Award winning author Sibel Hodge tops today’s Buffet with a screwball comedy-mystery combining murder and mayhem with romance and chick-lit… Fashion, Lies, and Murder is the first installment in her “Amber Fox Mysteries” series. This novel was a runner-up in the Chapter One Promotions Novel Competition in 2010 and nominated “Best Novel with Romantic Elements” by The Romance Reviews.

In addition to her mysteries and romantic comedies, Sibel has been branching out into cookbooks. Her first recipe book mixes her Turkish Cypriot heritage with gluten free/wheat free cooking. A Gluten Free Taste of Turkey is a mixture of traditional Turkish cookery, along with dishes that have a Turkish Cypriot twist to them, and her own creations.

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Fashion, Lies, and Murder (Amber Fox Mysteries book #1)

Fashion, Lies, and Murder  (Amber Fox Mysteries book #1) (The Amber Fox Murder Mystery Series)

Amber Fox has been making too many mistakes, and something’s got to give…

For starters, Amber accidentally shoots Chief Inspector Janice Skipper and gets thrown off the police force. Oops! Then, she accepts a job as an insurance investigator from her ex-fiancé, Brad Beckett. Only Brad thinks they’ve still got unfinished business in the romance department, making for a steamier working environment than Amber counted on. And when fashion designer, Umberto Fandango, goes missing, Amber’s investigative skills are put to the ultimate test. Nothing about the case is what it seems, and to make matters worse Amber’s arch-enemy, Chief Inspector Skipper, is also investigating the disappearance. If Amber wants her old job back, she’s in a race against time to solve the mystery before Skipper does… all the while dodging her ex-fiancé, her own mixed up feelings, and a couple of crazy mobsters.

Who is Umberto Fandango? Is he dead? And can Amber stay one step ahead to stay alive?

The Music Box

The Music Box

She always told herself that she would someday find a man like her father, but his suicide on her fourteenth birthday, left her disillusioned and alone.

Thirteen years later, estranged from her mother who blames her for his death, she longs for understanding. In hopes of finding it, she escapes the city and settles in a small South Carolina town to write his story. There, she meets Matt, a young man struggling to come to grips with his own father’s legacy.

Despite a growing attraction, she keeps him at arm’s length until the tune from a tiny music box reveals a common bond that pulls them together and sets them on a journey of discovery that will challenge everything she believes about herself and about the man she thought couldn’t possibly exist.

This Much Is True (Truth In Lies Book 1)

This Much Is True (Truth In Lies Book 1)

Tally Landon is just trying to escape her tragic story and graduate from high school so she can pursue her ballet career in New York. She doesn’t count on meeting Lincoln Presley, Stanford’s baseball wonder, nor on this chance meeting with him affecting her at all. Adding him to a long list of one-night stands is the plan. Lying to him about her age and name is her standard method of operandi. She doesn’t count on being found out, on seeing him again, or falling in love.

Lincoln Presley’s life is all mapped out for him. There is only baseball. With Major League Baseball circling their favorite prospect with a lucrative offer, he cannot afford to mess up. And, he doesn’t; until he meets up with the girl he saved from the burning wreckage on the 101 on Valentine’s Day months before. By the time he learns her real name and of all the lies she’s told, he’s in far too deep to ever really let her go.

Fate has a different set of plans and when fame and lies tear them apart, one truth remains.

A Taste of Power

A Taste of Power

She’s been kept hidden for eighteen years and trained to kill, but she doesn’t know why… until a mysterious and deadly stranger gains his way into her apartment and her heart.

Death Before Facebook (The Skip Langdon Series, Book 4)

Death Before Facebook (Skip Langdon #4) (Skip Langdon Mystery) (The Skip Langdon Series)

It’s a chilly November in 1994, and thirty-one-year-old Geoff Kavanagh surreptitiously splits his time between science fiction novels and cyberspace in his parents’ dilapidated, overgrown, uptown New Orleans mansion. Until his mother finds him dead from a suspicious fall off a ladder. Maybe he should never have posted about seeing his father murdered … because way too many people on the TOWN, a pre-Facebook virtual community, knew things about his family he didn’t even suspect. Decades-old skeletons start falling out of closets after Geoff’s untimely death, thanks to New Orleans Detective Skip Langdon. Langdon finds Geoff’s gorgeous mom strangely uninterested in her son’s fatal fall, but Mom’s apparently the only one. It seems the post has gone viral. Suddenly all the TOWNSpeople have theories—and ambition as cyberdetectives. What’s a murderer to do but kill his way out?

Grand Delusion (A Jacob Burns Mystery Book 2)

Grand Delusion (A Jacob Burns Mystery Book 2)

Jacob Burns is getting used to the good life in Saratoga Springs. With a spot of money in the bank and a loving family at home, he’s never been happier. Except that his drug-dealing neighbors’ rowdy antics keep him up all night. Complaining to the cops doesn’t bring satisfaction – possibly because the dealers’ landlord is a cop himself! Jacob and his fellow Saratogians are trying to clean up their down-and-dirty West Side neighborhood. But when the cop landlord – Jacob’s personal nemesis – is murdered, Jacob becomes the prime suspect. Jacob ends up on the run from the law, with nobody he can truly count on except his own family – and a homeless nine-year-old boy who may hold the key to solving the murder.

A Lilac Creek Christmas ( a Lilac Creek Dog Story)

A Lilac Creek Christmas ( a Lilac Creek Dog Story)

Come along and share some Christmas spirit with Jasper and his family as they celebrate a Lilac Creek Christmas. Brinn can’t wait for Henry to arrive, and when he finally does, there is an even more wonderful surprise in store! This year there will be a lot of extra love under the tree! Be sure to read how this wonderful family came together in the other books in the series: A Dog for Keeps, and My Dog Too!

The Three Lives of David Kelly

The Three Lives of David Kelly

David Kelly has almost everything a guy could want. He’s young, handsome, and in love with the girl of his dreams. There’s just one problem: He’s dead.

Because he sacrificed his life to save someone else, David is given not one, but two more chances at life. Has David grown enough, learned enough, and sacrificed enough to finally have what he has desperately sought through three lives? Does he get the girl of his dreams or will his third and final life end in failure?

TODAY’S BARGAINS……………What’s this?

Because We Are

 International Mystery & Crime

Because We Are

Ten-year-old orphan Libète has been hardened by the daily struggle to survive in Cité Soleil, Haiti’s most infamous slum. But when she and her best friend, Jak, discover a young mother and her baby brutally murdered in a nearby marsh, it’s unlike anything she’s encountered before. Though initially shocked, the adults of Cité Soleil move on quickly from the event; after all, death is commonplace in this community. Undaunted, Libète takes action with Jak in tow, plunging herself into a dangerous, far-reaching plot that will change her irrevocably and threaten everything she holds dear.

Because We Are is a profound and mesmerizing tale of a young girl’s search for justice in an unjust world, set against the vivid and tumultuous backdrop of modern-day Haiti.

King’s Throne (String of Fate Book 2)

 Romance > Paranormal > Werewolves & Shifters

King's Throne (String of Fate Book 2)

A woman living in secret, hiding her true nature…

Gina is a medical doctor in New York City. What nobody knows is that she’s also tiger-shifter royalty, living in exile. Keeping her secret has kept her safe, but all that is about to change.

An injured soldier who heals in a way that makes him more than he ever was before…

Mitch is injured and out of the action. He wakes up in a strange place, with a beautiful woman. Normally, not a problem, but this woman is special. She’s a white tiger and daughter of the lost tiger king. She’s too good for the likes of him, but there’s an undeniable spark of attraction drawing them closer and closer.

A love that will make the very earth tremble beneath their feet…

When evil challenges, Mitch will fight to keep Gina safe. A harrowing journey to the side of a living volcano brings secret knowledge and a power none of them ever expected. Will it be enough to prevail?

Only victory will keep his lady safe. And only victory will allow Gina to claim the man she truly loves.

Tears in Rain

 Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Tears in Rain

Death is inevitable. Especially when you have an expiration date.

As a replicant, or “techno-human,” Detective Bruna Husky knows two things: humans bioengineered her to perform dangerous, undesirable tasks; and she has just ten years on the United States of Earth before her body automatically self-destructs. But with “anti-techno” rage on the rise and a rash of premature deaths striking her fellow replicants, she may have even less time than she originally thought.

Investigating the mysterious deaths, Bruna delves into the fractious, violent history shared by humans and replicants, and struggles to engage the society that fails to understand her—yet created her. The deeper she gets, the deadlier her work becomes as she uncovers a vast, terrifying conspiracy bent on changing the very course of the world. But even as the darkness of her reality closes in, Bruna clings fiercely to life.

Home Before the Leaves Fall: A New History of the German Invasion of 1914 (General Military)

 History > Military > World War I

Home Before the Leaves Fall: A New History of the German Invasion of 1914 (General Military)

The German invasion of France and Belgium in August 1914 came within an ace of defeating the French armies, capturing Paris, and ending the First World War before the autumn leaves had fallen. But the German armies failed to score the knock-out blow they had planned. The war would drag on for four years of unprecedented slaughter.

There are many accounts of 1914 from the British point of view. The achievements of the British Expeditionary Force were the stuff of legend, but in reality there were only four divisions in the field; the French and Germans had more than 60 each. The real story of the battle can only be told by an author with the skill to mine the extensive German and French archives. Ian Senior does this with consummate skill, weaving together strategic analysis with diary entries and interview transcripts from the soldiers on the ground to create a remarkable new history. In addition, all previous classic histories on the subject either focus virtually exclusively on the British experiences or are now very out-of-date such as Barbara Tuchman’s Guns of August (1962) or Sewell Tyng’s Campaign of the Marne (1935).

Supported by up numerous sketch maps, extensive archival research and poignant first-hand accounts, Home before the leaves fall is an accessible, narrative account of the German invasion that came within an ace of victory, that long hot summer.


 Children’s eBooks > Mysteries & Detectives


Ocean’s 11 . . . with 11-year-olds, in a super stand-alone heist caper from Gordon Korman!

After a mean collector named Swindle cons him out of his most valuable baseball card, Griffin Bing must put together a band of misfits to break into Swindle’s compound and recapture the card. There are many things standing in their way — a menacing guard dog, a high-tech security system, a very secret hiding place, and their inability to drive — but Griffin and his team are going to get back what’s rightfully his . . . even if hijinks ensue.
This is Gordon Korman at his crowd-pleasing best, perfect for readers who like to hoot, howl, and heist.

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