New York Times bestselling author Kasey Michaels tops today’s Buffet with The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane, one of her “Alphabet Regency Romance Classics.” These are classic Regencies, not Regency historicals, and they center on the foibles of the day, the eccentrics that populated the drawing rooms (and there were many of these silly people, especially when Kasey is the one telling their stories). The love scenes fade to black with the reader encouraged to use her or his imagination to fill in the blanks.

kaseyKasey has 110 books to her name, and is a recipient of the RITA, a Waldenbooks and Bookrak Bestseller award, and many awards from Romantic Times magazine, including a Career Achievement award for her Regency-era historical romances.

When she was asked what compels her to write fiction, Kasey said, “just plain living. The beauty of writing novels is that nobody says you can’t, that you don’t have the training, the education, credentials of any kind. You don’t have to pass a test in order to write a book. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone except yourself, you have to please yourself, and when you please yourself, others will be pleased. It’s you and that blank page, and the dreams that live in your head. So everything influences me, and everything inspires me … from a great work of art, to a commercial for fast food hamburgers. I look around, and there it all is… ”

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The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane (Kasey Michaels Alphabet Regency Romance)

 Romance > Regency

The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane (Kasey Michaels Alphabet Regency Romance)

Tansy, left penniless by her late father, has been putting herself out as a governess to other people’s brats for two years when she is somehow caught up in playing chaperone to a distant cousin, the sister of a duke, no less. Ashley Benedict, Duke of Avonall, is a man beleaguered. His grandmother is a terror, his sister a lovely but none-too-bright chit, his valet a superstitious twit, and his aunt Lucinda is … well, odd. Now, Ashley has a new problem … how to keep himself from falling for Tansy Tamerlane.

The Unraveling of Raven (The Unraveled Trilogy Book 1)


The Unraveling of Raven (The Unraveled Trilogy Book 1)

At 27, Raven Anderson experienced more heartache then anyone would in their lifetime. Finally, her life seems on track when she starts doing what she loves the most; teaching second grade.

However, the best-laid plans are not always the right path as Raven learns when fate puts her in the direct path of mega billionaire, Jaxson James Phillips, owner of Raiders, Inc., a corporate raiding company. With the spotlight now focused on Raven, her past is threatening her future. So, she does what she does best—run!

This beautiful girl, with the violet eyes, has left Jax, who never gets rattled, totally speechless. Used to getting what he wants, he can’t understand why she’s running from him. As time goes on, he slowly unravels the many layers of Raven. What he finds . . . puts everyone around them in danger.

Can anyone survive?

SENDERO (Sendero Mysteries Book 1)

 International Mystery & Crime

SENDERO (A Nina Flores Thriller) (Sendero Mysteries Book 1)

In 1987, the dirty war that will last twelve years and kill thirty thousand Peruvians finally reaches up through the Andean cloud forest for Nina and her family. Nina’s father is shot by soldiers, her mother raped, and her brother lost to the shadowy ranks of Shining Path guerrillas. And when Agustín Malqui, the village pastor, files a legal complaint against the military, it’s no surprise when he disappears in the middle of the night—just another casualty of the military regime.

Twenty-odd years later, Nina, now an officer in Cuzco’s tourist police, comes across a familiar name on the police printer that she scans daily for any trace of her long-lost brother. Agustín Malqui is alive. After spending years in a political prison, the broken pastor has been wandering the country, saving souls and drowning his demons in pisco. Nina tracks him down, only to lose him yet again in a police sweep of political malcontents. But before Malqui disappears, he tells her a drunken tale she can scarcely believe: that her brother Miguel is still alive.

The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale

 Humor & Satire

The Prince and the Singularity - A Circular Tale

This is the story of the Prince aka the Master aka Francis, who is more or less immortal and goes through the millennia fighting Desire and Rejection, the roots of all unhappiness and evil. He always fails until the moment he loses interest and decides to die, which he doesn’t. Instead he is promoted.

The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale proposes a fictitious Creation Myth, whisking the readers away on a thought-provoking rollercoaster ride of a story that will make them question as never before what they truly believe about the nature of existence. At once funny and controversial, it can be viewed as a heretical twist on established religious teachings or as a sweet and sensitive depiction of the ascension of a Bodhisattva or as. . . well, it’s up to whoever is reading it, really.

THE RIVER RUNS RED (A Jess Williams Western Book 7)

 Action & Adventure > Westerns

THE RIVER RUNS RED (A Jess Williams Western Book 7)

Jess is on the hunt for two men wanted for murder when he runs into a crooked sheriff in a little Texas town. Jess finds himself locked up in jail and all of his weapons confiscated by Sheriff Hatfield, including his very unique pistol and holster. To make matters even worse, Sheriff Hatfield plans on having Jess swinging from a hangman’s noose soon.

Moments before Jess is supposed to hang, he is rescued by United States Marshal Frank Reedy who has other plans for Jess and his unique set of killing skills.

After Jess finishes with his revenge on Sheriff Hatfield and his two deputies, Marshal Reedy informs Jess that their good friend, John Bodine, is locked up in a little Mexican jail and being guarded by General Zoreles and his army of men.

Jump: The Fallen: Testament 1

 Christian Fiction > Futuristic

Jump: The Fallen: Testament 1

Seattle. One man is trapped on the roof of a tall scraper downtown. Six angry agents are threatening to “remand him to Protection.” Jake knows that means he’ll be tortured and killed. Every citizen knows that.

Hiding and on the run for the past two years, for Jake, it’s the end of the lying. Now, there’s only one easy way down off this scraper, and getting captured and killed … isn’t it.

Welcome to a world where freedom means a person still has the power of choice. But most of those choices are between bad and worse.

The citizens of the future have assured their security … by giving up just about every freedom they ever had. And they also gave up the only means they ever had to resist.

There are no more guns in Jake Blake’s version of eternity, buried or otherwise. And if there are? If a citizen decides to dig one up? Well, they might find themselves trapped between the “heaven” of a quick and easy death and the “hell” of a long and torturous judgement.

Because, as Jake likes to say to anyone who will listen to one of his rants, “Sooner or later the boot finds its way to everyone’s neck.”

The Devil Wears Timbs

 Fiction > African American > Urban

The Devil Wears Timbs

Growing up in the infamous Jordan Downs projects in Los Angeles, California, with no father and a dope fiend for a mother, Eureka and Anton Jackson have never had it easy, and things are about to get worse.

With the threat of being without food or shelter, Eureka makes a judgment call to do whatever she must for her and her little brother to survive. When that decision goes wrong and they are forced to go on the run from enemies who want to bury them six feet deep, their lives quickly spiral out of control.

The stage has been set and hell is the playground.

Can they rebound from one bad choice after another or will they further descend into the bowels of hell where The Devil awaits, not with fire and brimstone but with deadly vengeance, donning a pair of Timbs?

Just A Minor Perspective: Through The Eyes of a Minor League Rookie

 Biographies > Baseball

Just A Minor Perspective: Through The Eyes of a Minor League Rookie

The minor leagues are largely misunderstood, more well known for the players who have skipped through their ranks than the ones who reside in them. They’re a mysterious land of hotels, bus rides, and clubhouses. Upon being drafted out of UC Irvine by the Phillies, right-handed pitcher Eric Pettis didn’t quite know what he was getting himself into.

Just A Minor Perspective allows readers to jump into Eric’s mind and experience the journey along with him. The narrative resembles stream-of-consciousness as he describes the good, the bad, and the ugly of the minor leagues as it hits him square in the face for the first time.

From his first day in Philadelphia…

TODAY’S BARGAINS……………What’s this?

The Splendour Falls

 Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Splendour Falls

Emily Braden has stopped believing in fairy tales and happy endings. When her fascinating but unreliable cousin Harry invites her on a holiday to explore the legendary own of Chinon, and promptly disappears—well, that’s Harry for you.

As Emily makes the acquaintance of Chinon and its people, she begins to uncover dark secrets beneath the charm. Legend has it that during a thirteenth-century siege of the castle that looms over the city, Queen Isabelle, child bride of King John, hid a “treasure of great price.” And in the last days of the German occupation during World War II, another Isabelle living in Chinon, a girl whose love for an enemy soldier went tragically awry.

As the dangers of the past become disastrously real, Emily is drawn ever more deeply into a labyrinth of mystery as twisted as the streets and tunnels of the ancient town itself.

“A mix of intrigue and adventure…in a style similar to that of Mary Stewart or Barbara Erskine, Kearsley does an excellent job evoking the atmosphere of Chinon with its brooding castle.”—The Winnipeg Free Press

“Kearsley’s action-packed mystery-romance, set in a medieval French town, shows the same deft plotting that won Kearsley the Catherine Cookson prize for Mariana.”—Chatelaine

Into the Black: Odyssey One [Remastered Edition]

 Science Fiction > Space Opera

Into the Black: Odyssey One [Remastered Edition]

Beyond the confines of our small world, far from the glow of our star, lies a galaxy and universe much larger and more varied than anyone on Earth can possibly imagine. For the new NAC spacecraft Odyssey and her crew, the unimaginable facets of this untouched world are about to become reality.

The Odyssey’s maiden voyage is an epic adventure destined to make history. Captain Eric Weston and his crew, pushing past the boundaries of security, encounter horrors, wonders, monsters, and people, all of which will test their resolve, challenge their abilities, and put in sharp relief what is necessary to be a hero.

A first-rate military science fiction epic that combines old-school space opera and modern storytelling, Into the Black: Odyssey One is a riveting, exhilarating adventure with vivid details, rich mythology, and relentless pacing that will leave you breathlessly awaiting book two.

American Crisis: George Washington and the Dangerous Two Years After Yorktown, 1781-1783

 History > United States > Revolution & Founding

American Crisis: George Washington and the Dangerous Two Years After Yorktown, 1781-1783

Most people believe the American Revolution ended in October, 1781, after the battle of Yorktown; in fact the war continued for two more traumatic years. During that time, the Revolution came closer to being lost than at any time in the previous half dozen. The British still held New York, Savannah, Wilmington, and Charleston; the Royal Navy controlled the seas; the states–despite having signed the Articles of Confederation earlier that year–retained their individual sovereignty and, largely bankrupt themselves, refused to send any money in the new nation’s interest; members of Congress were in constant disagreement; and the Continental army was on the verge of mutiny.
William Fowler’s An American Crisis chronicles these tumultuous and dramatic two years, from Yorktown until the British left New York in November 1783. At their heart was the remarkable speech Gen. George Washington gave to his troops evcamped north of New York in Newburgh, quelling a brewing rebellion that could have overturned the nascent government.

The Bride Lottery: A Sweet Historical Mail Order Bride Romance

 Romance > Westerns

The Bride Lottery: A Sweet Historical Mail Order Bride Romance

Evelyn is in a pickle…
In less than five months, Evelyn Brandt will be an unwed mother. Her parents discover her secret and send her away on the next west-bound train. They insist she deliver the child on the other side of the continent where the disgrace won’t harm her father’s business empire and the family’s social standing. She’ll be allowed to return home after the child is adopted by decent people and her corset fits properly once more.

Sam’s in charge of the bride lottery, and the competition’s fierce.

It’s too bad the mail order bride agency failed to round up even half their order, ’cause every man on the mountain wants a bride–except Sam Kochler–so he’s saddled with enforcing the rules. He received bios of each lady the agency sent, so when Evelyn steps off the train, he’s a tad curious and a mite too interested.

The tougher the competition becomes, the worse some fellas behave, and it’s not long before Sam finds himself courting Evelyn–only to protect her while she makes up her mind. He won’t allow himself to fall in love and still doesn’t want a wife…or so he keeps telling himself.

The Walls of Lemuria (A Purge of Babylon Novel)

 Horror > Dark Fantasy

The Walls of Lemuria (A Purge of Babylon Novel)

Every survivor has a story.

The Purge decimated the planet almost a year ago, leaving small bands of humanity scrambling to find sanctuary from the hordes of unkillable monsters that reside in the darkness.

Keo is one of the few who made it through that harrowing first night. Trapped in a small town in Louisiana, he finds himself joining forces with a group of strangers to make sense of what’s happening.

Like thousands of others around the globe at that exact moment, Keo and his new allies will discover that braving the creature-infested first night is only the beginning. Every day from that moment on will be a struggle, and every night will be a nightmare.

This is their story.

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