Award-winning author Brenda Hiatt tops today’s Buffet with Rogue’s Honor, Book 1 in her series about “The Saint of Seven Dials,” inspired by a combination of Robin Hood and the Dread Pirate Roberts (for fans of “The Princess Bride”).

brendaBrenda broke into the writing business in the early 1990s by writing traditional Regency romances while she was a stay-at-home mom to two toddlers. Her goal was to sell a book before her youngest child started first grade, so that she could avoid going back to a “real job.” Brenda attained her goal and went on to sell six more Regency and Super-Romance novels to Harlequin during the next few years.

Then, within the space of a year, Harlequin closed their Regency line, her Army husband changed jobs, and the family moved from Texas to Indiana. Fortunately, Brenda found a new home at HarperCollins, where she wrote eight single-title historical romances. In the meantime, she explored scuba diving, community theater, and Taekwondo, earning a 2nd degree black belt. She also began experimenting with other kinds of writing: plays, women’s fiction, and my new and current love, teen science fiction romance.

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Rogue’s Honor

Historical Romance > Regency
Author: Brenda Hiatt
Rogue's Honor (The Saint of Seven Dials 1)

Lady Pearl Moreston would first sacrifice her virtue and live life as a chambermaid before she’d acquiesce to her stepmother’s demands and wed overbred Lord Bellowsworth. In fact, posing as a maid is precisely what Pearl does to escape her fate — a deception that could prove disastrous for the impetuous bluestocking. Luckily, Luke St. Clair comes to her rescue. Now here is a man worth losing one’s innocence to: strong, dashing, daring, worldly…and nary a drop of noble blood in him.

Luke is intrigued by this minx who seems unusually knowing for her tender years…and whose intoxicating beauty makes him light-headed in her presence. But Luke is not the adventurer the winsome Pearl believes him to be. And though her soft, succulent lips are begging to be kissed, Luke is honor-bound to never reveal to her his true identity. Yet how long can passion’s flames be restrained before two delightful deceivers are forced to drop their masks and surrender to the sweet, sensual fire?

Tough Cookie

Mystery > Women Sleuths
Author: M. Ruth Myers
Tough Cookie (Maggie Sullivan mysteries)

When Depression-era private investigator Maggie Sullivan is invited to dine with a millionaire, she doesn’t expect the first course to be a gun in her face. It draws her into a gold-plated web of theft, revenge, double crosses and murder.

A big-time swindle has made fools of some of the city’s wealthiest businessmen. The man behind it has vanished. When Maggie begins asking questions, he reappears – dead in the river. But she’s already learned too much. Someone’s out to silence her too.

Armed with her .38 and a nip of gin, Maggie closes in on a killer as a mobster offers a hint, a cop unsettles her with his chemistry, and a woman with deadly potential plays a game by her own rules.

All the Paths of Shadow

Children’s eBooks > Science Fiction, Fantasy & Scary Stories
Author: Frank Tuttle
All the Paths of Shadow

The king’s orders were clear enough. “Move the tower’s shadow,” he bellowed. “I refuse to deliver my commencement speech from the dark.”

As the newly appointed mage to the Crown of Tirlin, Meralda Ovis has no choice but to undertake King Yvin’s ill-conceived task. Tirlin’s first female mage, and the youngest person to ever don the robes of office, Meralda is determined to prove once and for all that she deserves the title.

The Tower, though, holds ancient secrets all its own. Secrets that will soon spell destruction for all of Tirlin—unless Meralda can unravel a monstrous curse laid by a legendary villain seven centuries before she was born.

Vampire Blues

Science Fiction & Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban
Author: Stephany Simmons
Vampire Blues (Lian and Figg)

Lian and Figg are still recovering from events that almost destroyed their lives, but when a good friend comes to them with a serious problem, they can’t turn him away. Soon, Lian and Figg are neck-deep in local vampire politics and framed for a massacre they had little to do with. On top of that, the local werewolf pack is sniffing around, looking for favors.

You will laugh out loud and you will be turning pages as fast as you can to see what happens next.

Knights: The Eye of Divinity

Science Fiction & Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery
Author: Robert E. Keller
Knights: The Eye of Divinity (A Novel of Epic Fantasy) (The Knights Series)

Strange and legendary Dremlock Kingdom is facing destruction from both within and beyond its stone walls in the form of goblins–creatures spawned by evil that come in all shapes and sizes–and the Deep Shadow, a hungry and spreading force of dark sorcery that infects people with madness.

To save their kingdom, the knights recruit a lonely and isolated boy named Lannon who lives in a wooded valley with his crazy father, who bears a dark illness of the soul, and his foul-tempered mother. Lannon is sought out because he possesses a rare power called the Eye of Divinity. The knights need Lannon’s gift to see through the fog of evil that shrouds Dremlock Kingdom and give them the advantage they need to turn the tables on their ancient foe.

Living Clutter-Free with Kids in the House

Parenting & Relationships > Self-Help
Author: Mike Burns, Jen Burns
Living Clutter-Free with Kids in the House

This book makes the case that it IS possible to live a clutter-free life with kids in the house. Well, at least “clutter-free…ish.” I say “ish” because it’s a constant effort. When you have kids in the house, the mess keeps coming. As a father of six children, I can relate!

But you don’t have to surrender to the complexity. You really can gain control of the clutter that plagues you.

Always Yours

Romance > Contemporary
Author: Somi Ekhasomhi
Always Yours (Lagos Romance Series)

Sophie is young, beautiful, and runs her own magazine. She loves her life, her job, her friends, in fact, she has everything she wants. What she doesn’t have, however, is the man she has been in love with for the past five years. Michael once crushed her feelings, after taking her innocence. After all this time, she should have forgotten him, but she is still desperately in love with him.

The best way to get over someone is to see them again, or so they say. So when Sophie engineers a meeting with Michael, all she wants, is to finally be able to forget him, or so she tells herself. But as soon as she sees him again, she realizes that she still wants him, and he seems delighted to see her again. Everything is going well, until he tells her that he is engaged, crushing her hopes again.

CADE: A MacKenzie Family Novel

Romantic Suspense > Thrillers > Espionage
Author: Liliana Hart
CADE: A MacKenzie Family Novel (Romantic Suspense) (The MacKenzie Family)

Cade MacKenzie is prepared to give his life to destroy the cartel that killed his lover, but the only way to draw them out is to present them with the perfect bait.

Bayleigh Scott has no idea who her new neighbor is, only that her body is drawn to him in ways she can’t explain, and the danger that surrounds him isn’t the deterrent she knows it should be.

More than fireworks explode between Cade and Bayleigh when she discovers the real reason he relentlessly pursued her, but by then it’s too late, because she’s already been drawn into a deadly game of desire, deception and revenge.

Stonewiser: The Heart of the Stone

Romance > Fantasy & Futuristic
Author: Dora Machado
Stonewiser: The Heart of the Stone

Between truth and deception, between justice and abuse, a stonewiser stands alone with the stones… Or so begins the Stonewiser’s oath. But what happens when a rebellious stonewiser discovers that lies have tainted the stone tales?

Like her fellow stonewisers, Sariah always expected to spend her life wising truth from the stones. But when she discovers lies in the sacred stones, she is forced into a pit of intrigue with only her stone pledge and her wits””along with her bitterest enemy””to protect her in a desperate quest to restore justice and prevent her world’s destruction .

Cold Lonely Courage

Genre Fiction > Historical > Thrillers
Author: Soren Petrek
Cold Lonely Courage

Madeleine Toche races to the front only to find her brother mortally wounded during the German Blitzkrieg attack on France at the outset of World War II. His death and her rape at the hands of an SS Stormtrooper cast Madeleine down a path of death and violence as her desire for revenge reaches a crescendo.

An Unlawful Order

Mystery > Women Sleuths
Author: Carver Greene
An Unlawful Order (The Chase Anderson Series)

Captain Chase Anderson is a distinguished war veteran, widow, and single mother in charge of Public Affairs at the base in Hawaii. After a Marine-81 helicopter, the very model her husband Stone was flying when he crashed in Afghanistan, goes down five miles off the coast of Oahu, Chase begins to suspect a conspiracy to minimize, even hide, the defects within the Marine-81. Despite threats to her career, Chase follows her hunch, and the search for the truth, a search that implicates everyone from Hawaii to the Pentagon, eventually leads her back to the disturbing truth about Stone and their marriage.
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