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Best App Ever Awards: voted third place for Best Weather App on Android!

Weather Rabbit uses a dynamically changing HD background to show you what the current condition is so you can tell at a glance whether it?s a wet and windy night, or a beautiful, sunny day. Behind the pretty graphics is a powerful and accurate weather forecasting service sourced from that gives you all of the vital weather information you need to see. You can also access 10-day and hourly forecasts to make sure your rabbit is ready come rain or shine.

The rabbit actively responds to the weather depending on how you?ve dressed him. If it?s a cold day and you?ve left your rabbit in T-shirt and shorts, you?ll see him shivering and running on the spot to try to stay warm. Take a quick visit to the wardrobe and change your rabbit into something warmer and you?ll get to see him hopping around with glee ? check out those crazy dance moves! If you really want to get ahead you?ll have to keep an eye on your rabbit as the weather changes to make sure he?s not caught out in the wrong outfit. Make sure you?re there to pop open his umbrella if it rains!

You?ll initially start out with a few choice outfits but if you look after your rabbit by continuing to dress him well you?ll earn coins that you can spend on a wide variety of fashionable clothing so your rabbit will be ready to face all kinds of weather while looking his best. Be sure to check out some of the specially themed costumes for seasonal holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year?s Day!

Weather Rabbit allows you to browse the weather in any location so you can check up on the current and forecast conditions for friends and family anywhere in the world, or prepare for your next trip abroad.