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Low Light

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Low Light

Low Light extends screen brightness settings into the lower range. Low brightness is easier on the eyes in dark environment and saves battery life.

The program comes with nine preset levels selected to match human perception. They are sufficient for most cases. For finer precision, you can use the slider which is also designed to produce perceptually even changes. The preset buttons are also the markers on the slider scale: if you tap on the slider between the buttons 64 and 128, you will get the brightness of 96. With this design the desired brightness is always one tap away. There is no need to program the presets and no need to remember what values were there.

With Low Light, you can schedule brightness changes at two times of day. For example, schedule full brightness in the morning and low brightness in the evening. The app can also set the desired brightness after the device was in sleep mode for the specified time or more.

“Start At Boot” option allows to keep Low Light running and your scheduled events active.