Tell Me Something (Something Series Book 1)

 Romantic Comedy
Author: Aubrey Bondurant

Tell Me Something (Something Series Book 1)

Haylee Holloway has experienced more grief than a twenty-two year old should have to endure. When she moves to LA for a fresh start and takes a job as an assistant for an advertising company the last thing she expects is to have to step in last minute during a photo shoot as the model. Her bikini line and weight are suddenly open topics of discussion, and a client’s million dollar campaign is hanging in the balance. To cap it off, the multi-millionaire, gorgeous owner of the company shows up and takes charge.

Josh Singer, the owner of Gamble Advertising is private, intense, and hard to read. His voice is sexy, his eyes are smoldering and when he learns of Haylee’s goal to save money for law school, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse:
To move to New York City and work for him directly as his assistant.

Haylee’s dilemma: how does she travel the world with a hot boss whose voice alone conjures up an erotic fantasy and not completely make a fool of herself? Frustrated with Josh’s mixed signals, Haylee finally puts it all on the line. Blurring both their professional and personal lives can they keep things temporary as planned or will they both realize some things weren’t meant to end?

The Third Floor: an Angel Hill novel

 Horror > Ghosts
Author: C. Dennis Moore

The Third Floor: an Angel Hill novel

Welcome to Angel Hill, Missouri, a town that shot blood from the ground at its own groundbreaking. There are only two roads in or out of Angel Hill, and everything within those borders is subject to the whims of reality. Those who grew up here are immune to the town’s peculiarities. But Jack and Liz have just moved here, and for their young son, Joey, it’s almost like coming home again.

As the Kitches settle into their new home, a large abandoned house in need of a lot of TLC, Angel Hill welcomes them the only way it knows how. Footsteps in the middle of the night. Voices on the phone. Their big empty house wasn’t so empty after all. There’s a presence, and it’s growing stronger. And angrier.


Treasure of Saint-Lazare: A Novel of Paris

 Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: John Pearce

Treasure of Saint-Lazare: A Novel of Paris

Romantic Paris. Dangerous Paris. Paris of dark history. Long tentacles reaching out from the Nazi past force Eddie Grant and the people he loves into a dangerous quest to find the most valuable art treasure still missing since the end of World War II — and give him a slim chance to locate the terrorists who murdered his family seven years before.

Jen Wetzmuller, the ravishing daughter of his father’s World War II colleague in the Monuments Men, arrives from Florida with a letter she discovered among her father’s papers after a mysterious black car ran him down, then disappeared without a trace.

Its clues are cryptic, but enough to take Eddie from his comfortable Paris home to Florida, where all the skills he learned as a Special Forces officer are barely enough to escape with his life. The new facts he and Jen uncover lead him back to Paris and the Loire Valley to burrow deep into the darkest memories of the German Occupation. Along the way, he and Jen restart the brief but fiercely passionate affair that he abandoned, to his regret, 20 years before.

Grave Doubts (A Paranormal Mystery Novel)

 Horror > Ghosts
Author: Lynn Bohart

Grave Doubts (A Paranormal Mystery Novel)

There is an eerie presence roaming the pages of “Grave Doubts.” Our protagonist, Lee Vanderhaven, embarks on a journey through the timber country of Central Oregon to discover the truth about the apparent suicide of her best friend from an overdose of insulin. She is accompanied by a strange onyx bird. Does it embody the spirit of her dead friend? Is this supernatural presence even friend or foe? Lee won’t know until she’s left hanging from a steel beam above the “feed chain” in a local sawmill one night, with a crazed man trying his best to shake her loose. And even if she makes it out alive – this time – the real killer lurks in the shadows with another hypodermic needle meant just for her.

The Greatest Casserole Cookbook

Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Main Courses & Side Dishes > Casseroles
Author: Hannie P. Scott

The Greatest Casserole Cookbook (Casserole Recipes): Easy Casserole Recipes and Casserole Dishes

Are you looking for some delicious casserole recipes to feed the family? This simple and easy casserole cookbook has step-by-step recipes that are easy to follow and simply prepared.

Before long you’ll have everyone asking for more. With a nice variety of delicious casserole recipes, you can please everyone!

  1. Biscuits and Gravy Casserole
  2. Sausage Breakfast Casserole
  3. Bacon Breakfast Casserole
  4. Cinnamon Roll Casserole
  5. Blueberry Breakfast Casserole
  6. Pepperoni Pizza Chicken Bake
  7. Bacon Chicken Casserole
  8. Baked Potato Chicken Casserole
  9. Chicken Stuffing Casserole
  10. Chicken Spaghetti
  11. Corn Casserole
  12. Cinnamon Roll Casserole
  13. Sweet Potato Casserole
  14. Chicken Pot Pie
  15. Onion Chicken Noodle

Follow Titanic A Marsha & Danny Jones Thriller

 Mystery > Women Sleuths
Author: Ken Rossignol

Follow Titanic A Marsha & Danny Jones Thriller

The Sea Empress sets sail from Southampton on a trans-Atlantic cruise and two large storms force the ship to divert to a northern crossing. The Joan of Arc has just left the port with a ship full of thrill-seekers who are following the voyage of the Titanic 100 years after that disaster.
On board the Sea Empress once again are Marsha and Danny Jones, husband and wife team providing executive protection to the ship and her passengers. What could go wrong?

“My wife can nail a killer right between the eyes at forty paces,” said Danny. “Lucky for me because that guy had the drop on me when he brought my Eggs Benedict to our stateroom.”

It’s cold outside and yet one more important guest who is on board is in peril as terror strikes again! Can the curse of the Titanic spell doom and destruction for the Joan of Arc and the Sea Empress? Will retired Secret Service Agent Marsha Jones save the day once again?


Amazing Birds: Adult Coloring Book

 Crafts & Hobbies > Coloring Books for Grown-Ups
Author: Tali Carmi

Amazing Birds: Adult Coloring Book (Beautiful Designs for Relaxation and Calm 1)

Do you love to color?

Relax and step away from everyday life stress! There is nothing more relaxing than coloring a book with beautiful pictures.

Channel stress and anxiety into artistic fulfillment. Escape to the world of fantasy and creativity. Suitable for both beginners and advanced colorists, anyone who loves coloring Will Enjoy this book.

There are no instructions, no rights or wrongs, and there is no need for expensive art supplies. Download printable PDF pictures of amazing birds

In this book you will find artwork coloring pictures of the most AMAZING BIRDS of our planet and learn interesting and fun facts about them.

Do you want to color the amazing birds’ pictures?

A Body in the Backyard (Myrtle Clover Mysteries Book 4)

  Mystery > Cozy
Author: Elizabeth Spann Craig

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A Body in the Backyard (Myrtle Clover Mysteries Book 4)

Extreme gardening often involves gnomes and planted bodies…

It’s just an ordinary day for octogenarian sleuth Myrtle Clover—until her yardman discovers a dead body planted in her backyard. This death isn’t cut and dried—the victim was bashed in the head with one of Myrtle’s garden gnomes.

Myrtle’s friend Miles recognizes the body and identifies him as Charles Clayborne… reluctantly admitting he’s a cousin. Charles wasn’t the sort of relative you bragged about—he was a garden variety sleaze, which is very likely why he ended up murdered. As Myrtle starts digging up dirt to nip the killings in the bud, someone’s focused on scaring her off the case. Myrtle vows to find the murderer…before she’s pushing up daisies, herself.

The DASH Diet for Beginners: Essentials to Get Started

 Diets > Weight Loss
Author: John Chatham

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The DASH Diet for Beginners: Essentials to Get Started

Do you know why the DASH diet is voted the “Best Diet” year after year? It’s simple: The DASH diet is an easy and sustainable tool for creating a healthful lifestyle.

Based on research by the National Institutes of Health, and chosen by U.S. News & World Report as its number-one choice in Best Diets Overall, Best Diets for Healthy Eating, and Best Diabetes Diets, the DASH diet rises above the noise of the gimmicky weight-loss plans.

Created as a way for people with high blood pressure to enjoy the foods they love while working to reduce or correct their hypertension, the DASH diet uses healthful food choices, along with more nutritious ways to prepare favorite dishes, to allow people to eat a varied, delicious, and balanced diet.

And although it wasn’t created as a weight-loss diet, the DASH diet often does result in weight loss, which is a huge benefit to those who have diabetes or high blood pressure, or are at high risk of developing either disease.

Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business

 Business & Money > Management & Leadership
Author: Gino Wickman, Mark C. Winters

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Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business

Visionaries have groundbreaking ideas. Integrators make those ideas a reality. This explosive combination is the key to getting everything you want out of your business. It worked for Disney. It worked for McDonald’s. It worked for Ford. It can work for you.

From the author of the bestselling Traction, Rocket Fuel details the integral roles of the Visionary and Integrator and explains how an effective relationship between the two can help your business thrive. Offering advice to help Visionary-minded and Integrator-minded individuals find one another, Rocket Fuel also features assessments so you’re able to determine whether you’re a Visionary or an Integrator.

Without an Integrator, a Visionary is far less likely to succeed long-term ,and realize the company’s ultimate goals—likewise, with no Visionary, an Integrator can’t rise to his or her full potential.

Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions

 Christian Living > Personal Growth
Author: Lysa TerKeurst

Regularly $8.99, Today $1.99
Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions

In this six-session, small group Bible study DVD, Lysa Terkeurst teaches participants how to process emotions and resolve conflicts in ways that lead to a much more peaceful life.

Lysa TerKeurst admits that she, like most women, has experiences where others bump into her “happy” causing her to come emotionally unglued.

What do we often do with our raw emotions? We stuff, we explode, or react somewhere in between. Is it really possible to make emotions work for us instead of against us? Her answer is yes, and in her usual inspiring and practical way, Lysa shows you how.

Filled with gut-honest personal examples and Biblical teaching, Unglued will equip you to know with confidence how to
– Resolve conflict in your important relationships
– Find peace in your most difficult relationships as you learn to be honest but kind when offended
– Identify what type of reactor you are and how to significantly improve your communication
– Respond with no regrets by managing your tendencies to stuff, explode or react somewhere in between
– And how to gain a deep sense of calm by responding to situations out of your control without acting out of control


 Fiction > African American > Women’s Fiction
Author: Nia Forrester

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Robyn Crandall thought she had the life she’d always dreamed of, with her childhood sweetheart, until he asked for a divorce. Gone with him are her hopes of a perfect home and family. Moving back in with her mother, broke and broken, Robyn has no plans to do anything other than lick her wounds and hold on to her faltering career. But then she finds herself unexpectedly drawn to a man who has everything, and yet seems to have nothing at all.

Every single milestone Chris Scaife set, he’s reached and surpassed. The one place he feels out of his depth is being a father to his three kids–all them practical strangers–and dealing with their mothers who view him as a never-ending source of income. Between that, and managing his music empire he doesn’t have time for distractions, but one shows up anyway. Robyn is a woman who deserves the kind of life he doesn’t feel equipped to give her, but walking away might not be that easy.

Nurse, Come You Here!: More True Stories of a Country Nurse on a Scottish Isle

 Biographies & Memoirs > Medical
Author: Mary MacLeod

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Nurse, Come You Here!: More True Stories of a Country Nurse on a Scottish Isle

Mary J. Macleod and her husband left the London area for an idyllic place to raise their young children in the late sixties, and they found the island of Papavray in the Scottish Hebrides. There they bought a croft house on a “small acre” of land, and Mary J. (also known as Julia) became the district nurse. At the age of eighty, she first recounted her family’s adventures in her debut, Call the Nurse, where she introduced readers to the austere beauties of the island and the hardy charm and warmth of the islanders. The anecdotes in this new volume take us to the end of her stay on Papavray, after which the MacLeod family left for California.

Once again we meet the crofters Archie, Mary, and Fergie, and other friends. There are stories of troubles, joy, and tragedy, of children lost and found, the cow that wandered into the kitchen, a distraught young mother who strides into the icy surf with her infant child, the ghostly apparition that returns after death to reveal the will in a sewing box.

The Path of No Resistance: Why Overcoming is Simpler than You Think

 Self-Help > Personal Transformation
Author: Garret Kramer

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The Path of No Resistance: Why Overcoming is Simpler than You Think

Most people are convinced that the key to rising above a perceived problem is to think about it, analyze all angles, and try hard to solve it. But the fact is: Problems in the world are mounting. War, famine, and strife exist at alarming rates. Not to mention that the level of respect within our families and communities seems to be fraying.

Simply put, our behavior is not up to par these days; it is spiraling downward. Why? We’re not connecting the dots. In the arenas of psychology, teaching, coaching, and parenting, we’re using behavioral strategies to boost inner levels of clarity and consciousness—to no avail.

So, if focusing on behavior isn’t working, what will?

The Path of No Resistance provides a brand-new look at how human beings really overcome adversity. Along the way, Garret Kramer reveals the astonishing truth about what creates our troubles in the first place. And what we already know, deep down, that allows us to prosper in spite of any circumstance or situation.

Buried Dreams: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer

 True Crime > Serial Killers
Author: Tim Cahill

Regularly $4.99, Today $1.99
Buried Dreams: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer

Drawing on exclusive interviews and previously unreported material, journalist Tim Cahill “offers the stuff of wrenching nightmares” (The Wall Street Journal): a harrowing journey inside the mind of a serial killer. Meticulously researched and graphically recounted, Buried Dreams brings to vivid life the real John Wayne Gacy—his complex personality, compulsions, inadequacies, and torments—often in the killer’s own words.

Called “an absorbing and disturbing story” by Publishers Weekly and “surprisingly graceful” by the New York Times, this is a journey to the heart of human evil that you will never forget.

Drawing on exclusive interviews and previously unreported material, journalist Tim Cahill “offers the stuff of wrenching nightmares” (The Wall Street Journal): a harrowing journey inside the mind of a serial killer.


Crazy Good

 Romance > Contemporary
Author: Rachel Robinson

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Crazy Good

Before there were bikers, or fighters, or even good old-fashioned jerks, there were Navy SEALs. They put the bad in badass because, well…it’s their job.

Navy SEAL Maverick Hart has everything. Women want him. Grown men idolize him. Little boys want to grow up and be like him. The job, the glory—it’s all his. Not because it’s handed to him…because he works hard for it. The second his sights lock on something, he owns it—or destroys it. Unfortunately he does both at the same time.

Windsor Forbes only takes calculated risks in her profession and in her personal life. After being left at the altar by the only person she’s ever loved, the very last thing she’s looking for is a relationship—especially the insane brand an arrogant Navy SEAL is offering. Hesitant, yet trusting to a fault, she gives in.

The Bones of You

 Thrillers > Crime
Author: Debbie Howells

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The Bones of You

When Kate receives a phone call with news that Rosie Anderson is missing, she’s stunned and disturbed. Rosie is eighteen, the same age as Kate’s daughter, and a beautiful, quiet, and kind young woman. Though the locals are optimistic—girls like Rosie don’t get into real trouble—Kate’s sense of foreboding is confirmed when Rosie is found fatally beaten and stabbed.

Who would kill the perfect daughter, from the perfect family? Yet the more Kate entwines herself with the Andersons—graceful mother Jo, renowned journalist father Neal, watchful younger sister Delphine—the more she is convinced that not everything is as it seems. Anonymous notes arrive, urging Kate to unravel the tangled threads of Rosie’s life and death, though she has no idea where they will lead.

Weaving flashbacks from Rosie’s perspective into a tautly plotted narrative, The Bones of You is a gripping, haunting novel of sacrifices and lies, desperation and love.

Clarity – The Complete Series

 Thrillers > Psychological
Author: Loretta Lost

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Clarity - The Complete Series

Fiercely independent Helen Winters was born completely blind, but she vowed never to let her disability keep her down. She did not expect a traumatic event to devastate her life and force her to drop out of college. Disillusioned by the cruelty of people, Helen retreated from society to live by herself as a reclusive writer in the woods–where no one could ever hurt her again.

When a brilliant young doctor shows up on her doorstep, promising her that his new research can give her the ability to see for the first time, Helen stubbornly refuses. She has learned not to trust anyone, and to rely only on herself. But Dr. Liam Larson will not take no for an answer. He makes it his personal mission to rescue Helen from her loneliness, and bring joy into her world once more–the joy she has denied herself for so long.

When Helen’s demons come racing back into her life, threatening to rip her apart and destroy the strength she has carefully rebuilt, Liam is the only one who might be able to save her. Can he reach the broken girl in time, helping her to heal and see the world in a different light? Or will Helen’s grief send her spiraling out of control, lost to him forever?

Skin (Broken but… Mending Book 1)

 Romance > Contemporary
Author: Dale Mayer

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Skin (Broken but... Mending Book 1)

A journey of exploration…
A journey of healing…
A journey of love…
Two people are forced by circumstances into a therapy class to help them deal with their problems. They are strangers. Forced to be partners. Naturally opposites.
Kane is dealing with anger of betrayal at the deepest level, needing to find his way back to forgiveness. Tania is a previous rape victim hoping to deal with her fear of intimacy so she can have a loving relationship.
Tania’s medium of expression – her camera.
Her subject – the human body – Kane’s physical body.
Looking through the lens of a camera, she learns to find beauty and compassion…and the strength to find wholeness…with him.

Material Witness: a Romantic Suspense Novel (Heroes of Providence Book 1)

 Mystery > Police Procedurals
Author: L.A. Mondello, Lisa Mondello

Regularly $4.99, Today $0.99
Material Witness: a Romantic Suspense Novel (Heroes of Providence Book 1)

Who does she trust when the horror of one of her crime novels turns into a deadly reality?

Bestselling crime novelist, Cassie Alvarez, aka Cassie Lang, had murder on her mind when she walked into Rory’s Bar under dressed and under cover to research her latest crime novel. Researching the cool, blue-eyed and dashingly handsome man at the end of the bar stirred her senses more than she wanted to admit. But was this man of leather armor all he appeared to be?

Playing White Knight to an innocent wasn’t how Detective Jake Santos planned to spend his time under cover. But there was no way “CJ” was what she claimed to be and that nagging tightness in Jake’s chest told him he’d better take her home to safety and leave it at that. Then the barroom exploded with gunfire, leaving a trail of dead that includes a notorious Providence organized crime boss and an undercover FBI agent. When Cassie’s name is leaked to the media as the only witness to the grisly murders, Cassie insists she only trusts Jake to protect her.

Brownies & Betrayal (Sweet Bites Mysteries, Book 1)

 Mystery > Cozy > Culinary
Author: Heather Justesen

Regularly $4.99, Today $2.99
Brownies & Betrayal (Sweet Bites Mysteries, Book 1)

Pastry chef Tess Crawford thought moving from Chicago to quiet Silver Springs, Arizona would simplify her life. That was before she found the body of a woman with whom she had traded heated words the previous night, left her fingerprints on the murder weapon, and came under attack for trying to clear her name. When her cheating ex-fiance shows up, intent on convincing her to come back to work for him, Tess—armed with an extra batch of éclairs—decides to take control and solve the mystery herself, with the help of friends and frenemies alike.

But will that be enough to save her when she gets too close and the killer decides it’s safer to get her out of the way?

The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers (Biker Witches Mystery 2)

 Romance > Paranormal
Author: Angie Fox

Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99
The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers (Biker Witches Mystery 2)

Demon slaying powers should come with an instruction book … Seriously. Why does a new hair dryer have a twelve-page how-to manual, but when it comes to ancient demon-fighting hocus-pocus, my biker witch granny gives me just half a dozen switch stars and a rah-rah speech? Oh, and a talking terrier, but that’s another story. It’s not like my job as a preschool teacher prepared me for this kind of thing.

So I’ve decided to write my own manual, The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, because no one tells me anything. Dimitri my “protector” may be one stud of a shape-shifting griffin, but he always thinks he can handle everything by himself. Only he’s no match for the soul-stealing succubi taking over Las Vegas. If I can’t figure out how to save him—and Sin City—there’ll be hell to pay.

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