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Mayhem in Christmas River: A Christmas Cozy Mystery (Christmas River Cozy, Book 2)

 Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Meg Muldoon

Mayhem in Christmas River: A Christmas Cozy Mystery (Christmas River Cozy, Book 2)

It’s July in Christmas River, and the temperature isn’t the only thing flaring out of control.
After a fire destroys her best friend’s ornament shop, pie baker extraordinaire Cinnamon Peters soon discovers that the blaze was no accident.
Just days before the annual Christmas River in July Parade and Play, it becomes clear that a maniac is roaming the tourist-packed streets of Christmas River.
And he’s got a flair for the dramatic.
Will Cinnamon and her sheriff’s deputy boyfriend find out who’s behind the blaze before the rest of the town goes up in flames?

Eternity Base (The Green Berets Book 5)

 Action & Adventure
Author: Bob Mayer

Eternity Base (The Green Berets Book 5)

Over 1 million copies of The Green Beret series have been sold.

Maverick federal employee Sammy Pintella, obsessed with uncovering the fate of her MIA father, makes a startling discovery while rifling through some inactive government files. A dozen, faded black and white photos seem to point to the existence of a secret US Military base built in the frozen wastelands of Antarctica during the height of the Cold War.

Aided by Special Forces veteran Dave Riley, she heads for Antarctica. But they aren’t alone. Spies, North Koreans, and other shadowy forces are also en route, because deep inside Eternity Base is something people will go to extreme lengths to get: a cache of nuclear warheads.

Home For Christmas

 Romance > Holidays
Author: Patricia Kay

Home For Christmas

Quinn Riordan hasn’t been home for Christmas in more than ten years — ten long years since she’s seen her family and Chagrin Falls, the town where she grew up. It’s been that long since the sister she once adored had stolen the man Quinn loved. But when Quinn’s beloved Aunt Fiona has a bad fall and breaks her leg, Quinn can’t stay away any longer. In order to help her aunt, she has to go home and face her past. But along with her past, the trip home brings her an even more difficult challenge in the form of her aunt’s boarder, Peter Kimball.

Peter has been curious about Fiona’s niece ever since he first saw her framed photo in Fiona’s living room. He hasn’t been able to understand how someone Fiona speaks of so glowingly could so selfishly stay away for so long.

Dead Moon: Nightmares Are Born (The Dead Moon Thrillers Book 1)

 Thrillers > Military
Author: Matt James

Dead Moon: Nightmares Are Born (The Dead Moon Thrillers Book 1)

As a seasoned detective with the NYPD, Frank Moon thought he’d seen everything. He basically had until a meteor landed in Central Park, exposing the surrounding area to a hellish radiation. Something instantly happened to the people who witnessed its entry into Earth’s atmosphere—something within their genetic code changed. And it happened violently.

They turned into monsters.
They turned into the thing of nightmares.

Now, Frank must make his way through the chaos that was Manhattan in search of his wife. “Abaddon,” it’s what the experts at NASA called the meteor… It not only carried a beautifully sinister red glow, but it also brought with it the closest thing to evil anyone had ever seen.

A Little Book About You (A great way to tell your child you love them!)

 Children’s eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Bedtime & Dreaming
Author: Scott Gordon

A Little Book About You (A great way to tell your child you love them!)

Take a few moments and read this heart-warming picture book to your child. Featuring over 30 pages of colorful, computer-generated art, there’s plenty to keep them interested in addition to the awesome message inside.

There’s no better way to tell them that you love them!

Descriptions of my other popular children’s books are included after the main feature (an additional 5 pages).

Disturb – A Medical Thriller (The Konrath Horror Collective)

Author: J.A. Konrath

Disturb - A Medical Thriller (The Konrath Horror Collective)

You’ll never sleep well again…

It’s the pharmaceutical breakthrough of the millennium. DruTech Industries proudly presents N-SOM, a pill that completely replaces eight hours of sleep. Feel totally refreshed, both physically and mentally, in just fifteen minutes a night.

The profit potential is boundless. Mankind’s productivity will go through the roof. One third of a person’s life could be recovered, for only ten dollars a dose.

The FDA sends CDER agent Dr. Bill May to green light N-SOM for American use. The pressure, both political and monetary, is tremendous. But Bill soon harbors fears that N-SOM may not be as safe as early reports indicate…


 Fiction > Coming of Age
Author: Samantha Towle
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99


Mia Monroe is running. Running from a person she doesn’t ever want to find her. Running from a past she doesn’t ever want anyone to know. Desperate to find a future, that yesterday, she could only dream of having.

Jordan Matthews likes easy. Easy women. Easy life.

Then he meets Mia.

She’s damaged, troubled and has more baggage than any person can carry. But the more Jordan gets to know Mia-for the first time in his life-he finds himself wanting to try hard for something … for someone … for her.

And then life isn’t so easy anymore.

Con Law (Professor John Bookman series Book 1)

 Thrillers > Legal
Author: Mark Gimenez
Regularly $4.99, Today $0.99

Con Law (Professor John Bookman series Book 1)

John Bookman—Book to his friends—is a tenured professor at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin. He rides a Harley and wears jeans and cowboy boots and his hair too long to suit the conservative dean. He’s thirty-five, handsome and unmarried but seldom without a female companion. He teaches karate and Con Law, law school vernacular for Constitutional Law. He is a recognized constitutional law expert, debates senators on political talk shows and reduces them to blithering fools, writes scathing op-eds, and is often mentioned as a possible Supreme Court nominee. He is famous for taking on lost causes and winning. Consequently, when he arrives at the law school each Monday morning, hundreds of letters await him, letters from lost causes around the country seeking his help.

The Romanov Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra

  Biographies & Memoirs > Royalty
Author: Helen Rappaport
Regularly $9.99, Today $3.99

The Romanov Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra

They were the Princess Dianas of their day—perhaps the most photographed and talked about young royals of the early twentieth century. The four captivating Russian Grand Duchesses—Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia Romanov—were much admired for their happy dispositions, their looks, the clothes they wore and their privileged lifestyle.

Over the years, the story of the four Romanov sisters and their tragic end in a basement at Ekaterinburg in 1918 has clouded our view of them, leading to a mass of sentimental and idealized hagiography. With this treasure trove of diaries and letters from the grand duchesses to their friends and family, we learn that they were intelligent, sensitive and perceptive witnesses to the dark turmoil within their immediate family and the ominous approach of the Russian Revolution, the nightmare that would sweep their world away, and them along with it.

Snowfall on Haven Point

Author: RaeAnne Thayne
Regularly $5.99, Today $0.99

Snowfall on Haven Point

It’s been two rough years since Andrea Montgomery lost her husband, and all she wants is for her children to enjoy their first Christmas in Haven Point. But then Andie’s friend asks a favor—to keep an eye on her brother, Sheriff Marshall Bailey, who’s recovering from a hit and run. Andie will do anything for Wyn, even park her own misgivings to check on her grouchy, wounded bear of a brother.

Marshall hates feeling defenseless and resents the protective impulses that Andie brings out in him. But when a blizzard forces them together for the holidays, something in Marshall begins to thaw. Andie’s gentle nature is a salve, and her kids’ excitement for the holidays makes him forget why he never wanted a family. If only he and Andie can admit what they really want—each other—their Christmas wishes might come true after all.

Under Tower Peak: A Thriller

 Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Bart Paul
Regularly $14.95, Today $1.99

Under Tower Peak: A Thriller

After two tours as a sniper in Iraq, Tommy Smith has returned to his former life as a cowboy and wilderness guide in California’s Sierra Nevada, hoping to reclaim the simplicity of his youth and heal the wounds the world can’t see. When, high on a mountain pass, he and his partner find the wrecked plane of a billionaire adventurer who disappeared months earlier, a seemingly innocent act triggers a breathtaking cycle of violence that threatens Tommy’s world. Soon he is enmeshed in the struggle between the billionaire’s trophy wife and wannabe drug lord son and their allies. Every effort to set things right draws him deeper into a bad situation and closer to needing those deadly skills that he had hoped to leave behind forever.

Hard Core (Onyx Group Book 1)

 Action & Adventure > Romance
Author: Jennifer Lowery
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99

Hard Core (Onyx Group Book 1)

A supposedly hassle-free job for mercenary Cristian Slade becomes a mission of mercy when he saves a life instead of taking one. Slade’s new mission might be his most dangerous yet, because the danger is to his heart.

Tragedy has sent esteemed surgeon Alana O’Grady to a remote a remote Nicaraguan island where she immerses herself in the lives of a native tribe, using her talents for goodwill instead of wealth and prestige. But life turns upside down when her work requires she protect a rugged mercenary who commands her attention when she’s awake and dominates her dreams while she sleeps.

Having Her Boss’s Baby (Positively Pregnant)

 Romance > Contemporary
Author: Susan Mallery
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

Having Her Boss's Baby (Positively Pregnant)

Don’t miss this fan favorite from #1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery!

The last thing Devlin Hunter expects is to find himself in a marriage of convenience. But he just wants to do the right thing for Noelle Hunter, a young woman who has just lost everything at the worst possible time. He certainly didn’t anticipate that his beautiful bride would be the one to capture his heart…

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