Jane Bonander tops today’s Buffet with Winter Heart, her bestselling western first published as a Pocket Books paperback in 1996 and brought to the Kindle last May.

Jane’s first historical romance, Secrets of a Midnight Moon, was heralded in 1991 as “sensitive and sensuous, violent and tender.”

“I found the plot to my first novel in a little-known history of Northern California Indians when I learned that Native Americans were being taken as slaves by the settlers, their families threatened with death and dismemberment if they tried to leave,” she says. “Yes, one can weave a romance around such an appalling event!”

Since then Jane has published nine full-length novels and four anthologies, all dealing with the perils and passions of romantic historical fiction. She currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her husband, Richard Noer.

Winter Heart

Romance > Westerns
Author: Jane Bonander

Winter Heart

Desperate to escape a dark past, Dinah Odell will do anything, even risk her freedom by posing as a nurse and accepting a job to care for Tristan Fletcher’s mentally fragile sister. She thinks she’s prepared for anything, except the sensitive, generous, and mysterious man behind the facade that Tristan Fletcher presents to the world.

With a dark past of his own, Tristan survived the barbs of childhood by closing his heart off from the rest of the world. He sees something similar in Dinah, a desire to flee, and it sparks his desire to protect her. To marry her, even. But to love her? When Dinah’s secret past is revealed, it threatens to ruin everything she and Tristan have worked so hard to create. Will it tear them apart, or strengthen their bond even more?