues for positive change.


 Biographies & Memoirs > Television Performers
Author: Tina Fey

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Before Liz Lemon, before “Weekend Update,” before “Sarah Palin,” Tina Fey was just a young girl with a dream: a recurring stress dream that she was being chased through a local airport by her middle-school gym teacher. She also had a dream that one day she would be a comedian on TV.

She has seen both these dreams come true.

At last, Tina Fey’s story can be told. From her youthful days as a vicious nerd to her tour of duty on Saturday Night Live; from her passionately halfhearted pursuit of physical beauty to her life as a mother eating things off the floor; from her one-sided college romance to her nearly fatal honeymoon — from the beginning of this paragraph to this final sentence.

Louisiana Plantation Collection – Boxed Set

 Historical Romance
Author: Jennifer Blake

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Louisiana Plantation Collection - Boxed Set

Romance as hot and steamy as a bayou night flavors this collection of 4 bestselling, Southern historicals by the Steel Magnolia of women’s fiction herself, Jennifer Blake.

Renold spins an enchanting tale of love and marriage, but Angelica only remembers their kiss before the steamboat exploded. How can she trust her supposed husband’s word–when he is her father’s sworn enemy?


The Kill (The Mafia Trilogy Book 1)

 Thrillers & Suspense > Crime
Author: Jonas Saul

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The Kill (The Mafia Trilogy Book 1)

The son of the most ruthless Mafia boss in eastern Canada is killed, and the father wants revenge. Darwin Kostas is a law-abiding Canadian, a writer with a new bride and a long list of phobias. His fear of the dark keeps him inside after the sun goes down. He also suffers from aichmophobia, an irrational fear of sharp and pointed objects. If confronted with a knife or a needle, his fear manifests as an out-of-control rage.

He’s also the man who accidentally killed the heir to the Fuccini syndicate. When the newlyweds honeymoon in Rome, a hit team follows. They keep waving things at Darwin–pointy things, like knives. He just can’t control himself when that happens, and accidentally kills a few more ‘made men.’ The Mafia believes Darwin is a trained killer, hired to take them out, and declare all-out war on the neurotic novelist.

What Are You Waiting For?: Learn How to Rise to the Occasion of Your Life

 Self-Help > Self-Esteem
Author: Kristen Moeller, Jack Canfield

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What Are You Waiting For?: Learn How to Rise to the Occasion of Your Life

What are you waiting for? Do you find yourself waiting for the right moment? The ideal relationship? The perfect job? Are you waiting for your ?real” life to begin? Do think that the gifts of life are right around the corner? That one day you will arrive and everything will be okay? Do you endlessly search, yet never seem to find? Through the sharing of authentic personal stories and profound life lessons, Kristen Moeller explores our pervasive human tendency to wait for life and to look outside ourselves for answers. So we don’t try; we give up. We sell out and we forget who we are. We are afraid to succeed, afraid to fail, and afraid to say we are afraid. But as Wayne Gretzky said, ?You’ll always miss one-hundred percent of the shots you don’t take!”

Murder is a Beach (Maggie, PI Mysteries Book 2)

 Fiction > Humor & Satire
Author: Rose Pressey

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Murder is a Beach (Maggie, PI Mysteries Book 2)

Maggie Thomas is still stumbling her way through running her uncle’s Miami Beach P.I. agency. When a dead woman washes up on the shore, Maggie has reason to believe the woman’s death wasn’t an accident. Maggie may have recently solved her first case as a private eye, but handsome detective Jake Jackson warns her that this one is too complex.

Maggie ignores Jake’s warning.

When a man involved in the case disappears without a trace, Maggie and her orthopedic shoe–wearing assistant, Dorothy Raye, go undercover to help crack the case—that is, if Dorothy can put down her knitting needles long enough.

Werewolf Love Story: Parts One and Two

 Romance > Gothic
Author: H.T. Night

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Werewolf Love Story: Parts One and Two

Tommy Jensen is a rising star in mixed martial arts fighting. One night, while training hard for his second MMA match, he comes across a sexy, mysterious woman named Sasha. For Tommy, this is the beginning of something new and horrible…something strange and wondrous. This is the beginning of his immortality. In desperate need for answers, Tommy will soon come upon the woman who will change his life forever. Beautiful Maya has the answers he seeks…but Tommy wants a lot more than answers. He wants her heart. And that’s something he’s willing to fight for.

The Paleo Cookbook: 90 Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

 Diets & Weight Loss > Diets > Paleo
Author: Anna Conrad

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The Paleo Cookbook: 90 Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

When chef and caterer Anna Conrad was asked to provide paleo recipes for a fitness group’s twenty-eight-day paleo challenge, she was a little skeptical. Could an athlete—or even an average person—really maintain a balanced body without any grains or dairy? Before agreeing to the job, she decided to follow the diet for two weeks to see how she felt. In that short amount of time, she lost eight pounds without feeling hungry or deprived, and her blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol all stayed within healthy limits. She gladly provided the recipes and now offers a paleo menu as a regular part of her catering business.


 Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Justin Robinson, James Roy Daley, Books of the Dead

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Ian Covey is a doppelganger. A mimic. A shapeshifter. He can replace anyone he wants by becoming a perfect copy; taking the victim’s face, his home, his family. His life. No longer a man, but a hungry void, Ian Covey is a monster.

David Tirado is a massive, hideous colony organism, a gestalt entity. The sum of Covey’s discarded parts. A roiling, chaotic patchwork of vast and varied personalities, memories, and physical forms that used to be a man – many men – David Tirado is a monster.
Sophie Tirado’s identity has been eroded by the tides of a long relationship, and now the man she gave herself up for has been stolen away and replaced by a mimic. Caught between the Doppelganger and the Gestalt Entity, she will try to save her husband, but there might be nothing left of him.

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