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Einstein’s Challenge Full

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Einstein's Challenge Full

Train your brain and determine its performance by accepting Einstein’s Challenge!

Have you played free “Einstein’s Challenge”? That was just the beginning. Now it’s time for the real deal. Tons of achievements, three different tests in three different difficulty levels, and bonus game on top of it!

This application will activate and sharpen your brain in an unprecedented manner. It will train your mental skills in many dimensions:
* Memory Test is designed to train your short-term memory, visual memory and concentration. Mastering these skills is crucial for learning new things as well as in everyday life activity.
* Perception Test is designed to train your skills in finding, detecting and spotting. These skills are very important in your real life choices, when missing something might lead to unrecoverable losses.
* Math Skills Test is designed to train your mastery with numbers. Einstein would never make his discoveries without these skills. These skills are also very handy whenever you want to invest money, take a loan or pay your taxes.
* Color Skills Test is designed to improve your color memory and image processing skills. This test is quite different than the others and trains your brain in different dimension.