It’s not too often that a top-flight children’s book is available for free on Kindle. Granted, there are plenty of nice children’s books freely available on Kindle every day of the year, especially from up-and-coming authors. But in this case, I’m talking about best-selling books from major publishers, the same books you’d find in hardcover in your local bookstore or public library.

I have my own suspicions as to why the big kids-book publishers don’t participate in Kindle freebie promotions. Perhaps they still make most of their profits from selling hardcovers — to grandparents who shop in brick-and-mortar bookstores.

adamAnd perhaps that explains why today’s top pick, Those Darn Squirrels, is the first bestselling kid’s book to make it to the top of the Buffet. The author is Adam Rubin, the New York Times bestselling author of Dragons Love Tacos and the acclaimed Those Darn Squirrels trilogy.

Adam works with illustrator Daniel Salmieri on his books. And believe it or not, Adam also has a “day job” working as the creative director at advertising agency in New York. In his spare time, he’s a puzzle collector and magic trick aficionado.

As usual, each book listed here has gone FREE within the past 24 hours (except for the “Kindle Daily Deals” on page 3). Warning: Kindle book promotions can end without notice, so before downloading click the link “See Kindle price at Amazon” to verify that the book is still free. (Prices and availability may differ outside USA.)

Those Darn Squirrels!

Children’s Books > Humor
Author: Adam Rubin, Daniel Salmieri

Those Darn Squirrels!

Old Man Fookwire is a grump. The only thing he likes to do is paint pictures of the birds that visit his backyard. The problem is, they fly south every winter, leaving him sad and lonely. So he decides to get them to stay by putting up beautiful birdfeeders filled with seeds and berries. Unfortunately, the squirrels like the treats, too, and make a daring raid on the feeders. The conflict escalates—until the birds depart (as usual), and the squirrels come up with a plan that completely charms the old grump.

Heaven Falls

Mystery & Suspense > Romance
Author: Winslow Eliot
Heaven Falls

Billionaires, politicians, and celebrities flock to indulge in the ultimate luxury of Heaven Falls, the world’s most elite health resort. But they also flock to Heaven Falls for another reason…

Heaven Falls offers something unique: the thrill of a romantic interlude. Romance with a complete stranger — romance that feeds the hungry heart and nurtures the soul. The ecstasy of falling in love comes with no strings attached, no misunderstandings… Sounds pretty good?

Tess thinks so. Especially when the owners of the resort invite her and her ten-year-old daughter to move there. Not only that, but, once there, she is guaranteed a job, a home, and a lifetime of financial security. And before long, she herself is falling in love. But Heaven Falls is not heaven, and soon her world begins to crumble. She has no one to turn to for help… except for the man who betrayed her.