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Can You Cure Monster Toothaches?

Can you clean those monster teeth painlessly? Do you like your fingers?

In the Monster Dentist’s waiting room, giant creatures stomp and howl and rub their jaws, smarting from giant toothaches. One by one, the monsters shuffle into your dentist’s chair and open wide. Can you fix their monster cavities without losing any fingers?

Dentist for the GRRAARRHS!

As a dentist for monsters, you journey into the cavernous mouths of enormous creatures in order to solve their dental problems before their mouths can slam shut! Monster Mouth DDS lets you play dentist for an array of wacky monster patients, each of which has a unique complaint that you’ll have to deal with as quickly as you can, while inflicting as little pain as possible.

This Might Hurt a Little

The game’s touch controls make it easy: just rub a tooth to brush it. Need to look a little more deeply? X-ray teeth to find hidden cracks and cavities. Find a tooth that’s cracked down to the root? Use bombs to blow open the broken tooth so you can fix it. Pull out creepy debris with tongs. Oh, but remember, try not to hurt your ginormous, toothy patients, or it could be game over for you, doctor!

Think you’re the sharpest dentist the monsters have ever seen? Compete with your friends on the online Game Center/Open Feint leaderboards.