Once Upon a Time, Deb Stover wanted to be Lois Lane, until she discovered Clark Kent is a fraud and there is no Superman. Since publication of her first novel in 1995, Stover has received dozens of awards for her cross-genre fiction, including ten Romantic Times BOOKCLUB nominations, and a Career Achievement Award in 2005.

debDeb tops today’s Buffet with Another Dawn, winner of the Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence, and a Romantic Times Book Review “Top Pick.” Literary Times called the book “an amazing tale of love and time travel.”

Deb is a native of Wichita, Kansas, but now lives in Colorado with her three children. Over the years, she and her family have also lived in Southern California, Northeastern Oklahoma, and Oregon. If you ask her which state she calls home, she’ll tell you she longs for the misty firs of the Northwest, but the Rockies are still the home of her heart.

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Another Dawn

Romance > Time Travel
Author: Deb Stover
Another Dawn

Convicted of a murder he didn’t commit at age 18, Luke Nolan has spent his adult life on Death Row. The night of his execution brings Sofie, a beautiful young doctor who will pronounce him dead, and a benevolent priest to his side. When a freak explosion throws him back to another century along with Sofie, who has lost her memory, he sees a chance for a future in the past — Another Dawn he was never meant to see.

As long as Sofie never remembers who he is, of course–or does it really matter a century in the past? Even as his feelings for her grow even stronger than his need to protect her in this strange world…? A man with no future and a woman with no past!

Sweet Water, West Texas Series

Romance > Westerns
Author: Anna Jeffrey
Sweet Water, West Texas Series, Book 1

Terry Ledger, wealthy developer of upscale sub-divisions and builder of high-end homes, has an ultimate goal of constructing a sprawling development for senior citizens exclusively. He has searched for years for the right location, but never expected to find it on an eBay auction. He paid a million dollars to win the tiny town of Agua Dulce. He’s used to his activities changing other peoples’ lives, but little did he know that his association with Agua Dulce and its people would be a life-changing event for himself.

Nor does Marisa Rutherford, the ostensible town mayor, manager of the only cafe, flea market and tourist trap and caretaker of her dying mother, expect to have to protect the town’s odd population, as well as her heart and soul, from an outsider like Terry and his plans.

The Silence of Trees

Women’s Fiction > Domestic Life
Author: Valya Dudycz Lupescu
The Silence of Trees

In Chicago’s Ukrainian Village, Nadya Lysenko has built her life on a foundation of secrets. When she was 16, Nadya snuck out of her house in Western Ukraine to meet a fortuneteller in the woods. She never expected it to be the last time she would see her family. Decades later, Nadya continues to be haunted by the death of her parents and sisters.

The myths and magic of her childhood are still a part of her reality: dreams unite friends across time and space, house spirits misplace keys and glasses, and a fortuneteller’s cards predict the future. Nadya’s beloved dead insist on being heard through dreams and whispers in the night. They want the truth to come out. Nadya needs to face her past and confront the secrets she buried–in The Silence of Trees.

Land (Stranded)

Science Fiction > Dystopian
Author: Theresa Shaver
Land (Stranded)

A group of teens on a class trip to Disneyland are left stranded. An EMP over North America has destroyed everything electronic. No cars, no planes, no phones, no electricity. Refusing to wait for someone else to help them, ten courageous young people take charge of their future and choose to begin the long journey home. 1500 miles of adventure and lawless country await. Will their determination be enough?

Alex, Quinn, Josh, Cooper and Dara – setting out on foot with nothing more than some soon to be worthless cash and a little advice from a trusted teacher, they walk through a burning city that has come to a halt. The devastation they see as they make their way out of the city is a small part of the horror that the nation will become.

Memoirs of an Outlaw: Life in the Sandbox

Biographies & Memoirs > Military & Spies
Author: Robert M. Tanner III
Memoirs of an Outlaw: Life in the Sandbox

In Fallujah, during a particularly difficult time in the Iraq War, a group of Marines are deployed on a tour that will bring them closer together, while threatening to tear them apart. The Delta Company Outlaws are a group of Light Armored Reconnaissance Marines deployed in 2004 to one of the most hostile war zones in the world. Through the memoirs of one Marine, this touching story encapsulates the drama surrounding everyday life during the Iraq War. With a bond formed through blood, sweat, and tears, a group of unfamiliar Marines will come together stronger than family.

Renegade Teacher

Schools & Teaching > Special Needs
Author: Duane F. Smith
Renegade Teacher, An Unusual Teacher, A Wily Ol' Superintendent & The Rebel Kids Who Taught Them So Much: 1

“Throw the curriculum out the window and try something radically different this time!” That was the note handed me by the superintendent along with my new class of rebels, renegades, dyslexics and kids with ADHD. It seemed clear to all that if nothing changed, most of these kids would be dropouts in a few years.

They had already received the best their schools offered so little risk seemed attached to trying something radically different. Something like child centered learning experiences, and project based learning activities, in an experiential learning environment. And, all of it would be child directed learning.

Alpha Threat

Genre Fiction > Action & Adventure
Author: Ron Smoak
Alpha Threat

The year is 1945. Germany is on her knees. The Allies are streaming into Germany from all sides. The end of World War II is near. Even so, some of Hitler’s most secret plans are beginning to yield success. Some of these plans are familiar; some are not. Some are lost; others live only to rise again. This is a story steeped in truth…

It is a massive secret. One largely unknown to the Allies until well after the war ends. It is a secret that could potentially destroy the world’s economy regardless of the war’s outcome. It is the Third Reich’s most closely held plan; even more secret than the German nuclear or rocket propulsion programs but as threatening nonetheless.

My Soul to Keep

Teen & Young Adult > Romance > Paranormal & Fantasy
Author: Melissa Solis
My Soul to Keep (The Soul Keeper Series - Young Adult Paranormal Romance)

Seventeen-year-old Brennen Hale has been called a miracle, very fortunate and most frequently– lucky. The only problem is she doesn’t believe in luck. To say she has had a rough life is an understatement, the fact is, that as much as her guardian angel wants to see her live, a faction of demons wants her dead even more.

Brennen starts her senior year with the intent of keeping a low profile. She has secrets to keep and if they get out, her life could be ruined. Her plan quickly loses ground as she makes a connection with not one but two new students in her classes.

Brennen doesn’t know it but her lifetime guardian angel has just befriended her. He can’t let her know who he really is or how he really feels about her in order to keep her safe. He is forced to watch the only love he has ever known fall in love with someone else.

Measure of Devotion

Genre Fiction > Gay & Lesbian
Author: Caethes Faron
Measure of Devotion

Jason Wadsworth is finally headed to university. Leaving behind his father’s cattle ranch in favor of the posh, gaslit streets of Perdana, Jason is determined to climb the social ladder and forget his country roots. If only his father had gifted him with a more upscale slave.
Kale’s been a country slave his whole life. All he wants is to keep his head down and live as comfortable an existence as possible. Unfortunately, his dramatic master despises him and makes life difficult at every turn.

Humbled by his first breakup, Jason grows to appreciate his ever-faithful slave and soon discovers that Kale is everything he’s ever wanted. Now he needs to prove to Kale that his love is genuine.

The Brothers Crunk

Science Fiction > Horror
Author: William Pauley III
The Brothers Crunk

Brothers Divey and Reynold Crunk are two traveling breakfast burrito salesman just trying to make a living in the post-apocalyptic world of Planet Japan. After discovering a mutilated robot corpse in the middle of the desert, Divey mysteriously transforms into something abominable, setting a bizarre series of events into motion. Reynold follows his brother into the dark underworld of Tokyo, where there are no rules and old video game accessories are used as real weapons.

Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan

Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fairy Tales
Author: Jeremiah Kleckner, Jeremy Marshall
Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan

Peter Pan doesn’t know right from wrong and he doesn’t care. Night after night, for untold years, Peter Pan flew into children’s rooms and took them to a far away land with the promise of endless adventure. That is until one night in Port Royal, when Peter meets James Hoodkins and sets events in motion that create his greatest enemy: Captain James Hook.

This prequel to the iconic novel, Peter Pan, written by J. M. Barrie, tells the life of the man who becomes the symbol for piracy around the world. Captain James Hook has reason and wit behind his seething hatred for Peter Pan. If only someone would listen…

Nan’s Journey

Christian Fiction > Romance
Author: Elaine Littau
Nan's Journey (Nan's Heritage Series)

Desperate to save her life and that of her five-year-old brother, Nan packs and flees an abusive home, embarking on a journey that will test her faith, determination, and spirit. Set in the 1800s, this story follows Nan and her brother, Elmer, as they seek safety and find refuge and hope in the arms of a family of strangers–including Fred Young, a disgruntled preacher turned mountain man, who reaches out to help, only to find a hope and love renewed in his own heart.

Thin Rich Bitches

Contemporary Fiction > Humor
Author: Janet Eve Josselyn
Thin Rich Bitches

An uproarious romp through the minefield of female one-upmanship.

Leaving her cheating husband in Boston with the paralegal he impregnated, Pippin Snowe and her son move to a ramshackle farmhouse in the exclusive community of Dover, Massachusetts. Pippin finds employment with a local architect, designing kitchen renovations for wealthy Dover women who treat her as they treat the rest of the hired help. Concluding that social climbing is just another sport that she is no good at, Pippin opens a country club for dogs that offers services that the Dover women didn’t know they wanted until they found out that admission was required and spaces were limited.
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