Since she was five years old, R.M. ArceJaeger (pronounced R-C-jay-grr) has been writing stories. Her forte is taking a familiar, classic tale like Robin Hood and twisting it into something refreshingly new. And that’s exactly what she’s done with Robin: Lady of Legend, which has topped Amazon’s paid Kindle bestseller list. Today it’s free and it tops the Buffet.

rm1Yes, it turns out that Robin Hood isn’t the man you thought she was. She’s a headstrong young lady who is constantly at odds with society’s expectations and her father’s plans for her future.

A review in Publisher’s Weekly gushed: “The storytelling is solid, the research is thorough, the details are spot-on, and the skill is undeniable. . . . As Robin Hood retellings go, it’s pretty much a bullseye.”

The novel took Second Prize in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award, which awards a $50,000 grand prize to unknown authors.

In college, R.M. earned a B.S. in Computer Science (with Distinction) from Harvey Mudd College in Southern California. She now resides in South Carolina, where she’s teaching 4th- and 5th-grade math and science.

Some of her story ideas come from dreams and real-life events, R.M. told me yesterday. But mostly, she gets her creative juices flowing by asking, “What if?”

“What if Cinderella cut her foot on her glass slipper when it fell off her foot, and her foot was too swollen to fit in the shoe when the prince came calling?” R.M. pondered. “What if Robin Hood wasn’t a man at all, but a woman? Coming up with “What If” questions is great fun, but the real adventure is turning it into a story that sounds so feasible it forever changes how a reader perceives a character or tale.”

She prefers writing at night, and almost always at her computer. “The darkness and the quiet really help get my thoughts moving, and a keyboard lets me write only somewhat slower than I think,” R.M. explained. The speed available with a keyboard is a must — she spends 10 percent of her time writing, 90 percent editing. But she relies on a handwritten plot and a journal for recording separate thoughts.

Her favorite books include Beekeeper’s Apprentice, Lirael and Dragonsdawn. As for her own projects, R.M. has several irons in the fire: She’s working on a sequel to Robin, as well as a fairytale adaptation and an original fantasy novel for young adults. Stay tuned.

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Robin: Lady of Legend (The Classic Adventures of the Girl Who Became Robin Hood)

Action & Adventure
Author: R.M. ArceJaeger
Robin: Lady of Legend (The Classic Adventures of the Girl Who Became Robin Hood)

Headstrong Robin of Locksley finds herself constantly at odds with society’s expectations for women of her station, but when she balks at her father’s plans for her future, the consequences of her rebellion prove deadly. Hunted by both her father and the Sheriff, she is forced to hide her identity and seek refuge as an outlaw in Sherwood Forest.

Disguised as a lad for protection, Robin maintains a careful isolation from the world around her . . . until the day she saves a young boy being beaten to death by the Sheriff’s soldiers. So begins Robin’s rise to leadership in Sherwood forest and of the unfortunates who seek refuge therein. But while her endeavors to provide a life of honor and purpose for her people win her high esteem, they enrage the Sheriff of Nottingham, who plots a deadly fate for her and her band.

As the Sheriff’s traps close in around her and assassins seek to bring her down, Robin must risk losing love, leadership, and life if she is to save her people and fulfill her destiny as one of history’s greatest heroes.

Alive with adventure and danger, sword fights and heists, hatred and love, Robin: Lady of Legend is the never-before-told tale of the girl who became Robin Hood.


Biographies & Memoirs
Author: William C. Anderson

BAT-21 is the harrowing real-life story of the rescue of Colonel Iceal “Gene” Hambleton from behind enemy lines, the largest rescue operation attempted by the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam conflict. This 1980 bestseller was later turned into a film by TriStar Pictures starring Gene Hackman and Danny Glover.

Hambleton’s reconnaissance plane is shot down over enemy territory. Accustomed to giving orders from behind a desk, Hambleton lacks combat survival experience, and is forced to adapt while the enemy surrounds him on all sides. As the Air Force plans a risky rescue mission, he is befriended by pilot Bartholomew Clark, who can’t land to pick up Hambleton due to the enemy activity but keeps him company by radio.

Hambleton’s plight takes a turn for the worse once the brass decide to execute an intensive bombing mission in the area, whether or not they can rescue Hambleton. The colonel, meanwhile, confronted for the first time by the horrors of war, begins to reassess his role in the bloodshed.

A Mother’s Trial

Biographies & Memoirs
Author: Nancy Wright
A Mother's Trial

FACT: Priscilla and Steve Phillips adopt a Korean baby. Shortly afterwards little Tia begins developing strange symptoms. In and out of the hospital for months, she finally succumbs. Cause of death: unknown.

FACT: The Phillipses adopt a second Korean infant named Mindy. Once again the same symptoms develop. Near death, the child is taken away to intensive care, away from any interaction with her mother. The child recovers.

FACT: Mindy is removed from the Phillipses’ home. Months later she is adopted by a new couple. After a few weeks in her new home, she falls ill once again.

As far as anyone knew, Priscilla Phillips was the perfect mother: A pillar of her church, a social worker, a devoted wife and loving mother of two sons of her own. Priscilla lavished endless love and attention on little Tia, and later on her sister Mindy. To this day she claims total innocence of any wrongdoing. Yet she was arrested and tried for murder. Was she a mother who literally loved her children to death? A woman so desperate to be needed that she’d take any risk, pay any price?

This is her incredible true story.

The Adventures of Chip Doolin

Children’s eBooks
Author: Neal D. Bogosian
The Adventures of Chip Doolin

In 1909, before Babe Ruth, there was Chip Doolin.

These are the improbable and humorous tales of a farm boy from Somewhere, Virginia, who has few life tools and an abundance of raw talent, who becomes the starting first baseman for the 1909 Detroit Tigers. It soon becomes apparent that the fate of Chip Doolin is a blessed one — heroics and home runs are part of his destiny.

Chip’s follies are often amongst some of baseball’s most prominent and colorful luminaries including Ty Cobb, Sam Crawford, Walter Johnson, Nap Lajoie, Tris Speaker, Rube Waddell and Hughie Jennings, with cameo appearances from the likes of famed boxer John L. Sullivan, President Willam Howard Taft, and famed writer, Ring Lardner. The stories are sure to warm the nostalgic hearts of baseball fans young and old.

Make a card awesome! A step-by-step guide to creative card making techniques

Lifestyle & Home
Author: Mahe Zehra Husain
Make a card awesome! A step-by-step guide to creative card making techniques (Green Crafts)

Have you ever wanted to give a handmade card to the people you love? There are numerous occasions throughout the year when a little handmade love goes a long way. We’re talking about Birthdays, Anniversaries and Valentines. The birth of a baby, an opportunity to say you’re sorry or a job well done! These are all special moments that deserve to be celebrated with love — handmade love.

This step-by-step guide is the only book you’ll need to start a wonderfully creative journey. You will get to turn trash into treasure. You will take ordinary card scraps or paint chip samples and turn them into little works of art. All the scraps that have been left over from previous craft projects will be put to good use, and you will also discover what a versatile crafting supply paint chips can be.

Join millions of other crafters from all over the world who are trying to do more with less and embark on the creative journey called “Green Crafting.”