Damian Stevenson tops today’s Buffet with Solstice, a nerve-wracking mystery and non-stop page turner. As one reviewer put it, it’s “a wonderfully refreshing psychological thriller that will keep you guessing through the end.”

Damian was born in Los Angeles and grew up in London. After graduating from Oxford University he returned to L.A., where he worked at DreamWorks as an executive and then at Warner Bros. as a screenwriter (‘Fleming’). He is currently working on the next installment of ‘The Ian Fleming Files.’

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Mystery > Women Sleuths

Author: Damian Stevenson

In this disturbing new eBook novella by thriller master Damian Stevenson, a young woman with a history of mental illness descends into madness when her missing boyfriend is declared by all to be a figment of her imagination.

Dana March is thrust into a game of shadows where nothing is what it seems and she must fight to preserve her own sanity in the face of overwhelming evidence that points to her having made up a story about an abduction.

With no one to vouch for her alleged boyfriend’s existence, Dana must fight to preserve her grasp on reality while playing detective in an environment that suggests civilization is a thin veneer over man’s deepest, darkest impulses.

Gifts of Desire

Historical Romance > Scottish

Author: Kella McKinnon
Gifts of Desire…
The wheels of fate are set in motion when a cursed Scottish laird finds his soul mate, and she gives him the one gift that he had given up hoping for…

When Ella MacCrae is sent from her home on a secret quest to find a great treasure at Castle Tulloch, she does not know what she is looking for, but what she finds is the irresistible strength and passion of a warrior whose heart cries out for her, though at first he will not listen.
Ceann MacKenzie, Laird of Tulloch, has been living for some time with the knowledge that he is cursed to be the last of his line: he will never hold a child of his own in his arms. Driven to a life of hard battle and bitter loneliness, he has given up on the dream of a wife and family, determined to devote himself instead to his clan until the day his cousin will take over the lairdship.

Stealing Justice (The Justice Team Book 1)

Action & Adventure > War & Military

Author: Misty Evans, Adrienne Giordano

In this first book in a thrilling new romantic suspense series…

Justice “Grey” Greystone was fired from the FBI for insubordination. Now the FBI wants him to use his renegade skills to take down a serial killer who’s above the law. To trap the Lion, Grey will need to send the perfect woman undercover.

Sydney Banfield runs a women’s shelter and bends the law daily to help victims of abuse escape their painful lives. Three of the women she’s recruited for government jobs have become victims of the Lion. If Syd has her way, the vicious killer will never touch another woman again.

Grey and Sydney set a trap—with Sydney as the sexy bait—but the Lion adds a complex twist to his homicidal agenda. With Sydney’s life on the line, Grey must race against the clock to catch a killer who’s as unstoppable as he is evil.

Mr Swirlee (Dev Haskell – Private Investigator Book 2)

Mystery > Private Investigators

Author: Mike Faricy

Skirt-chasing, wise-cracking, dysfunctional Private Investigator Dev Haskell leaves his usual stool at the Spot Bar to take on what looks like a cakewalk job: keep ice cream mongul Mr. Swirlee alive. Turns out Mr. Swirlee is anything but a cakewalk… He’s a ruthless “entrepreneur” with a flash temper, a mean streak a mile wide, and a laundry list of people who want to do him in–including his sex-crazed girlfriend Lola. Things go from bad to worse when Dev discovers his client is running a gambling ring in his ice cream trucks. When his revelation is detected, a dead body ends up in the trunk of his car. Once again, our hero is in over his head. Thank God for Dev’s friend Tony “Dog” Colli, sometime friend a felon, who agrees to help out.

Murder, mayhem, romance, double cross, and bodies pile up as Dog and Dev follow their difficult client through the streets of St. Paul in the steamy summertime, spinning a colorful yard with a healthy serving of the bizarre. A fast paced tale of bottom feeders and the criminal class, Mr. Swirlee will leave you at turns gasping and chuckling your way through Dev Haskell’s screwy world.

PHP and MySQL Web Development

Computers & Technology > Databases

WELCOME TO PHP AND MYSQL WEB DEVELOPMENT.Within its pages, you will find
distilled knowledge from our experiences using PHP and MySQL, two of the hottest
web development tools around.

In this introduction, we cover

  • Why you should read this book
  • What you will be able to achieve using this book
  • What PHP and MySQL are and why they’re great
  • What’s changed in the latest versions of PHP and MySQL
  • How this book is organized

World of Jesus, The: Making Sense of the People and Places of Jesus’ Day

Bible Study & Reference > New Testament

Author: Dr. William H. Marty

Popular Author Provides the Market’s Most Accessible Introduction to the World of Jesus’ Time

To understand Jesus’ life and ministry, we need to understand the history and culture of his world. Marty, author of the popular The Whole Bible Story, provides readers with a thoroughly readable, easy-to-understand history of Israel leading up to the time of Christ. Each chapter ties closely to the events of the New Testament as Marty carefully answers such questions as

•Who were the Pharisees and why was Jesus upset with them?
•Why didn’t anyone like the Samaritans?
•When and why did the Jews start worshiping in “synagogues” rather than the Temple?

The book will include call-out boxes, summaries, and other tools to make this the most accessible book available on the topic.

Vertical Gardening: Grow Your Garden Up to Harvest Beautiful Fruits, Vegetables, and Plants in Small Spaces

Gardening & Horticulture > Techniques > Urban

Author: Dane Alexander

Are you limited in space but still want to plant a garden?

Do you live in an urban area with a small back yard?

Are you motivated to improve your health by planting your own fruits, plants, and vegetables?

GREAT NEWS You can learn all that and much more in the book: Vertical Gardening – Grow Your Garden Up to Harvest Beautiful Fruits, Vegetables, and Plants in Small Spaces

The Kestrel Waters: A Tale of Love and Devil

Contemporary Fiction

Author: Randy Thornhorn

In The End there is no end to what one girl’s heart will give. And no end to what one brother will give for the other.

The Brothers Brass. Two young bluegrass singers (with echoes of The Everly Brothers). Raised in Savannah by the sea, together, these boys’ voices chime like heavenly bells.

The oldest brother, Kestrel, falls in love with a wild little thing who hides up in the trees—a bit of a girl named Bettilia. A girl raised by a flesh and blood devil on a haunted mountain called Riddle Top.

Soon all the Family Brass falls for Bettilia. She touches Kestrel, she touches everyone. And they touch sweet Bettilia, forever.

Then comes that fateful day when, deep in his own heart, Kestrel says I do to his own devil.

TODAY’S BARGAINS……………What’s this?

The Two Minute Rule

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Author: Robert Crais
Regularly $9.99, Today $1.99

From the author of The Last Detective and Hostage, comes a thriller featuring a father searching for vengeance in the City of Angels. But for an ex-con fresh on parole, finding answers in the corruption of the LAPD means asking for help from the person least expecting it: the FBI officer who put him away…

Every seasoned criminal knows the two minute rule: the two minutes before the cops show up at the scene of a robbery. Keeping the rule means changing your life, breaking it means a lifetime in jail. But not everyone plays by the rules…

When a decisive four minutes put Max Holman in prison, he spent the next decade planning one thing: reconciliation with his estranged son. Determined to put the past behind him, Max sets out on the morning of his parole only to discover his son, a cop, was gunned down in cold blood hours earlier. When the hit is exposed as a revenge killing, Max is determined to track down the murderer—at any cost.

Destiny’s Embrace

Fiction > United States > African American > Romance

Author: Beverly Jenkins
Regularly $5.99, Today $0.99

Award-winning romance author Beverly Jenkins offers up another high-stakes historical romance that is sure to make you swoon.

With Destiny’s Embrace, Jenkins brings readers back to the American West, where Logan Yates, a self-important ranch owner, must confront his feelings for his beautiful, free spirited housekeeper, Mariah Cooper. While they bicker incessantly, their sexual tension is palpable, and only rises when Mariah’s former lover arrives on the scene. Will she accept Logan’s heart?

Set in 19th-century California, Destiny’s Embrace features unforgettable characters and a satisfying mix of adventure and passion from nation’s premier writer of African-American historical romance.

Magic 101 (A Diana Tregarde Investigation)

Fantasy > Paranormal

Author: Mercedes Lackey
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

Before Buffy ever staked out a vampire, before anyone was “Grimm,” before the “Supernatural” Winchester brothers locked horns with things that go bump in the night, there was Diana Tregarde.

Diana Tregarde. Occult investigator. Witch. And Guardian. Pledged to protect and shield the innocent from the deadly menaces of the Dark, the things most people have never seen–and would never want to. The things you think only live in your nightmares.

But you would be wrong.

If you’re unlucky enough, you’ll be DEAD wrong.


A History of the World in 6 Glasses

Cooking Education & Reference > History

Author: Tom Standage
Regularly $11.99, Today $1.99
From beer to Coca-Cola, the six drinks that have helped shape human history.
Throughout human history. certain drinks have done much more than just quench thirst. As Tom Standage relates with authority and charm, six of them have had a surprisingly pervasive influence on the course of history, becoming the defining drink during a pivotal historical period.

A History of the World in 6 Glasses tells the story of humanity from the Stone Age to the 21st century through the lens of beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, and cola. Beer was first made in the Fertile Crescent and by 3000 B.C.E. was so important to Mesopotamia and Egypt that it was used to pay wages. In ancient Greece wine became the main export of her vast seaborne trade, helping spread Greek culture abroad. Spirits such as brandy and rum fueled the Age of Exploration, fortifying seamen on long voyages and oiling the pernicious slave trade. Although coffee originated in the Arab world, it stoked revolutionary thought in Europe during the Age of Reason, when coffeehouses became centers of intellectual exchange.

Fighting for Flight (The Fighting Series Book 1)

Romance > Sports

Author: JB Salsbury
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99

What happens when in order to win, you’re forced to lose?

The only daughter of an infamous Las Vegas pimp, Raven Morretti grew up an outsider. Liberated from the neglectful home of her prostitute mother, she finds solace as a mechanic. With few friends, she’s content with the simple life. Flying under the radar is all she knows and more than she expects.

Until she catches the eye of local celebrity, UFL playboy, Jonah Slade.

Weeks away from his title fight, Jonah is determined to stay focused on everything he’s trained so hard to achieve. Undefeated in the octagon, he’s at the height of his career. But resisting Raven’s effortless allure and uncomplicated nature is a fight he can’t win.

Jonah trades in his bad-boy reputation and puts his heart on the line. But when her father contacts her, setting in motion the ugly truth of her destiny, Jonah must choose. In a high-stakes gamble where love and freedom hang in the balance, a war is waged where the price of losing is a fate worse than death.

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