The One You Want (Original Heartbreakers)

 Romance > Contemporary
Author: Gena Showalter

The One You Want (Original Heartbreakers)

In small-town Oklahoma, reputation is everything, and Kenna Starr will do anything to overcome hers. The supposed bad girl is determined to walk the straight and narrow, a seemingly impossible task when Tall, Dark and Sexy shows up…Rich and powerful, Dane Michaelson is every woman’s dream. When he returns to Strawberry Valley after a sixteen-year absence, he is unprepared for the redheaded girl he’s never been able to forget. She’s all woman now—and he’s never wanted anyone more. But to have her, he’ll have to break through her defenses…and surrender his own.

Whiskey Sour – A Thriller (Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels Mysteries Book 1)

 Mystery > Women Sleuths
Author: J.A. Konrath, Jack Kilborn

Whiskey Sour - A Thriller (Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Mysteries Book 1)

Lieutenant Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels is having a bad week. Her live-in boyfriend has left her for his personal trainer, chronic insomnia has caused her to max out her credit cards with late-night home shopping purchases, and a frightening killer who calls himself ‘The Gingerbread Man’ is dumping mutilated bodies in her district.

While avoiding the FBI and its moronic profiling computer, joining a dating service, mixing it up with street thugs, and parrying the advances of an uncouth PI, Jack and her binge-eating partner, Herb, must catch the maniac before he kills again…and Jack is next on his murder list.

Coco Pinchard’s Big Fat Tipsy Wedding

 Romantic Comedy
Author: Robert Bryndza

Coco Pinchard's Big Fat Tipsy Wedding: A Funny, Feel-Good Romantic Comedy

For Coco Pinchard forty is the new thirty. After a tumultuous divorce, she’s found love with the gorgeous, hunky, four-years-younger-than-her-so-technically-a-toy-boy, Adam. Her career as an author is finally a success, and she has fabulous friends in Chris, a neurotic middle-aged socialite, and Marika, a slightly alcoholic dog walker.

Coco is even learning to cope with awful ex mother-in-law, Ethel, who despite the divorce, still thinks it’s fine to criticise, especially when Coco and Adam decide to move in together…

But hours before move-in day, Adam ends their relationship without explanation and disappears. After the initial shock and anger (and an ‘I told you so’ from Ethel) Coco sets out to discover what has really happened.

Ruhlman’s Twenty: 20 Techniques, 200 Recipes, A Cook’s Manifesto

 Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Culinary Arts & Techniques
Author: Michael Ruhlman, Donna Turner Ruhlman

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Ruhlman's Twenty: 20 Techniques, 200 Recipes, A Cook's Manifesto

Rare is the cookbook that redefines how we cook. And rare is the author who can do so with the ease and expertise of acclaimed writer and culinary authority Michael Ruhlman. Twenty distills Ruhlman’s decades of cooking, writing, and working with the world’s greatest chefs into twenty essential ideas from ingredients to processes to attitude that are guaranteed to make every cook more accomplished.

Whether cooking a multi-course meal, the juiciest roast chicken, or just some really good scrambled eggs, Ruhlman reveals how a cooks success boils down to the same twenty concepts.

We Were Soldiers Once . . . and Young: Ia Drang-The Battle That Changed the War in Vietnam

 History > Military > Vietnam War
Author: Harold G. Moore, Joseph L. Galloway

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We Were Soldiers Once . . . and Young: Ia Drang-The Battle That Changed the War in Vietnam

In November 1965, some 450 men of the First Battalion, Seventh Cavalry, under the command of Lt. Col. Harold Moore, were dropped into a small clearing in the Ia Drang Valley. They were immediately surrounded by 2,000 North Vietnamese soldiers. Three days later, only two and a half miles away, a sister battalion was brutally slaughtered. Together, these actions at the landing zones X-Ray and Albany constituted one of the most savage and significant battles of the Vietnam War. They were the first major engagements between the US Army and the People’s Army of Vietnam.

The Hidden Plague

 Alternative Medicine > Healing
Author: Tara Grant

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The Hidden Plague

Have you been plagued with boils, cysts, ingrown hairs, and acne-like bumps that take months to resolve, leave embarrassing scars, and cause considerable pain? Have you been to the doctor, only to leave with a prescription for antibiotics, few answers, and little to no hope?   Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a poorly understood skin condition that is believed to affect nearly twelve million people in the United States alone. Only a small fraction of those affected have been properly diagnosed, leaving many others to suffer in silence or pursue ill-advised conventional treatment methods that fail to address the cause of this painful condition.

Tara Grant, a twenty-year sufferer of HS, has become an underground legend to her Internet community of HS victims by presenting a methodical, self-tested action plan to heal naturally.

Brilliance (The Brilliance Saga Book 1)

 Thrillers & Suspense > Espionage
Author: Marcus Sakey

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Brilliance (The Brilliance Saga Book 1)

In Wyoming, a little girl reads people’s darkest secrets by the way they fold their arms. In New York, a man sensing patterns in the stock market racks up $300 billion. In Chicago, a woman can go invisible by being where no one is looking. They’re called “brilliants,” and since 1980, one percent of people have been born this way. Nick Cooper is among them; a federal agent, Cooper has gifts rendering him exceptional at hunting terrorists. His latest target may be the most dangerous man alive, a brilliant drenched in blood and intent on provoking civil war. But to catch him, Cooper will have to violate everything he believes in—and betray his own kind.

A Better World (The Brilliance Saga Book 2)

  Thrillers & Suspense > Espionage
Author: Marcus Sakey

Regularly $4.99, Today $1.99
A Better World (The Brilliance Saga Book 2)

The brilliants changed everything.

Since 1980, 1% of the world has been born with gifts we’d only dreamed of. The ability to sense a person’s most intimate secrets, or predict the stock market, or move virtually unseen. For thirty years the world has struggled with a growing divide between the exceptional…and the rest of us.

Now a terrorist network led by brilliants has crippled three cities. Supermarket shelves stand empty. 911 calls go unanswered. Fanatics are burning people alive.

The Reluctant Bachelorette

 Romantic Comedy
Author: Rachael Anderson

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The Reluctant Bachelorette (A Romantic Comedy)

Unknowingly cast as the bachelorette for her town’s charity event, Taycee Emerson wants out. Especially when she discovers her old teenage crush, Luke Carney, is one of the bachelors and it’s up to the viewers–not her–to decide which bachelors stay or go.

Coerced into participating, Taycee does what any self-preserving girl would do. She launches a subtle attack on Luke’s good name with the hope of getting him voted off the show. Unfortunately, Luke’s an eye-for-an-eye kind of guy, and when he discovers what she’s up to, it means revenge.

Gould’s Book of Fish

 Literary Fiction > Classics
Author: Richard Flanagan

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Gould's Book of Fish

Once upon a time, when the earth was still young, before the fish in the sea and all the living things on land began to be destroyed, a man named William Buelow Gould was sentenced to life imprisonment at the most feared penal colony in the British Empire, and there ordered to paint a book of fish. He fell in love with the black mistress of the warder and discovered too late that to love is not safe; he attempted to keep a record of the strange reality he saw in prison, only to realize that history is not written by those who are ruled.

Acclaimed as a masterpiece around the world, Gould’s Book of Fish is at once a marvelously imagined epic of nineteenth-century Australia and a contemporary fable, a tale of horror, and a celebration of love, all transformed by a convict painter into pictures of fish.

What If

 Romance > Contemporary
Author: Rebecca Donovan

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What If

What if you had a second chance to meet someone for the first time?

Cal Logan is shocked to see Nicole Bentley sitting across from him at a coffee shop thousands of miles from their hometown. After all, no one has seen or heard from her since they graduated over a year ago.

Except this girl isn’t Nicole.

She looks exactly like Cal’s shy childhood crush, but her name is Nyelle Preston and she has no idea who he is. This girl is impulsive and daring, her passion for life infectious. The complete opposite of Nicole.

The White Hart (The Book of Isle 1)

Fantasy > Epic
Author: Nancy Springer

Regularly $6.99, Today $1.99
The White Hart (The Book of Isle 1)

Welcome to Isle, a land of fantasy that existed long before there were such things. Surrounded by vast oceans and dotted with thick forests, Isle was a land in which all beings lived together. There were gods and ghosts dwelling with the Old Ones, the wise ancient ancestors. During this period, the Book of Suns began its life, though little was known about its contents. The mighty marriage between Sun and Moon begins an adventure never seen before.

Women Who Don’t Wait in Line: Break the Mold, Lead the Way

 Business & Money > Management & Leadership
Author: Reshma Saujani

Regularly $5.99, Today $1.99
Women Who Don't Wait in Line: Break the Mold, Lead the Way

There’s never been a better time to be a woman. We live in an era when girls are told they can do anything. So why aren’t we seeing more women rising to the top ranks of corporations and the government? Why don’t our girls have more women in leadership roles to look up to?Women Who Don’t Wait in Line is an urgent wake-up call from politico and activist Reshma Saujani. The former New York City Deputy Public Advocate and founder of the national nonprofit Girls Who Code argues that aversion to risk and failure is the final hurdle holding women back in the workplace.

The Ruby Brooch (The Celtic Brooch Trilogy Book 1)

 Historical Time Travel Romance
Author: Katherine Lowry Logan

Regularly $4.99, Today $0.99
The Ruby Brooch (Historical Time Travel Romance) (The Celtic Brooch Trilogy Book 1)

As the sole survivor of the car crash that killed her parents, grief-stricken paramedic Kit MacKlenna is stunned to learn her life is built on lies. A legacy from her father includes a faded letter and a well-worn journal. The journal reveals she was abandoned as a baby 160 years ago. The only clues to her identity are a blood-splattered shawl, a locket with the portrait of a 19th century man, and a Celtic brooch with magical powers. Kit decides to continue her father’s twenty-five year search for her identity, and solve her birth parents’ murders.

Perfect Alibi (Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez Legal Thriller Book 7)

 Thrillers & Suspense > Crime
Author: Sheldon Siegel

Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99
Perfect Alibi (Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez Legal Thriller Book 7)

For Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez—former spouses and current law partners—the stakes have never been higher. In the seventh installment of this bestselling, critically acclaimed series, the duo learn that their sixteen-year-old daughter’s boyfriend has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his father, a Superior Court judge. Bobby Fairchild, however, claims to have found his father’s body upon returning home from a date with Grace. The police, who found Bobby at the scene of the crime holding the murder weapon, contend that his parents’ acrimonious divorce sent the boy over the edge.

Cursed (Book 1, The Watchers Trilogy)

 Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Author: S.J. West

Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99
Cursed (Book 1, The Watchers Trilogy; Young Adult Paranormal Romance)

Since she was eight years old, Lilly Rayne Nightingale felt like Fate was trying to wipe away her existence through a series of odd, near fatal incidences. Luckily, her best friend Will was always one step ahead of Fate preventing her from being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Will was her knight in shining armor until he broke her heart after their one and only kiss.

On Lilly’s first day of college, she meets Brand Cole. Intrigued by Brand, Lilly must decide whether or not she can give up her adolescent fantasy of being reunited with Will and allow Brand the opportunity to conqueror her heart.

River on Fire

 Literary Fiction > Historical > Young Adult
Author: Scott Pratt

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River on Fire

“River on Fire” is the story of Randall Smith, a foundling orphan growing up in the midwestern United States in the late 1960s. Without the intimate guidance of loving parents, Randall struggles to understand a dangerous and confusing world during one of the most tumultuous times in modern history. Immensely readable and filled with humor and irony, “River on Fire” will both warm and break your heart.

Anthem’s Fall

 Science Fiction & Fantasy > Superheroes
Author: S.L. Dunn

Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99
Anthem's Fall

For the tide of a new scientific revolution is coming . . . and no revolution is without its casualties.

Above a horrified New York City, genetics and ethics will collide as the fallen emperor and a banished exile of the same herculean race ignite into battle over the city’s rooftops. In the streets below, Kristen Jordan will discover a technology that can defeat them both, yet might be more terrible than either.

Have A Little Faith In Me

 Romance > LGBT
Author: Brad Vance

Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99
Have A Little Faith In Me

When Rocky met Dex, it was hate at first sight. Country superstar Dex Dexter represented everything that budding rock star Rocky McCoy had left behind him in the Deep South – the religion, the homophobia, the hypocrisy, the lies. And Rocky represented everything that Dex had denied, had turned away from, had refused…

When Rocky met Dex, it was love at first touch. Double booked in the same slot on the main stage at CrossFest, they fought for the microphone like two dogs fighting over a bone. And when their hands met…

Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV

 Television > Reference
Author: Andrea Polk

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Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV (Simple Guide Series Book 1)

Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV was written for real people who want to save money and watch a little TV. With over 110 pages of useful cord cutting information, this book sets itself apart from similar books by providing readers with a step-by-step method to successful cord cutting. Reading this book will empower even the least technically savvy men and women to confidently cut the cord, save money and enjoy free Provides would-be cordcutters with a honest look at the Pros and Cons of traditional TV service versus over-the-air TV.

ENDGAME In The Pacific (Aviator Book 3)

 Historical Fiction
Author: Leland Shanle

Regularly $5.98, Today $1.99
ENDGAME In The Pacific (Aviator Book 3)

The third in Shanle’s aviator trilogy, End Game takes the reader to the climactic battles of WWII in the Pacific and European Theaters. A retired Naval Aviator (fighter pilot) and former Paratrooper, Shanle puts readers in the cockpit as hundreds of aircraft engage in the biggest and deadliest dog fights in history. Storm the beaches of Pacific Islands with the Marines, parachute into France with the Army Airborne. Stand on the decks of the USS Johnston as the tiny Destroyer charges an entire Imperial Japanese Fleet, by itself. While facing down the enemy, these same men and women hold together families and try to safeguard a small sense of normality inside of a whirlwind of death and destruction.

Own the Room: Presentation Techniques to Keep Your Audience on the Edge of Their Seats

 Reference > Public Speaking
Author: Akash Karia

Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99
Own the Room: Presentation Techniques to Keep Your Audience on the Edge of Their Seats

What techniques do world-class speakers use to own the room and keep their audiences on the edge of their seats? How can you use these techniques to keep your audiences captivated by your presentation? Whether you are giving a business presentation, a motivational speech or a technical presentation, this public speaking guidebook will set you up for success.

In this handbook, you will learn the storytelling and public speaking techniques used by four of the world’s best speakers to keep their audiences engaged as well as entertained. Learn what it takes to achieve public speaking success.

I have found that the best way to master the art of public speaking is to study speakers who are already great speakers.

Drops of Rain (Hale Brothers Series Book 1)

 Romance > Contemporary
Author: Kathryn Andrews

Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99
Drops of Rain (Hale Brothers Series Book 1)

Sometimes I think to myself, “How did I get here?” Then the pain hits and I remember…it’s because she’s gone. I now live in a new town, go to a new school, and I’m supposed to be moving on with my new life. Only, I no longer know who I am anymore. Dancing is all I have left and every day I feel completely alone. Silence has become the theme song to my life. She said to find some joy and light, but I don’t know how. Mostly, I feel surrounded in darkness…that is until I meet him.

When There’s No More room In Hell

 Science Fiction > Post-Apocalyptic
Author: Luke Duffy

Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99
When There's No More room In Hell: A Zombie Novel

Mankind is on the brink of extinction. A deadly plague sweeps the globe like a tsunami causing the dead to rise and prey on the living. When there s no more room in Hell is a horror/action set in a post apocalyptic world filled with suspense, drama, humour, grief and action. While one brother fights his way home through the horrors and confusion of a savage landscape from the Meat Grinder that is Iraq, the other finds himself as the leader of a rag-tag band of survivors striving to survive against the onslaught of the dead.

God Of The Dead: A Kaiju Novel

Author: M.C. Norris

Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99
God Of The Dead: A Kaiju Novel

They emerged from their ancient lairs beneath the pyramids, sacking civilizations, spewing fumes that reduced our world to ash. But when the smoke cleared, humanity faced an even more insidious threat than the gigantic Khepra.

In a smoldering world pounded back to steam technology, spiritual medium Cecile Raquet is deployed on a strange mission to track down the world’s most elusive terrorist—with a little help from the dead. Guided only by the restless ghosts inside her head, she and her Special Forces protector penetrate the blackened heart of a wasteland by balloon, steam boat, and rail, crossing horrific warzones where civilizations burn, where devolved men cower in the shadows of Earth’s new masters, the Khepra.

Surprisingly…Unstuck: The Power of Small Healthy Habits, In a World Addicted to Instant Results

 Self Help > Health, Fitness & Dieting
Author: Maria Brilaki

Regularly $9.99, Today $1.99
Surprisingly...Unstuck: The Power of Small Healthy Habits, In a World Addicted to Instant Results

Most of us wish we ate better. We wish we exercised more. We claim our health is important to us, yet, we don’t do the things that we know we need to do.

It’s not that we have not tried living healthier – we have. Multiple times. It’s just that sooner or later…we drop the new diet and quit the gym. Sticking to healthier routines seems like a never-ending battle.

The good news? You don’t need to whip yourself into shape and, yes, lasting change is actually possible and just a few steps away from you…

Citadel: The Battle of Kursk

 History > Military > World War II
Author: Robin Cross

Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99
Citadel: The Battle of Kursk

It was the greatest armoured clash in the history of the world – and the decisive battle of World War II. Two vast armies engaged one another on land and in the air, in a conflict that included the most costly single day of aerial warfare of all time.

This was the battle of Kursk – a battle so terrible that even Hitler confessed it made his ‘stomach turn over’.

Citadel was the last great German offensive on the Eastern Front; its aim was to claw back the initiative after the surrender of the Sixth Army at Stalingrad in January 1943.

Take No More (James Blake Book 1)

 Women’s Fiction > International Mystery & Crime
Author: Seb Kirby

Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99
Take No More (The murder mystery thriller): (US Edition) (James Blake Book 1)

Julia Blake is a conservator, working with classic art. Her expertise includes imaging beneath the surface of paintings to discover what lies beneath. She is sure that a number of those valuable paintings described as ‘missing, believed lost or destroyed’ have in fact been overpainted with another work as a means of hiding them. She has tracked down a collection of pictures in Florence that looks promising and has gone there to try to discover a hidden masterpiece and make her reputation.

The Line of His People (Kindred of the Sea Book 1)

 Historical Fiction > Norse & Icelandic
Author: C.J. Adrien, Derek Toigo

Regularly $4.95, Today $0.99
The Line of His People (Kindred of the Sea Book 1)

France, 815 A.D.
Orphaned by a catastrophic Viking raid, Abriel — a bold, intelligent young man set apart from his peers by his blond hair and blue eyes — never fully integrates into the monastic order that rescued him. While digging into his past, he learns of a plot by the church to raise an army and exterminate a community of Norse settlers on a nearby island named Herius. With great resolve, Abriel visits the settlement to warn them of their impending doom. The Norsemen ignore him. When the men are called north to war, Abriel is forced to follow. The women and children remain on the island in peril.


 Literature & Fiction > Anthologies
Author: Bev Pettersen

Regularly $5.49, Today $1.99
HUSBANDS AND HORSES (Two-Book Box Set): Book One:  Horses and Heroin   Book Two:  A Scandalous Husband

Megan is determined to find her missing brother even though no one else at the illustrious California Jockey School seems to care. Her only ally is a recuperating PI who unfortunately is the owner’s best friend. Soon she is caught between a blossoming romance and a far-reaching conspiracy… And misplaced trust can be deadly.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses (Redemption)

 Romance > Contemporary
Author: M.L. Steinbrunn

Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99
Forgive Us Our Trespasses (Redemption)

How long would you wait to be with the one that you love? How much of yourself would you hide in order to keep them?

Brooks knows the moment he meets Vivian that he will do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it means leaving her. Running from his past, he spends the next decade trying to forget the shattered heart that he left behind.

Is there any betrayal worth the cost? Are there some sins that cannot be forgiven?

After a lifetime of rebuilding the walls guarding her heart, Vivian confronts the harsh reality that some fortresses are not meant to stand.

5:2 Vegan Diet Recipes: Your complete guide to how and why the fast diet works

 Diets & Weight Loss
Author: Sophie Miller

Regularly $2.99, Today $1.99
5:2 Vegan Diet Recipes: Your complete guide to how and why the fast diet works. Includes 100, 200 & 300 calorie recipes and a two week menu plans for easy weight loss

If you are tired of trying and failing to follow a fad diet, the Vegan 5:2 Diet may be just the thing you have been looking for.

Reducing your calorie intake for a period of days or weeks on end can be exhausting – both physically and mentally. Eventually you are going to get bored of eating nothing but low-calorie meals and watching your friends indulge in treats you once enjoyed. The beauty of the Vegan 5:2 Diet is that you can still enjoy your favorite foods AND lose weight doing it.

  • Healthy weight loss and improved eating habits
  • Healthy weight loss and improved eating habits
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Regulated metabolism – reduced problems with overeating
  • Decreased risk for serious diseases (ex: cancer, diabetes, etc.)
  • Increased rate of fat loss (especially during fasting periods)
  • Reduced inflammation and lowered blood pressure

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