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Bridle My Heart: Second Chance Cowboys (Redeeming Romance Series)

 Christian Fiction > Romance

Bridle My Heart - A Western Love Story: Second Chance Cowboys (Redeeming Romance Series)

Will another cowboy steal Jillian’s heart?Jillian Marsh knows what it’s like to tangle with a Texan all too well. She’s been cheated on and deserted by a rogue of a cowboy who should have known better. When the ink dries on their divorce settlement, all Jillian has to show for it is the deed to her late ex-father-in-law’s dilapidated horse ranch in a tiny tornado torn town.

A Philadelphia real estate agent, Jillian makes her lovesick teen daughter, Danielle, a promise. They’ll travel from Philly to Texas, just long enough to flip the ranch and sell it. It’s the only way Jillian can pay for Dani’s return to the academy next term, the high school Dani’s boyfriend also attends.

Jillian’s father, Emmett, an ageing contractor, gamely volunteers his expertise as the trio ventures southwest for the summer. No doubt, these city slickers will be fish out of water in that tiny Texas town. Jillian steels herself for the hard work renovating that turkey of a homestead will require. But what Jillian doesn’t count on is dealing with the squatters who have taken up residence on the spread, or the second chance at love that time on a Texas horse ranch could bring.

Crown of Serpents (The Tununda Mysteries Book 1)

 Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Crown of Serpents (The Tununda Mysteries Book 1)

With the discovery of a campaign journal from an American Revolutionary War officer who fought against the Iroquois Indians, the U.S. Army calls in their top field historian to assess its contents. Jake Tununda, combat vet, Freemason, and half-Seneca Indian is stunned when he gleans from the journal’s cryptic Masonic passages clues to the location of an ancient shaman’s crown once protected by the White Deer Society, a secret cult of his forefathers.

Jake soon realizes why his ancestors’ history was best kept buried. And why peaceful, rural central New York’s Finger Lakes region can be deadlier than any battlefield he had ever faced.

The Master of Whitehall (The Master of Whitehall, Book 1)

 Romance > Paranormal > Vampires

The Master of Whitehall: Katelyn's Chronicles (The Master of Whitehall, Book 1)

After the brutal murder of her parents, Katelyn Corbin, a thoroughly modern twenty-one year old college senior, faces the prospect of restarting her life. After arriving in Charleston, Katelyn meets James Dubois and soon falls madly in love with him. He is a handsome young widower and wealthy patron of her school with an old world aristocratic bearing. She is deeply intrigued by this mysterious man who lives alone in the beautifully restored colonial plantation of Whitehall Manor.

But James is not the man she thinks he is. Dark secrets begin to come to the surface. Katelyn soon begins to develop a series of unsettling questions about her new love. She begins searching her own soul for answers, forcing her to question whether or not to continue their relationship.
Katelyn confronts James with her questions and His confirmation validates her fears that he is indeed the man she fears him to be. His revelations shock her, forcing her to acknowledge things about herself and her world that she never thought possible. She discovers that old folklore and fairy-tales are real in a world where vampires live and love side by side with humans.

35 Recipes For Comforting Winter Soups

 Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Soups & Stews

35 Recipes For Comforting Winter Soups - Easy Homemade Soups For Wintertime (The Amazing Recipes for Soup and Ultimate Soup Recipes Collection Book 1)

Are you looking for Recipes for The Perfect Winter Soup? This cookbook has recipes 35 different soups perfect to serve during the winter months!

Whether you are looking for a winter soup recipe, a winter chowder recipe or a winter stew recipe, this is the book for you!

Enjoy these delicious winter soup recipes today!

The type of recipes you will find inside 35 Recipes For Comforting Winter Soups – Easy Homemade Soups For Wintertime are comforting soups, stews and chowders perfect for the chillier months of the year.

A Pirate’s Promise

 Historical Romance > Regency

A Pirate's Promise

Elizabeth Cameron is horrified to learn that the gorgeous, but infuriating man that she lied to and insulted at her very first society ball is none other than the heir to the Downling Dukedom, Lord Anton Eddington. She is terrified that his lordship might positively ruin her reputation by exposing her poor behaviour. But when she learns that he has a secret of his own, she throws caution to the wind and sneaks aboard his ship in the middle of the night, intent on using that knowledge to seal his lips …

Anton’s secret — that he is a gentleman pirate — takes on new meaning when he sails for Barbados, to escape his father’s heavy hand, and realizes he has a stowaway on board. By the time Elizabeth’s presence is discovered, it is too late to turn back. As they are thrown together for weeks at sea, their stormy passions will grow, perhaps into something more…

The Seeds of Beauty: Defining Your Beauty & Style From the Inside Out


The Seeds of Beauty: Defining Your Beauty & Style From the Inside Out

What’s the real secret of radiant beauty?

It may come as no surprise that how we look on the outside is directly connected to the beauty deep inside us. What’s more, when we are imbalanced with the weight of low self-esteem, it’s all-too-visible in our physical appearance. That’s why every truly successful makeover begins by reconnecting with who we are at our very core—long before the swipe of the credit card or snip of the shears.

Now, fashion stylist Lakeysha-Marie Green has written a groundbreaking new guide to developing show-stopping beauty from the inside out. Inspirational and easy to use, The Seeds of Beauty seamlessly joins the key elements of inner beauty with savvy, expert advice on making the most of your own physical attributes.

The Seeds of Beauty challenges you to discover just why you are uniquely beautiful on the inside. Once you have embraced your own brand of beauty, you’ll be truly motivated to master the building blocks to accentuate your appearance—and glow with your own exquisite beauty from the inside out.

Dark Moon Rising (Stella Brock Book 1)

 Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban

Dark Moon Rising (Stella Brock Book 1)

Stella Brock hunts the things that go bump in the night. It isn’t a glamorous job, but it keeps the lights on…usually. Now, the hunter has become the hunted and the source of all childhood terror is hot on her trail. She’ll need the help of a sexy elf and an arrogant jaguar shifter to avoid being caught by one of the most notorious monsters of all. If only she could control darkness beginning to rise within herself.

The Alpha’s Game (A BBW Paranormal Romance)

 Romance > Paranormal

The Alpha's Game (A BBW Paranormal Romance)

Rosie Zuckerman is a curvy female detective with a twist. She also has psychic abilities that allow her to gain the advantage when in the field.

When she finds herself dragged into a case with a handsome FBI agent named Kevin Leonard she has no idea what she is about to let herself in for.

No idea at all…

Rosie is about to inadvertently become a part of The Alpha’s Game and she has no idea that she is actually the PRIZE!

Rosie and Kevin set out to solve a mysterious case but Rosie feels something is not quite right about Kevin. He might be hot and incredibly handsome but there is something more to it and Rosie is determined to work out just who or WHAT Kevin might be…

DEATH STILL (Det. Jason Strong Book 7)

 Christian Fiction > Mystery & Suspense

DEATH STILL (Det. Jason Strong (CLEAN SUSPENSE) Book 7)

Detectives Strong and Layne are tracking a killer who’s adept at covering his trail, and making their job difficult. His targets are smart women, who should know better than to be trapped by him, but somehow are not on guard when they should be.

What’s more disturbing is the killer’s motive, to produce ‘art’. Jason and Vanessa are in a race to stop this guy, before he creates anymore ‘collections’.

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