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Light Parade: A Detective Lottie King Holiday Mystery

 Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Shelley Coriell

Light Parade: A Detective Lottie King Holiday Mystery

Detective Lottie King battles the clock and an unexpected Big Bad as she joins Colorado Springs Police in a race to find a bomb planted at a Christmas light parade where her Girl Power troop is marching. A Detective Lottie King Holiday Mystery that first appeared in New Shoes: Detective Lottie King Mysteries, Vol 2. Includes BONUS holiday recipes.

Three Treats to Tempt You Box Set: Books 1-3

 Romance > Holidays
Author: Serenity Woods

Three Treats to Tempt You Box Set: Books 1-3

Treat yourself to an exotic holiday romance… or three.

Begin your romantic adventure with sexy photographer Kole Graham, the hero of Treat with Caution, the first in the Treats to Tempt You series of sexy romances.

Both Tasha and Kole are confident their attraction is only physical. Both are going to get into trouble. But who will win the bet on Midsummer night?

Then immerse yourself in a deeply passionate affair with gorgeous Dr. Joss Heaven in Treat Her Right.

Maisey does her best to resist the best-looking guy in the whole of New Zealand. But when the chocolate starts to melt on Joss’s warm body, it seems only polite to offer to lick it off… And that’s where the problems start.

Surrender to Fate: Part One of Fate’s Path

 Romance > Military
Author: Jacelyn Rye

Surrender to Fate: Part One of Fate's Path

Some say fate holds the cards. But what if love deals the hand? No love goes untested. Ever. Indeed, true love is left to prove itself. And that is exactly where fate steps in to play the game.

For William and Sarah, that game begins with growing up, in the unspoiled mountains of Colorado. In a time and space as clear as the Rocky Mountain skies above, these young souls together learn about life, what matters most, what endures, what doesn’t, and about love. Innocent young love moves ever so surely toward lives they both can picture, lives spent loving each other in a place they know so well and cherish.

Emilia: The darkest days in history of Nazi Germany through a woman’s eyes

  World Literature > Jewish
Author: Ellie Midwood, Melody Simmons, Alexandra Johns

Emilia: The darkest days in history of Nazi Germany through a woman's eyes

This story is dedicated to all the victims of sexual slavery in German concentration camps, who had to endure inhumane suffering under the Nazi regime.
For many years after the atrocities had been committed, both sides – the abusers and the abused – still vehemently denied certain aspects of the Holocaust, and even the victims refused to admit the ugly truth about their incarceration, some out of fear, some out of shame, until several women decided to break an unofficial oath of silence, and brought their stories to life. This book is based on one of those stories.
Emilia is a young Jewish woman, whose life slowly turns into a nightmare as she finds herself facing a dreadful choice: to secure her family’s very existence by offering herself to one of the men who had put her behind the walls with barbed wire, or perish together with the least fortunate ones.

The Trouble With Eden (Paradise Series Book 1)

 Action & Adventure > Romance
Author: Leslie Pike

The Trouble With Eden (Paradise Series Book 1)

Is it bad that hours after meeting stuntman STEVEN FRENCH I was having mind blowing sex on the beach with him? If it is, then it’s the best bad decision of my life.
Ever since my marriage ended, relationships for me have existed at an arms distance. I’d stopped looking for a white knight to come rescue me, and learned to rely only on myself. It seemed like the best way to avoid being hurt again. But that was before a film crew became my Pacific Grove neighbors and before I saw those hypnotic green eyes. Now, despite all odds, we’re creating our own Eden.
But there’s only one thing wrong with the GARDEN OF EDEN…
There’s always a snake

The Warrior: A Gripping Suspense Action Novel (Warriors Series of Crime Action Thrillers Book 1)

 Thrillers > Pulp
Author: Ty Patterson
Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99

The Warrior: A Gripping Suspense Action Novel (Warriors Series of Crime Action Thrillers Book 1)

Lethal. Relentless. Protector.

That’s how Zeb Carter is often described. He was a Delta operative, and is now the lead agent in a covert-ops outfit.

His latest mission takes him to the Congo, to locate rogue mercenaries who are suspected of helping terrorists.

When he comes across their trail of atrocities, he ignores the mission and decides to deliver his brand of justice.

And the Congo explodes.

Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator

  Management & Leadership > Negotiating
Author: Roger Dawson
Regularly $17.99, Today $2.99

Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator

Imagine if you could win every negotiation—and leave the other person feeling like he or she has won too. In this book, Roger Dawson, who has trained executives, managers, and salespeople around the world, turns his attention to the person on the other side of the desk—who’s trying to close a deal with the most favorable terms.

Offering an arsenal of tools that can be implemented easily and immediately, he shows how you can improve your relationship with your buyer—and come away from the table knowing you’ve gotten the results you need.

The Tourist: A Novel (Milo Weaver Book 1)

 Thrillers > Conspiracies
Author: Olen Steinhauer
Regularly $9.99, Today $2.99

The Tourist: A Novel (Milo Weaver Book 1)

Milo Weaver used to be a “tourist” for the CIA—an undercover agent with no home, no identity—but he’s since retired from the field to become a middle-level manager at the CIA’s New York headquarters. He’s acquired a wife, a daughter, and a brownstone in Brooklyn, and he’s tried to leave his old life of secrets and lies behind. However, when the arrest of a long-sought-after assassin sets off an investigation into one of Milo’s oldest colleagues and exposes new layers of intrigue in his old cases, he has no choice but to go back undercover and find out who’s holding the strings once and for all.

The Seven Sisters: Book One

 British & Irish > Historical
Author: Lucinda Riley
Regularly $11.99, Today $1.99

The Seven Sisters: Book One

Maia D’Apliese and her five sisters gather together at their childhood home, “Atlantis”—a fabulous, secluded castle situated on the shores of Lake Geneva—having been told that their beloved father, who adopted them all as babies, has died. Each sister is handed a tantalizing clue to her true heritage—a clue that takes Maia across the world to a crumbling mansion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Once there, she begins to put together the pieces of her story.

Eighty years earlier in the Rio of the 1920s, Izabela Bonifacio’s father has aspirations for his daughter to marry into the aristocracy.

Emerald Isle (A Stacy Justice Mystery Book 4)

  Suspense > Paranormal
Author: Barbra Annino
Regularly $5.99, Today $1.99

Emerald Isle (A Stacy Justice Mystery Book 4)

Stacy Justice may be a witch, but she still wants a nice, normal twenty-ninth birthday. Unfortunately, Stacy rarely gets normal. As her grandmother, Birdie, plans a birthday ritual for Stacy, disastrous news derails the celebration: the magic cauldron that supplies the world’s food has disappeared. And the last time it vanished, Ireland fell under the Great Famine.

A secret society known as The Council decrees that if Stacy finds the cauldron, she’ll receive the coveted role of Seeker of Justice, and her mother will finally be freed from prison in Ireland. But the grandson of nasty council member Tallulah challenges Stacy for the role.

Unstuffed: Decluttering Your Home, Mind and Soul

 How-to & Home Improvements
Author: Ruth Soukup
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

Unstuffed: Decluttering Your Home, Mind and Soul

STUFF. It’s everywhere. Lurking in corners and closets,spilling onto counters and coffee tables, creating havoc everywhere welook. And it’s not just the physical clutter that weighs us down. Ohno, it is the stress of overbooked schedule, and the weight of a lifethat sometimes feels oppressive and totally out of whack.

New York Times bestselling author Ruth Soukup feels your pain–she has been there too. Through personal stories, Biblical truth, and practical action plans,she will inspire and empower each of us to finally declutter not justour home, but our mind and soul as well.

The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: A Shocking Murder and the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective

 Mystery > Reference
Author: Kate Summerscale
Regularly $9.99, Today $1.99

The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: A Shocking Murder and the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective

In June of 1860 three-year-old Saville Kent was found at the bottom of an outdoor privy with his throat slit. The crime horrified all England and led to a national obsession with detection, ironically destroying, in the process, the career of perhaps the greatest detective in the land.
At the time, the detective was a relatively new invention; there were only eight detectives in all of England and rarely were they called out of London, but this crime was so shocking, as Kate Summerscale relates in her scintillating new book, that Scotland Yard sent its best man to investigate, Inspector Jonathan Whicher.

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