If you enjoy novels with an exciting mix of adventure-thriller blended with an underlying vein of terror, you’re in luck today. Greig Beck, who calls his genre “terror-thriller,” tops today’s Buffet with the novella-length Episode 1 of The First Bird.

greigGreig is an Australian author residing in Sydney with his wife, son and oversized black German Shepherd. His debut novel, Beneath the Dark Ice, was published by St. Martin’s Paperbacks in 2010. He now has several novels published in over 10 languages, and his “Alex Hunter” novels regularly appear in the bestseller lists.

As a youngster, Greig spent his days surfing on Australia’s Bondi Beach before entering a career in Information technology. He’s still involved in IT, but spends most of his time writing … and surfing. His literary influences include King, Koontz, Herbert, and above them all Graham Masterton.

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The First Bird: Episode 1

Science Fiction & Fantasy > Adventure > Horror
Author: Greig Beck
The First Bird: Episode 1

When a fame-hungry scientist brings an impossible, living specimen of a creature long thought extinct back from the wild jungles of South America he unwittingly brings along a passenger. Something with the potential to destroy every living thing on our planet.

The infestation begins, rapidly overtaking medical resources and resisting all treatment. One woman knows the danger, Carla Nero, chief scientist of the Centre for Disease Control. She makes Matt an offer he can’t refuse and together they join a team heading to the deep jungle in a desperate race to locate the hidden place where the specimen was taken.

Only by finding the location of the specimen can the team –- and the world –- hope to uncover the secret of how to survive the ancient, horrifying parasite that has been released.

Injustice For All

Thrillers > Legal
Author: Scott Pratt
Injustice For All (Joe Dillard Series No. 3)

A criminal court judge is found hanging from a tree. A young employee of the district attorney’s office goes missing.

In this third book of the best-selling Joe Dillard series, Dillard finds himself in the middle of two volatile mysteries. The primary suspect in the judge’s murder is Dillard’s son’s best friend, and Dillard’s wife may have destroyed evidence. Meanwhile, the missing girl turns out to be a mystery far deeper than anyone imagined…


Religion & Spirituality > Messianic Judaism
Author: Angela Hunt

Mary Magdalene. The controversial woman with a past only one Man could forgive. A true love story that changed the face of history.

In an era when women are sequestered and silenced, Miryam of Magdala lives a contended life until her son’s careless gesture evokes a hostile action that shatters her serenity. With no hope of justice, Miryam commits an unthinkable act…and descends into depths of darkness that threaten her life and her sanity.

Even after Yeshua the Messiah dramatically restores her life, Miryam can neither forget nor forgive unresolved injustices. Prodded by a hunger for vengeance she will not deny, this woman of uncommon courage risks her life and her heart by drawing destiny into her own hands.

Presenting to Win: The Art of Telling Your Story

Business & Investing > Running Meetings & Presentations
Author: Jerry Weissman
Presenting to Win: The Art of Telling Your Story, Updated and Expanded Edition

Thirty million presentations will be given today. Millions will fail. Millions more will be received with yawns. A rare few will establish the most profound connection, in which presenter and audience understand each other perfectly…discover common ground… and, together, decide to act.

Author Jerry Weissman, the world’s No. 1 presentation consultant, shows how to connect with even the toughest, most high-level audiences…and move them to action. He teaches presenters of all kinds how to dump those PowerPoint templates once and for all and tell compelling stories that focus on what’s in it for the audience.

Weissman’s techniques have proven themselves with billions of dollars on the line. Thousands of his elite clients have already mastered them. Now it’s your turn!

Case Theory

Mystery > Police Procedurals > Short Stories
Author: Stephen Penner
Case Theory (A David Brunelle Legal Thriller Short Story)

Assistant D.A. David Brunelle has a problem: a woman and her child have been murdered, a killer is in custody, but something doesn’t add up. Namely, the bullets. Either the cops botched the crime scene, or there’s more going on than Brunelle knows. He’ll need to figure it out quick, before the defense attorney walks a murderer out the door.

Be Still (Let Jesus Calm Your Storms)

Christian Living > Personal Growth
Author: Cherie Hill
BE STILL (Let Jesus Calm Your Storms)

When the storms of life threaten to overcome us, we find ourselves crying out to the heavens, “Lord, don’t You care?” As our soul is capsized with heavy silence and we continue to pray for a miracle, God’s answer comes in the form of a question, “Where is your faith?”

“Be Still” uncovers the profound life-applicable meaning of the miracle, “Jesus Calms the Storm.” Through this powerful message, your spirit will be submerged with hope, peace, and comfort, as you find your way to the back of the boat…resting with Jesus. Just like the Disciples, many times you find yourself so overwhelmed by your storm that you look right past the only One who can save you and who is always beside you-Jesus. As you gain a deeper understanding of this great miracle, you will find that when God allows a storm in your life…it comes with great purpose; if you miss the purpose, you may miss God’s will for your life. So, let go of your fear by grabbing hold of your faith…let the storms come, and let the waters rise-God is taking you deeper.

Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas

Science & Math > Technology
Author: Pardu Ponnapalli
Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas

This book is about thoughts and ideas on a wide range of subjects. The ideas range from how to modify the game of chess to create a really interesting version … to how to pursue exploration of space in a way that captures the imagination of the public. New and innovative viewpoints on practical methods to building a space elevator, designing a method to cope with cat litter, and some simple ways to conserve energy are presented. Economic themes about the federal debit and deficit are also examined.

The Templar Concordat

Thrillers > Spy Stories & Tales of Intrigue
Author: Terrence OBrien
The Templar Concordat

When the truth is your greatest danger, and the enemy knows the truth, things can only go downhill when the enemy finally gets the proof. And that’s the proof the Hashashin get when they steal what the Vatican doesn’t even know it has. Now the infallible decrees of two Twelfth Century popes and three kings, stolen by the Hashashin, threaten to catapult the bigotry, bias, and religious blood baths of the Third Crusade straight into the Twenty-First Century.

When Templars Sean Callahan and Marie Curtis are drawn into the mess, they face an ancient enemy that has already nearly won the battle, a newly elected Mexican pope being undermined by entrenched Vatican powers, world class scholars who will sell their prestige to the highest bidder, and terrorists lingering over lattes in sidewalk cafes. Moving from Rome to London, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia, Callahan and Curtis are desperate to find some way to stem the success the Hashashin are having enlisting the majority of moderate Muslims in their Jihad. Out maneuvered at each step by the Hashashin, only a last ditch roll of the dice has any chance of success. But it’s the only chance they have.

Tiny Titan – One Small Gift

Parenting & Relationships > Special Needs
Author: Ann Yurcek
Tiny Titan - One Small Gift (Journey of Hope 1)

Author Ann Yurcek was ‘just’ a mom when her story begins with the birth of her daughter Becca. Becca surprised everyone with a rare genetic disorder called Noonan’s syndrome. As Becca struggled to survive her family plunged into poverty. Their remarkable journey out of poverty is a story of it’s own, but within the pages lie secrets much more important we all should know.

While Becca struggled to survive, her family tumbled into poverty. This is the true and inspirational story of their journey out of poverty and the many miracles they received along the way.


Christian Living > Spiritual Growth
Author: Suzanne D Williams

What does it mean to be fearless? And how do I get there? Where is the way out from hopelessness and despair? Crippled by fear, Suzanne Williams found herself unable to leave home. In her testimonial book, Fearless, she shares her personal walk out of the darkness and bondage of fear into the health, peace, freedom and hope promised in God’s Word.
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