When she read her first Nancy Drew book at eight years of age, Marta Perry knew she wanted to be a writer. But first, she became a teacher and a mother. Years later, after she published some 300 short stories, Marta found the courage to begin the novel she’d always dreamed of writing.


Many of Marta’s novels are about Amish characters, which she’s learned about from a lifetime of living in rural Pennsylvania and her own Pennsylvania Dutch roots. She also writes a “Love Inspired” series about The Bodine Family, set on the South Carolina coast where her family has a second home. During most of the year, Marta lives with her husband in a century-old farmhouse in the Pennsylvania countryside.

Marta tops today’s Buffet with Hide in Plain Sight, Book 1 of her “Three Sisters Inn” series. The story is a satisfying blend of romance and mystery. This 2007 title is hard to find in paperback (like-new copies cost more than $100) and it’s just been published to Kindle this month.

When she’s not writing, Marta is busy with church activities, traveling, and spending time with her three children and six grandchildren.

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Hide in Plain Sight (Love Inspired Suspense)

Christian Fiction > Romance
Author: Marta Perry
Hide in Plain Sight (Love Inspired Suspense)

She couldn’t turn her back on her family in their time of need. So when her sister was injured, financial expert Andrea Hampton traded the big city for Amish country to help turn her grandmother’s house into an inn.

But life with the Plain People took a treacherous turn when a string of accidents and pranks threatened her family. Someone didn’t want the secrets the old house harbored to come to light. Trusting anyone– even the handsome carpenter who seemed so genuine–was a battle for Andrea, but her life depended on her ability to find the truth.

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Touched by Fire

Historical Fiction
Author: Gwyneth Atlee
Touched by Fire

Divorced, disgraced, robbed of her legacy and her pride, a desperate Hannah Shelton stages her own death and leaves the Pennsylvania home town that scorns her. Passing herself off as an innocent mail-order bride, she arrives in Wisconsin to meet her future husband–never anticipating the flames of passion that will sear her soul, and send her into the arms of another man.

Strong, steadfast John Aldman is pleased with his pretty bride-to-be, but it is his brother, Daniel, whose every glance, every gesture touches Hannah’s heart with fire. Just when desire threatens to burn out of control, Hannah’s deception is discovered, sparking off bitterness that may cost her Daniel’s love.

Faint Echoes of Laughter

Family Relationships > Dysfunctional Relationships
Author: Stacey Danson
Faint Echoes of Laughter

Life on the streets of Sydney was preferable to the nightmare Stacey Danson had survived in the hell that was home.

She hit the streets running at the age of eleven, and armed with a flick-knife and a fierce determination to live a different life, she began the journey from the 1960s to today.

For those that came to know ‘Sassy girl’ in ‘Empty Chairs’, and for those caring people that asked how her life worked out from there, ‘Faint Echoes of Laughter’ continues the story.

The Comeback Kiss

Romance > Contemporary
Author: Lani Diane Rich
The Comeback Kiss

Petty thief Dermot “Finn” Finnegan came back to Lucy’s Lake, Vermont, to do one thing—return the car he’d stolen from his high school flame, Tessa, the night he’d disappeared ten years ago. The plan was to be in and out with no one the wiser, especially not Tessa, but when a mysterious fire breaks out and he reluctantly saves the day, Finn’s plans are all shot to hell, along with his ability to resist the love he left behind.

Some mistakes are worth making twice.

Deliver Us From Evelyn (Kansas City Blues Crime Series)

Christian Fiction > Suspense
Author: Chris Well
Deliver Us From Evelyn (Kansas City Blues Crime Series)

Detectives Tom Griggs and Charlie Pasch are feeling the heat from on high to get this thing solved–even as Charlie is distracted by the inexplicable interest the Vice Squad has taken in a local comic book store.

Revenge-focused mobster Viktor Zhukov has figured out Blake was tied in with a rival gang’s ambush.

Rev. Damascus Rhodes (his current alias) figures a man of the cloth can properly console the grieving Mrs. Blake.

By the end of this high-speed thriller, some characters find unexpected redemption–and more than a few are begging, Deliver us from Evelyn …

Texas Roads (A Miller’s Creek Novel)

Christian Fiction > Romance
Author: Cathy Bryant
Texas Roads (A Miller's Creek Novel)

City gal Dani Davis just wants a place to call home. With quirky residents, quaint country charm, and loads of business potential, Miller’s Creek Texas seems like the perfect place to start over . . . except for the cowboy who gives her a ride into town. Dani secretly finances renovations to downtown Miller’s Creek, but malicious rumors force her to choose between keeping her involvement a secret and the home for which she’s always longed. Then a devastating discovery propels her down a road she never expected to travel.

Investing with Volume Analysis: Identify, Follow, and Profit from Trends

Business & Investing
Author: Buff Pelz Dormeier
Investing with Volume Analysis: Identify, Follow, and Profit from Trends

In the continual pursuit for higher profits, investors and traders alike often assume significantly higher risks while chasing the next hot opportunity. Other more sophisticated investors attempt to employ complicated indicators while not fully understanding the information the indicator was designed to reveal. Volume analysis attempts to delve deep inside the market trends to help identify shifts within the markets Dormeier teaches state-of-the-art methods for analyzing the relationship of volume to price movements and the evolution of market trends.

Sliding on the Snow Stone

History > Russia
Author: Andy Szpuk
Sliding on the Snow Stone

Stefan grows up in the grip of a raging famine. Stalin’s Five Year Plan brings genocide to Ukraine – millions of people starve to death. To free themselves from the daily terrors of Soviet rule, Stefan and his friends fight imaginary battles in nearby woods to defend their land. The games they play are their only escape.

‘Sliding on the Snow Stone’ is the true story of Stefan’s extraordinary journey across a landscape of hunger, fear and devastating loss. With Europe on the brink of World War Two, Stefan and his family pray they’ll survive in their uncertain world. They long to be free.

Herbs Gone Wild! Ancient Remedies Turned Loose

Alternative Medicine > Herbal Remedies
Author: Diane Kidman
Herbs Gone Wild! Ancient Remedies Turned Loose

Whether it’s cold and flu viruses, high blood pressure, or arthritis, herbs have offered reliable relief for centuries. Learn what herbs to use for cold and flu symptoms, first aid, general aches and pains, and more. Medicinal teas and tinctures with proper dosages are laid out simply. You’ll even learn how to make your own tinctures and salves, saving money and improving your family’s health naturally.

Presentations in Action: 80 Memorable Presentation Lessons

Business & Investing > Communication
Author: Jerry Weissman
Presentations in Action: 80 Memorable Presentation Lessons from the Masters

Weissman has spent 20 years helping top executives succeed in the most important business presentations of their lives, and he’s learned the best way to get his message across is to show his techniques in action. This book’s five sections focus on each element of the outstanding contemporary presentation: Content: Mastering the art of telling your story; Graphics: Designing PowerPoint slides that work brilliantly; Delivery skills: How to make actions speak louder than words; Q&A: How to handle tough questions; Integration: How to put it all together.

30 Delicious Refrigerator Cake Recipes

Baking > Desserts
Author: Lori Burke, Lori Burke
30 Delicious Refrigerator Cake Recipes

Make mouth-watering, delicious cakes that require little to no baking in an oven! Best-selling author Lori Burke brings you 24 Refrigerator cakes that are fun and easy to prepare. In addition she includes recipes for 6 Refrigerator Poke cakes that require minimal baking but are fun to make and so delicious.

The Seasons on Henry’s Farm: A Year of Food and Life on a Sustainable Farm

Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Natural Foods
Author: Terra Brockman
The Seasons on Henry's Farm: A Year of Food and Life on a Sustainable Farm

Henry’s Farm is in central Illinois, some of the richest farming land in the world. There, Henry Brockman and his family — five generations of farmers, including sister Terra — farm in a way that produces healthy, nutritious food without despoiling the land.The book opens a window into what sustainable farming really entails and why it is vital and relevant to everyone who eats.

As I Close My Eyes

Romance > Historical Romance
Author: Sarah DiCello
As I Close My Eyes

Danielle Grayson is a beautiful, intelligent young woman in present-day Georgia, but when she closes her eyes, she becomes someone else in a different time, one hundred years earlier in fact.

Danielle’s other life is as entrancing and romantic as her current one, and the contrast between the lifestyles is intriguing and enlightening, but what starts out as being dreamlike soon becomes real and strangely familiar.

Worse, whatever happens to her as Danielle seems to change the past, if it is a true past.

The Breakup

Romance > Contemporary
Author: Brenda Grate
The Breakup

In The Breakup, Aja Rain has sliced all ties with her controlling boyfriend. She accidentally used a knife, and now she has become something of a media sensation. Her family wants her ex-boyfriend to pay an even steeper price for his transgressions against Aja, but she won’t be a part of it.

To escape the media attention and the conflict between her family and Stephen, her ex-boyfriend, Aja flees to Italy. There she finds vineyards, golden landscapes, Marco and Pietro. It is time to put her life back together.

She does not know her ex-boyfriend is on his way. He is not finished with her yet.

Paranormal Public (Paranormal Public Series)

Teens > Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Maddy Edwards
Paranormal Public (Paranormal Public Series)

Welcome to Charlotte’s world of unusual powers, wonderful friendship, new love and stunning betrayal . . .

Charlotte Rollins is an elemental, but she doesn’t know it yet. Now, with the help of her old friend Cale and her new friend Keller, she will fight against an evil whose only goal is to consume her.

Brains: How They Seem to Work (FT Press Science)

Internal Medicine > Neuroscience
Author: Dale Purves
Brains: How They Seem to Work (FT Press Science)

For 50 years, the world’s most brilliant neuroscientists have struggled to understand how human brains really work. Today, says Dale Purves, the dominant research agenda may have taken us as far as it can–and neuroscientists may be approaching a paradigm shift. Purves offers a critical assessment of the paths that neuroscience research has taken, their successes and their limitations, and then introduces an alternative approach for thinking about brains

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