Colleen Hoover tops today’s Buffet with her #1 New York Times bestseller Hopeless. This contemporary romance is recommended for adults only due to language and sexual content.

Colleen’s first series was published in 2012 and includes Slammed, Point of Retreat, and the companion novel This Girl.

Colleen’s second series, published in 2013, included Hopeless and the companion novel Losing Hope. She has released a free novella, Finding Cinderella, as a thank you to her readers for their continued support. The novella is a companion to her Hopeless series, but can be read as a standalone.

As usual, each book here has gone FREE within the past 24 hours, except for the Bargain books in the yellow section below. Warning: Kindle book promotions can end without notice, so before downloading click the link “See Kindle price at Amazon” to verify that the book is still free. (Prices and availability may differ outside USA.)


Romance > Contemporary
Author: Colleen Hoover

Sometimes discovering the truth can leave you more hopeless than believing the lies.

That’s what Sky Davis realizes after she meets Dean Holder. A guy with a reputation that rivals her own and an uncanny ability to invoke feelings in her she’s never had before.  He terrifies her and captivates her all in the span of their first encounter.

Sky struggles to keep him at a distance, but Holder insists on learning everything about her. Unable to deny their intense connection, Sky finally caves to his unwavering pursuit.  However, she soon discovers that Holder’s erratic and unpredictable behavior comes with a very good explanation.  One that will ultimately test her faith in the hopeless boy she’s fallen in love with.


Doug and Carlie

Romantic Comedy
Author: Lisa Smartt
Doug and Carlie

Carlie Ann Davidson only has $167.29 in the bank. She’s 10 years late on college and 37 lbs. over the ideal weight chart. When she’s not in her college classes, she’s stocking shelves at the Dollar General Store in Commerce, Georgia, and wondering why SO many people eat pork n beans.

But Carlie has dreams, dreams of love and literary success. With the humorous and engaging backdrop of small town characters and culture, Carlie realizes she’s not a loser at all. Just a late bloomer. The good news? Sometimes there are rewards for late bloomers.

No Good Deed: Book 1, Mark Taylor Series

Psychological Thrillers
Author: M.P. McDonald
No Good Deed: Book One of the Mark Taylor Series (A Psychological Thriller)

Mark Taylor discovers first hand that no good deed goes unpunished when the old camera he found in a dusty Afghanistan bazaar gives him more than great photos. It triggers dreams of disasters–tragedies that happen exactly as he envisions them.

Back home in Chicago, he learns that not only can he see the future, but he can change it. Unable to let people die if he can stop it, Mark is compelled to risk his life to help others, but then the unthinkable happens and his failed attempts to prevent 9/11 bring him to the attention of the Feds. They claim his warning of the terrorist act and his trip to Afghanistan prove he’s connected.

Christmas Healing

Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban
Author: Morris Fenris, Jasmine Bowen
Christmas Healing

He’s a vampire who has been locked away for a thousand years in a coffin, finally freed. But the world has changed drastically during that time, and there are so many things that he’s not ready for. He hated being a vampire when it first happened, and he hates it now.

She’s barely 18, a young girl with terminal cancer, once the height of popularity. Chosen by another vampire clan to keep them “updated” in the world, her blood infected and not tempting to them, she is brought into his household to teach him, page by page, the modern world and how to live despite her inevitable death.

Although she has a boyfriend back home and he has no interest in living, slowly, a love and understanding blossoms between them that no one else can penetrate.

The Rules of Dreaming

Mystery > Women Sleuths
Author: Bruce Hartman
The Rules of Dreaming

A beautiful opera singer hangs herself on the eve of her debut at the Met.  Seven years later the opera she was rehearsing–Offenbach’s Tales of Hoffmann–begins to take over the lives of her two schizophrenic children, the doctors who treat them and everyone else who crosses their paths, until all are enmeshed in a world of deception, delusion and death.

Onto this shadowy stage steps Nicole P., a graduate student who discovers that she too has been assigned a role in the drama.  What strange destiny is being worked out in their lives?


50 Percent Raw – A Guide to Weight Loss, Glowing Skin and Abundant Energy

Diets > Low Fat
Author: Katie Li
50 Percent Raw - A Beginner's Raw Food Diet Guide to Weight Loss, Glowing Skin and Abundant Energy

– Do you want to eat raw food but think you can’t manage 100% raw?
– Do you want to eat raw food but think you’ll become a social outcast?
– Do you think that eating 100% raw is just too weird?
– Do you want abundant energy?
– Do you want glowing skin?
– Do you want to get to your ideal weight?
– Are you sick of trying diets and always failing?

Then it’s time to use this book to help yourself get healthy, without all the usual hassles of trying to be perfect. There’s no need to continually aim for perfection when it’s so easy to get the results you want.

I’ll show you the one thing that can get you started on the right track. It’s a simple technique that has worked for me and many others. Add this one thing to your diet and you’ll start to become more healthy right away. Then you’ll start giving up your junk food habits without even noticing.

Beyond Oria Falls (Dwellers of Ahwahnee)

Fantasy > Paranormal
Author: Sheryl Seal, Tyler Seal, River Seal
Beyond Oria Falls (Dwellers of Ahwahnee)

Oria is the Golden Queen of the Ahwahneechees and a Dweller of Ahwahnee. Together with her friends she travels back to find out why the village of lost souls cannot find their way home to the West. The Ala is back in this second book full of action packed magic and shapeshifting.

Will Oria finally find love and happiness with Grey Wolf or will a new evil threaten her magical world Beyond Oria Falls? Join the Dwellers as they try to keep evil out of the world of man.

TODAY’S BARGAINS……………What’s this?


Author: Michael C. Grumley
Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99

Deep in the Caribbean Sea, a nuclear submarine is forced to suddenly abort its mission under mysterious circumstances. Strange facts begin to emerge that lead naval investigator, John Clay, to a small group of marine biologists who are quietly on the verge of making history.
Shaw and her team are preparing to translate the first two-way conversation with another animal species, but they are about to discover much more than they ever expected.

When a mysterious object is found on the ocean floor and an unknown group suddenly becomes interested in her work, Alison learns that Clay may be the only person she can really trust. Together they find themselves embroiled in a desperate attempt to stop a catastrophe that spans the Atlantic Ocean and reaches all the way to Antarctica.

Amid the Shadows

Thrillers > Conspiracies
Author: Michael C. Grumley
Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99
Amid the Shadows

A six-year-old girl is born with an unimaginable gift. One person wants to extinguish it. Another wants to protect it.

After her mother is violently murdered, young Sarah Baxter ends up in the care of a new and inexperienced social worker with problems of her own. But when Christine Rose and Sarah both get thrown into a terrifying conspiracy, Christine discovers that someone will stop at nothing to rid the world of Sarah’s ability. Now the only thing that really matters is keeping Sarah alive!

Bad Games

Psychological Thrillers
Author: Jeff Menapace
Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99
Bad Games - A Dark Psychological Thriller

The Lambert Family is heading to Crescent Lake, a rural cabin community in western Pennsylvania, for an idyllic weekend getaway. Some fishing, some barbecue, some games…

The Fannelli brothers are heading to Crescent Lake too. Some stalking, some kidnapping, some murder, definitely some games…though not necessarily the type of games the Lamberts had in mind.

But it doesn’t matter. The Lamberts are going to play whether they like it or not.

An intense psychological thriller, Bad Games has the dark, mind-bending chills of The Bad Seed combined with the fish-out-of-water dread and suspense of Deliverance.  

So let Jeff Menapace’s highly anticipated thriller keep you up all night as it delves into the mystery of nature versus nurture when comprehending the evil in man, along with the will and determination an innocent family must summon to fight back against horrific odds.

Just For Now (Escape to New Zealand)

Romance > Contemporary
Author: Rosalind James
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99
Just For Now (Escape to New Zealand)

For teacher Jenna McKnight, nothing spells “heartbreak” like finding her husband with somebody else–in her bed. It’s clearly time to reinvent herself. A new body, a new city, and a new job later, she’s done just that. The beautiful Auckland villa isn’t really her home, though. Finn Douglas and his kids aren’t really her family, however much she wishes they were. And playing house can be a dangerous game.

Rugby star Finn Douglas is just looking for a temporary nanny and housekeeper. Not a girlfriend, and definitely not a wife. He can’t resist Jenna’s cooking, it’s true. Who knew he’d have so much trouble resisting her? He wants to do what’s right for his kids. But waiting is so hard . . .

Haunted House – A Novel of Terror

Genre Fiction > Horror > Occult
Author: Jack Kilborn, J.A. Konrath
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99
Haunted House - A Novel of Terror

It was an experiment in fear.

Eight people, each chosen because they lived through a terrifying experience. Survivors. They don’t scare easily. They know how to fight back.

Each is paid a million dollars to spend one night in a house. The old Butler House, where those grisly murders occurred so many years ago. A house that is supposedly haunted.

They can take whatever they want with them. Religious items. Survival gear. Weapons. All they need to do is last the night.

But there is something evil in this house. Something very evil, and very real. And when the dying starts, it comes with horrifying violence and brutal finality.

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