Christina Skye is the New York Times, the bestselling author of 32 books, tops today’s Buffet with Come the Night, her Regency romance novel published in 1994 by Dell. The story is Book 1 in Christina’s “Dangerous Delameres” series. Although the prose is “incredibly purple,” all is forgiven once the purple fades into a darned good story, according to the book’s review by Publisher’s Weekly. Silver St. Clair is captured by the Black Lord, a highwayman who, as luck would have it, is really Lucien Delamere, heir to the richest title in Regency England. The appearance of Silver into Luc’s life has muddled his cause and takes him way away from his purpose–or so he thinks. A pinch of mystery and a dash of intrigue make for a wonderfully high adventure.

christinaskyeAfter receiving her doctorate in classical Chinese literature, Christina worked as a writer, translator and consultant to travel companies, importers, museums and magazines, including the National Geographic Society, the Asia Society, and the American Museum of Natural History. She sold her first novel in 1990, and since then has written four different series for five different publishers. She has appeared on ABC Worldwide News, Travel News Network, the Arthur Frommer Show, Geraldo, Voice of America, Looking East, and Good Morning, Arizona.

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Come the Night (The Dangerous Delameres – Book 1)

Historical Romance > Regency
Author: Christina Skye
Come the Night (The Dangerous Delameres - Book 1)

Deadly secrets unfold on the lonely English heath where a highwayman pursues his dangerous vow of revenge.

Silver St. Clair has vowed to reclaim her family birthright at any cost, but the precious formula for a rare fragrance coveted by all of fashionable London is lost, hidden somewhere in the misty lavender fields of her Norfolk estate. Now Silver must risk her reputation and her life, striking a wanton bargain with England’s most notorious highwayman, whose price will be her unconditional surrender, her unbridled passion — and her stubborn heart.

Time Off For Good Behavior

Romantic Comedy
Author: Lani Diane Rich
Time Off For Good Behavior

For Wanda Lane, life has been one long string of screw-ups. Her abusive ex-husband keeps threatening to kill her, she just lost her crappy job, and a head injury (sustained while diving off the witness stand to attack an obnoxious attorney) has left her hearing phantom music no one else can hear. It isn’t until she hits the rock bottom of her bottle of scotch that she begins to wonder if maybe — just maybe — the problem is her.

On her pothole-ridden path to becoming a decent human being, she makes friends with Elizabeth, a single mother looking for her own solid ground; Father Gregory, the patient priest who counsels Wanda, even though she’s not technically Catholic; and Walter, a Jimmy-Stewart-ish lawyer who is smart, sexy and single… and so far out of Wanda’s league that she thinks he must have been sent from God as one last punishment for her past transgressions. Can an angry, lost woman find her way back from failure, or are second chances the stuff of myth?

1929 (Book One Jonathan’s Cross)

Historical Fiction > Family Saga
Author: M.L. Gardner
1929 (Book One Jonathan's Cross)

Jonathan Garrett has just lost everything. He and his two best friends were operating one of the top brokerages in New York City until the stock market crash of ’29. With nothing but the clothes on their backs, these men must start over.

Renting a shabby apartment from a business rival with his eye on tormenting Jonathan, they begin to rebuild as best they can. Their wives struggle to make the best of their situations, each coping in her own way. They begin to make friendships that promise to last a lifetime. As the jobs become fewer and danger is at their backs, the stakes get higher for these men to find a way out. Their current poverty, their respective pasts, and their own struggles all threaten to ruin them. With hope, close friends, and a lucky twist of fate, they escape the city just in time.

Influence and Leadership, Building Rapport in Teams

Management & Leadership > Project Management
Author: Michael Nir, Philip Pekar
Influence and Leadership, Building Rapport in Teams (The Leadership Series)

Everyday millions of people like you are failing to lead and gain influence – they remain clueless at how to build rapport in business teams. With the knowledge in this book at your disposal, you will possess the secret formula that eludes so many others – the recipe to unveiling the mystery of Leadership and influence without authority. This book is a practical guide to communicating in tough situations and motivating towards a common objective.

Leaving Story Avenue, My journey from the projects to the front page

Biographies & Memoirs > Journalism
Author: Paul LaRosa
Leaving Story Avenue, My journey from the projects to the front page

Emmy-Award winning CBS News producer Paul LaRosa’s evocative memoir of his days growing up in a Bronx housing project and working as a reporter at The New York Daily News in the late 1970s.

Paul was a clueless kid growing up in a Bronx housing project when he discovered there might be more to life. As the projects went from idyllic to dangerous, Paul made his way to The New York Daily News where he became a copyboy and later a reporter.

The News was still the largest circulating newspaper in the country but it was in the last, outrageous and often hilarious, gasp of The Front Page era. Reporters wallowed in a swirl of alcohol, hookers and bad behavior but none of it stopped them from delivering an electric and engaging paper every day. Paul, an innocent trapped in a Tabloid World, quickly adapted.

Threads That Bind (The Havoc Chronicles)

Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban
Author: Brant Williams
Threads That Bind (The Havoc Chronicles)

At 16, Madison has accepted herself for who she is: smart and witty, but overweight with thick glasses and the social life of a Tibetan monk. Everything changes the summer before her junior year of high school when her eyesight inexplicably corrects itself, and she begins to rapidly lose weight. However, her new look comes with an unexpectedly expensive price. Madison’s first kiss with the boy she has had a crush on for years triggers powers she can’t control, almost killing him.

She discovers she is a Berserker, a powerful being chosen to guard the world from the Havocs, ancient creatures brought into our world by magic thousands of years ago. They cause destruction and death, but cannot be killed.

Pure & Sinful

Romantic Comedy > Paranormal > Demons & Devils
Author: Killian McRae
Pure & Sinful (Pure Souls)

When it turns out your ex was actually a sexy demon sent by the devil to seduce you to evil, you’d think the next guy, no matter what he’s like, couldn’t be a worse decision. Enter Father Marc Angeletti, a smooth talking piece of forbidden fruit with onyx eyes and a razor wit, and Riona Dade may as well start packing her luggage for damnation now.

Oh, and don’t get seduced into sin yourself, because a fallen Pure Soul is one of Lucifer’s biggest thrills. As long as Riona and Marc can keep things professional and north of the sheets, no problem, right?

How to Own Your Home Years Sooner & Retire Debt Free

Personal Finance > Real Estate
Author: Harj Gill
How to Own Your Home Years Sooner & Retire Debt Free - USA ed.

If You Are the Kind of Person Who Wants to break free from your mortgage and finally get ahead financially in Life, then there is a solution. For years, countless homeowners all over the world, just like you, have asked this very same question.

This book clearly illustrates why your current mortgage will keep you enslaved for three decades. It exposes how your bank makes its profits by using your money and how you can reverse the odds in your favor. It teaches how to take full mathematical advantage of a key banking principle that has helped over 500,000 people in eight countries pay off their home loans in up to half the time — some much sooner.

The Touch

Genre Fiction > Horror > Ghosts
Author: Lisa Olsen
The Touch

Lexi Morgan has always had The Touch; the ability to pick up an object and ‘see’ its past. Doomed to wearing protective gloves at all times, she learned to accept it as equal parts gift and curse. When her brother in law Neil disappears, she’d rather tell her sister to celebrate than try to help find the jerk. But after her young niece vanishes as well, it’s time to put her gift to good use and help track her down, especially when handsome Detective Gabriel Ryan takes over the case.

When the investigation leads them to the restless spirits of long dead children, they must work together to keep history from repeating itself before it’s too late.

The Time Hunters

Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Magic
Author: Carl Ashmore
The Time Hunters (Book 1 of the acclaimed series for children of all ages)

Becky is a typical thirteen-year-old girl. She likes Facebook, gossiping, and plenty of sleep. So when she and her brother, Joe, are invited to stay with their ‘loony’ Uncle Percy at his stately home, she thinks it’ll be the worst summer ever. What she doesn’t realize is that Bowen Hall is also home to a baby Triceratops, two Sabre-tooth tigers and the mythic hero, Will Scarlet…

Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Janet M. Tavakoli
Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits

Italian intelligence specialist Michael Visconte is shocked by the brutal murder of a Jesuit priest, who turns out to be a hedge fund manager for the Vatican. The victim, Father Matteo Pintozzi, achieved an unblemished record of extraordinary returns.

The next day, Michael is visited by two Jesuits who ask him to investigate the murder, and Michael soon finds himself in the middle of a struggle for power and control over the finances of the Vatican. Unfortunately, his lucky break—one that should provide critical evidence—blurs the line between good and evil and not only endangers the lives of Michael and the Jesuits, but also imperils the lives of his wife and children.


Christian Fiction > Fantasy
Author: James Somers
FALLEN (Descendants Saga (Book 1))

A heavenly war rages among the Fallen that threatens to tear Victorian era England asunder. As the Descendants of these angelic warriors take sides in the escalating conflict, Brody West arrives with his father from America, only to find that his role in this firestorm is far greater than he ever could have imagined.

South of Normal

Humor > Specialty Travel > Adventure
Author: Norm Schriever
South of Normal

Have you ever sat at work and thought about leaving the rat race behind? Do you secretly question if it all makes sense, fantasizing about moving to a white sand beach in the tropics to live the easy-breezy life in paradise? Well, Norm Schriever did just that.

Frustrated and unfulfilled with his comfortable existence in the States, successful businessman Norm Schriever knows there is something more he is supposed to do with his life. So, he quits his job, sells and donates all of his possessions, and moves down to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, with nothing but a laptop and a surfboard, vowing to chase his long-forgotten dream of being a writer.

But Norm soon finds that paradise has its dark side, and the perfect life in a little seaside town isn’t always as easy as it seems.

Blueberries in Your Backyard: How to Grow America’s Hottest Antioxidant Fruit

Gardening & Horticulture > Techniques > Urban
Author: R.J. Ruppenthal
Blueberries in Your Backyard: How to Grow America's Hottest Antioxidant Fruit for Food, Health, and Extra Money (Booklet)

This 25-page booklet provides beginners with all the information needed to plant, grow, and harvest organic blueberries in the home garden. Blueberries are delicious small fruits that cost way too much at the supermarket. These dark-colored berries sit near the top of the antioxidant charts. They contain healthful substances known to protect the heart system, fight cancer, lower cholesterol, and stabilize blood sugar levels. Clinical research has proven that blueberries can help keep skin and hair looking younger, while improving memory function as well.
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