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Home-Based Bookstore

Pub Date

Nov 2, 2005



About the author:

Steve Weber started his home-based bookstore as a hobby in March 2001. Two months later, he quit his day job to sell full-time. In the meantime, he has sold more than $1 million of used books to buyers in all 50 states and in 31 foreign countries. In this new book, he tells you exactly how he did it, and how you can do it too.

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How can I find profitable books to sell online?

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"A real nuts-and-bolts guide to making money"

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    Are you looking for a profitable, low-risk idea for your home business? Consider selling used books online, which is growing 33 percent a year. Start part-time, then work as little or as much as you want. Read on to find out:

  • Exclusive list of wholesale book distributors
    Profiles and contact info for 32 wholesale distributors of used and new books. Order inventory at up to 90 percent off retail, shipped right to your door.

  • Where to find used books
    Find books at low prices to resell profitably.

  • Where to sell
    Learn how to list your books to sell at the best price on and eBay, and even your own Web store.

  • Which books to buy
    What to look for in fiction, nonfiction, and collectibles to resell at the highest profits.

  • Grading and pricing your books
    How to describe and price your books. Learn what buyers are looking for.

  • Handling customers
    Tips on handling online book buyers. See the authorís time-tested scripts for responding to customer issues and complaints. How you can get and maintain high feedback ratings to attract more customers.

  • Fulfilling orders
    Easy-to-use ideas for storing, organizing, and shipping your books and handling returns.

  • Automation tools
    Maximize your efficiency with these inside tips on automating your business. Automatically notify customers about shipments, and print postage to ship your books without leaving home.

  • Taxes and legal requirements
    How to register your business to obtain permits and be exempted from paying sales tax on your inventory.

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