Home for Christmas

Romantic Suspense > New Adult
Author: Emme Rollins

Home for Christmas: New Adult Holiday Dark Suspense Romance

Alone and on the run, Ginny is desperate to stay one step ahead of danger while still trying to protect her sister and her sister’s boys.

Forced from her home and holding the key to a horrible secret, Ginny is haunted by her memories and pursued by a man who will stop at nothing to regain his control over her.

The appearance of a mysterious man in her time of greatest need forces Ginny to decide whether she will take the chance to trust this handsome stranger.

Fang Chronicles: Amy’s Story

 Romance > Paranormal
Author: D’Elen McClain

Fang Chronicles: Amy's Story

Amy is hot on a story as she tries to discover what life is like for teenage girls living on the street. When her disguise almost gets her killed, she’s saved by one of New York’s most eligible bachelors. His private life is filled with secrets and his story sparks Amy’s interest. Discovering the truth lands her in a world of vampires and werewolves that she never dreamed existed. She also never dreamed she could truly love a man or vampire but Marcus shows her the light. Now the two must fight the one person who can destroy their chance at love. With the help of Marcus’ clan of werewolves the war begins.

Wheels Up: Sky Jinks in the Jet Age

 Transportation > Aviation > Commercial
Author: Steve Taylor

Wheels Up: Sky Jinks in the Jet Age

The stories in “Wheels Up” are not made up. They are the real deal, true antics of a jet age pilot in the high-octane environment of the cockpit. Some will give you pause and make you think, some will knock the wind out of you, and some will make you throw your head back and laugh. No one is spared his (or her) just deserts, least of all the self-deprecating author in this tale of high jinks in the air, on land and at sea, complete with high tension and low humor, near collisions and happy landings.

From Citadel cadet to Delta captain, Taylor takes readers into a world few have seen. It’s both humorous and heartfelt – fast, fun and true.

A Vampire’s Christmas Carol

 Romance > Paranormal > Vampires
Author: Cynthia Eden

A Vampire's Christmas Carol

This holiday season has bite.

Ben Prescott hates Christmas—he’s a vampire, and to him, there’s certainly nothing jolly about the holiday season. While the humans are running around being merry, he’s hunting in the shadows. Ben plans to spend the holidays his way…by stalking deadly prey.

But fate has other plans for Ben.

Three visitors are coming Ben’s way…A demon who will force Ben to face his past, a ghost who will show Ben the present he could have, and a shifter who will reveal the darkness that waits in Ben’s future. Unless Ben can change his ways, he may just turn into a real monster, one who can’t be saved by anyone or anything.

‘Tis the season…to be undead.

Low Carb Cookie and Baking Recipes: The Best Low Carb Baking And Dessert Recipes

 Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Special Diet > Low Carb
Author: Jamie Smith

Low Carb Cookie and Baking Recipes: The Best Low Carb Baking And Dessert Recipes (Low Carb Recipes)

Over 100 FREE Bonus Low Carb Recipes Included!

Learn How To Make The Best Low Carb Cookies
Low carb diets have become increasingly popular over the years, the reason for this diets popularity is due to the fact that this diet has many great health benefits. Some of these health benefits include, weight loss, prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Low Carb Lemon Cheesecake Bars
Low Carb Chocolate Torte
Easy Low Carb Key Lime Pie
Low Carb Strawberry Cream Pie
Mouthwatering Low Carb Lemon Angel Pie
Flourless Low Carb Chocolate Fudge Cake
Low Carb Coconut Cake
Low Carb Red Valvet Cake
Low Carb Pecan Pie
Classic Low Carb Pie Crust
Apple Cake


Hero: Wolves of Angels Rest #1

 Romance > Paranormal
Author: Elsa Jade, Mating Season Collection

Hero: Wolves of Angels Rest #1

Maddie Joplin’s heart was broken by the small-town golden boy who took her virginity and left her behind. Now he’s back with secrets he won’t share and scars she doesn’t remember, and she wants just one chance to show him what he missed. Kane Villalobos had one choice: abandon Maddie or reveal his dangerous life as a wolf shifter. But with the mating moon on the rise, Kane is bound to take a mate. And this time, Maddie refuses to let him walk away alone.

Wherever that silver light touches, lone male werewolves are seized by the urge to find their mates. Join these six packs of growly alpha males (with six-packs!) as they seek out the smart, sassy women who are strong enough to claim them forever.

The Haunted Bookshop

 Mystery > Traditional Detectives
Author: Christopher Morley

The Haunted Bookshop

Aubrey Gilbert stops by the Haunted Bookshop hoping to sell his services as an advertising copywriter. He fails to accomplish his goal, but learns that Titania Chapman, the lovely daughter of his most important client, is a store assistant there. Aubrey returns to visit Titania and experiences a series of unusual events: He is attacked on his way home from the store, an obscure book mysteriously disappears and reappears, and two strange characters are seen skulking in a nearby alleyway. Aubrey initially suspects the bookstore’s gregarious owner, Roger Mifflin, of scheming to kidnap Titania, but the plot he eventually uncovers is far more complex and sinister than he could have ever imagined.

A charming ode to the art of bookselling wrapped inside a thrilling suspense story, The Haunted Bookshop is a must-read for bibliophiles and mystery lovers alike.

Hubert Keller’s Souvenirs: Stories and Recipes from My Life

Biographies & Memoirs > Culinary
Author: Hubert Keller, Penelope Wisner

Regularly $12.99, Today $1.49
Hubert Keller's Souvenirs: Stories and Recipes from My Life

Souvenirs is a memoir cookbook written by the multitalented Hubert Keller: chef, restaurateur, and Frenchman. Through personal stories and 120 recipes, the book explores his classical training and traces his development as a creative superstar chef. Keller apprentices in a Michelin three star–rated restaurant at the age of 16. He moves from his native Alsace, to southern France, and is inspired by the cuisine of the sun while working with the great French chefs of his time, Roger Vergé, Paul Bocuse, and Gaston Lenôtre. He learns to adapt to challenging new environments in South America, and the United States, and charts his own path into the newest frontiers of the restaurant business. The book is organized by seminal themes in his life; it starts with his family in France, and ends back there in the “Holiday” chapter.

Blood Destiny (A Blood Curse Novel Book 1)

 Horror > Dark Fantasy
Author: Tessa Dawn

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Blood Destiny (A Blood Curse Novel Book 1)

Descended from the progeny of Celestial Gods and humans, Nathaniel Silivasi is handsome, seductive, and powerful beyond measure: a lethal vampire. Belonging to an ancient civilization that sacrificed its females to the verge of extinction, he is also cursed. Like all the sons of Jadon, he is incapable of producing female offspring and required to sacrifice a first born son as atonement for the sins of his forefathers. While he belongs to a modern civilization, he is bound by primeval law.

When Jocelyn Levi stumbles upon Nathaniel’s pristine mountain valley, she is not prepared for the collision of worlds she is about to encounter. As an agent of the homeland security department, ICE, the beautiful, defiant female has an agenda of her own: to stop the ritualistic slaughter of innocent young women by a human trafficking ring.

Aromas of Aleppo: The Legendary Cuisine of Syrian Jews

 Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Regional & International > Middle Eastern
Author: Poopa Dweck, Quentin Bacon

Regularly $27.99, Today $1.99
Aromas of Aleppo: The Legendary Cuisine of Syrian Jews

When the Aleppian Jewish community migrated from the ancient city of Aleppo in historic Syria and settled in New York and Latin American cities in the early 20th century, it brought its rich cuisine and vibrant culture. Most Syrian recipes and traditions, however, were not written down and existed only in the minds of older generations. Poopa Dweck, a first generation Syrian–Jewish American, has devoted much of her life to preserving and celebrating her community’s centuries–old legacy.

Dweck relates the history and culture of her community through its extraordinary cuisine, offering more than 180 exciting ethnic recipes with tantalizing photos and describing the unique customs that the Aleppian Jewish community observes during holidays and lifecycle events. Among the irresistible recipes are:

•Bazargan–Tangy Tamarind Bulgur Salad

•Shurbat Addes–Hearty Red Lentil Soup with Garlic and Coriander

•Kibbeh–Stuffed Syrian Meatballs with Ground Rice

•Samak b’Batata–Baked Middle Eastern Whole Fish with Potatoes

•Sambousak–Buttery Cheese–Filled Sesame Pastries

•Eras bi’Ajweh–Date–Filled Crescents

•Chai Na’na–Refreshing Mint Tea

Web of Deceit (Agents Under Fire)

 Romance > Mystery & Suspense
Author: Susan Sleeman

Regularly $7.99, Today $1.99
Web of Deceit (Agents Under Fire)

Will he help find her sister’s killer . . . or lead the killer to her door?

When FBI Agent Kaitlyn Knight discovers her brother-in-law is Vyper—the notorious cyber-criminal and murderer wanted by the FBI—Kait doesn’t question her duty to arrest him. But when he murders her sister in front of her, leaving her infant niece motherless, Kait vows to hunt him down and bring him to justice while raising the baby.

Three years later, and not even a whisper of a lead in her search, Kait is about to give up hope of ever finding Vyper. All of that changes when he goes on a murderous spree taunting Kait with clues that she and homicide detective Sam Murdock must solve before her devious brother-in-law takes another life.

As the body count rises, Sam discovers the killing spree is really about striking back at Kait.

Greed and Glory on Wall Street: The Fall of the House of Lehman

 Business & Money > Management & Leadership
Author: Ken Auletta

Regularly $14.99, Today $1.99
Greed and Glory on Wall Street: The Fall of the House of Lehman

In 1983, Lew Glucksman, then co-CEO of the heralded investment bank Lehman Brothers, demanded the resignation of chairman Pete Peterson, with whom he had long argued over how to manage the company. Shockingly, Peterson, who had taken charge a decade earlier and led Lehman from near collapse to record profits, agreed to step down. In this meticulously researched volume, Ken Auletta details the turmoil, infighting, and power struggles that brought about Peterson’s departure and the eventual sale of one of Wall Street’s oldest and most prestigious firms.

Set against the backdrop of the 1980s stock exchange, where hotshot young traders made and lost millions in a single afternoon, the story of Lehman’s fall is a suspenseful battle of wills between bankers, traders, and executives motivated by greed, envy, and ego.

The First Christmas of the War (An American Family’s Wartime Saga Book 1)

 Fiction > Historical > Military
Author: Alan Simon

Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99
The First Christmas of the War (An American Family's Wartime Saga Book 1)

The Great Depression years finally behind them, the entire Coleman family of Pittsburgh has been looking forward to this Christmas for almost the entire year. For the first time in more than a decade, Gerald and Irene Coleman have tucked away enough extra money to make up for all the lean years of disappointingly modest Christmas gifts for their children. But December 7, 1941 has changed everything, and for the past two weeks the entire family has followed with despair the Japanese advances all over the Pacific as well as America finally being dragged into the two-year old European war. Though a few glimmers of hope can be found amidst the ominous war news, both parents fear not only for the country’s fate as this new war begins but also, more personally, for the fate of their sons who will likely soon be joining the fighting in one war theater or another.

Belong to Me (Moore Crossing Book 1)

 Fiction > Coming of Age
Author: Laura Howard

Regularly $3.63, Today $0.99
Belong to Me (Moore Crossing Book 1)

Kate and Noah thought they had the kind of love that could last through anything. Until their world crumbles out from beneath them.

After months of separation, the tragic death of Jack, Kate’s twin and Noah’s best friend, throws them back together. As they try to heal from the horrific loss, will they be able to overcome old wounds or are they destined to live separately forever?


Fix-It and Forget-It Christmas Cookbook: 602 Slow Cooker Holiday Recipes

 Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Entertaining & Holidays > Christmas
Author: Phyllis Good

Regularly $10.99, Today $1.99
Fix-It and Forget-It Christmas Cookbook: 602 Slow Cooker Holiday Recipes

“You absolutely can make holiday meals with ease and with pleasure!” says slow cooker champion Phyllis Pellman Good. Her latest collection, Fix-It and Forget-It Christmas Cookbook: 600 Slow Cooker Holiday Recipes, will fi ll your head with menu ideas, give you gentle guidance with each recipe, and deliver dishes that your friends and family will love. “Stop your fretting. Put an end to the nightmares. Get out your slow cookers!” Good urges. “These are 600 stand-out, slow cooker recipes — all from home cooks from across the country. “These are 600 manageable, slow cooker recipes — from cooks who want to feast with their loved ones without being exhausted and frazzled.”

You Come When I Call You: A Novel of Supernatural Horror

 Horror > Occult
Author: Douglas Clegg

Regularly $9.99, Today $0.99
You Come When I Call You: A Novel of Supernatural Horror

A desert town. A ritual of darkness. An unending horror unleashed.You Come When I Call You is the dark, heart-pounding epic of supernatural horror from New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Douglas Clegg. Nightmares overtake a desert town. Four friends, witnesses to past horror, draw close as visions from childhood return to strike terror in their hearts. And then, someone comes back from the dead…

A Dark Revival
An old friend — from years ago when they were all teenagers in the town of Palmetto, California — is hunting them. He calls himself the Desolation Angel.

A Beautiful Demon
And at the center of it all, a mysterious girl, missing for years — and the creature that possesses her soul.


 Young Adult > Mysteries & Thrillers
Author: Cheryl Rainfield

Regularly $8.99, Today $2.99

Sixteen-year-old Sarah Meadows longs for “normal.” Born with a port wine stain covering half her face, all her life she’s been plagued by stares, giggles, bullying, and disgust.

But when she’s abducted on the way home from school, Sarah is forced to uncover the courage she never knew she had, become a hero rather than a victim, and learn to look beyond her face to find the beauty and strength she has inside. It’s that—or succumb to a killer.

Tattooed Emotions (Tattooed Billionaire Series Book 1)

 Women’s Fiction > Contemporary Women
Author: Alicia Rae, Jovana Shirley

Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99
Tattooed Emotions (Tattooed Billionaire Series Book 1)

Raelyn Jennings has survived the unthinkable. She’s been given a second chance to live, to breathe, to feel. Her ability to overcome such a traumatic hurdle has created armor around her heart. But beyond her shield is fear, a consuming deep one, of the unknown. Raelyn vows to herself that she’ll solely focus on the one constant in her life, her career as the CEO for a prestigious accounting firm.

Damien Heathman’s unrelenting determination has made him a powerful, respected man. He’s sexy and confident and utterly breathtaking. His dominance and strength is evident in every purposeful stride, every meaningful look, and every soft caress.
Raelyn has worked with Damien’s company, Heathman Enterprises, for many years, but they’ve never crossed paths—until now.

Damien’s presence fills a room. He steals Raelyn’s breath and sparks her broken heart back to life. Once Damien sets eyes on Raelyn, there is no turning back. He wants her, and he’ll stop at nothing to have her. Not even the dark secrets hidden behind his tattoos will stand in his way.

Badlands Bad Boy (The Texas Brands Book 3)

 Romance > Westerns
Author: Maggie Shayne

Regularly $2.99, Today $1.02
Badlands Bad Boy (The Texas Brands Book 3)

Alter Ego or Ghostly Warrior?

Wes Brand is the black sheep of the family. But lately, he’s become friends with an old Shaman named Turtle who has hidden reasons for wanting to put Wes in touch with his Comanche roots. He convinces Wes to impersonate legendary warrior, Wolf Shadow, to drive archaeologist Dr. Taylor McCoy away from her dig site. His failing health provides plenty of leverage. But when the beautiful doc finds herself falling for both Wes and his ghostly alter-ego, Wes wonders how he’ll get out of the mess he’s made without ruining the powerful feelings beginning to grow between them.

Heist Society

 Children’s Books > Mysteries & Detectives
Author: Ally Carter

Regularly $9.99, Today $3.99
Heist Society

For as long as she can remember, Katarina has been a part of the family business—thieving. When Kat tries to leave “the life” for a normal life, her old friend Hale conspires to bring her back into the fold.

Why? A mobster’s art collection has been stolen, and Kat’s father is the only suspect. Caught between Interpol and a far more deadly enemy, Kat’s dad needs her help.

Forgotten Ally: China’s World War II, 1937-1945

 History > Military > World War II
Author: Rana Mitter

Regularly $9.99, Today $2.99
Forgotten Ally: China's World War II, 1937-1945

In 1937, two years before Hitler invaded Poland, Chinese troops clashed with Japanese occupiers in the first battle of World War II. Joining with the United States, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain, China became the fourth great ally in a devastating struggle for its very survival.Prizewinning historian Rana Mitter unfurls China’s drama of invasion, resistance, slaughter, and political intrigue as never before. Based on groundbreaking research, this gripping narrative focuses on a handful of unforgettable characters, including Chiang Kai-shek, Mao Zedong, and Chiang’s American chief of staff, “Vinegar Joe” Stilwell. Mitter also recounts the sacrifice and resilience of everyday Chinese people through the horrors of bombings, famines, and the infamous Rape of Nanking.

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