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Advance buzz for Plug Your Book!
“I don’t care if you’re writing a computer book, a science fiction
novel or the next great self-help guide, you need to get your hands on a
copy of Steve Weber’s Plug Your Book! … I highly recommend this one
to every author out there.”
— Joe Wikert, executive publisher, John Wiley & Sons Inc.,
professional/trade division
“An amazingly rich collection of cutting-edge promotional tactics
and strategies. Makes most other books about online publicity look
— Aaron Shepard, author: Aiming at Amazon
“In-depth information about using Amazon as a marketing
— Christine McNeil Montano, Amazon Top Reviewer
“…I have launched online campaigns for more than 1,000 books. I’ve
worked with most of America’s largest book publishers, helping many of
them build online marketing departments. The book you’re holding now
is the new training manual.”
— Steve O’Keefe, author: Publicity on the Internet
“Practical, pragmatic, low-cost ideas for promoting the heck out of
your own book, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, technical, business or
anything else.”
— Dave Taylor, author: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to
Growing Your Business with Google
“The first comprehensive guide to Internet book publicity.”
— Morris Rosenthal, publisher, Foner Books
“A wealth of ideas for making your book stand out, including many
techniques for Internet buzz you won't find elsewhere.”
— Jane Corn, Amazon Top Reviewer

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