Terry Irving tops today’s Buffet with his newest thriller, Courier, an action-packed tale of murder and political intrigue set in the politically turbulent 1970s.

Terry began his career during the Watergate era, carrying news film on a motorcycle for ABC News. It was the beginning of a 40-year career that has included producing Emmy Award-winning television news, writing everything from magazine articles to standup comedy, and developing many of the earliest forms of online media.

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Courier (Freelancer Book 1)

 Thrillers & Suspense > Historical

Courier (Freelancer Book 1)

“This is a goddamn big story. It’ll make those jerks at the Post look like idiots and Watergate look like a cop taking an apple off a fruit stand.”

It’s 1972. The Watergate scandal has Washington on edge and Putnam, a Vietnam veteran and courier for one of the capital’s leading television stations, is trying to get his life back together after his nightmarish ordeal in the war. Racing at breakneck speed through the streets of the capital, he not only intends to be the best courier in the business, he also intends to escape the demons that haunt him. But when Rick picks up film from a news crew interviewing a government worker with a hot story, his life begins to unravel as everyone involved in the story dies within hours of the interview and Rick realizes he is the next target.

Enlisting the aid of friends who have discovered a way to hack into the government’s computer databases, and a beautiful young Indian Rights activist, Eva Buffalo Calf, Rick races full throttle through the streets of the nation’s capital to stay ahead of his pursuers as he searches for answers. When he discovers the killings have been orchestrated by a rogue CIA agent and his team of assassins, Rick isn’t surprised when his road to the truth leads directly to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Sweetest Thing (River Bend Book 2)

 Women’s Fiction > Romance

The Sweetest Thing (River Bend Book 2)

Tully Morgan hasn’t been back to Marietta for more than a few brief visits since the night of the 1996 senior prom eighteen years ago, when the chance exposure of a long-held family secret sent her running to her uncle in California in shock. She stood up her date Ren Fletcher that night, and she hasn’t seen him since.

Now she’s here for an extended stay, to help take care of her seriously ill mother. It’s an edgy reconciliation, the first time that Tully, Patty and Sugar Morgan have been together since that long ago prom night. Tully has had so much anger toward Sugar… can she ever forgive her?

And Sugar still has one more secret that needs to be dealt with, one that needs Ren Fletcher’s help. Has he forgiven Tully for leaving him in the lurch on prom night? And is there any chance that he and Tully can rekindle what they might once have had, when he’s still tied to someone else?

Their Ex’s Redrock (Texas Alpha)

 Romance > Multicultural & Interracial

Their Ex's Redrock (Texas Alpha)

A man and a woman find themselves drawn to each other after they discover their spouses’ affair.

Tess is set to catch her husband. She runs toward the hotel in a thunderstorm seeing a couple in a clench on an outside balcony. She opens her mouth to scream at them when a man grabs her, shutting off her scream. Tess learns the tall, dark, and powerful man is Vincent Whitehorse and it’s his wife having an affair with her husband.

Vincent and Tess find themselves drunk in a rainstorm trying to cover their pain, then they find they have an amazing and instantaneous connection of the lips. When Tess falls into bed with Vincent they combust like nothing Tess has felt before. However both their ex-spouses are crazy. Tess’ ex-husband has unwittingly hooked up with the mob while Vincent’s ex-wife thinks she’s the next Cher.

Can Vincent convince Tess to believe in him when things around them are unbelievable in this hot and very sexy second chance at romance?

Black Moon (Book #1 in The Black Moon Saga)

 Romance > Paranormal > Vampires

Black Moon (Paranormal Romance) (Book #1 in The Black Moon Saga)

Shea Harper is forced to stay in boring, hot and dry Phoenix, Arizona for college. But once she meets the enigmatic yet positively egocentric Lucian, Shea’s life changes forever.

She finds out that she comes from a long line of descendants called Vessels. In her soul is the key to destroying an ancient prison protecting the world from darkness itself: Lucian’s father.

Up until now, Lucian has captured every descendant except Shea. With her powers awakening, all vampires want to drag her down to the pit. But Lucian is territorial. She’s the first female Vessel… and he’s convinced she belongs to him.

Hostel Takeover

 Women’s Fiction > Humor

Hostel Takeover

Karen Foster has lived a quiet suburban life until the day her husband leaves her. On a whim, Karen and her two best friends, Mixie and Polly, decide to break out of their McMansion comfort zones and backpack their way through Europe like carefree college students. Mixie feels invisible to her workaholic husband and Polly feels unappreciated by her longstanding boyfriend, who refuses to consider marriage in the wake of a nasty divorce. After fifty years, Karen finally reveals herself, not just to her friends, but also to her long-suffering self. She slowly sheds her uptight demeanor and need for control and allows herself to live.

Vengeance: A Reece Culver Thriller

 Mystery > Private Investigators

Vengeance: A Reece Culver Thriller

On a cold January morning in an office above Denver’s Colfax Avenue, Reece Culver is broke, and at a dead end when he gets a visit from a seemingly desperate woman named Crystal Thomas. She seeks answers, but not at the expense of a mysterious man who’s very dear to her and may ultimately turn deadly.

Not long after taking the case Reece finds out that his new client is a member of a tri-state FBI task force on the hunt for a group of men whose favorite sport is murder. Reece takes a hiatus from a cold case of his own, goes all in, and it isn’t long before people start turning up dead. Reece discovers that the bad guys are using illegal gambling casinos as a way to entice wealthy art collectors and strip them of their treasures. As the story progresses things aren’t what they seem and the story twists and turns its way through Oklahoma, Missouri, and Colorado. In the process Reece ends up deposited onto a deadly collision course with the very person responsible for gunning down his own father.

My Champion (Knights of de Ware Book 1)

 Historical Romance > Medieval

My Champion (Knights of de Ware Book 1)

Sir Duncan de Ware is a sworn champion of the common man and a master of disguise.  So when he finds plucky maiden-in-distress Linet de Montfort facing off against a notorious pirate, noble Duncan goes undercover to come to her rescue, despite her insistence that she can take care of herself.  When the pirate abducts her, Duncan and Linet are caught up in a breathless adventure of danger and romance on the high seas.  And soon Linet realizes her only hope is to trust her mysterious hero—with her life and her heart.

Barefoot Running: The Art of Shoeless and Barefoot Running for Beginners

 Sports & Outdoors > Running & Jogging

Barefoot Running: Minimalist Running! The Art of Shoeless and Barefoot Running for Beginners (Barefoot Running - Minimalist - Jogging - Track and Field - Running)

Barefoot running is a new phase of running, but many people will argue that it’s just a fad. Though, either way barefoot running is a way to run just like our ancestors used to. The muscles in your feet, legs, and even hips will build up to let you run more naturally and even safely.

Of course, there are some dangers in barefoot running, but inside this book you’ll learn how to avoid them. There’s even a product called barefoot running shoes that will help you to run on uneven surfaces, past debris, and even in unfavorable weather. Picking the right barefoot running shoe becomes easy when you have all the information laid out in front of you.

This book will teach you it all from how to start, drills and techniques, to why it’s popular, and even to decide if barefoot running is something that you should start or hold off on. Feel more grounded, less stressed, and a little happier by connecting with your ancestors, yourself, and the world around you through barefoot running.

TODAY’S BARGAINS……………What’s this?

They’re Watching

 Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

They're Watching

Patrick Davis is a man with troubles. First his Hollywood dreams crumble and then his storybook marriage hits a snag. Now, DVDs start being delivered to his house—DVDs which show that someone is watching him and his wife, that the two of them are being stalked and recorded by cameras hidden in their house. Then the e-mails start, and someone offers to fix everything, to take the mess his life has become and make it all right. Patrick figures it’s the offer of a lifetime.
But Patrick couldn’t be more wrong. With every step he falls deeper into a web of intrigue that threatens everything he values in this world. Before he knows it, he’s in and in deep—and his only escape is to outwit and outplay his unseen opponents at their own game.

Unto These Hills

 Romance > Contemporary

Unto These Hills

Unto These Hills is an unforgettable novel of love, scandal, family, and roots by one of the most emotionally authentic authors of our time. Taking us into the deep South’s Tucapau Mill Hill, it introduces us to the unforgettable Sunny Acklin. Betrayed, abandoned, and violated, Sunny faces one seemingly insurmountable challenge after another. But she never loses her spirit or the memory of the love that once so richly illuminated her world. As years go by, Sunny does everything she can to make something of her life until at last an opportunity arises, one charged with promise…and undeniable risk.

From its vivid evocation of mill hill life to its pitch perfect rendering of the complexities of family and relationships, Unto These Hills is at once epic and intensely intimate. It is the richest novel yet from a writer who fluently speaks the language of our deepest feelings.

Red Alert (RosettaBooks into Film)

 Thrillers > Political

Red Alert (RosettaBooks into Film)

Peter Bryant’s 1958 novel Red Alert tells the terrifying tale of just how close to nuclear destruction the world can be. Here, we are faced with the worst possible of all worst-case scenarios in the Cold War; an American general loses his reason and orders a full-scale nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. Air Force Brigadier General Quinten is a dying man suffering from the paranoid delusion that he can make the world a better place by setting in motion this catastrophic attack with Strategic Air Command bombers armed with nuclear weapons.

Once they get wind of it, the President of the United States and his advisors work frantically in all efforts to stop the attack. They order the American bombers shot down, and they succeed – all but with one frightening exception – a lone bomber called the “Alabama Angel” escapes destruction. The crew of the Angel ignore the President’s orders and continue on with their deadly mission.

College Unbound: The Future of Higher Education and What It Means for Students

 Education & Teaching > Higher & Continuing Education

College Unbound: The Future of Higher Education and What It Means for Students

What is the value of a college degree?
The four-year college experience is as American as apple pie. So is the belief that higher education offers a ticket to a better life. But with student-loan debt surpassing the $1 trillion mark and unemployment of college graduates at historic highs, people are beginning to question that value.

In College (Un)bound, Jeffrey J. Selingo, editor at large of the Chronicle of Higher Education, argues that America’s higher education system is broken. The great credential race has turned universities into big business and fostered an environment where middle-tier colleges can command elite university-level tuition while concealing staggeringly low graduation rates, churning out graduates with few of the skills needed for a rapidly evolving job market.

Selingo not only turns a critical eye on the current state of higher education but also predicts how technology will transform it for the better. Free massive online open courses (MOOCs) and hybrid classes, adaptive learning software, and the unbundling of traditional degree credits will increase access to high-quality education regardless of budget or location and tailor lesson plans to individual needs. One thing is certain—the Class of 2020 will have a radically different college experience than their parents.

Turkey Trouble

Turkey Trouble

Turkey is in trouble. Bad trouble. The kind of trouble where it’s almost Thanksgiving . . . and you’re the maincourse. But Turkey has an idea–what if he doesn’t look like a turkey? What if he looks like another animal instead?After many hilarious attempts, Turkey comes up with the perfect disguise to make this Thanksgiving the best ever!

Wendi Silvano’s comical story is perfectly matched by Lee Harper’s watercolors.

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