New York Times bestselling author Rebecca M. Hale tops today’s Buffet with a quirky mystery from the Caribbean, Ode to a Fish Sandwich — a story about a man, a fish, and the daily special.

Rebecca is a graduate of Colorado State University (Biochemistry) and Vanderbilt School of Law. After 10 years of working as a patent attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area, she took time off to write her first novel, How to Wash a Cat –and never looked back. She now has nine Penguin-published titles and a growing list of ebooks released under her own imprint, Green Vase Publishing.

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Ode to a Fish Sandwich (Quirky Tales from the Caribbean Book 1)

International Mystery & Crime

Ode to a Fish Sandwich (Quirky Tales from the Caribbean Book 1)

Recently jilted at the altar, Dr. Walcott Emerson Jones decides to set off on his honeymoon without his runaway bride. An adventurous week on a remote Caribbean island is just what the sun-averse dermatologist needs to mend his broken heart. Along the way, he braves a creepy cane field, tracks a grief-stricken fisherman up the side of a volcano, and befriends a chef at the local beachside diner.

But the calculating cook has broader ambitions than spending the rest of her life serving up fish sandwiches, and the spurned diamond ring hanging from the doctor’s neck is a prize too tempting to resist. Will the vacationer’s last meal on the island turn into his last meal — ever?


Religious & Inspirational Fiction


One tragedy binds them together while another threatens to tear their family apart. Will the faith and love that saw them through life and death be enough to hold them together?

Paul and Grace’s paths cross at an inopportune point in their lives. Paul’s young sister is facing an unknown illness and Grace is preparing to marry another man. The love affair that ensues between the couple stands the test of time, though not without far-reaching consequences for their grown children. Can they cope with the death of their father and their mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis without it destroying everything their parents worked to build?

Follow four generations in this inspirational story that poses the ever-present question: who decides when it’s time to die?

Reality (The Arie Chronicles Book 1)

Young Adult > Science Fiction & Fantasy

Reality (The Arie Chronicles Book 1)

To be extraordinary was a fate Arie Belle had never imagined. She was comfortable living the simple life on a meadow protected by towering trees just outside of town. Her days were filled with naïve pleasures and promising love until the unexpected and mysterious death of her mom. Instantly, her world became dark and, at times, hopeless. Her only saving grace was her lifetime friendship with the boy next door, River, who was relentless in picking up the pieces of her broken future.

Years of numbness were lifted when a beautiful stranger, Ashe, entered her world and took her soul to places it had never been, across realities trapped in the worlds of fairytales. Would he be her savior, or would she find the strength within to be her own?

Her journey begins on her eighteenth birthday and quickly unravels what she is and who killed her mother. Her uncanny connection with nature and heightened sensations are just one of many secrets that unfold along the way. Will she find answers before the next full moon where her death is painted in the fate of the stars? Will she accept a scripted destiny or let the dark side of life suck her in?

The Colony (Jim Jovian mystery)

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Colony (Jim Jovian mystery)

Malibu, the playground of the rich and the famous. This tranquil, upscale beach community is rocked by the death of not one but two of its famous residents who reside behind the storied gates of the Malibu Movie Colony. Detective Jim Jovian must fight his demons, both external and internal, to unearth the deadly secrets of the sand.

Gray Ghost (A Bill Dix Detective Novel Book 1)

Mystery > Police Procedurals

Gray Ghost (A Bill Dix Detective Novel Book 1)

While on a fly fishing vacation to Andros Island in the Bahamas, narcotics detectives Dix and Petersen discover their fishing guides were killed when a sudden blast of gunfire fractured their speedboat, Gray Ghost. Local gossip has it that Gray Ghost went to the ocean floor with a hundred million dollars’ worth of cocaine in the hull.

Dix and Petersen, against their better judgment, are drawn into helping their island friends even though it could cost them their careers. Leads are chased down in the Bahamas and Miami. The two detectives identify a diabolical plot of a sinister man known only as “The Caller.”

An elaborate trap is set for The Caller, but he’s two steps ahead of the detectives. As the drama unfolds, it’s unclear who can be trusted. When it appears The Caller will get away once again, lead detective Dix and his sidekick Petersen exhaust everything they have in an effort to capture the criminal mastermind.

TODAY’S BARGAINS……………What’s this?

Encrypted (Robin Hood Hacker Book 1)


Encrypted: An Action-Packed Techno-Thriller: From the author of the blockbuster Betrayed series (Robin Hood Hacker Book 1)

They call her the Robin Hood Hacker, the elusive computer genius notorious for raiding corporate coffers and diverting millions to charitable organizations. No one can catch her — not the police, not the CIA, not even the FBI taskforce led by Special Agent Zachary Hunt, a man who has made it his life’s mission to hunt her down.
Their cat-and-mouse game has become an obsession, a race for supremacy in the cyberbattle between chaos and order. But the hunted suddenly becomes the hunter when the Hacker learns that an ancient secret society is plotting to unleash a weaponized strain of the Black Plague upon the world. She knows she must stop them — but she can’t do it alone. So she turns to the only man who has the resources and strength to face off against a power-mad cult: Zachary Hunt. Together they race to halt the spread of a plague that could decimate mankind. They cannot fail. Because if they do…the dead will be the lucky ones.

Fear the Sky (The Fear Saga Book 1)

Science Fiction > Alien Invasion

Fear the Sky (The Fear Saga Book 1)

In eleven years time, a million members of an alien race will arrive at Earth. Years before they enter orbit, their approach will be announced by the flare of a thousand flames in the sky, their ships’ huge engines burning hard to slow them from the vast speeds needed to cross interstellar space.

These foreboding lights will shine in our night sky like new stars, getting ever brighter until they outshine even the sun, casting ominous shadows and banishing the night until they suddenly blink out.

Their technology is vastly superior to ours, and they know they cannot possibly lose the coming conflict. But they, like us, have found no answer to the destructive force of the atom, and they have no intention of facing the onslaught of our primitive nuclear arsenal, or the devastation it would wreak on the planet they crave.

So they have flung out an advanced party in front of them, hidden within one of the countless asteroids randomly roaming the void.

They do not want us, they want our planet. Their Agents are arriving.

The Bridge: A Novel


The Bridge: A Novel

Number one New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury delivers an instant classic with this heartwarming Christmas story about a hundred-year flood, lost love, and the beauty of enduring friendships.

Molly Allen lives alone in Portland, but she left her heart back in Tennessee with a man she walked away from five years ago. They had a rare sort of love she hasn’t found since.

Ryan Kelly lives in Nashville after a broken engagement and several years on the road touring with a country music duo. He can still hear Molly’s voice encouraging him to follow his dreams; Molly, whose memory stays with him. At least he can visit The Bridge—the oldest bookstore in historic downtown Franklin—and remember the hours he and Molly once spent there.

For thirty years, Charlie and Donna Barton have run The Bridge, providing the people of middle Tennessee with coffee, conversation, and shelves of good books—even through dismal book sales and the rise of digital books. Then in May, the hundred-year flood swept through Franklin and destroyed nearly every book in the store.

Now the bank is pulling the lease on The Bridge. Despondent and without answers, Charlie considers the unthinkable. Then tragedy strikes, and suddenly, everything changes. In the face of desperate brokenness and lost opportunities, could the miracle of a second chance actually unfold?

The Paradiso Files: Boston’s Unknown Serial Killer

True Crime > Serial Killers

The Paradiso Files: Boston's Unknown Serial Killer

In this bold and suspenseful true-crime story, former homicide prosecutor Timothy M. Burke makes his case against one Leonard Paradiso. Lenny “The Quahog” was convicted of assaulting one young woman and paroled after three years, but Burke believes that he was guilty of much more – that Paradiso was a serial killer who operated in the Boston area, and maybe farther afield, for nearly fifteen years, assaulting countless young women and responsible for the deaths of as many as seven. Burke takes the reader inside the minds of prosecutors, police investigators, and one very dangerous man who thought he had figured out how to rape and murder and get away with it.

The Paradiso Files generated headlines when first published in February 2008. Nine days later, Paradiso died at the age of sixty-five without commenting on any of Burke’s accusations, including that he murdered Joan Webster, a Harvard graduate student who disappeared from Logan Airport in 1981. Boston-area prosecutors announced in September 2008 that Burke’s revelations had led them to reopen the unsolved murder cases of three young women – Melodie Stankiewicz, Holly Davidson, and Kathy Williams. There were “too many similarities between the individual cases to ignore,” a prosecutor involved in the new investigation said. Burke’s account leaves little doubt that Paradiso’s deeds should go down in infamy, alongside those of the Boston Strangler.

Anaconda: The Writer’s Cut

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Anaconda: The Writer's Cut

In 1994, film writer Hans Bauer wrote a screenplay for what would become the hit movie “Anaconda.” Today he presents this original vision in his new novel Anaconda: “The Writer’s Cut.” Movie fans have long embraced the “director’s cut” versions of their favorite films in the home video market. Now, Bauer pioneers the “writer’s cut,” introducing readers to a new medium for book lovers.

In an epic adventure, twenty-something, middle-school biology teacher Andie Easter and six young colleagues who, in the dead of a Chicago winter, hatch a plan to spend their summer in Brazil, hoping to reverse their meager fortunes by joining a modern-day gold rush on a tributary of the mighty Amazon.

Disoriented and increasingly isolated, the treasure hunters stray into the remote domain of three colossal snakes: daughter, mother, grandmother. One by one, under terrifying circumstances, the teachers fall victim to the devastating effects of gold fever and the relentless brutality of the primeval South American jungle. Andie Easter must discover her inner Amazon to avoid becoming prey for the Mother of All Snakes.

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