Barbara Taylor Bradford tops today’s Buffet with her blockbuster 1979 debut novel, A Woman of Substance, which ranks as one of the top-ten bestselling books of all time, with more than 30 million copies in print. It was republished for the Kindle last week, and normally costs $6.99.

The book tells the story of a determined woman who faces betrayal from those closest to her, as well as the loss of a great love, only to emerge triumphant. The story inspired a popular 1984 TV miniseries starring Jenny Seagrove and Deborah Kerr.

Barbara was born in Britain and began her career as a typist at the Yorkshire Evening Post at the age of 16. She later served as the fashion editor of Woman’s Own Magazine and a feature writer at the London Evening News. 

In 1999, Barbara became the first living female author to be featured on a postage stamp. In 2003, she was awarded a place in the Writers’ Hall of Fame of America, and in 2007, she was inducted into the Order of the British Empire.

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A Woman of Substance (Harte Family Saga)

Romance > Contemporary
Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford
A Woman of Substance (Harte Family Saga)

From the servants’ quarters of a manor house on the brooding Yorkshire moors to the helm of a profitable international business, Emma Harte’s life is a sweeping saga of unbreakable spirit and resolve. Rising from abject poverty to glittering wealth at the upper echelons of society, there is only one man the indomitable Emma cannot have–and only one she yearns for.

A celebration of an indomitable spirit, here is New York Times bestselling author Barbara Taylor Bradford’s dazzling saga of a woman who dared to dream–and to triumph against all odds…

In the brooding moors above a humble Yorkshire village stood Fairley Hall. There, Emma Harte, its oppressed but resourceful servant girl, acquired a shrewd determination. There, she honed her skills, discovered the meaning of treachery, learned to survive, to become a woman, and vowed to make her mark on the world.

In the wake of tragedy she rose from poverty to magnificent wealth as the iron-willed force behind a thriving international enterprise. As one of the richest women in the world Emma Harte has almost everything she fought so hard to achieve–save for the dream of love, and for the passion of the one man she could never have.

Through two marriages, two devastating wars, and generations of secrets, Emma’s unparalleled success has come with a price. As greed, envy, and revenge consume those closest to her, the brilliant matriarch now finds herself poised to outwit her enemies, and to face the betrayals of the past with the same ingenious resolve that forged her empire.


Love in Disguise

Romance > Mystery & Suspense > Inspirational Fiction
Author: Carol Cox
Love in Disguise

When costume-maker Ellie Moore suddenly finds herself out of a job in the middle of a bleak Chicago winter, she uses her knowledge of theatrical disguise to secure a position as an undercover operative with the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Her assignment: find the culprit behind the theft of silver shipped from the mines near Pickford, Arizona.

Disguised as Lavinia Stewart, a middle-aged widow, Ellie begins her investigation. Soon she finds she must also pose as the dazzling young Jessie Monroe, whose vivacious personality encourages people to talk.

Mine owner Steven Pierce is about to lose his business after the theft of several bullion shipments–until hope arrives in the unlikely form of Lavinia Stewart, who offers to invest in Steven’s mine. In his wildest dreams, Steven never expected to be rescued by an inquisitive gray-haired widow…or to fall head over heels for Lavinia’s captivating niece, Jessie.

But then the thieves come after both Lavinia and Jessie. Ellie isn’t safe no matter which character she plays! Will she be forced to reveal her true identity before the criminals are caught? What will Steven do when he discovers the woman he loves doesn’t exist?

Allison (A Kane Novel)

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Steve Gannon
Allison (A Kane Novel)

Allison Kane, a journalism student at UCLA, takes a summer job as a TV news intern—soon becoming involved in a scandalous murder investigation and the media firestorm that follows—a position that pits her squarely against her iron-fisted police detective father.

Exploring the secrets that lie at the core of every family, Allison tells a story of growth and sexual awakening, of betrayal and reconciliation, and most of all, of the abiding strength of the family spirit.

Cafenova (Clairmont Series)

Christian Fiction > Romance
Author: S. Jane Scheyder
Cafenova (Clairmont Series)

Leaving her broken heart behind in Seattle, Maddy Jacobs starts a new life on the coast of Maine. Although running a Bed and Breakfast has always been her dream, restoring the sprawling Victorian inn is a massive undertaking. Her contractor, competent, handsome, and built like a Greek god, could be the answer to her prayers. If she can keep her wits about her, she might just survive the summer.

John Fordham has his plate full, raising two young sons and running his renovation business. Restoring the waterfront property for its intriguing new owner will take all of his energy, and, if he’s not careful, it might just take his heart.

Killer in Sight (A Tom Lackey Mystery)

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Sandra Carrington-Smith
Killer in Sight (A Tom Lackey Mystery)

When a young woman is found murdered in a public park, it is up to RPD detective Lt. Tom Lackey to locate her killer. With the help of his longtime girlfriend and professional photographer, Kathy Spencer, Lackey unravels a mystery laden with psychosis and unexpected revelations. While Tom is busy following the multiple clues pouring in from different directions, Kathy gets to work to prove her own theory: The last image viewed by the dying person can be lifted from the eyes of the victim to identify the murderer.

Using her background in photography and her passion for iridology, Kathy enlists the help of Dr. Greer, a snow-haired medical examiner who allows her to take shots of Tracey Newman’s eyes. Her findings are puzzling, but they are supported by Alexis Howard, the dead girl’s ten-year-old half sister who volunteers information she claims was delivered to her by her imaginary friend Lily. With multiple suspects floating up to the surface and skeletons yanked out of unlikely closets, Tom must rely on his methodical expertise and on Kathy’s insight to find the killer before tragedy strikes again.

20 Things I’ve Learned as an Entrepreneur

Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Author: Alicia Morga
20 Things I've Learned as an Entrepreneur

20 Things I’ve Learned as an Entrepreneur is the summary of lessons leading female technology entrepreneur Alicia Morga learned as a first-time entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. If you’re an entrepreneur or if you’ve only dreamed about starting your own business, this quick important read is for you.

The author, Alicia Morga, is a venture-backed Silicon Valley entrepreneur. She’s been featured in Inc. Magazine, the Financial Times, and Fast Company named her one of the Most Influential Women in Technology. She believes that entrepreneurship is not just about starting a business. It’s about leading a life.

What could go wrong? (Chasing Crazy)

Humor & Entertainment
Author: Linda McGourty
What could go wrong? (Chasing Crazy)

This is a book full of short humorous anecdotes about the everyday life of a menopausal woman. Life never goes how you intended it to be and some how we learn to roll with, and laugh at the punches. If you’ve ever loved a dog or tried to cram yourself in a pair of Spanx this collection is for you. If you’re a middle aged woman, I think you may relate to the hot flushes at inappropriate times, the hair migrating from you’re crotch to your chin and things you didn’t even know you had, jiggling every where. Women that learn to laugh at themselves never lack for entertainment.

How to Start a Successful Hair Salon

Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Author: Briana Stewart
How to Start a Successful Hair Salon: The Simple Guide to Starting a Successful Hair Salon: Salon Magic - The Simple Guide to Starting a Successful Hair Salon ( Hair Salon Business Plan Guide)

If you are passionate about haircuts and want a way to take your skill to the next level…If you are currently working as a hair stylist in some one’s salon but wants to start your own hair salon…If you just want to start a business that is capable to generate money for you even in the recession…

If you are exploring what it takes to start a hair salon just to see if it’s your cup of tea…If you want to start your own hair salon and want to get the exact step-by-step guidelines so you can be up and running without any mistakes…

How To Start A Hair Salon is a comprehensive guide that provides complete step-by-step instructions you need to know in order to start and successfully run your hair salon business without the painful process of ‘trial and error’. It will show you how you can easily take your hair salon business off the ground. This guide is written in easy-to-understand English and in layman’s language so that any one can get benefited from it.

TODAY’S BARGAINS……………What’s this?

Barefoot Season (Blackberry Island)

Contemporary Fiction > Romance
Author: Susan Mallery
Regularly $10.99, Today $2.19
Barefoot Season (Blackberry Island)

Michelle Sanderson may appear to be a strong, independent woman, but on the inside, she’s still the wounded girl who fled home years ago. A young army vet, Michelle returns to the quaint Blackberry Island Inn to claim her inheritance and recover from the perils of war. Instead, she finds the owner’s suite occupied by the last person she wants to see.

Carly Williams and Michelle were once inseparable, until a shocking betrayal destroyed their friendship. And now Carly is implicated in the financial disaster lurking behind the inn’s cheerful veneer.

Single mother Carly has weathered rumors, lies and secrets for a lifetime, and is finally starting to move forward with love and life. But if the Blackberry Island Inn goes under, Carly and her daughter will go with it.

To save their livelihoods, Carly and Michelle will undertake a turbulent truce. It’ll take more than a successful season to move beyond their devastating past, but with a little luck and a beautiful summer, they may just rediscover the friendship of a lifetime.

The Frontiers Saga: Episodes 1-3

Science Fiction > High Tech
Author: Ryk Brown
Regularly $5.99, Today $1.99
The Frontiers Saga: Episodes 1-3

A world recovering from a devastating plague…
A brutal enemy threatening invasion…
A young man seeking to escape the shadow of his father…
A ship manned by a crew of fresh academy graduates…
A top-secret experimental propulsion system…
A questionable alliance with a mysterious green-eyed woman…

What destiny has in store for the crew of the UES Aurora, is far greater than any of them could ever imagine. And this is only the beginning…

Someone To Love (Someone To Love Series)

Romance > Coming of Age
Author: Addison Moore
Regularly $7.99, Today $2.00
Someone To Love (Someone To Love Series)

When twenty-year-old Kendall Jordan transfers across the country to Garrison University, the last thing she’s looking for is a one-night stand. Unfortunately that’s exactly what gorgeous Cruise Elton offers. Kendall has long since come to realize that love is an illusion, and Cruise couldn’t agree more—but something deep inside her wants him all for herself. So Kendall devises a plan to “play the player” and proposes that Cruise tutor her in becoming a female version of himself—Garrison University’s own playboy. But as real feelings emerge, the game gets complicated, and Kendall and Cruise will find themselves questioning everything they thought they knew about love.

This book is intended for mature audiences due to strong language and sexual content.

Raise the Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions

Business & Investing > Management & Leadership
Author: Jon Taffer
Regularly $9.99, Today $2.00
Raise the Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions

If there’s anyone who can prevent a bar or restaurant from going belly up, it’s Jon Taffer. Widely considered the greatest authority in the food and beverage, hotel, and hospitality industries, he runs the biggest trade show in the business and has turned around nearly 1,000 bars and at least that many restaurants.As host and co-producer of Spike TV’s Bar Rescue, a documentary-style series, Taffer gives struggling bars one last chance to succeed with a mixture of business acumen and tough love. Now he’s offering his no-nonsense strategy for eliciting just the right emotional reactions in customers to everyone.

Raise the Bar distills the secrets to running a successful enterprise with Reaction Management, a strategy and philosophy Taffer developed and uses in his business and on Bar Rescue. It works whether you’re running a storefront operation or a web-based company, whether you’re manufacturing widgets or providing a service.

Taffer’s overarching philosophy is this: All business is about creating the right reactions in your customers. Even better: You can control those reactions to a very large degree. Raise the Bar is the definitive manual on transforming a bar or restaurant with actionable, proven strategies for immediate impact.

Catcher, Caught

Women’s Fiction > Domestic Life
Author: Sarah Collins Honenberger
Regularly $9.99, Today $1.99
Catcher, Caught

After an earth-shattering diagnosis of leukemia, 15-year-old Daniel Landon sees a reflection of himself in the words of J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. Inspired by Holden Caulfield, Daniel begins to question the intentions and authority of those around him in his own search for identity as he faces death.

Tired of his cramped surroundings and hippie parents’ alternative approaches to his treatment, he follows the footsteps of Caulfield to New York City in search of the same eternal truths, only to discover the importance of home when death looms. A coming of age story, a love story, and a new classic, Catcher, Caught will engage the imagination of more than one generation, searching for lasting values.

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