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Bread Made Easy: Delicious and Simple Handmade Artisan Bread

Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Baking > Bread

Bread Made Easy: Delicious and Simple Handmade Artisan Bread (The Art of Baking Series Book 1)

The delicious welcoming aroma of freshly baked bread as you walk into your home is one of the most comforting aromas. Bread Made Easy: Delicious And Simple Handmade Artisan Bread is a collection of bread recipes for all occasions for you to bake at home.

Corps Justice Boxed Set: Books 1-3: Back to War, Council of Patriots, Prime Asset

Thrillers > Military

Corps Justice Boxed Set: Books 1-3: Back to War, Council of Patriots, Prime Asset - Military Thrillers

This is a box set that contains Books 1-3 of the Corps Justice Series: “Back to War”, “Council of Patriots”, and “Prime Asset”

In a bloody gang initiation gone wrong, Former Marine Staff Sergeant Cal Stokes simultaneously loses his fiancé and is thrust into America’s
unforgiving criminal underbelly. Never one to back down, the Navy Cross winner is forced to use the skills honed in the Marines along with the
assets of his deceased father’s company, Stokes Security International (S.S.I.), to track down his enemy and penetrate the world of his enemy.

He must seek his own brand of justice…

Corps Justice.

Easy Weeknight Dinners: Healthy & Delicious

Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Quick & Easy

Easy Weeknight Dinners: Healthy & Delicious  (Guilt Free Gourmet)

In tough economic times we need to find healthy ways to eat well and make meals the whole family will love. And what better way to provide for your family than to make a delicious home-cooked meal?

From Turkey with Rhubarb Chutney to Beef & Noodle Stir-Fry, these dinners will make your mouth water, and be on the table in less than 45 minutes! Easy Weeknight Dinners is packed with recipes that keep you healthy and everyone in the family will enjoy!

You’ll find some of your favorites, Quick & Delicious Meatloaf, Breaded Chicken, Baked Penne with Meat Sauce, as well as delicious new recipes like Roasted Salmon & Fennel over Mixed Greens, or Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin. With a wide-variety of recipes to choose from, you’ll discover some old-time favorites and some find some new favorites! And best of all, these recipes are easy to follow and simple to make.

The Kaiser Affair (The Drifting Isle Chronicles Book 2)

Science Fiction > Steampunk

The Kaiser Affair (The Drifting Isle Chronicles Book 2)

When a master thief escapes from prison, detective Bettina Rothschild must put him back behind bars before the scandalous fiasco destroys the Ministry of Justice. Her investigation leads from decaying cemeteries where ravens conspire to warehouses where wondrous machines are built in secret, and even to the fabled Drifting Isle above the city of Eisenstadt where an ancient tomb hides a deadly secret.

The relentless chase proves taxing for a young woman who relies on her cane and her steamcarriage to get about, but that’s where a good husband steps in. While Bettina picks locks and interrogates suspects, her beloved Arjuna defends her from the most brutal and bizarre assassins in Eisenstadt.

But as the clock ticks down, Bettina finds too many questions still remain. How did the thief escape from prison? How can he afford to hire so many killers? And why would he go to the Drifting Isle only to steal a giant beetle?

Love You So Hard

Fiction > Gay > Romance

Love You So Hard

On the bottom in life. That’s how Craig Elson feels. Even though he’s one of the best strategic planners around, a more confident guy claims credit for his work. He’s good looking, but the slimiest user at the bar calls Craig a loser. Taking care of his mom who has Alzheimer’s drains his finances and leaves him in a dull, gray car — and a dull, gray life. Then Craig meets Jessie Randall with his T-shirt that proclaims “I Would Bottom You So Hard”. The message seeps into Craig’s soul. Craig asks the gorgeous young graduate student and tutor to teach him how to top. Jessie’s been admiring the shy, handsome guy who comes to the coffee shop, so he says yes and sets out to help Craig get a new job, a new apartment, and a new lease on life. But Craig loves the lessons–and the teacher — so much, he doesn’t want to graduate. Can Craig learn to be on top without losing his sassy bottom?

Triorion: Awakening (Triorion: The Series Book 1)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Triorion: Awakening (Triorion: The Series Book 1)

“Triorion: Awakening” finds five-year-old triplets Jetta, Jaeia, and Jahx struggling to survive on a harsh alien planet under the thumb of their brutal owner. When the Eeclian Dominion discovers their extraordinary telepathic talents, they are coerced into military service. However, when the tide of war changes, the siblings find their persecutors at their mercy and a new and more powerful enemy at their door, eager to harness their talents for intergalactic genocide. This introduction to the “Triorion” series follows them on a journey of death and redemption that will change the Starways forever.

Bared to Him, Book #1: An Adult Romance

Romance > Contemporary

Bared to Him, Book #1: An Adult Romance

As a world-renowned painter, Jonathan has tasted the fruits of his success by attending the art galas and parties of the country’s elite. However, with his recent success he has felt a tremendous pressure to perform and he worries that he has lost his muse, the creative flare of inspiration that drives him to produce masterpieces. For weeks, he’s haunted by the same dream that prevents him from painting. He desperately needs to find his muse or he will lose all that he has worked so hard to accomplish.

When Lillian sees an advertisement calling for someone to model for a painter, she decides to give it a shot since she desperately needs the money even though she doesn’t believe she is ‘model quality.’ The idea of posing for a stranger is almost too embarrassing for her to imagine. But when she meets Jonathan, she can’t help but notice a certain attraction in his eyes. Will she be able to let go of her inhibitions and let him prove to her how sexy she really is? Or will her insecurities stand in her way of discovering true beauty?

A Path Toward Home (The Annals of Avonea Book 1)

Young Adult > Science Fiction & Fantasy

A Path Toward Home (The Annals of Avonea Book 1)

As a little girl growing up in post-World War II America, Constance loved her mother’s vivid bedtime stories of a motherless prince. When Constance was six, that life ended; she spent the rest of her childhood with her uncle and aunt in Canada.

At 17, bored and lonely after her best friend moved away, Constance smacks her head, wakes up in the country of Avonea, meets the prince of her mother’s childhood stories, and discovers that her mother had made the same mystical journey. Is this world of romance and mystery real or just a dream?

Dream or real,Constance just wants to go home because she knows her uncle will be frantic with worry for her. Prince Drinian and his advisor Woodphere agree to help her, and Constance finds herself living an adventure story as the three journey through dangerous country peopled with enemies of the future king.

The Inconvenient Corpse (Grace Cassidy Mystery Book 1)

Mystery > Women Sleuths

The Inconvenient Corpse (Grace Cassidy Mystery Book 1)

A naked corpse in her bed is only the first surprise for our heroine in Jackie King’s charming bed-and-breakfast mystery. Cozy readers will be happy guests among these lively characters.

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