L. J. Martin (a.k.a. Larry Jay Martin) is the author of 32 book-length westerns, historicals, mysteries, thrillers, and non-fiction, not to mention several screenplays. He tops today’s Buffet with McCreed’s Law, a beloved action-adventure western novel from his Montana Series.

ljL.J.’s five nonfiction books include: KILLING CANCER (he’s a two time cancer survivor), WRITE COMPELLING FICTION, an instructional work for aspiring authors, MYRTLE MAE & THE CREW, a book of cartoons, FROM THE PEA PATCH, a conservative political series of essays, and COOKING WILD & WONDERFUL, a cookbook with story content. He and his wife Kat live in Montana in the Spring, Summer, and Fall and on the California coast in the Winter.

L.J.’s wife, Kat Martin, is a New York Times bestsellling, internationally published, romantic suspense and historical romance author published in over a dozen foreign languages and two dozen countries.

When not writing, L. J. is cooking and developing recipes for his webpage www.wolfpackranch.com, hunting, fishing, or hauling his cameras around the high country.

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McCreed’s Law (The Montana Series)

Action & Adventure > Westerns
Author: L. J. Martin
McCreed's Law (The Montana Series)

To catch an outlaw, hire an outlaw…then get the hell out of the way! Another L. J. Martin action-adventure western full of fists, gun smoke, and blood.

Gone, a shipment of gold and a handful of passengers from the Transcontinental Railroad. Found, one man who has the skill, motivation, and courage to track down the mad dog outlaws who hit the train.

Now, the U.S. Army and detective Morris Flannigan have invited the devil to join their detail — bringing lawless Kane McCreed into the hunt for a band of savage criminals. What no one can guess is just how good a job McCreed intends to do. Because he knows the outlaws who robbed the train and where they’re hiding.

With a score to settle and a beautiful woman in a world of trouble, McCreed plans on laying down his own kind of law — or dying for his brand of justice. And he doesn’t plan on any McCreed, or their kin, doing the dying.

L. J. Martin’s passion for the classic western and the wild west spills over into every western novel he writes. From the diversity of the land and the glorious history of its earliest inhabitants to the brave and enterprising men and women who rushed to claim it, this talented western novelist boldly mines America’s last great frontier for stories that are truly unforgettable.

A Heartbeat Away: A Novel

Christian Fiction > Suspense
Author: Harry Kraus
A Heartbeat Away: A Novel

When a brilliant surgeon undergoes a heart transplant, her life transforms as she begins experiencing memories of a murder she never witnessed.

The residents worship her. Nurses step out of her way. Her colleagues respect and sometimes even fear her. But surgeon Tori Taylor never expected to end up on this side of the operating table.

Now she has a new heart. This life that was formerly controlled and predictable is now chaotic. Dr. Taylor had famously protected herself from love or commitment, but her walls are beginning to crumble.

And strangest of all, memories surface that will take her on a journey out of the operating room and into a murder investigation.

Where there once was a heart of stone, there is a heart of flesh. And there is no going back.

Do Not Disturb (Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery)

Mystery > Historical > Women Sleuths
Author: Kate Kingsbury
Do Not Disturb (Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery)

The Pennyfoot hides many secrets and its downstairs staff keeps a tight lip, even when the Edwardian aristocrats are spotted dallying with damsels in the boudoirs, or gambling in the forbidden card rooms hidden below the floorboards. Should now and then one of the hotel guests fall prey to a dastardly murderer, however, it is up to Cecily Sinclair to restore order before Scotland Yard steps in and shuts down her infamous seaside hotel.

A knock on the door in the dead of night, and seconds later, a man lies dead, poisoned by a mysterious substance. Who else to blame but the local herbalist – considered a witch because of her powerful potions. Once again Cecily is called upon to discover the real killer before her best friend is thrown in jail for a crime she simply couldn’t have committed.

Megan’s Way

Literature & Fiction > Drama
Author: Melissa Foster
Megan's Way (Family Drama, Women's Fiction)

When Megan Taylor, a single mother and artist, receives the shocking news that her cancer has returned, she’ll be faced with the most difficult decision she’s ever had to make. She’ll endure an emotional journey, questioning her own moral and ethical values, and the decisions she’d made long ago. The love she has for her daughter, Olivia, and her closest friends, will be stretched and frayed.

Meanwhile, fourteen-year-old Olivia’s world is falling apart right before her eyes, and there’s nothing she can do about it. She finds herself acting in ways she cannot even begin to understand. When her internal struggles turn to dangerous behavior, her life will hang in the balance.

Megan’s closest friends are caught in a tangled web of deceit. Each must figure out how, and if, they can expose their secrets, or forever be haunted by their pasts.

Pirate’s Bride (Liberty’s Ladies)

Historical Romance
Author: Lynette Vinet
Pirate's Bride (Liberty's Ladies)

Young Bethlyn Talbot, daughter of the Earl of Dunsmoor, is forced into an arranged marriage with brash colonial Ian Briston, who abandons her after the wedding ceremony. Seven years later, Bethlyn has blossomed into a beautiful and alluring young woman, with a husband in name only.

Wishing for the marriage to be annulled or force her errant husband to make her his wife in all ways, Bethlyn leaves England for America on one of her father’s ships. But when the ship is captured by the infamous American privateer, Captain Hawk, he mistakes her for a prostitute.

Fighting her attraction for the masked pirate, Bethlyn becomes Hawk’s prey and succumbs to nights of passion in the arms of the buccaneer. What will happen when she finally arrives in Philadelphia to claim her wayward spouse now that she’s known the ecstasy of being the pirate’s bride?

Game, Set, Match

Romantic Comedy
Author: Nana Malone
Game, Set, Match (A Humorous Contemporary Romance) (Love Match)

Off the court, tennis star Jason Cartwright’s playboy image is taking a public beating. On the court, he’s down forty-love. A knee injury is shutting down his game, and the paparazzi are splashing his love life on every magazine. A comeback is in order, but the makeover he needs to save his faltering career is in the hands of the woman he loved and left fifteen years ago.

While single-mom, Izzy Connors, sees people for who they really are through the lens of her camera, even without it, she knows Jason isn’t the star he appears to be. Although his charm and good looks haven’t dimmed since he broke her heart, all she sees is his wasted talent and playboy lifestyle.

Can Izzy put the past behind her and help Jason get his game, and his image, back on track? Or will the click of her camera shatter his world as well as his heart?

A Soft Place to Fall (Shelter Rock Cove – Book #1)

Romance > Contemporary
Author: Barbara Bretton
A Soft Place to Fall (Shelter Rock Cove - Book #1)

It’s been two years since Annie Galloway’s husband died, and she is finally putting her life back together, even though she stays in Shelter Rock Cove, Maine. Annie has never lived anywhere else, and her life is tied to the small community, which is a blessing and a curse. Her mother-in-law took her in at sixteen when her parents died, and she feels grateful for her love, but her husband was not the saint that everyone thinks he was.

When she meets Sam Butler, a Manhattan investment broker hiding out in the small town and reevaluating his life, they instantly connect, but some townspeople are suspicious of the newcomer and his relationship with Annie. Sam and Annie do keep secrets from each other, hoping to keep their newfound love separate from the past, but prying neighbors may tear them apart. Once again Bretton creates a tender love story about two people who, when they find something special, will go to any length to keep it.

Guitar Mastery Simplified

Music > Instruments & Performers > Guitar
Author: Erich Andreas
Guitar Mastery Simplified: How Anyone Can Quickly Become a Strumming, Chords, and Lead Guitar Ninja

Would you like to know how to play the guitar like a guitar master and eliminate any disbeliefs that have been holding you back from truly mastering the guitar?

Sound impossible? Well it’s not…

Guitar Mastery Simplified, by Erich Andreas AKA Your Guitar Sage, is packed with the most important guitar lessons that will help you take your guitar playing ability to the highest level it has ever been.  Erich has taught/played guitar professionally for almost 30 years.

You will finally get to fully understand guitar music theory while at the same time learn all the important guitar chords needed to become an advanced guitar “ninja”.   This book is for beginners to advanced guitar players.

Ukulele Mastery Simplified

Music > Instruments & Performers
Author: Erich Andreas
Ukulele Mastery Simplified: How Anyone Can Quickly Become a Strumming, Chords and Melodic Uke Ninja

Would you like to know how to play the ukulele like an ukulele master and eliminate all your disbeliefs that have been holding you back from truly mastering the ukulele?

Sound impossible? Well it’s not…

Ukulele Mastery Simplified, by Erich Andreas AKA Your Uke Sage, is packed with the most important ukulele lessons that will help you take your uke playing ability to the highest level it has ever been! Erich has taught/played ukulele and guitar professionally for almost 30 years.

You will finally get to fully understand ukulele music theory while at the same time learn all the important ukulele chords needed to become an advanced uke “ninja”. This book is for beginners to advanced ukulele players.
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